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(ANSI and 1SO TEST CHART No. 2) 

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1653 East Main Street 
Rochester, New York 14609 

Compilation © 1993 University Publications of America. | 
All rights reserved. an ashes 

QO, Edison. fapers 



Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Microfilm Editor 

Gregory Field Mary Ann Hellrigel 
Theresa M. Collins Paul B. Israel 
David W. Hutchings Robert A. Rosenberg 
Lisa Gitelman Karen A. Detig 
Leonard DeGraaf Gregory Jankunis 
Dennis D. Madden Douglas G. Tarr 
Reese V. Jenkins 

Director and Editor 


Rutgers, The State University of New J ersey 
National Park Service, Edison National Historic Site 
New Jersey Historical Commission 
Smithsonian Institution 

University Publications of America 


Bethesda, Maryland 

Edison signature used with permission of McGraw-Edison Company. 

Thomas A. Edison Papers 
Rutgers, The State University 
endorsed by 

National Historical Publications and Records Commission 
18 June 1981 

Copyright © 1993 by Rutgers, The State University 
All rights reserved. No part of this publication including any portion of the guide and index or of the microfilm may 
be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means—graphic, electronic, 
mechanical, or chemical, including photocopying, recording or taping, or information storage and retrieval 
systems—without written permission of Rutgers, The State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. 

The original documents in this edition are from the archives at the Edison National Historic Site at West Orange, 
New Jersey. 

ISBN 0-89093-702-8. 


Reese V. Jenkins 
Director and Editor 

Thomas E. Jeffrey 
Associate Director and Microfilm Editor 

Robert A. Rosenberg 
Managing Editor, Book Edition 

Helen Endick 
Assistant Director for Administration 

Associate Editor Assistant Editors 

Paul B. Israel Keith A. Nier 
Gregory Field 

Research Associates Lisa Gitelman 

Theresa M. Collins Martha J. King 

David W. Hutchings 

Karen A. Detig Secretary 

Grace Kurkowski 

Intern Student Assistant 
Gregory Jankunis Bethany Jankunis 


Rutgers, The State University of National Park Service 
New Jersey John Maounis 

Francis L. Lawrence Maryanne Gerbauckas 
Joseph J. Seneca Nancy Waters 
Richard F. Foley George Tselos 
Rudolph M. Bell Smithsonian Institution 

New Jersey Historical Commission Bernard Finn 
Howard L. Green Arthur P. Molella 


James Brittain, Georgia Institute of Technology 
Alfred D. Chandler, Jr., Harvard University 
Neil Harris, University of Chicago 
Thomas Parke Hughes, University of Pennsylvania 
Arthur Link, Princeton University 
Nathan Reingold, Smithsonian Institution 
Robert E. Schofield, lowa State University 


William C. Hittinger (Chairman), RCA Corporation 
Edward J. Bloustein, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey * 
Cees Bruynes, North American Philips Corporation 
Paul J. Christiansen, Charles Edison Fund 
Philip F, Dietz, Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
Roland W. Schmitt, General Electric Corporation 
Harold W. Sonn, Public Service Electric and Gas Company 
Morris Tanenbaum, AT&T 



The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 
Charles Edison Fund 

The Hyde and Watson Foundation 
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation 


National Science Foundation 

National Endowment for the Humanities 

National Historical Publications and 
Records Commission 


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Auantic Electric 

Association of Edison Hluminating 
Companies, Inc. 

Battelle Memorial Institute 

The Boston Edison Foundation 

Cabot Corporation Foundation, Inc. 

Carolina Power & Light Company 

Consolidated Edison Company of 
New York, Inc. 

Consumers Power Company 

Corning Glass Works Foundation 

Duke Power Company 

Entergy Corporation (Middle South 
Electric Systems) 

Exxon Corporation 

Florida Power & Light Company 

General Electric Foundation 

Gould Inc. Foundation 

Gulf States Utilities Company 

Idaho Power Company 

International Brotherhood of Electrical 

Iowa Power and Light Company 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Katz 

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. 

McGraw-Edison Company 

Minnesota Power 

New Jersey Bell 

New York State Electric & Gas 

North American Philips Corporation 

Philadelphia Electric Company 

Philips International B.V. 

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RCA Corporation 

Robert Bosch GmbH 

Rochester Gas and Electric 

San Diego Gas & Electric 

Savannah Electric and Power Company 

Schering-Plough Foundation 

Texas Utilities Company 

Thomas & Betts Corporation 

Thomson Grand Public 

Transamerica Delaval Inc. 

Westinghouse Educational Foundation 

Wisconsin Public Service 

A Note on the Sources 

The pages which have been 
filmed are the best copies 
available. Every technical 
effort possible has been 
made to ensure legibility. 


Reel duplication of the whole or of. 
any part of this film is prohibited. . 

In lieu of transcripts, however, 

enlarged photocopies of selected | 

items contained on these reels 

may be made in order to facilitate 


These ten letterbooks are divided into two subseries: (1) West Orange 
Laboratory Letterbooks; and (2) Arthur E. Kennelly Letterbooks. 

West Orange Laboratory Letterbooks. These three letterbooks cover the 
period February 1888-October 1895. The books contain correspondence by 
Charles Batchelor, William K. L. Dickson, and various laboratory storekeepers, 
including Fred C. Devonald, Thomas Ebdell, and C. E. Sullivan. There are also 
scattered letters by Edison, Alfred O. Tate, and Arthur E. Kennelly. Most of 
the material pertains to the storekeepers’ routine orders of equipment and 
supplies for the laboratory and has not been filmed. Many of the items 
selected for filming are by Dickson and relate to the experimental development 
of the kinetoscope. Included among Dickson’s correspondents are Bausch & 
Lomb Optical Co., Columbia Rubber Co., Gundlach Optical Co., and Eastman 
Co. (which Dickson often addresses by the name of its predecessor, Eastman 
Dry Plate & Film Co.). 

Arthur E. Kennelly Letterbooks. These seven letterbooks cover the 
period July 1888-January 1894. They contain correspondence, technical reports, 
and draft manuscripts written by Kennelly during his tenure directing the work 
in the Galvanometer Room. Included is material pertaining both to Kennelly’s 
role as chief electrical experimenter and to his own professional activities. 
Some of the items are reports to Edison describing tests recorded in the 
Arthur E. Kennelly Notebooks (Notebook Series). Only the reports containing 
information not available in the notebooks, such as additional data or summary 
findings, have been filmed. Much of the material relates to the laboratory’s 
research for the Edison electric light and power interests. Among the 
correspondents from these various companies are John Kreusi, W. J. Jenks, H. 
Ward Leonard, S. D. Greene, and Joseph C. Henderson. 

There are also items that highlight Kennelly’s involvement in the 
emergence of the electrical engineering profession. Included is material 
relating to the Committee on Grounding the Neutral and the Committee on 
Lightning Protection (Association of Edison Illuminating Companies), as well 
as items pertaining to the Committee on Units and Standards (American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers). 

Reports and other items that were written by Kennelly as enclosures to 
correspondence have been filmed immediately following their covering letters, 
even though the enclosures generally precede their covering letters in the 

Drafts of technical articles that were subsequently published by Kennelly 
have not been filmed. However, a bibliography of Kennelly’s publications, 
some of which appear in draft form in these books, can be found in Vannevar 
Bush, "Arthur Edwin Kennelly, 1861-1939," National Academy of Sciences 
Biographical Memoirs 22 (1940): 83-119. The citations to books and articles 
published during the period of Kennelly’s involvement with Edison have been 

Additional categories of material not filmed include correspondence 
regarding the procurement and shipment of laboratory supplies; conductor 
determinations for central stations in Brooklyn, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, 
Chicago, San Francisco, and Newport, R.I.; arrangements for, and 
announcements of, meetings; items that duplicate information found in 
selected material. 

Both sets of letterbooks are wholly or partially indexed. These indexes 
have not been filmed. Although every technical effort has been made to ensure 
the legibility of the documents on the microfilm, many pages in these 
letterbooks may be partially or entirely unreadable because of spreading, 
smearing, or fading ink; bleed-through; and water damage. 

Related material can be found in the "West Orange Laboratory" and 
"Electric Light" folders in the Document File Series. 

West Orange Laboratory Letterbook, LM-101 

This letterbook covers the period February 1888-August 1889. Most of the correspondence is by Charles 
Batchelor, superintendent of the laboratory, and by C. E. Sullivan, storekeeper. There are also a few letters 
by Edison and by Arthur E. Kennelly, chief electrician. Most of the letters are routine items pertaining to the 
ordering of supplies and equipment for the West Orange laboratory. Only five documents have been filmed: 
three letters by Kennelly concerning the effects of magnetism on watches; and two letters regarding the 
construction of a picket fence around the laboratory. 

West Orange Laboratory Letterbook, LM-102 

This letterbook covers the period February 1888-December 1891. Most of the correspondence is by various 
laboratory storekeepers such as Fred C. Devonald, Thomas Ebdell, Arthur W. Langford, and C. E. Sullivan. 
The letters pertain to the ordering of supplies and equipment for the West Orange laboratory. These routine 
items have not been filmed. There are also letters by Edison, Charles Batchelor, William K. L. Dickson and 
Alfred O. Tate regarding various subjects, including ore milling, lamp and battery tests, and patent 
applications. Most of the selected documents were written by Dickson and deal with the kinetoscope. 

West Orange Laboratory Letterbook, LM-103 

This letterbook covers the period December 1891-October 1895. Most of the correspondence is by Fred C. 
Devonald, storekeeper, and pertains to the ordering of supplies and equipment. These routine items have not 
been filmed. There are also letters by Edison, William K. L. Dickson, Arthur E. Kennelly, and Harry F. Miller 
regarding various subjects, including ore milling and lamp tests. Most of the selected documents are by 
Dickson and concern his work on the kinetoscope and the development of lenses and film. 

Kennelly Letterbook #1, LM-111 

This letterbook covers the period July 1888-July 1889. The book contains correspondence, technical reports, 
and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, batteries, telegraph cable, and non-magnetic watches. There are also items relating 
to electrocution experiments and the control of yellow fever. 

Kennelly Letterbook #2, LM-112 

This letterbook covers the period July 1889-May 1890. The book contains correspondence, technical reports, 
and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, batteries for the phonograph, the carrying capacity of copper wire, and various 
insulation compounds. In addition, there are items relating to alternating current experiments and plans for 
the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power system. 

Kennelly Letterbook #3, LM-113 

This letterbook covers the period May-December 1890 and June 1891. The book contains correspondence, 
technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of 
electrical experiments, such as tests of meters, motors, batteries, lightning arresters, and cable for the electric 
railway. In addition, there are items relating to experiments with alternating current and electric lighting for 
the Lick Observatory in Hamilton, California. 

Kennelly Letterbook #4, LM-114 

This letterbook covers the period December 1890-June 1891. The book contains correspondence, technical 
reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical 
experiments, such as tests of meters, multipolar dynamos, alternators, batteries, and cable for the electric 
railway. In addition, there are numerous reports concerning the development of streetcar motors and low- 
horsepower fan motors. 

Kennelly Letterbook #5, LM-115 

This letterbook covers the period June-December 1891. The book contains correspondence, technical reports, 
and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, alternators, transformers, multipolar dynamos, and various insulation compounds. In 
addition, there are numerous reports concerning the development of streetcar motors and low-horscpower fan 

Kennelly Letterbook #6, LM-116 

This letterbook covers the period December 1891-August 1892. The book contains correspondence, technical 
reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical 
experiments, such as tests of meters, motors, batteries, lightning arresters, and transformers. In addition, there 
is correspondence concerning patent litigation involving Edison’s electric power system. 

Kennelly Letterbook #7, LM-117 

This letterbook covers the period August 1892-January 1894. The book contains correspondence, technical 
reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical 
experiments, such as tests of meters, batteries, the carrying capacity of copper wire, and motors for sewing 
machines. In addition, there are items relating to plans for the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power system and 
letters concerning a review of several Westinghouse central stations for patent litigation by Edison General 
Electric Co. There is also a letter to Edison’s private secretary Alfred O. Tate, as vice-president of the North 
American Phonograph Co., regarding Kennelly’s examination of the Bettini phonograph. 

West Orange Laboratory Letterbook, LM-101 

This letterbook covers the period February 1888-August 1889. Most of 
the correspondence is by Charles Batchelor, superintendent of the laboratory, 
and by C. E. Sullivan, storekeeper. There are also a few letters by Edison and 
by Arthur E. Kennelly, chief electrician. Most of the letters are routine items 
pertaining to the ordering of supplies and equipment for the West Orange 
laboratory. Only five documents have been filmed: three letters by Kennelly 
concerning the effects of magnetism on watches; and two letters regarding the 
construction of a picket fence around the laboratory. The front cover is labeled 
"Credit Book." The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 494 
numbered pages. Pages 117-494 are unused. 

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West Orange Laboratory Letterbook, LM-102 

This letterbook covers the period February 1888-December 1891. Most 
of the correspondence is by various laboratory storekeepers such as Fred C. 
Devonald, Thomas Ebdell, Arthur W. Langford, and C. E. Sullivan. The letters 
pertain to the ordering of supplies and equipment for the West Orange 
laboratory. These routine items have not been filmed. There are also letters 
by Edison, Charles Batchelor, William K. L. Dickson and Alfred O. Tate 
regarding various subjects, including ore milling, lamp and battery tests, and 
patent applications. Most of the selected documents were written by Dickson 
and deal with the kinetoscope. The front cover is labeled "Store Room Letters 
Feby 14/88." The book contains 478 numbered pages. Approximately 10 
percent of the book has been filmed. 

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the 2 temp tik aN aan ae Bet are, (4) tomyld, 
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ta eke Cenk ad Same can We waed, aK 
“hee wet Mg hi= feo) Wet Qe coven.) uy — 
Wa NW 6189-2 ORE How Sewd - Rime i. On - 
rin Ar) eVerLy bay plas tu meeulay = 4 Worn 
One ¢ eubad. mot Tho whe Suda uf Uy, 

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Ser One aw be a IN Seer Mane, tees AK. AtOvR A Sa, 
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th. oa Cana gus ae Weun. UWs.44, ss a\ ¢) (ave fa > 
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panne wm. Gah aQnen, Wiha, tient) Se 

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Ons, dist ata fr meow A tye Gt) day —— 

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Sern S Awe Vows re eee re saci wae ei 
a + aha, & Kaen, eked fou : 

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Wale .W = tdkin emrayn mes = 24,84 

(decsham hag behneSeporaten ia ee 
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- ic a ‘fe 36% 

10 real Cerncem tials ° 88 anSd-AT 10-0 er = 86.14 

wo OS Scares re q. $y 
(eighr Bey, ew Melt ana olunJSG + 
bar t ue ae — . wus “ 4 

50 nwsal Camerwl oli, ahey pow omcah 
et te Sacto yy eo a. 

(WV. Magen rd ornin ate) Si 


West Orange Laboratory Letterbook, LM-103 

This letterbook covers the period December 1891-October 1895. Most 
of the correspondence is by Fred C. Devonald, storekeeper, and pertains to the 
ordering of supplies and equipment. These routine items have not been filmed. 
There are also letters by Edison, William K. L. Dickson, Arthur E. Kennelly, 
and Harry F. Miller regarding various subjects, including ore milling and lamp 
tests. Most of the selected documents are by Dickson and concern his work on 
the kinetoscope and the development of lenses and film. The book contains 
698 numbered pages. Pages 230-673 are blank. Approximately 15 percent of 
the documents have been filmed. 

5 Ld 


Set is 

( ea ‘ oe 

/, we 

* eeu 

Lh f= 

tte tote 

a Cn TES a 

Vee rae Publis be Tate ace hes 
Comhy oh Cea 

iy ase a 
Eee “Nt é A ee %, oe 

Janes Te 


ao Uh 

c~ ’) LW. fan, 

Me ee eee wo ay ne 


‘ ew 

| (ray 

4 f 

Ne Vw”. Loe 

~ Worn as cc aa (: onl te fa- j Te 

~~ al oj ae Son 


Wee a= 41 

NS Cv yA Cs. 

Cauid, hel fo eye pee 

WertdA het Ge 

hw See, Ce. ~~ ye, m™.. 

NEE HA re 4 

Qu. “ty es Pan . . 1 

“igs Sipe aia * 5 : —— 
San Ae MR es La ah Si oi 


esa ct ogy ce gg tm Nt tee StS nS 

ea een nn nne setmias E apni 



ae So eee RS 
ee ean 

sana ie at ied 

' ‘ 

a - 


A | 
\\tclus (WM, 

a : e 7 
. ee . we 
— Same SA Ui = Vict Waters mal OS 

i eelcl = iy) cegard oe Lhe Sa. erat o— 
exci | , nk Nel temarns that sisieg ; 
dew be eae 2-AMd KAT tinted 
Cex THO pet tene Autre nel Ge aa Ney MIN 
Veh ett a dh ha tirkers thon COMBE nec 
Dane Cale alromws GA dtv0 bat Ler i. te 
Reet ered: Cem, . bowen [ (> 
Comat We Yu ae cask as alk ‘GT 
dui At ee A Rewrer = 3 shecad hare ; 
ure guelin Ave gusTer wnt Wage if te, 
| — thet “hs Bead ot taal 

Vere tO Towers 
eaete. rN {a SP 

oo nth, ~- 3. ‘re aw Ces 

dfenc “heen s ws N+ “ gat: im Rey i “| {eeu 

ee ieee aceenmplaheus o 
Noe co Woa tin Ay ar, 

om en tail wee Ceowd 9 

a Kal weurcE re. 

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Jane 5D, 198926 

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are lated 
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“ nf 
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” bG 

Messrse Aultman, Miller & Co., 
Akron, Ohio. 

Dear Sirst- 

April 21,92. 

ino whach vor ref . + : i a4 1ST 4 
wiach vor refer us to the standard pottery makers ef your 

sections We are writing by tiis imail to the s 
with whose address :s you kindly furnished us | 

that vv will we able to obtain from soma am. ot 

eh my ey 
(hes ~~ he 8 

Nasa yt Vy = : . . e 
Arvin thanking you for your Prompt compiianea with our 

Veep raat 

We are » YOuUYS very truly ’ 




ev2Ral conetwns ; 
Baa have no doubt 

eee eee 

van What we 


— be Fees | 
Ca curen on ea ‘Y ai. 2 t © 
 €&y VYe asc. Khren A oe 
Dor Bara 

sate $2 {4 


Sage 4 Wor . 

aT ~ SOV. | 

wh herd bbe x) | . _ “HOR Men ee Ty tu e aAn,) 

a > s Yr. as abe Be. Row ire wy we m { ; 8 0 

Loo « NAVA, ch. i Wah Mae Mee a 9 Ale CA @ A ha) Ty Ne rs 
SOMA MD 2 ewe , Uh 

Weamtn we Tun, 

We \ a weer : 

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Ne other aS ge alleen ee > 

Qeears Wy te any of Sse. 
xe : 
- NOT oh, 

has re Nafifen Ce wigg : , 

ao. ce eS Ow chats Ane - & SR WAS GY ea 
' = Pm yon wt fe ob hued ta Mmaty AX Se 

* Roos Whh< ~ ane Out te. Neues ci @ be ™“s 
BABA ~ evn rn, Ras.) Naabhey fra 0 ra ° 4 
hs | ) Wr omafe  \ ; 
Coe to “4 thiee Udo - We Sano Ce CALQ eA git 
3S Gama | wr Vo. (fa vV hha Qarty . 7 . 7 : 
= bs aa. ongkee’ Ys Veto ye. Vee, 

é ny bs a¢ 
” har ew Cn Mey, 


PORTA ow in ree 

sa “pie MR aspen 

Ok pee 

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lv lye ye LL OL! GL. 
ae, yee fer fo Pa vA ee 

Hfurete dhe Uv Od heat 

— Bt Gel Whew g IZ, 

Ife feo vere 

fe cr (el ¥ re RTS te bh 

Centle lex 

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COT L be 

“Gi yA £ ne, 
T HS Sedoaler 
if EK Cerne” 

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20% a a 
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SP OR Le. 


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La, Coys 
Ven ~ Seg 


Kot, Rend we: 

Vew- : rywalihs 
iho ~ SOM py reb 
hala. haph Levan l vw Age 
MAH _ 
Kad 4 i persis vA, 
a Ore . Poe, 
Gre iv.4 a 

tye uty 

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Su Owe. 

ER a Ne A NR MI: le EA. «itt tig bianco oman a Een ATES SRO 0 Es RR Tn nn 


Ce ad 
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is 0 J e 
ao, ae 
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ty ‘s vt, P me +tay 
soao Cc : € 4 : 

N BP OS sae ee OF 

ao # 

eG a a a Se eS oe ne ee ee ee ee § ees Galant eat ne bn aot wh Sahel 

144 | 

vias, 17/92 

WA 2 Danse Lowel - 
res Sire 
Vaca WD One 

Crean Was abyiny Glass ot 
aid hagh Mar Wa Arc ut I, 6° 
Pose lhe RWte Lee | ae ae 3 Le a5 

Ca ~N W245 .s Wee awe, hes | . 


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A bse Uusied Pp oer ee. _. 
Woo ee | - dh CormCouas Con, 
7is7o users Ge T-, Lk Pinew, Y 

Yoro not Qeert, ones ton, aw ae 

o 2 exha Cest — 
Lac dh 

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SLase Che AKO Cre tho 

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Ue QrtrnSus o 

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MIcrn¢ eS on Osx = ba | | 

Lan UWU2< 

9% OL we 

NN Re es Qe ou 

Ls, ys. J eq N\A vee \ ON Qa 
0 arties _ 7 
St mretety wy > 
ER tag OS a, Sts 
/ | 
+ = | | 



Cts Rie Yeo, 
Noe 38 Rayie Sts 
o2 Yds , 
WT Lt Ovid ngers 
Pe ARON Sikes 

wo me» "1 


q fel oo noo tees 1899 




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thaw nt oe 

PoNm ey ayoRn: 
. wF 8 oo. 

ve) rs ah. 


il ro ATV e 
a, b) veeare en Se é eos , 
‘ vo ite 6 TORY CI | ee a 
WR, AaB oy a iey 







ne ae ta 

s “ 


Your. tmiry, 

. 4 
we ‘“ 
Car, VOW acd rrp. dint toe Caste We 


rer ate! ¢ agree 
G amniat 

ou, oF | 
Vane: e nee 

bots add 





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Buiscn, N. Je 

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"it d= Vee Paar & & Cc. e ? 0] my gg? ; 

Oct. 15, 1892. 

The Tea Tray co. of "Newark, UU. J. 
Near “irgie 

We are sorry to Le 
obliced to retugm the drun again, as it is worse tian vseless- 
We required it perfectly smooth and you send it covered with 
Yidges and heavy lumps (said lumps sticky ard not fully baked). 
The writer supposed fron what yo said over the telephone wire 
that the Junps were trifling. JY will again enunerate simply what 
we require. ‘our or inore heavy coats of your Lest acid proof 
japan; edges eepecially heavily coated, to prevent any métal from 
peeping through. You seened to have almost accomplished this on 
your first trial, though the coating was ao thin that the japan 
on @dees of drum came off far too easily. You will surely see 
that all this is for you to make straight. It will be necessary, 
I asstme, for yar to have it eawsa off and commenced again: 
We ars seriously delayed by t!igs. Kindly telephone us as goon as 
it is finished, and obliga 

Yours truly, 

pase ar es 

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N. \; oy, a: > 
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a. “A ‘ de wt. ‘ te : Ue 
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we E 
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Wise) e oa mw a2. - 
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Sapte ne eee ee 

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fags 4 at. COR ee Bek Ahead 

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La wo Y . oo é Coa arte he Sorv- 
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csbly nee 3p sy epejenee ae he 
“That rh the 4g ee ee seit Moe 

fy phe 14@ ° 

ad iseee Paw utd fer bes 12. ctf ; 
: ) oy Porn hy wa ff 


ck aA a $ clhacd A willl. r Lem fel ase o wet 
i ea te. a a Oe Se he A read = The 

» J " 
S: N i ' “ 3 f a, ¥ : | 
By i MA AK “0 (tae @ eet hes ott C11 of eny: 
ate f 

tf: de a * 
had fis owe { f a Sa yi ge Hb perp 
é 7 Cu 
i po Me SE a fin AouAh (rag *ypicebed 

hag fe: cnguag era The (MK. Ort grape, Merst, XK 

appr svn Jha} Fharr teed. por Kes an CL oe Pit | he 
Tit aviv waa Mape) ¢ vers aay typ The 


a a are 


soy teeth 

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_2 £ e < 
nee tke, : aud 7) 
Pace ee. ON 
av = 
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¥s ; oe 
i: .) + ond : 
3.3 = ‘ 
ar - 
‘e os ane, . 
- : — 
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“ * oY ry . 
Same J % 
¥ . an + 7: 
os o") Cal 1 i 4 
un S 2 2 Rk ‘ 
ie ‘ . af EES od , . 2 3 rot nt 
‘ i : os o 
.. Ordnge, N, vy Feb. 19¢n, 1895, 
Messrg. Jerome Redding & Co., 
anaver et,, Boston, Maze., 
Dear sirg:. 

‘ Gived fram you Some t¢ 
gaking for 5 

ime ago a Postal cary 
ample Dials +5 Guote Price on, Please fing enclosed 
one’ (1) each of three (3) di fferént Sizes, whigh T use. Diala must 
be exactiy like 8ample, 
An early 

PePLy W112 be SPRreciated by 
TOYPS vepy tauly, 

[ cud 
! 2 
- een 



ae ~mecome mweabeseee eae we BE : 

4 ‘é 


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Rete tones wate neseoae ae 


penn Pipe 475 


PEI tla HbA 72 oI RAUECN IG ERIE RRL. AAD ka 80 t8 od PE rte 8 Seow 
Sisereercese rs % 


Verh OME NNUE FONT EO Ate aneonee 










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eae SES 2 le See 

mn Tee tl et Ss 

et Mare Pa peer ee 


PGS 2 1 oto Red oer 


pacar s wed ae 

EE mr sq eneg me 


YTS 9 




ioe ae 




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E i issi is list, probably more 
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ee ak, ee? 







. P $8 Eh “Ts 

aoa meer wrest os 


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ote RP eat EME OR PT heme: eee ek ee 8 alee oe ns dante es 
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rf 8y7 

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S s Telegraphy. J. 

sentence graphy. Independent, Vol, 


Kennelly Letterbook #1, LM-111 

This letterbook covers the period July 1888-July 1889. The book contains 
correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. 
Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, batteries, telegraph cable, and non-magnetic watches. 
There are also items relating to electrocution experiments and the control of 
yellow fever. The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 496 numbered 
pages. Some pages have been removed from the book. Approximately 40 
percent of the documents have been filmed. 

en SEN NNT AM EI Ny aL LEE TONDO CLI PLN taal setae tare inne ek 

| ‘ Tei wo % i ce , “y it ; oe i 
i 4 ‘ poe ‘ 

a. ( 
{ 1 a {. "we te. - Mt 
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j ‘ aw oo? wm te 
) : 4 “0 
re ua ere ae OR 4 by 

7 ‘ F s ann af - 
qj ; “ = ieee “CAN VN ES wf LAr. Gre , eva Nal oe { 
i Wohi ra 

' , e : 7 . x * 
Qu " ‘ I we: Caras VA ach ’ oe, rae : obeds * I curved 
i 7 . : 
i : : ao if) fy q 
y ‘ sand tx tihs ave ‘ \ Lean” Orgy Eee Vo yas 
Gon Aes oS ; i } a 
“he \ ar 1 |. {° ra , 
‘ Ao vet qr: C1 Oese Ham AR bar Nee ay 
i i % : : hos H { 
ors dL ue ua 48° : ‘ ’ Ne te Yaoi: hoe bu bey tA. ‘f a oh 
a ose ars ; i 
i . 
tal 4 re ; is ol { 
Cera eed ‘. Caan ae: B+ aes OAL a hO.8 Aas taot ia i etal 
SEN UA, : 

~ . 


‘ NA te wey 

4 . 

+ + “ 
y er A 

Cre werd ba Oe 

(AL. & Henly 

| vedi 


1 e 
th we 


Pot an, ‘ wi + on 
om "48 gow 
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~ . gee 
y ‘ 
we. a An. Oa : ae : Mata? i i f aa a 
& y 
i a aoe 7 yo aw it wood Niwa ets 1 t 
; F . 
¢ > } ‘ } 
var o Nan et s Psa cBaune a 2 re Phe vise £ly Wie che 
i . ¢ : es ed a A 
4 iH < <3 ie er ue (4) Ue Catia Ss a d rwrasrg i t . Caa, f Cofhore ¢ 
* ¥ 7 . » rd / ae ent! 7 ‘ 
. : i 1.@ : 3 " a : 
i , a. As wor te. ies ¢ oP ry °f é ~ actly tym. ” . ! gpa t A 
‘ : 
ne ae rn * 4am vA 
4. " @\a b Ao Pa, Rane ©) WANG awe foo erf mer end u8 tad e 
roy 4 * 
* a? : : i} 
en {. he s, ren On es a , uy i. ay My Nas X Pee | oe as eeak 
: . in 
‘ P { : j : . ° 
i eee te a Hat CNG pa ree ry c Ws %o. 
Ne vee ; . : 
”, ’ f 8. (, A , : is oe f 
ae Pela we Pees w N14 hg t shyt Neo CNk aw Nie OO, er. 
ry y of 
: ia ot ro AN ares | of, fe38 _@ 
‘ ¥ 
i | i f a 4 + ; 
, be mar , { [ae : {. wa a (reg hy eo Crewe glanioand 
A ‘ PS we wale .-. eure cy ae ~ r = 
, | i. n Y 
i ae ‘ eee ee thee 
fs ‘ GS : ce Pe 
% N aad Say ohe te wee eed Iva. re ttdey ’ Anat 
ate oN we see : 
4 oe AED nd ¢ & we {pet Cour Vt A Ns CE 
as y 
. ; . a * ee Be . 
| “Yaad . 4 teak Ubu a. a Tea a a ba Cay cds oe. 
: Ms , , ‘i 
® o) ; eee O ens : ae 7 leew: i hey Real gw) 634 ae 
2 € yw he ’ 
i f A ; ak at ty i. t 
af , i yr eee eae. eae ee Mae " Ae ae 6 Cadesad re) 
wa he & vad lf "VAs be | a ones 
ale, ct: ah r €-2- 9 . 
r ‘ +. fae ; id 
&‘ Loaygae 1X% 4, ane ne : a a ry . Paes Bi Ck a Oe a) a AV ow 
’ Vg F i 
- oes) le ei 0! 4 : is ue . v a con Oe eer a wl lo" («pp ) 
. i v nan : errr t t ‘4 a ke is 
. ‘ 2 sf, z : Labyrun tet. A 
te a) Ci WAN oS Gar eet af Minna ee A ae ; 


ons 4 Chany. wr, 3 a ¢} 

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eee Pe ales er €28c 

oes eaters d us ecewssep wads \. "Gt Leute bt 

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ie Ge es (ere ear ern oe e bonltt fa katie! ad 

esl - 8 ” oe ke eee ane i. & : 13 y wa, fie 
VWNNtowt ; tn { : 4. des baa li ba POi Rey ls ee a - i tl 

A 2 : 

tak o ings Sao tae yas thes, * atk asaahs ae ee ae ae ee ti, af 2 296 *. 

: Nase ve c ba ieas ed ca vef l.. k,. ao yiweae i? 

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oe ‘ i ‘ Wad vad te aes tthe ona es a 2? ee er rr a 

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be wvdes Vue . coy = e al : \a- teva a ae i: yy" : rt ne Seals 
a uve go qe na} ne trarew é ice tt : 

ev ae Kee clame te ee 


Vie att folks oa o. creer bles. Po sesicils a laos 
Ai nae bob. Ean deviee . a ve | neue aie Co... pic Ronn er Oe 
and ‘ets deuanas Oh AWN ee roe © i aay he bre. i : 
Ves mA sang coh ata a era & : ‘Let a < , Aas, 4 | 
ad Legh. aa aa { we Vw Mave oan into are o£ Orses pons q 
ae Ba been ite cp daelmdienaes 5 set hy fae Blue i 
AN ow , it 1 ' ie vas bo. le ore eNNA | Coss FS cara tes ts 4 : 
ee: Anat Ludex otae , she Ca prety by tidhex oe Ooo’ 4 1. ee | i 
4 oo © suntv re Glee Kut tari ve “\ . "\ Ane ao ea | | 
docs Hine Sane anty 12 Cede  ceenndl ee. atts hit 
ere “4 ee iia Rex iY @ae % ’ 9 ere ae Oke etna a 
Cer vole is ase ie ) wet ‘ .t, waded you NOs~ay ce terer k° ie t 
Lov A eeu ey «8 eV lo plttia : AC 4 eae dorsi gles x: 
e : : ° t ne 
eotth de nrck wake AGRE: ve '~ k Oe a Oh al Ire ecact rev ef 
ca? a oe k 4 a ave On As sane Ae. the Na wa 
ie (cel. Avia Mf aw. Ae. p laeeg- -ottace a de Aealle [ 
| RECS WEEDS = . su Sey, | ene aut it derces bua ie ‘ 
I SUL AR: vi oly Aa ad, an ajtin ; . big Nites si 
tal PRY On reed . & Ae a- ao olpseraer \ Pi ‘aka h AS b. ; 
we we ORM chien | as ww q 2, 
anche le onrvaks is Ow +4 a Wroarelalt prrrvenpe, 
| (Ly errs ) 
© OG a Wie: 
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en oan a Oa ~ 
i . her ”, Cay, cL 
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» Ge ee ee eee ene Vehe. 
ty. Oe ron Aare Y om 4 ' 
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en Gwace . myn Cow ober mil Wee tAeece eas 
2 Ree SHES ois i 
: ' : Gen 
wy Ors S aah Oe % yw Sa 836 q 
( a ee, 
Coqet? Vad ag! a4. af 
ue { ; 
Odie IGS: beaks As, 
: ee aOR cts er ee Rien ia tes Mate Mine oe tt nem -— ? 









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eset” Rater, ua mas 4 

i We rot lows - 2k, ee Ned ac It af 
(P. ea we io we mM oaks Wy { Fite fe La! "perfect t* bli, 

Qe wnat leak uso rwrewdes a Ln te et th. 
nen du ad wy) WM i Fete l, ’ ee sok wale es 
if vor oe . wae c" { ie on eclks - wd , 
des mre reo by we Futel ae nae 

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e rai : ; 
ww aay tt ara TECe Coe ’ 4ar€ V4 sek \. a work phish ) 
Pa, ia ue ) 
eee af sca ; Vey EL M F Cov aan week al 
ows ma 
bad Cama ' vee 

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LW owe Likes Ww EMF | ey ity 
eae a . 

Alt. ti. the emer. ty tell th Ub wens, 
all. | ‘U Rens os Ua AAg, see bev, Kk. a 

Ths, Meornd beat AtAg wNute with boro eclho  nryade ub 

ies i. mares / 

Reeome~ verde by ™ Fitch. and 


ate ne 


gente en cnn pee 



133 volts 

O° SBampin 
2-Ow vam, : 
O-sets Veli 
B. 2g apo 
6:2 vebls : 
6:1 cto Bane ote 


oe [ollan: 

eS og a 

i i ego: emgage 59 SEE PR 
a J 

rye. ‘ 
ae ay, 

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Woacty ins lie gfase ee tke AN MK bs ie p . 
" da : 4 are or ee 
: . on’ . = 4, 1 ver Aig i wr 

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| oe v | con Kee eu haa ea ¥ pehiets av ms Fidel . 
; { ® : t oa: 

De a, lke ee, fg eae a ne 
awe. {P , : ; H 

> aes wh, wAat, | ai aN! t sa al 

Caverns we K le ® 1-3 
° 4 
antic se fp Ana he Ag Al cokes 

| da ™. 16 x Ob ps reee lps — Re i ane 
i ‘ en? i 
a rte A (\- f ern ,f a ue \. " aes one, tix. entos PP dear faee, 

of ay: Ne. caherrd alert I 3 gO 5 Cove + 
| 5h. hwo se) t dat up 4 ae fyrace wal RR, ! ha-wwe/ 

bk L, pared he pane Mawanwely” He! 

; Sas ) capene! 
4 aah axe te inhi\ad of (eS @ plats. a oe 0 ‘ f 
| we * i Le hve p e 
ee aes Cay Arts aeconp exits xm) y 2 NVaorass Nae ad aPeudrer. 
I : é 
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ce L; yo fe ° J CAAA ast Ane Bad, wae! ow 
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i ‘ F F eae 
j : e oO "4 ae {? ie - 4 
7 ip. ¥ wows Ip sae aff. < ae. ~w gk 2 6 wee P UNA oa { F. i F 
a] a race \- 
en ee Cn on 
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sa : Fi \ e : = i rks, 
eo y\KS v (a OF wigan ’ i aoe - . beg ~ < 
A ; 
’ ial ‘ * 4 : ae ee ‘ . 
ree we ON proce sf ey 7 WY ral gh a fg eu Pais Fah a works, 
Ve. f ( ; os ; F 
Une Gor vate Ca ALE TA ed 

ie als av bes one A 4e 

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soll : ‘ ‘ neg ne Me 

| Noe neney bunks) 
ae: ere * Revels 

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saan Oe 
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nena imo Spine ae eta 

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Q ef an ane bis 
. e * ‘ny a Q {e : 
Acae {gy oh i wanka serenade: ea mMNer Oidkigea’ La broraton 
; i] fa 

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uti ae es t derrvae ay 4 gran Neancle fb e 

sats WAR EMI “ — - 

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la peralery 
EL Rabeete Brevrctt ba btiny) 
Th. Away ww wee a Wate pgalos boas aac en fC, HO 

tuber jar tb e urood. : Ace Ca NM: ha ‘ : anid. Pee | ° 

¢ eee} wy Ur. ere tdy ’ iG re ee +f Di iS 
Anes 22-5 KOK IT dap emany (MEH THX ss daeh), 

*t dovvctacack Hare eather faba tis cack, 40 % 9 
KOC ene (1M ROH KF) | cee woeay he a dant 
900 . aww (2 Oe) and ex fou sng abeuk yo 
Sy (Abe tye.) oe hele Ges es Useless 
Nae aut. of He ie extrrawne fess ‘ 

Betsaw ew Haw carbons flats rere 

hse o cacks tw tnhoanal 
Tone. satu m th — plats a ey er ee 13 is 

grams: ee) (4 Us) WA abn. t ary en arenes 
(me x 6°X GH") and of Par betel dala ees 210 
Sa ome (33% ty. et joey abso 1250 sy.emes, 

(2? ww \ wu ve San. 
7 The pero cr Waar _Atetanvqacte ¢ wrth Nerawnded. 

CORN LNG H. ae tiveey dumanatond benny Bie Ie. p.. 
Ihe 7 K be K BSE club tome. (6% Pa Tepes y Pree s i 

Herel Krncts memo ok bel Ob cuw (% f 
70 “Te satiny ee WO heen Por prac ’ ee 

eg ures Com mine ba. i, ob t 200 6.8. @ quack ) 
Tek tw é crater all Aven oy of aw Afocesl raha 
ar Guvv c.e. tne Gat ‘ % qokons ) awd, 

ee Le. e ee salto 7 
pew eure of fr ‘ ss ttetcin ® ead 

Avekisee~ He Batis ppt pete. apne 
dhe 2S ewe ees anv hy riage of 
delle braid ce Ha elk amet - abet 

io, ror 0 ( BB gallons) 


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a as Te a W Ade + each Aone als o ow yr ve Car abe 
aby Poot €«. Cr. : The otir ar aAsdads yi Moke arn des 
Be ; ‘aaa 
ws =b eden a “ AM rrr ttle, HAS ANWAGLAR ve ee ee , E eee wid ims 
Iecaig? DO XIE KS Hox ON 1D" deck ) 
A : ee 2s x { oh dah, Cove ( + | ! wl p ) 
* 43 i 

iV ton. Pee | ise GAn baw fla ti. ‘Ware tanbhen ss 
Con meted a t e ee ber eA ge and a°f awe (# . ) erfeent 
j ee Aes eat oe been 32 x ry x OF Cevee (2$ *» $ y: x $+") 

1d a ar abet ine Aq: + Orne (} 16 a io) 
4h bot ace (0. rnkauke fen pee wes re ’ 

ve reak dL he aw peek ans. qe-ban Vv pote 
sents Ve“ Crews a aoe a I. oe Y ri ec KL. 

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Ne Y Dbas! on NA” COO Te Oe of a) Jorn. 

dns Ie KOS K IDE es em (65° KEM toh” dub) 

wuld le Haieh NO eared Ob ew ( ae ) . 

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J bate A ee WA al ne AVEALS lax barn . Ong 
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fyxneu- Lat , doodle. of W... hrw éc Oe. Tike en! 

An uenaeon aan de? 33 Xu KOs (13° xb°xX x 4°) 

we eee ae hes. ) Aho 230 5 leans (§ Obes ) aval, 
py | 

Hn 4 cxpoved ess abot 260 var Orne (iss ty. wns ) 

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vt. hehvoe dia. ay 7 oo Ballo’ . 
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vont ive re Greve e. Sg osi lf, ae tad 2 Se Ne! 


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é ate whi EME WN Eat 7 ef fore Te entices OO Lo en or a. 
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‘ i f Pe © re ! thy at i 2 ~ Oo ce, { "ead . or leny “wee A Lt ed 
pw! 1? in * 4 
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& t- r ee , ce? f ¢ _ * 
(era A ade Porn) ae gevny ioe ~/' Disx v f Lan we mead ’ 
i es ; : 5 ‘. ; ee 
Woanys mA bale toe wrOreé at (hal ban) ¢.e, . wae 8, revetowe) ° ‘Nags 
' * ~ “ . e ° = « ! ’ i 
boll saris wen’ “r Kaa wad es Lin wcll aan. arte 

abel 19200 eva. nee Hh Moo’ vi bine bee barces. 

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Arh ans “eana) * - 4 . 

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Mr ttt ak | : 
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t : 3 
(a) on. Trae al ‘eacial | Nw an cul * yes 5 tetas « 
o{ Laaee! Saas welaenta sr , evened (ny ‘ ersecclag 


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pla e MM als Tey al AN Amana Came £0 

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- %. 4° Ve Neel Catae " € sste ( (- tu") Lovage) pee o 


eww { aes ag ww 3 twteg | ed ea at bees. C & 3 grasa ncee 
7 va Cur een. Gee eee nk aesla > tre: iow 
: " S © aes y x a | Cw ( & % 7 +f 2" Atha ww x He ) Loteg, LA 
aba af 40 we dene y i 3 2 c¢ \ ” ~. oli te (aera beleaee “ 
| { ( A). 
| aw yerse a farite. Cons eA 2°58 ewe ( l ) 
vt a » wv i de 4 hy a Mees at -F sss en be (U [ ae 
_+ "\ os an cook ¢ w OV ee v. al. £ LO0U ee . 
(! ekme, ) core l Messe ve Yee dalertie.s Ise ‘I PO aw vend 
( 5% aN e. ous dhee ual w wate be wet a { Vw: perey se 
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ny) t of — lo A eates cg ; lev yale ec i - 

i tare “ Aas Pee o , hac C. gitar i ac ree fe Peering | 
: dy Y i 24 > Sr % 26 deep Gave Lg” * vo’ X 7K hep) 

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fete | pS ce 4 as cae re a ol oa, Merce tae 
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ren on var .% eter Seber Ul hy ower. mas 4 (a, b.» awl. 

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ver aeA, 4 Clare ° y whe Contos Lwerve Acbh tect 
: f : at’ A pass pP Se . ; ue “{ CAN a A 43 K Is xd, pee 
‘ = j ; a ! 
% “leg. ; ( i“ x {, zs § by’ ) e&t-rw wif t sPE Or) aed. ve Vie ar (! Us Ile. J Tes 
: 4 % 4 sj yt Oy ee “x ad | 
ae % eres wre hes tee (eX 1B X 0-6 ev) {/> 4 or 4 
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q "ie wr Ne, ark Levey: etal himel Ihe o “} Parsee (8 34% bs) : ; 
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a 1 a pot, we OS env (ob°). Ties Ese declawis a ro nit SF 
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® ‘ j : ‘ . de t l. k 
RPA ; anu tive: qc ie Aas &E ’ Cadet 
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te enveiue: , os“ ee Gar ae te Pe | ae @arvs Ne Pa | 1 er - 
pow wcess cde ute evrds » '. oan care, fice breve lee 
motte. a ro New ! Ueda: e (>, parte ¢. aes F bie 
TELM : Tern ol ; Le ooreeeerrs | CO ee . swore 

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at ita tenes f le he. 7 ee hes @eatvce bes 
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) rere © oe <ewivat av bw Wrewrrerag wv lave 'g 4 
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Oy Sway hive «a aca 3 COR Cary Ot } Le. tisenc : eae: 

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i Re. t. ake ray le eel. (ses : line, porns: ec. (i. 

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© GREAT, Still - . pt Walt. 

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thay bows , he Us final Result OO 

a tne leree © 100. 

Kennelly Letterbook #2, LM-112 

This letterbook covers the period July 1889-May 1890. The book contains 
correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur E. 
Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, batteries for the phonograph, the carrying capacity of 
copper wire, and various insulation compounds. In addition, there are items 
relating to alternating current experiments and plans for the Niagara Falls 
hydroelectric power system. The book contains 468 numbered pages. Some 
pages have been removed from the book. The book is water damaged, and 
many pages are discolored and wrinkled; the ink on the pages near the end of 
the book is smeared. Approximately 30 percent of the documents have been 


renew deal i 

Bip ere ahd Syag gE, 

recht nad yn 

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socutasatineernnmmmrereatn te semana 


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ices uds ec Biase MSP ON A ea 


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£4 { * « { vn * ‘G 1% : 
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ere WH ates : ao 

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Af das 2 we or AL NOoRY TAR OF Naa & Car aA 

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Wes k Casré Loses L ra As - warda v Nad i af Pe ae AOD way ° 

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Ran sf aeuak ae cate ao i Angele Ag ) reid ad ay ieee 

S Anois ee cA eae anv only’ 2 : bene ow | : : Tee 

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at Cask naan theng, { f, 
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Eh APE. wcatiend eo tare vave 4 3 . i ndteavonel 
Vyas a We process Ab ws : ov bo 
# vetickn He action. lahins geek uot Bf : 

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ao ef bin it 


Aw Marea! 
2 TI Ane : BO. Dap. rf. 

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wen. A Des: cs 

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Cort tase. 

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he, oheteckisl . bretises. a5: 

frrncfied thee. “AA Ea ex: 
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say) lo Vw A Liperrel er beamaverrt 
TN Oe rcrwda lw, colton (rou vy Avatel 
bate a quslens “Biaip naprmancls Phy alent 
admt 093 asaplw amg callers derheli ss 
check oles : anh: Rg , 4 need ta nena ny 
aad icles, ° : te 
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theckredes of 



eatherle, aetiow 


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nak “ Manns le 


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Vay At a> 

Cb ite behowter, 

} uso , at glee oe os Dp ) wie’ woe 
° ae ae me ee mvalissabe bo ¢ 





BAEC ARE ela artes, 


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A agh aww 


pu aA hee 
9 ea Beas aA Vad a 

owed ” : A 
ee TRS ays 
bax! hewts prekinn~wnb : 

dizm  dyrvesse but 
Bowne ashe. Wav 


- ea 

CUR eal! Ate 88k ay NR tN AS eR oe 

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sit neaseteitn nice as 


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Pima & 

tia ah 

{eerie Sir an entire 955 fin 

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fens ms 

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Aes au ‘ ede 

Covel Aan 


a Nae Ad ttn Seiad 

amu alnh 

bows. i etal 

dre. KAD 4 oe tar 

O NAM ae Gere eee 

PO) fre Can 
waste We dw \,. vy), aad ° 
at: \ 4 

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consti srcbion 

La berrels 


Man Cdoey 

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a! een ©; adens) 

devely: ythess 


he be be 

lew! toy ukiait 

My Dear Holben 
Yours of the I2the The rings all, come safely. 

‘edit, with te magne*te reluctance oj' iron wire 


armature T° 
was to sske the wire at pure nomvay tron 

erme@ability I can cove you Is 1s stated pri eticaliy 


correctly in Jamison pocket book also... The aliow for 

Permeability by the veigh* and not the volwrs of armature 
The only cuestion thon left is the avant. f reluctance in 

LS ee * a | Gans 


‘* » Shanksfor the 




baci hthenk ees 

Se SOS ~ Sane 


submit encle sea , the eondiss 
Gersral D! hr; et, wh sth we ef 


for M tJwauke 

shall be clad to 

in i* ae you ma, consider sie ebuiry j pbielanese vik 

gener sehene as drow up by Mr. Hdtsonsand J ill 


ieptpetal bie oe 

a? BF 

think J com answer sour leolter if - 


soneerning “Qehre Pcini * hetter asvantace 

till i¢ again reaches se@ . 
Please also “ind enclosed , 401 

mero randum. relating to the capacities cf the ney 


Be 4 

aopy of it. 


arith ttn i i th nt tho eaten te Ae ae, 
- Cm: 





Pore a asaall 

Fdison lop gre 
i rrent Np 

“house e@rviced— 
ed unet lon box@ ~~ 
ys PANG oe om tot 
hana bers ~ - 


penal i} 
if vadevl lating» 
Tove haen saedwaeis 

an amines 

eee UNE 


sch ry 
* aeaiiekctcapratn it 9 lille a sil leit en nh a = seamen ite! Shik Creel 

BsyO feet of #100 ag th at BO. BU “Hass 
36200 * © £120. 9 "SO. wea BID 
A00 n " #i £06 
‘eutra for riser. eros. inas 
‘of Fema . Biv Rotms 

ener ahetaee and conics lie ‘martin a eeeerte, 

: ose maing aired at? an asterisk on # 
on ow ® ying ana laae impor “art Gistricts. 
aricd in a, devesoumert A 
“Jost ie lof 100 m : 
510 pws (pa. . 
¢ she estimate fo° fu rst 


Jo G. senderson Var 
Chief sagineor «disor Manufacturing “06 
AG Well 3. 

Dear &tr te 
I heave yours « ? the 20th. re ichre Point". 

. ‘The feeders a? tbulated for 193 axperes a” full 

ch rppresente .'"80 'anps om the basis of the deter- 8805 Z of i500 the tovias murm'er 0° laros on the 

cme. $s din selecting ‘hat :uasber: ,che > ‘ducticn was gtven : 


Mr. “divon ona elié. ng seaie . Tue fe:ders -ein, cepuble 

s a Se og 

rrryIing CO: Ferably Aire than this load 

ar ae ima 

ny $0. inser: 

Pctreuy. wits 

$9 little saiing in co: 

‘he duternination propose: 

10me Tange of pressure adius 

beve Thei° seven facders cox. etcht feuding ports 

recessary , at least ver: desiratile. “Fhe moins 
| ay 

“Lis round the qadravigle OIE) F couerrin 
; : : reer 

on ared vf 8,002,009 sq. tack, wtving om averaga length of 
Fl? Fouk of main *: eack §eeding pois, and I think re 
Areri vet t that te exec3d this ‘ts te trespass on che Limi: 
. recoy. “ved yood practise. In addition te vhis if te | 
ho adopted , the mains aireac., fairly heavy 

and hie the fires cost 

errees Fi a 


iQ. Dey ST. 
Dear Sir. t= 

sheets of the B 

@ 4dison — Lalande hattery teste , which we hope 

will be satisfactory . 


posted to you on Saturday last six curve 

We have ascertained that a batte . 

ry of from 8 to 10° 
cells of the 3x 10 amp. - hr. type with double’ plates will 
fill all the ordinary requirements of electro - cautery. 


We think howev r , that the amount acd solution ean be 


Pcanscesont bb 


enderson eqe 
Chiaf Engraeer Edison Manufacturing C0. 

46 Wal] Ste Me te 


the chart of the Central District 

e e 

We forward b 


i twaukee ’ wich the mairs and feeders marked upon tte 
photcgrarhi oo 


We have taxen ap 

he serie: 2 

You will notice \that t 

tgem.t kus been mica to Jelineate che -¢: 



@ river bstwee 

Here Sen nse 
me pte ees: 

necessa's 30 bake & 

that sufficient slack has keen 

* aeUal 

) atric lyst and ivigh~tensien fe 
» Fast Water ST. sustead of : 



some di:tduuni 1ge tr i ofdistance in order tv avoid 

ring -eress ing om oo 

a secone 
0 make the two following — 


Feeder a 


2 : 
Also * 

ig hin se pentiv iva pesto 


the full-Joad sella 
#00 . . 

,?: i; * 


hae 2 % 

necessary ti: chine Works specially upon the 

Fi |e eS 

arrangenent and its cost , so I merely desie to point out : 


y . at 

parate and spectal estimates 

I have read your enclosed paper on the | 

* eae é = 


product ton cf aold from mercury | | 

herewith » possibility were certain to plunge 

mes i Sipe 

the wiole 

7 Fs 

“breathe freely while the ovidenc 48 only 


those ‘pages. 

a t 

Youre fastnfully 

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insulat iom The door 18-of heavy: 

and. numbe be red; and 18 ‘held closed by ¢ ui | 

ing upon acemall post; both: pagsing. through.a!vertt 
he ‘wire of a leaden sed] is passed: through the. 

prevent any tampering with the 


fhe conductors enter and leave the meter'through holes: 

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holed ean be thi pass through — 

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Multiply the eupply in ampere hours us shewn: by the meter 


_ product by 746-0 The result wiil 

horse power hours, © 
‘The consunpt jon milt ipl fad-by the price 
a As in the ease of bille for Light, : tt te 


‘price. of one 

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I beg to acknowledge with. many 

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ona MENTS EMA TEAM hte Tata sgses Ra yey fate oat ul tian 

Senin gece apne eta mee thee Maiyah oven grees gue 2 ape advo diac nearecebee vecee. 

Kennelly Letterbook #3, LM-113 

“This letterbook covers the period May-December 1890 and June 1891. 
The book contains correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by 
Arthur E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical 
experiments, such as tests of meters, motors, batteries, lightning arresters, and 
cable for the electric railway. In addition, there are items relating to 
experiments with alternating current and electric lighting for the Lick 
Observatory in Hamilton, California. The book contains 500 numbered pages. 
Pages 440-500 are blank. Some pages have been removed from the book. The 
book is water damaged, and the ink on many pages is faded and smeared. 
Approximately 30 percent of the documents have been filmed. 

(ENE NO Nt OOS SSS OR a rea cn RUHN ¢OR nee oe Oe Ic cncge 

era ‘ oe 

hale oe 

a a i ha Ea A et ee oe 
snore entice retomoe 

EW’ PY is Me 

VW & Riseone ra 

° ; : : 
The emvay datery teated hore om te BORhe us 
gui disd [ek ape we fe @uca hours o1iting a tofal pp. y 
“* Ja: apere h@or.e fh: dtd 208 extwrst th batter, rut 
only te pra fumtarty ae ce Prené gun tnu0ws : ite 

The e¢ tle held 180 cer of 00. tion and *, * weight of 

‘ov. regu 3 4 for: apg Of 1025 4 abou’ 2 li. ] of in 
each. ; 

Phe ord ean tne 08] b: wuffletenti ’e avy bo 

» pry th wine eat 3 urvent 0, bout 9.3 am urea, b:.5 
for use ith the erie cautery te connecting cord 20°. hardly 
ton .eaeye 1 would s ggests cord weighing 1 1/4 % per 

* wi a8 Slextble wre ssibl » 

Yours faithful’, 
pe * 6. Wiis. alt, 


3rd. June 

J. Mruest Esq. 
Asete Genl. Manager 
Aidtiaon Machine Works 
Senenectady N.Y. 

Dear Str se 
Mr. Inauil asked ma to lay any fruggesttons that ocervrred 

to me concerning the new cas .ron out door lampposts before 
made by Messrs. 

There are several pists | 

your not led. 
that are very inconvenient } 

Reronmam & Co. tn Liew llyn Park 

© connect or diaconnes: . A waa§d door near their base Ls 
screws would greatly facilitate testing thetr | 

held in place hy 
@ctreuitse, for of cor.rae the firs! thing done on finding a 

post etroutt faulty 3: t disconnect the wires from tt. 

motter has recetved attention in the 
s want 

1 presune Ghat bat: 

neo 'estgn, and the great inconventenee caused by It 

in nest instances rust be my excuse for calling your attention 

to i*., 
Yours farthfully, 

al iy &. Karoly. 


Prefes be 3S. phe. 
Ligh Dxfgroatery 
pale me 4. igg your i: | od ea & ne aw 
6 Ge-w8 & lagth os 1 O88 61. fete re OE tis 
+ eo AP wgttel y  - Berreater | liom: A itat t 
oC Poe ee 2 So ee 2 
Ne ‘yaw SB folieving 000); pow! regen! 520 ome) a 
ep 0m: PIED Eg Re Gy die em olan =e’. 
Povae 50 fp onferc' in Jo @uapher nele oric Meer 
pl 08 gre tty freitsea ee een ous your bg | | : 
dq Mieete) amon: Ry 1190ty, anae? shtreapie conte the 
Ci gc a bplet | 
“ $ ia hy dre: your wo'tremer s: 
LA iv mm t ye caret | cage (°° SWrace better sa 
ty weer pom ov Step Oh:  ciery, ' that i: cap se 
res the on. ne ote adie ci) elie: aden iia tage 
froth tees Ler of power tat ‘ans: ! $#Ton, Ter 80 <a tg&? le : 
Vatames.. SGUIP the total pow r is: seal bret Be we 

mind the uxt 568. the detatlis ar? as follows: 

pete ee Kinde oe ees 



ile -aandle ws take on the average a current °F ing 3 
ve;@8 ata pre Bure ov 9 volts. Six wt? take 7.5 amperes 
equivalen: tu “pe. | or electrically aiout Ool HPs 

Rel, storage cel] given steadi), 2.0 volts, so that you 

#1] require a battery of five cells,4in dupiteata for reserve 

. battery ten ealls. | 
If you were able te uti Ge the cater powr tn the butl- 
Sing, thers cells could be tte mail and tun would cor 
me Li. Tne dymamc ¢y churpe them once per dten would be 
about halfaW. PP. , and would wetgh about FSlba. You wou. i 
want 3 turbine tt: drive it, an! I ao met ino of any deaic~ 
whe kecpa such awall turtines & wendd bi necessary to have 

Cy mace to onrter « J hove me azperience 3s fo the vorkina 

" Bo) abilities of euch o maghinen. in addition %0 thiske | 
‘a . daldv ir She pows: needed wtt O28 AP. hotra at a turbine. eff- 
a ietendy of 268 wculd represent 2000 gnilms falling 159 feet. 
f premae from what you say Wat you canmot spare this amount 
of yorer 
To charge tha battery ence « week from the engine means 

Shoat Siw ells must he lavgerah. 5 x 3x 7 81575 ampere hours. 
Bidowtt'g for 21] losses, you could mot have than lese than 
200 ampure hours Theae edret be charged at a higher rate 
than 25 axvperes, a0 ‘thet your engine would uque to 7un & 
perhgps ape: ten hours Mee 1 WEEN 

You ca.ld then ermet a patr of #7 MMR copper wires | 
atemeter0. 18° ow your pales. This wire weighs O21 Ib per fte 


veoh plod. ail tee fer ecoret ing tte apply 4f active metal 

othe beam, ct ont eae Prodi» CTE Mtoe 

ep ee me ty ae Braue ear tg meecwery |e 

og fren Wie O° Sateen? owe wel fo ib fe the 

ote. ee ye, 

Ge. a: & iy, Ra 4. 
Re bomen ae OOF me | 

% + x 

“hae Mer . j , 
Phe powcr img erg: tes @ mats aes wight «ttt | ) 


epravadas metho wh Page a tte, ise apaet ram a 

De we a te 8 te byangene Fea tthe aes la oe 

mB Oe ae ge are Fag ee 
ce te ey foe oe aapertane se te hae 

" ¥. ga ow age ottete 2 aompi. «ff pam 

Komen oc FOR Pd ie, 

bw lise ime ae %, 


? : . : 
Eo ne a Lae oe A 
Pa x BE fee * 7 
ee f a 2 tS se nuda 
| | 
a ss . ner * 

oo ee ie. 
RON Rss nh hien re ee 2 

“a @ * i” i are e 2 4 é be 


— - TAAL BD ne gry ome soto 
PRPRPR Pe Br. oy fw #@ & "tng af dhe, 

“MR vere Of the werk ten, "124: 2 

“TF oP the yam | Rihwa day Pb | 
“Ad i tat of WPet! thet haw seen OSfeote In 
fae Sime nap 5 nee WP, Gepethar wth the sour. 

TE! $n gah cane . | 
1OW 1) -bevrpe ¢) ‘f ike~ out op “KE repairs §. lin 

e's mary, Live were -cituess by “umd, | ~ 
it. Re Ov tube that ae +, be -ep reed. 

Sin: aPap un the Cubes “30 supp? coup hours. thre: Saults 
ww 6s Fr has wm four "ORE Be > SIE Pe stg *. the 
Seodere. yo “CMIMOd crxamgee of 1:00, and 1.4000 OA tp baxg 

These trrew dires cme tae 8 give tro: :s ror tine to 
Cim@ « On che uthe.- tend, Mr Auch tnejese’ mins nave never 

8OPE @:: ened: 

oe - ra 
™ es art _ Sen eens ete. eee 


CheimGi a 




AO OES ee — Ne sth mamomgmmaneterntaaenee 

cSthe June luge 

A. O Bat. Baye 

‘mar Stree 

To Noid: jag ace the era « Jength: arc far prices of 

oy pecceeary t remee Mrs EAC sone pons att: iy, and br. 

Manes maine ae far as his stedle, beyond + teh hie maine hav 

neve’ develuped my faulcd. 
Ling heffacth Pubase Coat pr fe ofa! Ente 

Mr. Bats sar sidh9 
° b QOL Fh up 

r ge 14 GO PO, C76 

A me. 

Pu Go’ ee Ye 

Xe 50 aide : 


Mr. Burweld! 71 
Tota} dint pres cf matertal Spwe * i 

Your: satthfully 

. y- . 
at yi 4 

Ong catch box with six stubs 19 to be added, tts orice 

being Include In the above estisate « 

§ et. es a ee ogee Be Oe iat Tae xs : 
i ome Om Bh te Pee cor Leas ye 

ae * FY Ese oR mw te +, Fe: # pa Be of , 
: id ae tf oy rt a) # 


seem th ft ye ge y : 
po rR. Ww o¢ ar» aie ; re ; 
: i a. Bi f Ops She # Dey < eet : aber te BS 

Some sc “me ON My Eat tee pigee at Ci spare’. 
J du not mov shether you wish me to speetfy those 

mB nent Eat Pa apa 

a hea d aor Fs * & We f 7 

OTB US fa tgp Of the the ulte, and wt}] 

Ps. Wo mote AF the c “Jete plant /°4 MERE Ion ag 

te GE Me ae ey data v@ja: @ fo the sae enaire and “ 

for fat: fully. a) 

. _ ce - ci NORE, Besis . eae 
A en re er Ne ee 

Prefer Wiem, 
Perse Fy: 

Pome mate | PM deat tgp foe the - AS teat} ome 
Q ; vw # ga. t gine, ft » : ‘ 
i RoR m fea? Beat. oth Pee EES me ye aged Mig wh 2. 
, a = 2 ~ s : ei 
HP tee qe adie J wy | PPR 6 a damage es Oo worr 

wingm +. . 

Re eee aD war dg Pf oon me stp am a a 

TM OM om tha fa 108M pete oat the ners 8 Rim FRO oom 

PR ade ag Rg 

eS ee ae er Saperinanss2 wvisemen cage 

Perse, gm he foyer of the Cavesdte? CAEOr sen! , OF amy 
te hey. ndmge Fert weem the Sores cf gray; *ation and the: 

pe wutyre of te sedis wtugliy acting « that 

"GO ANCL d Bt a Rimetiom, met a wer saptd ane ag ape 
of tht abeolute “wmpenmtures uf the bedtasr would *heoe be 
“ildeme Of im: orew weight aOTPOMteS I ly CPpor: my whet 
hypethers: e2tisged t a!i 43 ape, fha «4 cdemme si dar trett 
Fim he ee8 ime ke ryte 9 COR OF tia Bam or om, of the 
senate Brig biyorte tims Gag the werfane: -f the re. 

se7deg au” eopwhid o-pite 

fereons, gurtosthy, but reeeta 
| Yaretrn, i, 

e : 
r ag. : cepa) eas 
a iene ie rs = SERRA Ree OF ; 
= ~ ea ER Or ae wk, 
a SOE ee een oes Te 

A am somata ysiquag af to iabliny you tn 0 eptter of 

. wen algun see eit 

oo owt: if WSs 

4 Je Pt Bey hent Goo. mige? 
as) ae : W--> 

4 The Ome Letters old eo fin homens. o dome 

> f f  ameamer the Picet ome act’ cut foun igh YO mor 

5 Put thia siset fatter 2 4g. refer %o y- car get 
i OR im’ Go 8 oat ped a oor | the Laape. , bg | 
\ q Wedd he 6 ge?’ 6 yeu weadd qi ots prices on us follo onge- 
: One aomp/et 1OOwat? Bite + ay7@eo wer cura 
] pres re ofl t «— seltmbet Tis hellhe | | 
ne Steam « time ari wiser Of mMesdi fo OM (aoed foo ‘s 

o'' ng amd vserve br a1. 

BO fost of C6 Ml pla + copper w:-s. 
"Ks feet of BIC 7M phe 1 copper wire. , 
111 FO. Re a: S. honectady. , 

i pias -@ yo will offe comparatively edi.intege » 

ame by. th. Oboe vatery, p 

Tindly retum the eorre: pendenete F dhall be glad tt ta: ; 

* amy patna tn the matter ‘nat ean be of service te you or 

time tf t% will Cie eventually , can send. 
tne strahig. ure fj Rhu aa oe: 



ms es eral Sis 


Ft... SRY / da) 

ef 4 a - * ti? . 
" 3 Wy ote “ 
te Ba. Mom gt bag Cn, 
| 24 Wri te ew, ¥, 


4 ; 
: j be mesure Ret mats he Speen ftcc te ad tions Cf the 

A Geared chsh. fe mB Oe frer 2 folliowm,; 

| A : “etac@tinat (OR hnwa that wne co. * of ail the 
wren. we" be meet fae epentficat c> grs the lanps 
minis. on the Blew xt!) ite bet. > 420 000 and 
wh at she nested, Lte® Fricte Pate i) tee feeders, 
m8. ocdéra-oum. mesertal, M8. xekrss aber, freight. 
$ 9 + 38P7U ‘ee eonnee@ione. To the pert epprexteuttion 
i mr ito 8 a Sole determination the coat at 1tst 
eb yt Ss 3830. ODA, 
‘; tlh saggest that @ e:car undevetanding should be 
arnt: with She other pert ice shed the drop mont: raed in 
She fee. 3 aml math: wilh be with tha present 21.000 iaaps 
mrked on the pian and wot wtth the ulttnste 90,00 1! tim 
dy hoped for, Potts. | 

Ca ig Se mA 

btee Phat She Sw oarce fed for le mei Pe 

fice is Jtppted fo UO ing foe cucrant o¢ 

wetrtes Fite evans « 8 tte rer we. ~. 

ge ar igh & 

A lag, we fe rvi te yh tS gw eh it Thee, 12O 

© AF OY pee ew opompteal 2. see 

. : : Fi sad a 2 eee ti ty ; ot * ‘“ oe Cw 7 ee 7 », ™ 

oe . a Oh 6 pees ae soe. oA tic . 4 a , £3 sab, e a 
eae Fw Popes of ees fg or | are: tet a a* PE: / i oh? "Tey Fae # te Peg f 

Site Oe tert tes fe Pius a “eader %e 

2 28H Eo Hearts OTIS fae My oie 

BRE GD fa ceed oc 

a ei) ON Sf yteabdetes s fame ccd.  teonome 

ween apg foe Tat fg i OL party. waked 

eet and foo seme law She 

Sh as fet Oo ea TO BA wos ty @ tel. semghh 

a a ere “3 
oi are up the r 


re ful deterutngtion o“ Ae di fet 

3 oe ie See ee 

it, « : should be obliged { you c -Jd 

¢ : ry * q *, va > * ne te ® ae k . 

> “tnba “,em the pi mI ff: =: fale 


"y « * - ehort it: or @ Jars » seale demi th , it 

weul be «adopt i? carger ~or tha ps occ. 


sus : “ ¢ 
ec teed 
+ 7 * 
: Seg a ae Fed ow F 
ste i Pe: ae Te. = 
; z rr ” Lo , 
: ae HL SORE "> NER sR RMR SM NIRS 5 a 
gual ae he riety erect a Oe tee es Se pee aha Salinas Soh ode Be ae oot 
} Fo eee nt ee 
. xR 

» 8, Lda <0 acknowledge: the reectpt of the Silnivolser 

wortaiming vies of Mewar Neo Jie Af you are in ne hurry 
rd ® fe : “ fe = aa. Z ° 

for thar vied elain 

Fth. Suly 10 

J. 0» Menkéreon hoo 
Bing tnesr-tn-hief 
Adtecn Generc! Bteatrie Oc. «1 Wall % NY. 
tear Sirt~ 
dn reply te your lo*ter ay the ant. inet. relating to the 
strength and conductivity of treliey strea, 0 an ready te 
males any deste you may order, : 

I notion trast in the toblee giving thea: partioniare fer 
Stiicon-i:ronae wire, Che ondugttelty and temaile strength 
eam bo vcry ‘wparsely, f° material of GI AI00 Ibs. per en tn 
*he conduetiy:t; 19 staced BiQ8 mile sf the other end, for 
as aticy giving 1:,000 lbw per 2 1% the condyet tylty 
coms dom tc 21%. Por a vensile strength ef 80,00 Ihe. 
the ovnduetinity af &2S 19 quoted. 

Af jou wish ua te teat any vires for yeu, 1 vweulé 
suggest our analzatng the samples, fer otherwies milena you 
can get ths cane mpi ers from the walters on equ"y cecas ton, 
the reauits will got lu: go pormme ly useful | 
Yous Jathfully, . 
mat btnn Rlanirtalam 

gota aay et # sais a aes: Need f rane Fan wee rai 28g 

Se tn ene att cen ge en ire 
at A eg 


bth. Suly 1886 

J. Aro at Boge 
feu. GE | Memager hats. <.ehne Works 
Sohengetauy Ns : 
Dear Str -~ 
dn order to carry on Mr. Sdtsone vxperiments on “*sorors, 18 
wuld Be very desiratle to sbtats. the use fora fev days of 
an Altorncting wiiding tra: 3afermer 1000 te 2 wilt sueh as * 
the TY. Fa OO. emolcyele You Nappen to kwew ef ar, partise 
who having cuch a miehinse would loon or went tf to the Ib. 
The main enductors fz, tue tubes ately latd b, our 
Mi. Clare in Licwsliyn park to ir. Eneuli'e house au rage 
tne megoime ineulation restsrance, ona 11! the conductors 
ar” t good orden 
Boul.’ you oe s0 good as bo give me your Itst prices on 
wire fester. above #650, received me quotation by 
telephone y.\storday, visi-@!'00 $4.95 ui] materiel per foot 
| Yours very trily, 

Sthe Suly li O 
J. H. Vail Bege 
“1° Bnctnesr Sprague ol tric Ratlway C . 

| 46 418 ‘roadway WNew iorw 

] Devwr Sir se 
ni | ZI bag tc aclmowlcdge the r csetpt of your Je ior of yestera 
’ | ay': date, and to say thot ~ Leonard We?do called here 
| 4 _thte afte:noon upon th. sam motternHe irforms w thet ti. 
4 , J..4°. olttmed by hie fim ,.- the tenatie etrengt:. ind 

i | ducetl. 1 Of thetr silitem ! >: s@ samples camel cu he 

Obtaine. by tre adoption of stile tn meehawteal mm: ulatter 
tvat are not weesesary fe- te on eop:er oF tr ome 
in bhe duot lity teet tic u:re must wt be grippel betwe::: 
Ct. ySeee at ts the oustos tn Goverm, nt Speetfieai tome «% 
ey": Or ton wire: one nd must Be freee Aleo tn the test 
aig iomgtle strength, the wire must 50 held tz a suttudle 
g tp ; md not bent row. « eylinds (as ts the come practise 
Vhe réecccn given Jor 700 depart. rea from the ustial plan 
f:: the yor; anal] ltmtt of extenet.n in the wire, ond the 
cmeequart stretn tha: any pull out of the exact line sete 

DIRE att eT 


uy tn the métertal.Of course we mubsttted the matertal to 

the sant trestumnt that we have been tn the habit of applying 

ty copper, I thinh however that the elatm they make 18 a 
fair one, and they ave 'n a position to aay hew the qualities 
of the wire will best develop <hanseluées. I have satisfied 
myeelf thet there ts a great difference produced in the 
Giettltty teat by leaving one end free. We have got some ten 
teiste tn six tnehes agaetust t:.ree by ty usual method. 

J muld suggest your ordering a leagth of 20 feet more 
from then to repeat the tests upmm as what we have icft is 
rather strained. | 

Ooneerning che conduatt sity Dre Waldo agres: otth our 
results. I ur derstood his to say thet utth a email abetement 
in the demand for tenetle ctrength,a ematderably higher 
commucttyity could be ens::red, but oferwtse Bicrag Aha wos 
see their way to mich tapr venent. I rannot say, whebher he 
made thst statenent offic (all pe 
7 _ 4 Yours fatthfully, 

‘EY a. K we e a e 

mde : “Ye: is # a he teita aR? We ay p. & d 
cares 28th Oe. Beers at) item, 
ee Ras ww ft} see ge 
wo Be. Le goonet Nm 0 Peogigs Phe + eotion 
A. Ave Ohare bog fe Pe ce | reece pagel 41 oh fay 
Cle gah eate Foor s 9e 4 matadtgne Of Sooke on 

Oy 1 apa Cengpme Spam Dud fo cig A, Meaecs. Ban Boot: me 

who ae # ds: hay O. «Mo Nupwe . pe@eliadt, of "hie 

aren oP Lobe we oy Fb fer ar he da ete tii ck the sarcey 

‘Mg ety og eek 4 | Phas tar mcg? Civanly om the 

a pe tal ae are ene ide wee Farhage ou cibi pe ded 

chuass ofhars¢ erst Be naar af [hee fun oe Ar ree. va 
| @ Cl ristiam sitere arg Aether kcein, isa? j ae ca fhe babii 
Of appea*tmr in CG chr ea, Jesmeis sande the oalttal: eal ys 
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Yre sauplé evemines CONTMIAGE RO aprreatable free metal. 
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the interion When this happens , epparvntly ne amount of 
aPying af wederate sugpergtures will escure tneuléttcn J 

and by express « pajr of Jarge mater Plates(ojd 200 je. 
pattery) which were yet te ary efter Silling ™ their 


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“Me recets: from you, 0 
tt) im ever. part~ 

starmine: the tenecle -tr:as by dirwet 

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the cain ff the mawersod con ettutes ¢ es of Pie copper 
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Bi dawidd Bag. Late View-Prée. Adiacr GC. narag Ajaetrie Co. 

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Phe te mubasethe foliovin: 110 of material ich -o1]d be 
weeded *y rupee: Mr. Keilsone gapodem Japs by cleetrie 

Ligkte. I »depered te obtain @ amp of hre estats, 

fo represmmt th: plan, mut falling thin hare mace 2 states 
"0 replee fhe nine extating poste ti] tare 200 yoat of 
‘wooing oonduetorcf £0,000 ectroular tle. 1 word aoge a 

however, arding Slvr mow jampe, marvedt $9 10 1, 

ant MTo do thia vidi require mid MO) feet more ei the eas 

est tmatea are Ried 

cables ( 

ver presaents dampa Kor 4&4 lamps. 
ite "arm ormageental posts da a-a ™ Ornamental posta 
o WO fst of 2-wira cable. L900 feat of Vastra eabla. 

ome cateh- Dox for six cables © One ¢.:%¢eh=box for © eahles. 

One imp bracket. 
One double bracket. 
Yours fatthfully, 

ar 2 es 
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pipet SANS wake nase we "serene 
So pedo esate es sie ee St ee ee er ete ne as = 


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beste SESS aS ogo}: dat god OEE Oe am ae VpOGed 
CO the wmegsth.r gm CECEH Foye BR By oo “rpreos 
Re ee Me ae te ee ae eee 

Co RO > Jap wes > S278 pss 

cs Pf a meaphers over the 

Aaa he Mau lariow amg Cera eamd ition cf che waalhac rg 

15 ,G8 Ne as t* wma on the ftrat ts. of the Teel, Ph ia is 

Gs Severe a trial ag we ray swam 3 
material behaws we}! 

dha te, c@orca, amd the 

Me wid! continues the cog: of these 

NOcketes and alec of thiey other ‘seewe Of a: fferent mm cerial 
recetved frm you « week later. 

Yours fatthfully. 

0g A we. 

Consulting Blectrician, 

& i ' 
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ony ie 7 be. § we ey - 
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by ae nd Re 
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é f ; ‘ = é, 
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Pay ry 3 Fs as, 
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7 , a” a : 
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we . % “ 
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7 : : in i i 
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rae “ ~~. ae H 
° 2 . ; ‘as ». np tig Pina ~~ y 5 
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7 * Nee ae ~ « } 
-_ ate . re a e 
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4 a $ roe “ i‘ e" “4 a oy } 
= Pe - s . i 
a omy é od oe = ‘. * i 
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* ¢ at . Ps , 4 
“ame ~ oa a o * 1 
ms ‘we? * P Pee o c ; 
a - 2 = . « 
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ard > b 
* ‘e ad - ra a, 
A 2 hem : : 
alt ‘ a re . H 
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sees i iecote sto ‘ , 
aeRO EI NI AC tot gavrencyeereeceee tenet 

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preene TE  a  e e g te 


ho Piow & 2 ot : ! gy fe 3A wg ? are A a3 "pe me J F Ne f 
* , yy. Re ‘acorn fan ec ue " $s : 
ate See oe oS % “eh oO. for oa jaat mene? 
yj te ratify som oh sheaper ther marerfafé oa tll, A! 

PhO ye wo “kee aon f ici Sor gee 3 # ar bes: ’ ted. F ; ara | 

Be orth tile vomer. os a oer “yah PO Ppaseo, 

Sees wwe pe wre: ca oe pate a8 

Pie Pafeumed alot @@-), 8. w: BO" ANE BERS ae ol a: 


“1@R8 GAaprcudi, fin cl be ae cit tt oe a ee Cay eo ehh B, | 


Mee MO wh das vy ar. re ay, au | 

Pe PFE ee ee Le: 2 : v4 Rp riomy a Siar 

's Um: ed BFS te sug ht yet on v2 §% * Firs -rea® 

b. dB couse ate eke durable ¢) 0 erdivary, hard rubbe~ 

omega chad? Sind bess celar age om he manufact:: tt 

ge fess "thee bare. ara. om other 

oes Deh coe thal wee tae vse for 1b, 
FOGLE PVT Stee 1 fs 
(A. . g . He “1 we is; 
su... fy bet, She chases a. : 
: Te a ee eli a ae i aa ales cae fe 

¥ ar a 
& wT e i 
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a7; 2 ade fo t 2 /) tte 3 se 2 ys ” 
vt ara ta cea gay Pe. oF yes 

ceded nar Meg d fee the 
bo , sy m4 thas he hopes +01, 

<p PG ws ‘ fo eg 
eidy ¥ May de olaced at is 

BUeads foal. SCRUM ‘he armat.+re has an 
Inbermad Roun co of ‘fee", om external diameter cf 4,73", and 
DGepe ak 4 ee “rough iron, chus atuing a cross section 
OF OVS Bde ie. 5 PR ae ae Fe aeag dayers . There are 18 seg- 

“1CNTS Of Ok roca i ag ap layar making 756 turns in all, 

Pha shot! shold run vers teally and rest; on a sapphire. 

Yhe brushes o> - “ate of phosphor bronze wire, The total res. 
Of vhe armature between brushes 48 0.31 ohm. The torque for 

starting dué tO one lamp being litt amounts to about L/f2 ounce 

Seeceeeee aaee 

ne a ae ene 

d wo ; 
ae, to x oe § 
. —_ . j | 
E - & ies a : 
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o - ee “. - & 
: : 7 x t 
, : : pom “ aoe “y _ : 
‘ 3 cond 3 j { 
: ; me * ; 
, ; ‘ : = in: ’ 
£ * baa ors tase: : o 4 ; F 
» . on 
. ‘ oy z ac . - £ } 
? re ' ‘ es = ss ee 
‘ . ; Ne we i 
- ~ | 
? “ * - ve ros ‘s . 
s » * -. aS 
‘ tow : = 
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, de “ » 
° q 5 : * £ 
P . v. aay 2 com) ey 
es r 2 * . io a! 
x ~ = . re ss 
: : = Las 
q e eae Lg * x te ~ 
, . “a = * poe wn 
a - r . : 6 a, ad 5 
, : . : 
; ”, ~~ 2 oa : = 
Fig TE ~y p . 
. * A “. - 
| : “ ~ a. 5S 
, . ? , ha id mp es 
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= te ef Gy, va) 
a) re > - 
z fe ~ . - 2 
ee te ~ sy 
ee ve . 
bo i ; Ee Pas ; 
=~ e ae in 2: F ; 
“ot , ‘ 
=, eek 
‘i — ~ 7 
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t=) 4 ws 
i oa . ~ aC ~ “ wy 7 
: “4 <4 S 
‘ $ 7 : Pin 



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A : Oe fi ¢ a fe a 

Cae ee LPigi 24 He mite “gy 

Poel ater Mage ote SeGth, 4h, Tem F dae 
ra ‘ 
POET EG IO TI LEGGE 7 Fe $A a an! fe wed, My 
7 ph Me ot. gent m ch erie J ome im 
¥ Bh ag 
Tae Say Fa a ¥ a CAB Ae Meek in the 
ta OF 5s 6 800 ae has oe te ying te do 


ed ere ls IO Beas ta. yo wart sea how out —° 


Isom be og fo oa fo cht: a jung. TF etll howave. 
ome a 2 rh . per on the i@te> reaulta of the me. or 
Mand ous at ko eu befem you start. 
Coeerning ° te der patent ease, J have * on doing 
co 90eu dead tn the alta ating eurrent line Jatel.. If you 
mb any evidence fror ne shie month, please ee sf mea Liat 
uch epeetf{ie pein  @8 in your Judgement ma; be moet 
fal Sor me to thoroughly develop, and alse indly let me 
"€ @8 800n as conventent @ printed aepy of the evidence. 

Likes. See 

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G4 fs re Gi 
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ror : . : 
; ‘ a eae oe 7) 
wrt 7 ys 
é I «hits gal ne 
» ¢ ve at . } z ; 
b ° « geod ee , }. ‘4 + 
“ * p 
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. a eq? : i 

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Bye Oe Pape fn ve, 23 

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2 og # a ¢ #° 
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‘ a “ J Crk 

dG eo. inl vhe of) 
“img Jor the snag, 
Gir #ine plates 


d re > ork fo? ial i, 
if the form ff we 

QR Sype, ince 

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‘doce @ vgah pod inde Dike tha soe 

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wid hojahr of)i then be It ?*, 
eccupled by elementa, 208, 

» “dpertra hiekvaess, 
henanly® ereadty: ue 

thichnnsal/4a ° 

ao Bt tak 
a oe 8S pak ote eh. “3 
a ne gn weet me ey te 
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he Lon diaweor, ona &® 

Araa of aurfaces 3212 8]. i%6, vOlumed? 3/4 0. 1, Wet Hhitie® om. 
Meo CuO plata’ 12" high, « UB onde, ah thier 

ee eee 

Ae Bal ed wee 

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‘ : De teria 2 I 

her, Pa - } ae & 
. 2 3 , +g? 
LT, Te 

YY a@ersive aren 


ce ae Sep, 4) 

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. ? Ps roe reek, EL 2 * ‘ 
wr: rae a 5 Ome aS : 

he mee favorable 

> j Pe . Mags tak : : Sop pe poe 
ye Rat erg cae bre. hi eines a 290 ie a a ea 


pormogt So oMepeerate feos am elec rieal 

; x ° roo » ®. 5 - i 7 ~ + 
CUE BT AO. Se See Gt ee Oe coat of 4 condpetoer 

Set es ey ee © os a es j ; a 3 ‘ 
Bok fat, FP aa qote 2 fa PGS Ler os ! seth and ace Sia 4 | 

fee fo,os thar 0 widlos ak « * the locacrens that may offer’ 

, eturting foo fhat point, ard shi. fdooonds prada co fond 

2 Bilis an wagon da capme ie che bomidta ¢ ne ighrorhcod, (% 

apes boowasy, 6 ve de hetumor the merit’ 16 centers of 

such newres: pos: icna ar oy ean find. 

Yo ra f ta pPillos 

fomand ire y Reeetrire. am, 

PS, We ham me yet receipec'the remainder of the 800 fi. sess. 


Lhe ice ‘ 4 _ goat eae 
= ect ana CONR th a f LF. et 
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oo carte em enna nage nm ee tn nn ne tn ge ge ee ee ne ere pa Ee i 
& a ape -~ 
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Aidtes Ye fag aige ; “a t e*. i. : ? fe vf 2 


ee EON ee a Bade ative Jige i rat Tre . ; 

a ES Ag : : Fig ea eee Bs big? ar er 
Ode Sage PMTANORY ut hont mg ay 

ef; ¥ J it? ‘og? ft ee ? sc 
BS oe he Mi RAN COE a 0 5 A "f feeresy , 
i a) 1h Oe foe tees ree * hy at he Seca ' 
Male the vet ange télad on, 2 
“ “NB 2A fan FOC TB, 4 | 

“ede a Pyar ef apn eee 
‘ a: f of $he0 Lia a }, (? fee’ cf ; 

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, ey ets (ame t Ad pa, 3 , a ian 
CC PUR. "GILLS ent bye layed ae re | 

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‘ } 49 i Rs CO? ITY ne a 

v iS 66) idetyp. £ fo gerd # tags fo fae 

7 yey ian t os ; 
aE LA Ee peg ar 

Btmtg, lar oe 

APP at letaure auplleates iF these maps 4 
5 i RE Sg 

rdain, JOr Mie nep t tos 

Of the other fead-rs and mins On the « 

I bag ol 3) Ty ese Bad on - 
~ -. pres ‘i re C “y “& ia 72 : . 
ete f T!oe ips ef Gian Famer of yesterns 

da: conea~ G thr #9 
/ cOnmed™ ving the sanples « FS enamel ohteh pave did: come to 
hh * ¢ | | 
and, aml upon witeh 7 tll report to yo: Jater 
Youre fotthfull,, 

£ : 
‘ . 
Pane &e 4 


278% wae OF 

‘ Jonsulting Be@oe: “ticelan, 

ai saaca es ieing ~ pes attend ams bam Ty 
x : 
os a Sane nae eee ere eine es ne en See een aoe arreee hea nee 
a bs . 
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<<. - ee yo Pe a : . $2 Regees 
~ Bc Yas ae oe ee ee 7 ’ | 

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AO OMAR Ten 1: 


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0 Bue FE melt a, Porras ecg 


AME, aM te ements), Prege sgl ope 
ba 3 e 

1? Oat si & @eles ape sthalie ert. : | 7 
The on). 

"ig USE TF cam Chink of for tt 18 rosathly i 

é Fire ea a ae 


Yorus JOURALDy, 


fA i 2. 
tie bf % ’ + 



: S : g ; An rors i] 
£ “~ 3 | 
: 9 
ae | 
tan 8 reports: ps — lege 
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ay : ; 6 ars r 


” r 2 a . oy * : 
; , oF i ds ee Sa ‘ a y at} : | 

ee STs ace SP emg ee a Caco tee Pres Na ome aque re , 

Poe Off a: : re ae votes fF peepee leer per 

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t AoPfuelg oO. . Pio . 2 fo ore tas fen ariligr 
+ * e ij 
ie an *. re , : a ‘ - 5 , + # p 
We. PAR Fe. kes o:d a8 oo a er Te? Say: AAD 

. : ivr i ee got 4? ‘ % Boe & » 2 Se & i: ts r ay ale a 
te DG as Re Pee AE wuahe of Lhe me apr being the 

ey tie @prypl in eg ch ogee, 

\7 io gramely imp) fies the # cen, ~euers the weight 

of} sttlee fhaf ha:s t. be daidy ° anapecrted. reduces the atch. 
yrakes » ol NOC ee A; resale ve Yeah oft tena , 

qthe station has to ane tm x BA. — with h reasonable eare 


‘< ae pe, 7 

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ps ta A it ah os ce A tet pe eS acter a a ee ee eee aeamren Bit en eek Sect AVR A Oat ene NR 
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divas deinatenenitiensionn et 

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arcs a , F te np 
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ars f hf rf we i 
fos ca oo e & 
L thea acd 
ee < oe fyae . 
‘ i. sé a?é 
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- of es 
cs a 
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of ? sae ’ . 
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é tog # Ag 
= ‘ of a rane: a é 

chanee Far errcr Im oh uy. 

rp emrrdly de fier 

Fak EP mT rare te 


Phees Js oFe 

tithe acutie 
a 6% ‘ eo; + ye ut gk a 
i > Om a oa e eine a Rae ek [ ¢ 

ax te e : ov, “85 
<3 2 OC SRT 
Sea Sr eee bt SN LE pee A a ee 
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ee cores : 5 ee 

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e i fye i 
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hk gs » PY pe , 
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; Rr ; SeTP APR ge 
or an ‘ , PP es P 
+ * “, ye ity we 
7 ; '} é es 
¢ et 2 # “fs . — 
: : é Pe 
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Sears hercuee 
- reas de 
. a = cea dd : 
‘ ee ee ky 
4 RQ? ats had 
- *- * é z 
‘Ef co gee ee 
nek of 
t * ey a ‘i me gead f¢ ; 
. bow ptt id ; ‘ 
: ? an 4 . i pts a 
Beye oe *gesggd: Te ngs 
: étgy 
F fees. ap ae ae 3} 
‘ os ‘ 1 - oe “> it “3 
Se Pte het. a by 5s - Teice 
ay : - + Bs seg pty et 
ef CR as f 7 ad a ‘, . My 
Zz ‘s wo gic? ye : = . 



i a 
2 dde Ah ae istion of reststane:s fo be be tl@ ui 
cp or. eae se wohwe@en the curremte ir fia +. +. and af 
cle o..$ ds apwi The ax cent of auch a dictire nee re 
TOK ° ee 

bens oper Ste alatt:. proportions of resis! ar-e 4% 
and specg.: poese + were poeathle for tie me bol tds 
Pee ey | Fle rm tistiures ane §  h@cuteo chee io ate: 

~ 2 a mornas temperatore. Ptetre ct sh aiem. fet Z 

ae . . ee nWee, -¢ wots} On! iyo o> Ma Fear gs. apy? 
record in déwtiet Sz dm the of) pat oop reter foo a 
ed the dott lu pec iat ame oe! yen 2 to £:%90n 
wpetoted vonld wake the swociage 6 & in dleafee?, 

a Be eRe pe wre te the Jardaer gr cer be 
Shee CO the un. formtty fo the Vas of priate 4 cause of ale 
wrap tte sg bas olwyse eslaiéed ta a elteot sim of ¢8 whate f- 

ef & 7 + ay . 
Perera Ff the @hrper  aetion are a °aQ shew 


OE OO PO a SE PLE SEE WE Oe pep ore Shi seurcé v, 

AR rage . 
a Oe amoytrset ad, fot wlth [Re ola meiecs Ut 

roams eh Ge “tg 0° f @ me cer sinew 2 order . ube 

ig : a : -*s ae + “ ae gt & ap 
Pye a iwerr oc. taca fe octateacsom. In fhe mae ab lem 

ah . a | : 
tie gee em cane © fired cecum? tn alibtrzes, and cei uo 
= j 
vard Poms of Po ee Te fe omy case pery me hf, 

“8 £t a ra? area an Py.-be wes is : 

Cheeks wher ane nator ond 

= “ ee Sh 
. ‘ _ 
eet ete ak cmt a eee ma te entre Nt Qe i Neg et ee Re te Ne ‘ 
e “F aa 



; : ; 7 F : +t the z id fy ‘ 4e ar é ‘x AY os 

Co ft fe re faa th er hy Mega! of prin MOR C2 shige 



nee oa re OU atear orae os e Aer tne rm “tdy bow capt * 
Ne : 

rook comdt’ = for > wolfe ojate, he £ af 

ane NER 

; CS SEL Oa 20-9 8 * Tange rs been ter thes: ine i 

th sett - 
: a po - : : } JOU ae « : ij a 
4 at + and Lae , oy Fe ae ees an ae are fom 2 ogee 
a f ifcar = a ee Se ewe In it on te etd CULGI-~ ‘ e of ere oon oni ie Bh 

5 Ce tt OR TR Sy Ree re i atiatiiatadneneeteeeetette te tena a ee A id aa 
s Zz f 
} ; : ; . } ’ 
q oF 5 PENNIES De gee Wane ae Picea ley § ae nara 
o 4 
Se i‘ 
Be ee A eg Ca: a dag oe SS oatne Cet) ee) Poe a : 
e sf : _ 
ar 1 
- aa 7 Lye a4 re} *: ‘ woe ' 
q ‘ 5D FgTPeaAn ly Opts 
wt 4 Re 18% “g Pye mee ste te : coer st ; ; 
4 : rf ae fe a get FF Ce : Ns a Le ‘ pices a ‘ OF; ad . 

: 4 *h? eupritead ctrcut; ws G r&@ relatier te. Bt coe J 

‘:") 4 ‘ i 
. a : *! L's * “ * oa ‘e , : bd F % . ; ie ce 
Aa 7 uore ! ae ee ae ie i; of 3048 OF a ey ee Pt 


a pod: be true, Aeconter ur oe Sree 


the armatiur: or PF se, pede Fowegeo: af yf@? say nul Or 
‘ x go Te r 

yor : fg i, ft es * é ; : . 
PFOpor? ioc fads 8h. ge a alg om: tt are 

PAA SS xi. festa ? ae med ae 3 ery hn {ae 
hy ‘gr 0 a Cee as S SOR tite * ‘ae 2 Te BY ete? 3 

/ rr * ¢ 

O2y be cer ps SE CESS Boe PRET uk OE a eet 

yete  Frretly oom oe Lae neve: ary fricf onal ecre- 

SMOAIE Che record 8 gaa Fry cry Liaht loos 

oe es * 2 Spy a - 5 
ose SW: a 1s oreeane an eacemgyrinnceitillliiee hemetatinaens oF 
* . 
a ih Sa EE Ee re eg i ES ee oe a Pe es 

tet we 

iq — 


NF ae 

s ”, 
\ oe 
nN . 
¥ a 

RSE oo mame ata FS. Etec Wale Rae 


“egether with @ 

Oth. Net, x0 
Jo. Henderson Eaq, 

ing Inge’ -tn-Chief 
Edison Genera. Bleactrie Ce, 
Bia Yer, 

ar SIP % 

“@ have today examined the f:at Of proreties accompany ing 

oP detter of the Jrd, inst. Mr. kdisen he saleeted four 
‘"@ most suttable up to date. These are fs 3.8, Ll, amd 17, 
ning #8 8, and 1] can you please wheber the frontages 
we caw nelly G0, and 120 feet, Coneernng I7, tt isa 
-billa dovotfu) in the notes as to the athehouse, Is tt 
“2PVICE Bhat there is a Plot 1202100 betwen Kim and Plum 

Stirs house On Sycamoretogther offering for 

ds S40, 0009 

#3 * ote, 
Cy a Fh. 

F beg to acancwledge “he r@cdip.s of yar ‘ester of the 

o ralating to this: motter, und ala . our telephen: 

Sgeé ccmeerming ste Seventh St. Jot, 

a : 


‘ey 48 have the information referrel to above at your 
ool e oanentenee, and obliga, 

Yours fa tthfully, 

kaison Laboratory 
Oranga Nv. J, 

6th, Oet. 90 
J. Weteler Eso, 
Edttor Penearyeas Fng inear, 

Dear Mr. Wetzler, 

I send you rerewtth, ankosfering, that 7 hope will not be a 
‘durnt osfering, I admtt with recret. that the paper ts a 

mathemattecal one, and as suph ts likely to be an abomtnat ton 

Of desolations as ment toned by the prophets, Sericuely 

however tt ts a practical Place of literaturs, and would I 

think be useful, It will be of some service 1f be Points out 

how not to make an Optical galvonomter, or ho 

y sail the 
range of such tnstriments necascartly 18, 
| Yours yatthysully, 
OE. Kan nstly, | 
a ae oe of | La: i, fee abe em", 

) a a ©. 1 
Md ; re er oe as 
News bowl MK, me 

re wo kg feen Maboater, 
Orange Boo: , 
th © Or bs: YO 

To The Fditcr 
The Fiectrtotan 

LOnd 0M, 
DOG Sir v0 


I be 3 £0 enclosa a PAper om fhe subsact of ve ttoal 
90! V:GnNOMeterS, -“upteh may T beltevs te of Praettead vtility. 
Sheva It be tan lengthy. ur toa replete witth symbols, J 
have mo doubt yoy iaiii deal wit!: 14 according to Its Saser’..., 
A copy of it {te being offerad te: the Neiw York }'lectrteal 

yours Ja tthfully, 
i ; $ Hine tty ; 

fav bue figure represent a longitudind seetion througs the * 
avis «7 che tubs and emetrehing helix. The tube is su prec 
“« he 8@8 symaetrically in the helix, § that the d@istarns:3 

6 from the extremities to the terminal plancs Of wind reo utd 
aoual, Kail« not ensembial, thts adjuewent is general |) .°.-5y 
mid rbbréviates cS. eorrectionag formus, let i, 2, / 

~ fae Tirsersys as sheum from one extentty or the ax "4 

tha tubs, to the ctreumfereneds of thepotl, while I: | 

are the cerrs:.sonding Atataneés to thi mean ctroumfe «isc. : 
Then squatton (3) becomes mora strict | 

This formuic carreets the length of 
influences OF a cimtiar solenotad of J 

rules tub of Inicfinite Chinnaas fixe|at the mean oivicim- 

Sares:'e.The amcint of the correction p with long t.5°: 

8) setil, that thia approximation its off tetent,o- Woer “he 

correction needs to he made with more pra, the forsi.: . 13 

peer For tie polos 
a A th ONG eure! 4, 

for tha sv: rmina 
Ll ab point: on usured 
CGUIGtEt: + opsostée 

This formila is often independant. 
St0n Of magneto dtZf ces Of poteu 
along the axis uf a geneous cokh, 
Jive <a midgleme., =. .- : | 
Sa -an @xonpig suppose the sodiin ite rotation ©. be 
required by cempetation from a uri fon heltx of 29.005 ‘yme 
of songlal o Mad radit whem arrylag 0... amcwtir. + 
| Yormula (87 vives 

_ oo 

ie a ne 

The amount of rotation obte snable from am optioa] ammeter or 

ny ee ee ole Nee 

vokimete>, partes as the square root of the weit of copper 
used Im the winding when used most asfeeyively. 1% als: vartes 
as the eguare rcot of the ratte Of length to tnvernal diameter 
Of helix, so that the length should be as great as poss ble, 
and the intermal diameter as emul! GB possible, consisteni. 
with good optical conditions, There exists a practical lin:t 
to which the rotation obtainsd Jom ahy such ‘instriment 13 
subject, owing to the heat daveliped tm the cot! by the current, 
This limit te about 25"according to the estimates here x gtuen 
for currents of short ‘duration, aid 18° for instruaents 
Rermancucly in ctroutt, No theorettoal’ Jinits are however 
Prescribed 1f the thivrmal effects can be obviates, The bes: 
siser of wire to employ sor aiffelent Instruments when the - 
dimensicns of the tube, and witght of wire have been decided 
vpon are given in formujae with we detag togetier with — 
correction: for virtual length,: fom which currents ean be 
determined from good apparat.:a@ In absolute measure with an 
aecuracy of at Jeast one. part in 750, 


7ER, Of, 0 

Near Mr. Patche?or 
I onclosa herewith t2¢ copy of the Rwrr you mont toned 
today by telephone, The best of the Joke 18 thut the Reotays 

a eae ante weenie ae 



1% Puts ishing 1¢ didnt seen tn apprehend that te paper as 
by ur. Ritson, for they cilude to it in an iditirtal os a 
’ paper by Dr ‘Rdyies OR course of tpedcuea suggested by 
Mr. Bdtacn, 
Hoping tris wil? meet your’ requtrenmnts, and with all 
Bast wishes, 
Yours very “rudy, 


Ph, Ogi, 
Tet, Hende ro or. Fs9. 
ein. Im Chios 

Bataan Ceneral Frlout rie Go , , 
Mar | Sir ‘= 

tL beg to acknowledge JT4r favor of yesterdays aes 
| Shippey LTT | 
yf have. heen " Info mad by te ephong ‘Goday that the jam 
Works wiil. toda vénd over hare the Shippey lam: JOU Ke,er +o, 
As sour a8 it arrives furQ oo Clat there 140 dela: tx 
teat ing te and Sorward ing £6 te: you with the reaults, 
" Otmeinmats : 
fataon says he Primed thar the Pavement on th streeg 
oontractad for was Of tn ordinary kind, when he verit: rea 
CO oribteise bhe price, 
"Or trugz, 
i ade Jur PéeCelved tthe drawings of trick and xulley. 
as per your Jester Of today. I wi22 return/ SE tomorrow LOPH lou 
afte MP. FAloon bas Gaalt with z¢. 

Yours te. thfudly, 

Ore ult ing Blectr: stan, 

SNe eho so 

si ae hte ng 
EN SN aaa 

Si ring ino ES ee iy vans ey Sea 
(Ek amas ani nate enn ee vatennnay 

: . 8th, Oct, 90 
2. C. Henderson Fs4. 
Ang ineer-in-Chies 
‘Baten General & ectrite Cc, 
Maar Sir seq 
I b&g to return hercutth the tirawings of the truey and 
pulley, With the truck kr. Edison declares himself quite 
satisfied, With the pulley he oes not tke tha contact groove 
tm $0 unprotected a position, ie has devised a scheme of a 
Pair of brass rings held tn a rubber ring, and supported clog 
to the axle by metal spokes, as roughly Indivated by the dotte 
lines on the drowing. Heavily insulated wire: coming right 
out of tha pulley grooves can he passed along these spores 
Gm. 9% £4 conection with the brass rings.‘80 that there 
will be four «shes side by side there, : | 
‘SJ bec t: also return: the. Stim holder you last cent $r 
wa, It sti? sone. . > sone 8 or 10 Siims It 18 out of omer 
and the v.oestu, are si:ye 1% gives much troub.e, umd 
reqummends 2. att ¢ ted CO makes for repat: . 
Up te thy pro. 5 munent the Shippey lomp has not made 

‘“g appearance here, Yours farthful.ys 

8 nbhb tng Ris sn telane 

F ° Vo ? bay, Feq, 
| Edison “energy: Blectrte fo, 

a “chenen tad, N.7* 

. ‘ 4 i 
made on the mgr MOLOr , Would /0u brerefore be so 

"0 keep us tnforméd uxcy ‘the :sorm 48 1t goss cn, 

Yours vey truly ° 

8°. Oet, 90 

BS a. 8, 
, Kelson 1g QNXtOus fo wonay Just what Progress ts being 

Yoca ae 

‘th Oot. 90 
Jo C9 Hendersen Hsa, 
Inc s1e@er-in-Ch ier 
foo Bo [00 he York, 
Nair SUrs- | 
f bag to acknowledge your lette> uf vesterdays 
It enclosed Mr. | Sagths Fe road em whick please fira 
returned onsiosed, Mr last mor of location re “ding to 
your Lilet wae #22, Bus we hus? eniared this acs $25 . that 
ketng the miamher you mant toi, fi is very close asparert'y to 
#e, whieh Mro Baétsin did not select as among the ost 
Brom a ing. AD. "som 15 watting for che injormat.ion ¢-necrmin * 
Srontage requeste: ‘n my ictéter ay the 6th. Inst Prov the 
day onm-imiteh thé» tion of the Station is, final’, seéighes 
there wil he saven a. - work be fer: the conylete sian os” 
be submit: bo yeu, | 
Milwecnee, |. 

i have net heant from you yet soncernteg tie estore T 


Subatited to you on the coppe” seeded fo the mavfmay syetem 

a3 contained In my letter cy the sche Lravela aciuly to éhie 

that asong the mony matters preastng on your attention the 

One doubtJul potnt in thas ¢irimate maw not he exelude i 
Shippey _ lamp. 
Me Rave recetyad theis arc cumy from the Lamp Works, We have 
thoroughly overhauisd (2, cond te stad, 14, Jt ts mow being 
forwarded to you by express, Tre »rinciple wpon which the 
lamp works te good, but it 7s zt sulted for a system of 
Street Lighting, for the recson that there @8 too much mechani 
whose freedom Srom clog or prtetton ts essential to the. 
| proper performance of the. spparktus, In partiouler, the 
use of no leas than atx ruebing sontacte; four on @ commutator 
and 8NO On the commutator is I trink very unsuitable . There 
are severe} little details that could be introduced with 
advantage, thus the solenoid core would he fess Itkely to 
" bind” 17 10 were suepended from the lever instead of hetng 
| pushed upwards. When properly adjusted we have found ths 
regulation good, and the light very steady, but I quite 
: endorse Mr. Flack's Yrepurt upon the unsuttabtlity of such 
senstt tue moving parts, The simgie lcartng of tia armature 
axts ta apt to set up frtttion Jrom mignetic pul] in the 
siete, P disferenttally wound Pdld regned such at that | 
designed oy Mrs kbteon in i sarily form ofare iaep operating 
on etnitlar arinotalan sould aa. ar a -sieamcha han UNNACER SAU. 


Combination Seiteh and Receptacle, 
We have cuiiy rece ivedand tested tne Moual sestan of watert taht 
switch and return the same oy e3 o-s with she campo It hav 
‘one had fault @lert;igally nomel; only cuts off one, side 
of the lamp, te, tt ts omly 2-: i pole swtten, Mechanically 
you are better able to judas: than ? gut ZT shoujd say -It ecovld 
bo made quite watertight, bebat a vary heavy, cot. The 
great expense of the fixture 1s bs sou say Its wore: fault. 
fe have taken the tnaulati>.: bed piace out aid treed -tt, 
vhis plate 18 of. @xcéllonl materiai. We have heen in the 
haitt of testing vany saxpies uf -wsilating matertals jor the 
New 399"k works. but ‘this matards: ds super jor apparent ly 
to any we have vat examined of the same © la! s- the stone . 
type. It stands .6at, acids and alkalis we: -, We caused an 
arc £0 buem across its ‘surface , and to burr: for several *voond 
put the insulation was not materiaily affected ax) the gualtt, 
‘of the matertal very little. | 
: : | Yours falthfully: 

he | (. paudting - eotrietate 
~ “a an abbas. th 

lhe Cot, en 

4 Near Mo, Jénke 

Io send herestt, by beaver. wi faedar notes wiich we 
| were sending to vow today by @xpiics, and whte you 

telephone message wes jet inthis 60 atep, = J ar much 

vastoce ty you for legting xe toad them, and thity must 

have cost you much tre ty collect. 
Youre frtthfelly, 
Ue G Nawoall 4 
| oa Rie : a foun : 


4 by | x) i “ef 

Cdisn  Gereral beck. G 
7 ce 7 


Abstracts: for: a theats bY Le oHerley, ar? Se WCowles gradizcth 

“wf Cornell, urttten May 2890, *ron: tests imede on ti@ aystern | 
wf Serantcn Pa, Partly worked wit “prague, ma purtiy with 
Pet, avg, Rumning since j wbx, Station 2 x1les Sram centey 
vf city beside a culm-hea which 12 used witr Seeial grotes 
for fuel af ten coenty per iton, The plant hu: atve horissnta! 
bubulein botlerg rated at 1251p @ach, 3 ARS enrineg ECO revs 

15 L/S x Ee artying exch 2 patr Of Fateon 50 volt, iw amp. 

dyramoc by 2treet ba}t ings :30 gars each fitted with 2°! 5hP 
motors, the system tx the &ingle@ overhead Crosley wireiwsth 
séven feeders, and rather atity atetriet. there a mentor os 
4 & ound condvetor. Cars pit Ser 4,30 to 24 oelowk daily, 
Rater from ctty mains. Ff lgetri¢2i readings duriny test taren 
every fifteen ming, Crude test- made with a Spe@ir7al car, 
Watare of thir sar not GtVER amt no mention made Cf wetght os 
urig 22240 Power tests made by Prony brake on one motor, jacted 

Average butler rvics &8,45198, Pomp. 246F auratien of frst 
£0 hours, Average guality Of steam £7, 15%, Water évavordte:: per 
4bo Of combustible Srom and at 212" 2, Lit.Average comm. }-R of 
botlers 278, Aur. Frietion card of #1 engine aynamc open set 
12,6 ,dttte #2, PMO 2 ae | ; 

MAX. THe Po 42209 KQx, ERP 314,2 
Mints Le 3ly Po Wo 28 Min BH P, -2 946 
Aur. IHP |. = 257,7 Aur. Bp, 19,7 

Avr. .¢ Offre of dynams let &, and of Sysieri0, 76 com ty 
SecderQ,, 34.5 Iba, - Of mis. pér INP per hour op 44,86/6$. per 
EHP 4,08 Lbscombust idle Der IF per hourbr 5.2% lbs, cmb sb 
ible ser BYR per hour. 3), ers Total ‘car whlage AAwy 
Passengers I0,14) sur LP per cur & 89 Avr, EHP 6.56:2985 2bs, 
Of water per car hour, 35 lbs of combustihla or 56.2 Ibe, of 
culm per car hour, PP oon « turted from 41"-:to as low as 
38. in few cases, “Highest grade 8, 75 » “bsorbthg &2 amp. uw? 
408 voltdboth “#, and TH. Speed on fevei hie ae. 1, GW with. 
M43 syd at cn? volts or 2. 1RKP and I? » Pr. with Sp, 

17,6 anp at. 29 volts or %o GFAP, Aur Inet.lation Uf syatect 
Oi Waebi, 764 ohms, a. CJ TH g@a*.:::.42. of Say in, Ht: 

Tha brake esf. of tha TH. bs 320 at 42.8 9 BR. altho 4.4 
wie Je te Sc ab Bed m p tre at 8.85 BHP, Phe s,s. 
CER 2 PF -ooF MDA 2. ORKPup to GOK uffo at Som o hr, 
aid 7, § PHP, 


San EaiemmEEeeeen 

14th, Crt, 90 

Monsteur Plerre Richemond 
Imperial Hote! 
tear Sir oo 7 | 
I beg to inform you that Kr. BE %son has returned to Orange 

thte evening, and that he expats to be here during the rena 

ee en 

for of the week. Mr. Tate will not I belteve return until 
the end of the weer. _ 
_ | Yours fatthfully, 

sar idea ih. 

pie eae neater eR oe 



Te #& . Joleas t30, 
AL&I0 Fattor 
hle@eErica? Kevita N . y & 

Near Stp +. 

heferving to the subject of ovr t 

14th, Nex, GO 

Mry. kdison says that he weulid be wery glad if you would 

Sttl] withholé tke matter Scr the' present untt] more Sully 

Jewascped, when I presume he intends te notify you cecordina 

Yours faithfully, 

~ oy 2 
« at 
pro tree ra a RR te re wa Sanne ieaamiemieeamtinemereeenees 


wvevtiew here this morning 

piccoakergs einer tee aa 

Gr ee 


14th, Oct. 90 a 

&. Kolber Req. 
‘Fdison General Rlectric 0. 
Schenectasy N. ¥ « 
Near Sir:- 
I bave duly received your letter of the 13th. 5 and have 
Informed Mr, Edison of the progress you ment {on in 1t, 
Concerning the magnetic belt, Mr. Raison is Ae: trous of ‘ 

obtaining a test of tte powers as s00n as pose ible without 
watting for the redesigned field magnets and pulleys. As you 
mention that you have already made the beit, the best way 
will make pulleys to suit it on the Ho. I motor axles, 
_ otherwise there will bea considerarle delay in test ing t%e 
Please Jet us know tf ou see any difficulty in this. Aise 

the clearance of 1/ /bth, Inch , your pulley being 5 §/ le 
wnaile the new pulley faces are 6 inches seems rather smalt, 

but 16 te not woth while altering those dtmensions before 
brtal. Mr, Fatser a.ys there ie no objection to your 
miking such changes in the spider pattern 23 you may dean 
necessary, but of course you would consult Mr. Henderson 
before mak tng any decided change . 

Yours faithfully. 

=e —_ : ee ee ts 
TR ~~ pepe erie tne at ss Mi aes A ot. 
“ . " , _ I ee Ree aa 
: . peter awe 

tty tg othe Bee ah oe sa eis 
j - , a aes ga cttage a cs 

lath, Cet. 90 [ 
i J» Co Henderson sg. | 
4 Aru sineer-in-Chief 
a Bo Gy Be Coo, No Vo 
1 J gar Sir s- 
] I beg Go. acknowls.::e your letter: cf the 12th, inst. | 
PS xple socket nRingss : | 
4 The matertal-cf which the »oexgs rings: you sent us last week | 
j 1s composed. stands heat ond oil well, burns without nourtei: 
q ing a fiane, ts Cough, and elast tc. It ta spotled however ‘by 

a q inmersion in water, becoming weak and brittle, probably a 

teat umecessarily sevares, and t+ 13 attacked by eaust tc soda, 
and acted on dy acta, Altogether, the subs‘ance I should 
wink 13 rather setter than hard rubber, but by no means the 
bee ameng the staples we have eOShad, oxelud ing the’ questton 
Of 26°". ronce-ning wkick we have o date. | 

Cine trmattle 
I beateve you 2ave ion Mr &.taen today upon this subject 


stnes’ your message by telephone on this subject. The locattons 

wicen In your letter cre duly marked ond ;'ileds 

ae Were a a erences “guages 
“, hos sls ra Eons tees alii ean ar ares nee emer etn een e = a a SR a ca ene era aaa aaa tie catia aebetmemneated ge 
e 3 
= r 

Mijwaukee Ratlroad, 
J am giad that you detected she error ir our estimates due 

Sc Ne eng ge gee 

be 3 sreading the map scale. | regret that 1¢ should have 
occurred. it has not evceurred juswever through negl gence, for 

on the biue print the seale ftzure has come out :tke 500, an” 

as we read %4 80, the numbers. inmedtately above it, escaped 
nOb1 0G. This means that nut only LOK must be adda to the 
money est inate, but that the pressur at the end of Nat tonal 
Avenue wili now be lower than 500 volts when at the Station 
1t ts 625, I believe, however that tf the tie we have alluded 
to between the Station and WwW. Water St, be inserted, 
National Ave, will bo: the only line on white the drop wt 7 
exceed 2] “6a would itke to make sure of this by repeat ing 
the model on the new scale, and should be glad if you eould 
send us anotia:: blie print, plain without ears oe gradtenta 

 warked upon 1%. lf 16 ear he a negrosenée instead of 3 blue 
piring without ex ra cxpsrse, it will. be more conven tent. 

Your: fa ith fv ly. 

Consulting Rlectriciarm 

. 15. Jet, 30 
: Fe CO. henderson: a | 
| ky gineer ~-in -Chies 
4 Re Ge Botts MN. ¥, 
q Near Sip pen 
3 PPG) Be eter gare; “ft HOS ON. “ate. TP beg *0 say tit 
wr, RAltoon has exam inedall bhe host locat tons OLE “ed and 
recommenas you to suleos le: AO. orp bth, Bb, 7.0001 Bide 
hetwaen Elm and Plum. if as Lar, babes Regests Lime can get 
“he whole 121 feet Trontage. Wa onthe your further advices 
as to whether this eam he ZONG 
; Yours fe lthfully, 
” etn, Ae tat thy) 
Consult ire Maectrt cian. 
| « 
a ee 7 f is ne aie : aidan 
SNe ee ae an EE Ea ETE eee ee ee Ae ge oe 

L5t; 4 Oct, 90) 

te CO. Hendergon Bsg, 

Eng 11e8r- I7-Ch tof " 
Pe Eg i die N 
Near Sir es 

The disor AMUSaC burt y CO, 
shortly have te sast q niambe - 
meters, The Pattern on i}: 

OF Stlverlake Xt 434 

o,f «ines for tne new Style 

Tork they last worked has egen proved 

by experiences bo be capabl:: of much méechantea] im ro vement., 

E - 4 
» Siret by employing an alli; of 

enly 2Y mercy TY, and secondly 
by ineart ing the copper rode beneath ‘the shoulder into the bo i. 
Of the sine itseiy, 

These inprovementes have i Shik as welt} 
G8 I remender mat with your own approval and that of Mr, Kdgar 
ThIk being the case @ new blue print shee ing 

the altero) 
fengthaof the rada is oreatly needed, 

m aletton to Mr Ragar of the ard. inet... 7 haa the 

hoxor to LOM out thase Jacts, 

adding ‘the recuest Chak ry 
8atistactary re would have sueh a blue print furnished wrthoy 
delay. That letter WE adivgssead to your care, 
recelved any "eply to 1t, and hear 
f fear the datter may nor havug rea 

Not having 
ing that he haa bean absant. 
ched hig, and T beg to 

eal? your attention to the matter as worthy an early settle | 

Yourafatthfuj ly, 

“2 OC. Henderson Fsq, 
king ing eér=in-Chtef 
EB. Co be CY New Yorn. 
Dear Sir ;- 
f beg to acknowleszse the PBCEt” of your lettare og J yesterd 
. ) | data -ou-cerning the Cineinne +t Station lots, and aso your 
letter referring to the Rewer kines hich answere amine of 
the sane Gaz. | 
habertight Sitter, 
! am ass red by 490 perecng teh the sutte: wie Packed in 
@ Clear box, and thig ris Put tn tig Packing vase wy fhe | 
Shipvey Jamp, 3% May o¢ that the amaller ap: tcle hes ben 
O38 2Ight Of +r. unpack bry, | | 
_~Aeisin Mepervnental Alternator, 
# heg t° eneliie the electileal data ang Sheteh for the 
PEE At erneiay, tee PR@J 23 iemows aly 4ooub 1b. J vould ithe 
Goold ome or * » Pree Flrss, 0 reduee the c4rst cost 
Of the machine, the + Stgn ute into «he Sleld wuanets half 
"he? copper and teine “he het from ercitat ton shat at would 
he sestrable lO have o-. ny regular “dRmos, The open frome 

Vf the macrine vot)! LPObue 'y help b's py tr a sek of vanes 

CU? be attached to the outer oii - Pothe occrure. se as a . 
as aE ar — a” a wong Ra eA 2 
: ae ae eee | 

Pee yee 

a sr a 

a rr rr oer J 

Wher Pry 

NACo) vw, Jé Is 

rey a we} e bebe 

whe @7brvefeor  ¢ 
; , 
trom dm ete 

cl.8@ work as 1t 18 te sek 2 



il deve £0 add ccse 

Im doubt about betes ahbta 


me YONbE u@ shall be ble bo. 

“Ul? be glad to dace it, 7. 

Wud Probably vesulr an 

6 oe! Of a Lithle power %, 

the dichamee from icon te armzin’ 

surrant of atr uper sie surfaces of ftelé and arnaetue 

‘ecveased dutuub, emn at a 


ATE VOT ARS 7 a oo 

of-6 a Py 
wei % f VOT. EDC ke Ge : 

"eed (8 high, and thera ic 3 aecong redlal and als. 

4, on the poles tunding f+ Gaforn the frames 

2 0d resistance, 

the perysormane c° the 

Oo va sreedted, #2 hati 

Sdcmry gris antresear, I 

few Fo more speetal ag tits 


he actinsé 

ROU IHCL ALlowen 22 hk  LPGh. tres, ; : 


‘stiagate more oltesély after 

e ah : ». ° mo are ae er : - a 
Rel bie agha tee the JYeas maching. as cop we hére on Carty. 
-? 1 
f ate ry 7 ‘j a. 
o “ wen 7 M # t Fy wi ig 
tye tt twa = dia de yen ys 
: I Mied te ‘¢ wo re°£ 
es a ae ee 
> meh es dae eee Setar A pt 

Cancel tai. 

17th, Oot, YO 
. Peabody Fou, Sor ae Dd 
EEG poems Midots a Fi liomitye? “PO OO, of Froon ly 

BHD Pege? of, “Ohlyn NY. 


r , «., . - 
APY ey ee ae one 

Le Mahe ORE Fee oF MCSE MS Vs date, T feg to say tat 

ea eee Ce ae Guu state cf; etznect ing the to “Cat tons 

With @ tie Line OF BLNOD Joryay “2 Im my opinion gqiutte 

POYeh Sow k Le and pe J CEPT wit i omy Your com statement it ge 

Senomtral, 7 Bars POA 80 xh ob Feekion te the Plan in t neva 
Af 2 motte of gene a! BYmerple however 7 bes 0 

Or Bhub f expres tt VHS und PO. fey to have twe Cent rad 

Stables on. tig CURE OFTFY situated as ti3se are less Shap, 

Pus miles anart, Bveru weirs experience Points out wat the 

Sree ermyweurcg] Lins inte of Olly lighting lies Im covering 

large arces from One “2xtral Station. The COlteat lin of thie 

ire ple to Brooklyn onder sets ling elreursztanca::, 1s a 
"COARSE matter heyon¢? »resert @iscugsion, J merely AGS Li 
Me ONE ote Shak wher g ! @Pprone of the broposition in datatl 
C 3 wi iwle GO Bubseribe Go «xe SOROrAal plan of cohick tt 

Pope y a Part, 

YOu? nS Sus Tully, 

ie meee e- nen ea = ee ee eet e-paper, 



1?ti. Coty wn 
d 6 ("., te? PALE? OV: Re: 7 i 
"TAO Pm Inet tef . 
eo iT, By 09g Mews Yor | | 


Bais "y 

Dae Eee 

ft okeg te uexnee?} ete voor | otters oF Lesterdays dat, 
Seranton Steeet hutinlag GEST So 
2 OA AA eee DCE Be 4s ER RM as — ll i ie eg sees ne capggn sic. 

F au omioh wb? ts ea FSP FRO Gata in ths “OVORE, wstoh j | 
Peco % wmclused, The sES uations are Ce rentl, meth aieal ly 7 [i 
taken , giving Jvert whee >. needed and me. Wore, 92 JS Macon 
Che tee Bo sae Aho b the: ease OF car she, the esual teen Coll 
AP Bl CRP SP00K. Machi Pree a dynamo inte y MICO wiBE 
more, Bu TP ake Care tee “CNoP” as relingle, thare cons rer 
sean Ea be omen heaney s frum tie @ermuaitzg aftwroadi,  F uaty 
Hept ¥ copy of the sesding forts. 
Lf er have a seats COs; 7 the ordinary: SOM TUG wg aubs, 
Bor aommectians amd eon 28° me have tt S$ shee he abt ey, 
ME MAS Men PG Te tea nee, 
Tats $8 a viluahe- Paper Jar now bevurse it es ledtes a 
Te the wersn  ieet pens that car hb: reise. uM, Fe ogons 
at For The oo) sykes Read, Loca be retisn tt Gols nsed, 
Se pargerapha . mumbhere, and £ ippenk come roarks 
@etarl, Page 3 

iat Pattern Ss. Poi. J oheve mds om egutauire . note on 

PO ee ee ae 

Zine x, 


So tt Fae + 

MY Pee Of ve taniay antwers the rest. 

Ce eecat S Of the blue prtp: and tt 

JoCnarred fr. 

oO gf Beacons, 

Si? Manusaucturing €%¢ 

ot by Qepress teraereon, 

Pies eee a} Pus 
Yours Jarthpull:. 

. 4 

omsadt ing fier roetan. 


ee a ‘ oe : ff F 
2 Gd . 1 ald re Z| . 
7 sg be ahs : , VAP Sy ‘ 
- ° i ; aeoria? rs a 
eS i wand : ee Chats aj: * i 
ae aia A a 
a al see a 
ia ; m ae 2 : oe re wns 
Ge = = ‘a . 
’ * & ay i . geet . if 45 ; be ‘1 
. { ’ a Are : 
hy 4 7 ae 
. 7 : ’ oe : ‘ i Chg ea ne ef en 
es oo  . ors 
ot ; : | 
fi \ aie arene a 
9 eu) ee ee a ae ee ‘ 
TE at ae ee ae ee ed 
\2, i ? fA y ' ar re id s . ash A va ere - yn re “ee - 
: : f vy . ‘oo ‘hy, “ r i es - $ red : f- a : 
ys ” : a - ; Hy a 
‘ & HE ’ 
: Pa aya Mage OCoidgs lag : Epgae Pye ebe ye + fos ea ok 
. My dfs a Oe ae : ms . ‘ 77 ee . a 
. : mn pe BF Vg oe s 
5 ! $*% 6 " 
2 aA ae ee, are hoe 
UME, od ee ‘ ee ig 1 ike 4 i aa = ae esl 7 a - 
: a? f Gre ae ria ;% 5 ie ‘ “4 hae , 
#055 mn . 7 vt ‘ 2 te e i ny y . 3 ” : nes . ona’ 
: ; ; ., Pe 
MMOL OR & es eee | ee a a ee oe 
rs He 
: be a i : 4 7% ss : ’ 
rg + arto. 2 Hoty 
i aa af ey pe : oe ‘a bp ‘ x 
Pe Ce FR mr ot b heG ; . 
o ‘ sh so . af ire we! ae 7 Py y ihe ’ x fy id dé # f pp ere 
eure. nf pyar : ie te wey “jag ‘ oe : waved leg i Doe , ; = “ie hs e — ak oe 
L% ry Pal. ~ S a ” y : ; . ‘ 2 4 eo ae. Sy f wae ' y fe 
iw Mmm , ¢ - ‘ . % , Avie ie Se ae 5 ay Nae ‘ . ES ee a ie 
FatPacts ‘i ’ “ as | Pe . hae ty o ny BY ae Ae var Es iF Ad f ; cab der’ 
_ fe : Teated Bei BeOS ae i a : ee a eat? CLAN? 2 re 
i. * ‘ i ‘ byt : ; a7 
Piles PND, Ye oe ae, as eee Oa 2 BOO ard 
ratber JEW +: Mee a OD 7 ‘2 Madang SY OS 2 tome, 
ys ' , Sess 
ae so i BaP EKG el eee fh ae ate’, we 60 ZO mites 
Ae ea Ia ote. be WiSus ihe pa Jeaves eantes 
3 yt, Rebimade eee) peer oar JSmat? wapdrat. Nuable 
. fir 7 wire SYRE dry bary : SENS LU, » Only ype o@nt. yay ing 
ee Se : 
inet 4 je BEREES u3e 5 ioe frasleys ‘Tider Px testing Braet tae 
, ne moliey pera: ake sup lied fram the sch foadars avery Le) 
Sfren i Hl ancens Se eet eee eee So a RE ES er re eee a Sia eae ES) Sees ak Bit 2a 

. i7th, Act, & 
Notes:on Mr. Vatls Memorandum to the Fnoi'reer-1-Chief. 
The numbers refer to the paragraphs of Mr. Vatls p:Per. 
Hie When the grades are !tght as in Mtlicannee, the acum 
qrade reductton uf survent bu ‘ances the up grade tne-euce of 
ii, The eessation of current during stcppages ima: it wuld 
cepa ae bet “Zh uer agains! io extra heavy currents in suneting. 
Pll, Quite edrract. Fhe@ estimate witht mee. 12avpts 7 for 
ae oor tm Fhe rencing «f the seale. 
fac. Pre eet baste uf AS AC groperas Jor tae uecn eurrapt Lu a8 
“ear ia in bose sf valuscte altinovgh tt treludes Io saccltd think 
Fri UP experiganhy ac Schengetady cc stderarle griasey Were 
fas Wfferern ca however harunen the mou CUP ERT QLers Trig 4 
car and the “ean Curren: ircssting a sustem of Bs Thus the 
reper’ by Messrs, Cowie: and Healey Of tie powe? wt Car aver 
aged omly G. SOBIectriea. HP, at Serantor: Staticn smong 30 
| ordinary cars, rerresenting shout ten cmperés at 500 volts, 
and with a trailer thet would. be probr bly BC. 46 tha most. 
Sf Mre Vail can shew that the averag: current at the Station 
will be more than 20 amperes 1¢ wili be important, but testes 
on Single cars are not so gook. 
#8 17818 There is lese chimee of a break down in any branoh. 

of the road wien sunpliaa with: heanuy frolieu wires than with 

8 : 
' - i 
. F 
PA Sat se * ; Snes 3 : . : ‘ ¢ , ie es 
: A$ ee rae Ry Sia s fa eal mo oe pi oe a a te iss gfe, tS 
i , Pos a8 “4. ck CUD de iets, SSP tye tele g yy OS. 
ea Arges eee “A ee oo i fa oo IO) 9 C'lé ae fe . “utd ar 
Bt. bone & SS , 15? oe tein ee belies yg wo Pp asa 
é.f re Fane gi see aga we Ep, art) Soe Pie yee age ed © ree 
vio “f Sissy ae es ey “. ae Caps . i 
: Fe a oe , Viti ree t vf ‘ “aA MuGrer Z Yn PG ‘mabe oe 
» ‘ 7 
i SA ee . eg tt ely eee p ca . - tay *¥ gas is : ppe y 
; eee pI trey ae é ee ae: are Yeu Here) ; t PR TE BB gi e a ia 
eg rs ‘ 

an 1HoE 

= ° 
a ds. ie ae aes % 4. FY gas top iee F 295 , 
pol NE BOUT IAT ty I Rdiean cisede neane 
foe tty 1 ep? ares Tet oe esryg crs bones DT ne Tey yerneqe ? rr a i 
Pe PEN ERED ENR, 80 SY Cg pire epee ee, ELOY tives TF AML ee 
Ole eae FS FET EER, Teo (Fe a) Siw Bt eer re 
. oe : ae 
e Ce ae. eg -: oe Fe im - page rae Yen ss % Se 
a OS Tats ce oo * ‘fi «< oC weer vs ete H fi) cuble J? OA a a hes te 2? mS 
an be) 
- re a ee > . re ? SMS ‘ ‘rhe ry 

ean he other + eogeaphs 

18th, Jet. 80 

S&S. Butler Beto 

"vison Gerald Flectri: 63, 
Naw York, 
@ | 

« mw .* 
a be a woe 

i 2»€0 £0 ane 



res} oe Pa raeid eam af, S72 17? offering to Mr. 

MONCH a Fiseount of 9 F, “Of 2t9¢ prives on aaivte in GPPAULUES 

Mr, Bisco, Ronives make 3 ‘ruard this +o you wif: the 

PEO Le, eal wou whit orvcm these machines viz € feeder | 
evualivers and two resisteuce boxes to he made b;, the New York 
works according. to spect ftcations made tn my litter ro them 
of the ‘rd, ins*. and cs estimated Sor hy than, Those machines 

are for the Concant rating works ab Qoden, ard are ti: he. 

delivered at fgden hy ite 15th. Decembar, Tha equaitzers are 

to requiate th: eurront in the big separating magnets, and ths 

“eststene? boxes aco to break the magnet stroutts witin 
Padres Satthsfe Illy, 


1 @ Aa. wally, 

Ke ® XK ld: te FiQle 
mitsen ‘Grand Boot wr fit 
Sehenvetady WN. ¥ . 


Neur Six Pond 

I heg to oacitnsipledge veur favor of the i7th, inst., 

Your siateh of tine revtsed pulleys to sult the n:vrow helt 

ang i be used on Rxpertiantal motor #2, seema quote satisfac 

tory. Ihave shew it te ur, Ki1907% 

Jan sorry to hear thet the pressing process did nc? 
operate satisfactorily ith the comntator durs JI bcl.2ve 
however that a satisfact: vy and cheap process 111] be 
fortheontig tar wth: render the eontliy mILiIr7 unnecerrury, 

Yrs fatthfilly, 

Windly 1at us know when the machines are ready far 


?) a Ge Cc Be OG 
e dnsul: Erg. 


On ond VioowePras fons 
P. 20m Gerrrad Kleatrre 
2p Yor, 


Feferrina *% occas Letter erorcased to Mery Filtsen JS the 18t: 

va) EP Ore bee a Part ; 
ulbe, Mr. Bdlscn dosti. sco eny Tha the aoter reber 
MPO mae! le ene fare ced to Mr. fendensor tout 
Stee Cees since, «4 tact >nek ta mee& with whe reghiranents 

of the Loce! Biren Tbustvating Companies, yo* s mechanical 
meter as vad svete ste 

- Yours very falthfuilr 

Consulting Fleccrt etary 

ar oe 

ep he ES 

2 N 

a cen ce ner ene a mee nore cetremas tren neg Sar ese Chart i aneeeae = - 
; > ee 7 4 J 


= : 


. er 
tooo oF 
‘ Pol gies aR 
‘. NP Paett ro 
ar) i . be 
or a Lee teed, i ieee i 
rae fn eee 4 & OMe ies ‘ 4 
fey mae ae 
era’ SZ. ee : 
Wty & oy 
fh. : rie : 

Ped 355% 4 ore Ga a a od . Ps : - 20 : ae 
ca AS Bae 2 ¢ Mea an ai ; Os a ees ae 

b te ve 
to ab cee Sper - it. , re tse ep to tt epee 8 : iy 
F ye AE BPE tes ren ce: ae A Fe Ue 6h Bee OO 
. » FI 
é > * Pr * 
PE ores ee ee : oe ee 
32 gel ‘ ‘ ‘ J hs : . any Seer onee ee 
; 4 
Pp gn teas. ea pe B aka sss eG fe} a! it 
4 ‘ . . Zit “ . > . 4 av ee ’ 
‘ ’ utes ° ots Fi : a - ‘we a (ep aie Sy ie Ts 5 17a Ade te 
ae a ’ s 
1 ? a ’ nas le . me eo 8 te me. : ' 
: . . + gee, , Ye y we? ope . 
eres oe ae . 4 ER SOM Re eae! SACO REID 
ee are 
‘ aed io a fce ote es a © a 
en i i 
, 8 
Maas ! 
. : 
~~ *- 
« : ~ 

18st. Oct. in 
J.C. Henderson + Pislig 
Brg tneer- in-Chief 
E.G. BE. C0. Ney York, 
Rear ‘Sip ~ 

I beg to acknowladae the rv: caipt of your letsar of yesterday. 
New Meters 

IT have reeeived the biue Prints (13) of the standard 
electrolytic matere, Jrom No, 1 LO NO. 32, ineluatve, I think 
they are very Sarisfactory. 
Sti teor Rronze 10178, 

tom So 

ie have received and tected the sample levigth of stlicon 
oronse wire mant toned in vour letter of the 18th, inst, The 
rer rt wil! be forwarded to you tomorrow, upon the same. 
Milwautece Ratlway, 
I beg to return enclosed tha papers you were good enough Y 
send over upon the Milwaukee Railroad, I have sherm trim to 
Mr Edison also, We note that your om plan for mal ing the 
sustaining wires conductors is not among these, an.. alao that 
the estimates of construction are for erecting 7/3th. inch 
trolley wire. At bwenty per cent Crop, thts ts umecessar ily 
heavy, G4" wil) be certa indy heavy enough ad lowing 20 amperes 
per motor with tratler, which Meme 270 less wetght than 7:3" 

— pe aes Se” SAnNOnR ennai peeeeeee ee EE DRE aa aaa cam 

. : nS 

oore on tye ne ei y oot op ars e ws a of >in 7 2 a : 
Here CE cia Mogrseen print of the Read anc 7: 

be Paine’ dea Coe 

. ° 
apse aaa “Ubi 


 voure crti bpd ly, | | 

Consuli ina haeclricians 

‘ . 
ea poles le is Scie eed Naa i ~~ -- Be SS We a ee ne ae ip 
- *. 
; ¢ z 

gird. Qe*., G0 
reneteur Plerre Rlokrer 
yanhettan Club 
New York. 

Near Sir eH 
vonip gormy to learn fiom your letter this moming that you 
haz been so re in your visits tO Mrs EATS 0% 6 
T have handed your detter to Mr. Tate, who ha. 
promised to crrenge aa appointment for yo and to ‘eb you 
pppoe She hour, @8 86-n as erostble. 
J trust fiat er: hts occasion, no unforeseen 

obstaele Creme Pee he 

yours very trul:, 

~ —_ — cee 
eR I Se 

: ; 3 as “ ~ Sets ea ge Slee Sato ce So) 

goth, Wile be 
FORM. GY adstine Mee, = 
hee Maru fackengne O18, a 
LOK Tate Ne oot, 
Tksur SIP p=, 
mn reply to wour facer of the Path, toet, . fo bey te sey 
thar we hane up to thé reses ame Oy tr 
exhausting abort half war): Pl eapietrs of tha Lon ape 
POY Calls, running th ritcoreecoph certinteciéu, he interned 
Meo OF there vatls aneraces Gov? esing cach, We other col - 
na hove not vet charcad, 

T schonld, he alad to kawse soe converse. tan with you «pn 


“Pi “Subjeck off thasa tests hen 30u happen call nere nee, 
f reore! that J am unable "@ ate you from mu aun 
pualedas the particutars of the seemer cel lb you spew ¢, 
ty & Stet ia bat thetr aT fe abert 2.4 welts. ami Mhegry 
‘mterpal res, about Forms, J am by Pi weds su ns oF thease 
to ree homever, | 

; > 

yorrs Sarthjredy, 


LS Ene See ea ORNS 

o - 

os Ce Fenderson «rn, 
£ ENeAM- I N=(hre yx 
Ndte.n General Hleetrie Co, 

Naw York, 

ot ae Fe 


’ - +, 
MW. Wilecr fs anxtous to emow how soon the draaimgs for 

'"@ as termator 


¥j? oe ery e . 
cee LE ho send to Schenechait, Oup 


PPE NOMEN FA nae reddu, <§ Jdast ir oe sar as if ean pe 
s ve O) s t > 

TRO WEF : "Poo tye a 
wivnCUe he see os Phe Gimare thak te tec operate ti, 

Yours “artthjull., 




Consvlting Flect>»teian, 

neues sen 

meh nna eandemialain  Se 

Ol. Get. 0 
Te C0. Henderson Fs, 
. ae 7 
Bg ineer-ine-Chtef . j 
Bilison General "lectrte Cu, 
Nem Yor, 
Pe a Sir oe | 
ie a fubler of neocbentays date “Re Giimorm sans that the 
Cranage of She Ja ae PVG i ar Clutches Yor bipa "_Lerduyen: 
Katsen Street Cur kotor #2 om. deine made at fielenegiag., 
have not ic acho Aim, iti mA ere 7 & be ome 
Misunds tunding ubout “ALE be, “sg Ehos. dreast: gs were 
pecpares J belieue about threa. 3 AsO. 
Per 32 You be so aeoe as ; 6M sale ta btar yoy 
stton’ tons Tha craving was amen. d By Mee Fathom alo 
“atei2tad the ove uf spokes hod: ng oontiot rings mo-gr 
Cade, menmttoned inom, fetior Of  @ Sti:, Inet 
Vewrs F2cene 
Consult, blsotrt coi, 
: 7 ae a oe i 
beside cat Sas. pan BAe pec dala ieee ete : hn EE tame ———, mene eat —~ 

ae Se 


33 Insull Qe 

Vlee-Prositcant 3 

NO 200g. 
ROT SOM Cone mgz) Flectrts Co, 

Me Yrorse, 

Pest a Ariat allman ca a Sena 

Z Og} ?? S7 * is 

rf sof « 

Fi Gee goa 

hae of MPL bOre abs cup, 16% 

Yor, emedoecd, Bert ey: LCVD Ot 28% tmoke 

Pei She eonductara veadec tea 

MIL AP areg of vleeteie 


Tahting, ether 

6 2 we ob LwBoa) cause or FOr ends vy 

$ on if A ~ . hae ind o te - ? a 
SE MET waives sts, 6 OF "8? hosts of the BEI ep mise, 


‘ . 
ca . dc Pe 
ee Ai ft a 

ae alterna ig Ace cone ton: 

vy Le a’. nd ve, 
SLO TIM J ovo 


daniva to 




POUL on Shirt pe 

WOM Atsh ne os. Go 

. e = 
STF SUT OY Pewee of piga Graces + fas: rote he 
a ‘oh, 4, tee. ; Fe. bah Te ab ge ’ 
ES Be Paves, aovuombear OF Gigs pray: 

POP MatES ome elee on at 

we fia oy Pa ee a te a . . * ~ f tm ge, ‘ j 
ae SL ty DY a ON EIR Bae hae SR Sea ae ey 
mea ifn £ + as ee rie os rs my? : Ores dpe? 
H ‘ofa ve a Ot a a ot aly @* bs et #6 -€ 
re ae ee, Sn ORS SP ST ae ae. er ong: 
+ ‘ ee ees . Fs Be ger os ce * 4 : ae oP is 2 
ELOISE: ig” ORTEE Cae NE oT Manag hag? bas SEE AT Ire 
ts bo the pu Sec ine Bho 3%. Bi ey HEEL 
Bae * ees * > wis; tee rc 
Co BOM BGL 6s nlans Fone Sou 6 Sberginatteor 
ZN oe ce 
: rt hea 





a -s I 

5 + 

; : 

A ee : 

e | 

ee. . i 

. | 

: . { 

a ot i 

a ; | 

> * ’ r 
. ! . 
rs _ 
bs ae ‘ 

~ . 

oe Ld 2 " 

eo “S yey 


ven, Oc he 20 

Seats anette eatin none aetna 

J. CO, Henderson Ms7. 

Ima ingermine-thtef , 


nein etapa Mani 

Bdisen feneral Electr ie CQ, 

New York, 


Taar Sir env 

“EE ee mchate aa ate 

I beg to acknowledge the rece iyi: of your letrore of Lenterdays 
Gate» | 

Cincinnatt, J note fret a mestage Just meoetved that the 
ath, St, Plym-Kim Jot has just beer gecurenh, Thi: being “he 
SY? we will sas fo wore upon the Seaders ; 

nilueukee Ra rilroud, We have conpldted the model on jthe amernid. 
fcalu, retaining howeud? the stzres specified in my previous 
estimate, This shewa “hat om the sam basta Of full lca, 

20 auperecs par mobos ys? tratl, dowhie trolley cte., the 

ar p on Matieaa! Ave. aches almcest 259 at {ts extremity 

The ends of the otizar Jong avomvee vary fron 20 “> 2a 4 GPOR. 
ST think that this te «a itttlea hoc heavy, aspeelaily 4f there 
he the ieaet doubt ae to the eurvent required per motor, ana 
ainos the expanse attached to the eracttgn of haaviar mains 
tran s/fbthe dtamater mist increase ‘eons tderably, Ff ahould 
think i would ba weld to eomaider whather your plan of makize 

tae ve ge ots : 
Bae gga 

ag eta 
an Me an pa 
saute A ars: a3 BS 
= : 
nes ac a ria Ne A aS a8 oe ale es rn nar ng vine erin ene men a a ee a a a enn be mememememnamemteees ne i om 

| i 

the suspending wires seroe os conduet’ Sy MEY TIDY ant.e 1a Phe 

wie tb ed ee Se 

aifference to be made up, \ 
Proiiey ire, No we have tested two samples cl stiivon- 

brunse wire, and one sample sf Tobin brase wires, but nc 

hard draun copper, . the conduat tetty of whieh sko.ld be abdbai.: 



FRropogravh Works Snoke: Stack, T have made emquirtes it 
{ ' 

bo the patmys asked for in your latter amd wilit commnicete 
io : 

the replies to you a: gum #3 they arrtua, 

“aison Krpertmentad Al rernstor. J thYak you are right about 

*he fim Perkape if would de better to make the first machin: 

“Chowk ib, aval if necessary it could be attcchod ap rarwards. 
Yours Sattrp sl 1y, 

a 7 
- =¥ 

Consulting Weetricion, 

: e 
es _s 1 age 
an Cty Shes EP ee re eA cor = a 




, 7 a i 

7+ FS) o Nat, es) ig 

: ’ oe sme ae ' 
Pal 0 Reha van Lit,  § 

BYLG Ree Bee 171-717 roy | 
. \ 
fyiol ie “~ . .y ae? . = 
MES CM GOhe Gl Heaekrio Che, 

$3 kro? St, ee, 

Cin F 
Loe Oe Fa fe : | 
§ ; 

'é f ‘. 
her a rR abe ‘ dy 6 ebe t a % 
: ° ee Ok ae i as aD ee very ob fast of: ° i : 
‘ . r ates ere, +.74.¢2 on “v eID 7 30 ah deg, -- ‘ a : 7 
rr if eee Ar Oe. aed faecal eer ae 
fr -9% : ¥ 
2 8 : 
; re | 4. Wg ay Po , : 
ae thts “a £ 4 . : pfoeke tar hee DP yey ° 
‘ ? a FES a aoe rae, i} Wale od ee 2e Pee ar Fi ~ 
Ol PRONE VoL RAUF Cedi Bute 

a a ; 
Ghe Paarle Iasele® Jaighining 


= A 2 ‘ } 
er iat ae cae aes wey? eh DiC oa ie ee PEMsS Sm days ; *3 : 
Oe ARE ae eSel Che Minton thas J Mad thy 
: ‘ tere ee a ab 

aay ad i ie * . ae | “5% 8 7 swe : *, . 
ane ae ‘ or ‘ i ? ee ms. ‘ . Pd ‘ 
De CIES OE tee: FBT OF tips TEAR. fiers. 

eG : , co wee eu da sags hm ye oie be : 
meen UPEOEE: mead J Hah -daartee 

MAES Un ain OR el Pee er 
de fms STING NOt lor get now use rr ohe Miet 

SPOUT AL “ * Pre Se ei ye. S . ‘ 
- eo gee srg butt. 172 a?sign red abe sztory 

Tk ae 

me om Fi oe ff ; ‘é » - aay ’ fed ate, « - : ft 
’ ‘ae ee Jo. a a ok aa ae Oe als (ei hare a ER : 45 Pe, t2.le@ 
Ne "y Ie Mowe : : ; ; : 
f. t ot aot , eae Seg, z f: ee « . eS : 
. TES CMepmes: of a ; 
; | CUENAS! £0 bre etmed _ pre 

ited & Yond me my. yee ne i. . : 
en ed ee SE A? FY Pe Te AY, 2S 7 ee a 
NE OE NG eT GEE foe or dynam are 


a t Pod Gigtts FP fran oy Tho Spee ; 
Ob POLI G28 Hie Saris ing Flash ,- by reasen Of @ avinging 

; tre z fe ys eos , é 7 f _ 
Of the pend ir bnii,. If this Car be pred *o -ake pire, 

em thera ee Of gee ta apen eS e 
Bee Foe ee grids fir - tts adopttorn, bul wethhe 

raufrina 2? wes , 2, “ , ; 
sda . CR © L0JOn oo” Atacha ge, nor eucn in 




cone “mane with cny thecry that 1 igaw of ‘s such a sectng ine 

artocm by thé flash, Of cavrse the flashes tear ce can produ 


experimentally 2re meomparable with a heavy ligitning stroke, ‘ 
und 10 is possible tiat sue an effeer nigh’ bo srodueee 

whien we aswel Deitates 2t14] the menien of p> oy lles 

’ 7 

4) - a 


a Cem ee,  Ltorder bs speak more assuredly on this 

Otn, L Baas Rade SO aNges a RMARE ball vec plas, Sth 


ere ahous th bys fine catre, ard caused yi, beans In den 


fai Yecharges v4 Pass betvgen ball and plate. Neo appree tarde 
setldaston vie set geet in this eomperat rely dei tcate 

apeavacue, Frerahe: 7 ur seve that the apiecstes fF ocstedt 
Ly a ire ‘ 
Jas? Joely weoi? Maus shorkelrouidtted the drome s ~~ vrgettse 

through the spark. with Pian tudueced | tqénina “laahge, 
haeause that effect toss aessald. gprodiece dtr spa ° 
Fofaue ise tat the octter before vi, PT gOn, whe tas 
eonttrmes toe pinlonm J sucmtt, My soe st eUanEG di fervends: 
Pe RG 2 eee De the preaswnt fou tL Sen tor gr “parsed Tok 

thar “sted las! Vly. fvdging fro: che Brint HO LOS 


Fimalliy , Meo &taor recomnyuds, a otally scoaring IR 

#N / 

suge@stiow 2 oo rdtully onderss, thas ¢ stor ch fuse tre of 

lead he elearly ixcarted i she gremnd etremit 2f euern hea 

“bole fi bhp ining a VERE SS whateve: pe, to sueh av marci 

that tts acatruct tor cout be readily detectad, and the wire 

"RET OPrEd, This would effectvally £revent the shi réctreutt ting 

of the dspiano bt 7 folds wing up the Jiash, fer more than the 
briaf Interval needed to fuse the wtre, 

Yb ura Jaz ehfuddy, 

en ~~ ee 

ot : . os ey 
: vot i = rf 
F e 

Consulting Elactrictar, 

ova es tei 
pan nntnnt 

See an eit: SCR eens 

318t,. fet, a 14 

. , 
Tey Kroess Ray, i 

| 7 

tae’, Ceni, Manager oo | 

"alt Gmeral Blassric Co, 

Sodeneotady. Wee Pg | 

Near Sir c= 

ctl OO oe 

Blew 5 oF ere iF SO gorda as te, fnfoit uae *7 WOM Ww? should apps: 

Toe Mills rom Va oop LES SUP aM S0; magnelte cralities, 

ave aM, Hilison te brird na of atv ing it 2 trtial oon a amali 

oe 7 

BO koe ETI RE Siestd magnets af’ thro phe nog rah motor, 
As ear’ Pedy otth any eormer’s 4 3: miQkt viva us 

AEC OME ees ER Lt the tron, oll chy igé 

. Yong fruly, 

id S os oe a a ae rn ee teeta pt seared ah ay 
= Bo ag Rema eS eee Re ca a a a an gl Sl ag Ee aaa 7 : : 7 
, ~~ 

FP: ae ie oe as ~ Pe 3: aoe 
bas 4 -e 
| ree my, 
f; bee P 
’ 6 
12? :; i S$ 7?° - - 
i OF f epee veep Pee ., Gime ‘ ci 
sete & ‘0 Of aed COE, ar sf a as re ame | Corse 
: . < aoe 5 . ge 
7 : ed veelaee Pe rar ts eo. : ; 
°. 777,7 dr Fae e wus os Pee LF oe tie a aa re Cie 
ae A. t- os w ? 
Pus syed qe, fe ee , 
eae gees r Y¢ : ae P E a ae i : Pept ay ; ie ‘ 
> . ° PS gS t 

¢ eo 
CEES fo EER py al 9 Pre SUB yD. ¥ Lgntle , : 
EU FOE AOA INO IT £8 Ae (8O a UG er ne Rhe Mec vty 


will he Anema “7 mma hoorantor:. dcé wy om ey hie, e ener An 
a4 4 a " oan Paneer ie 

md vee: ue son 
wh VE a PE CG SORE Pe Py 

TAS a I? oe 7 La ers} vi of, ; es at : - 
£38 eT ERE ET Le US BD Pte ape ie © 7 ae Or PE? A OO 

im N pots ; we ey epag & ' + yous 
Bs 2H aks Lan 4 TP te ee cP Cit "EF part f a Tk: LUmx a (iy? ° we ot 

eT e Si V7, 


« aormes 
TAA O oe ee Re. eee eee ye Ben eee. See om tere me ames. 
——, END vg + ae owen 

Some Gime ace, pois we have Pe 3 F 

ae 6} ww Kp : . ; : ‘ . 
HOU Op &, 2 CURTON as eles SEGAL oy 

-, nw ly : * Sates " : 
PEPGUORG At PPO rw GG he bo rset sary to make bbe 

PF aud ‘ + ® “ 
oxen tmantim efuavs, om thea lines af 3 Cavondteh e-cerine , 


but Z ber the aifyicuitien of that tier 

than those ore. wing oF a body as at fforcr: 




a se name em ges ye Re Say ae ee SOR SN Te EES ee ee ete ane a 



py a ee BTS Se eaaaie ote 


RAT VERN A OE ea eo 

eos at 4 Wd" gi eee . 

' fue pt, Tee f ] are Pe IF gs oe: a ; ecplaer ie agts nak ote unt 
% AS * “et ae os Ss, % P. j- ; re a os 
. ie Pua tnd 77; fda oo? oeu “At EF , eat Per beri iy 1 UES i; 

pero <= 46 A Bg QE ADE te, OEE a IIES NE | | 
sara’, Poowettd be fb seh, pnd if cn gyarr oo irenent 1 
ae he work oc hiia ta cearny oul the saber batter foc x 
aotce, Ne@orer of ageuracs, IT Cure “ty £ oho. eg | 
oo pe ; Re Riee pen p ogie rere + corweneeee 
' dapelcpront Of otar Lidraing’ ing olaome for why 

Obeervatory 1s Dionrssging favorably. 

One thipie mare. F nsf Bent tie thet fp, Raee° ra docs 

mor ercnfing Rimsed? ca ake Boeytee ftw ¢ f * 6 acei7 
a ore oe Sepdige games of Cros ame te Meas de - 

een Phar” 2E minced commercinds::, ¢0 account In the dtreshion 

of reaeireh in Solar phucips. Our bine is iof eoppge vaenr tai 
at th Laboratory in proetten. tee but om Faye a ae 
argaritent volhd be a purely seianttfle ona, The are ta 
migmnctite, and 43 maanot ie not 20 much On TGA om tecoun* 
lite a separa‘e steel maanet but rathep by induct ton under 

tre earths goderituy Fh la omen .scsated iiooir yf . 

Pode sayedre 3 nee manned ar in um) SA Prea, Alona with 
the eleet mamette Claturbanecs ve raeet ve frors the sun 

wile of Govrsa you Ano ce recognise 22 Light ams heaty Sf rime 
ape lop bse for vfabing facta soul ame eg feqinecss ap, rt 

1s mot wrmasemudle to everore that tec pe omell be drcturhanees 


Af me lumper own Leneth, TP seo onehi translate then inf 


dn rs apo aetna 

“eh, APS YE oMe PLAN fe boo sek ex PICS Tans the 

BRO, & CURD OF sea ye Ga Tis Insilaled volves, 

. e’ 

hose final terrrinals 19422 be brevuch’ ta 4 relevhone cr other 

AWparautvs, Ft gr then Oost thle that talent a*sturbances 
in the sims atmosphere, "Obst £86 dietyrd eTther Se rermay 

heel rengear se elas 4, J anercy on rece Ie, or hie ror] 


Qsbributyar of magrette Siree on olte Planet, at te bring 

wouk an apprectahsi areot change in the flow of pee fie 

Induedsion embraced by y ER able Leon, omMancad ary PHEORT 942' 


w EPI3 shoulée te hy the nagette condonsaé ton ary’ COUAUOE The 

‘Se wf the ore 1607., Fick oe 1h OOMprt ae mid] tone O, fONS, 

OF course tt ts eae a "0 SQ whether Pig an lLoinar tf: 

mtd be PeaLISC0 pehig *, pli fv Srlad as pry ome: ik wthd hs 

12 a faw wars, It CCCrvrred £4 ni that sppos ing any rea ts 
Nera obtained Indicating £0)an TATLUORHA, wy sho rot he 
ahle to establish - the Jack loa ? bad resty ive vo rdenar 

% cUIneident adisturbanees in the corera, | Periaps LX you 

Ould, you could tell us at iat omens oe disturbaregs 

cook plage, J confess do not ‘know whether Sun spot opanaas 
} ; 
unmable such disturbances t+ he prang se] MG heco ved, or wha ther 

sou keep any apparatus at wo ric Liat ean syeor?! changes im tir: 

corona independently of the genera! tllntnat fom, 7 have no 
doubt honenar Fhat you could set ono ay the “tht traer to 
determine the times Of disturbance eption is uote compare wip. 

Che tndteat tons o) EP, ae SMe secelver, uspting that ip 

ro2s recon ag a: ope, Yours faith frizy, 
ATS ' , es 




et tt A i nn ge ip ee Sane — 

x . : ¢ 


rk. Mou, LO 
I, C. Henderson Fsa, | 
Bren Bate Sy Gi oF | 
FalBor Coro: 2 Hieetrie Ce, 
New York, 
Dear Sir :~ 
f hbeg to return herewith the Giugina.of she selson 
ANP eplmental Aiteraator, Mr, Koteum has secon ane ov sroved 
‘f 1b. He suggests thut an inavin: Mg amé pec jeeting solid 

ring or flange of rectangular oross sacktom shozlé separate 

the 48 collector rings, 
T also beg to vr'{ose a atakenent of the electricai 

data aw design for the machine, ‘Intended Jor Schenectady 

Works, Piéase formuard it with: the Cravings, J have alroady 

Surntshed you atth @ copy of ft, 

Gitimoy vf Phonod seh Ractory, 

I have dren tnformed that the arenitarr o yt the dulldirg is 
Po De He Tough fee? Rroatiay Neo York, I hint tt sayser to 
glue you thie address than to sumply you with the informat jr 
isha for in your Ictter of the 28th. ult, second pond. Pre | 

y yer should have any difficulty in obtaining. tt trom Rea 

i iS4e06, I can olive you the facets ag near hy as they urs 
8 =. 

“We mM Ne TAve , 
i : 3 BY 
2 gS 
é : 3 es ase - 
ae : a ey a = ae 
~ ° ; . 

2 sas ate 

Pratographes tram Mourn’ Han 'dbon, 
zz ! append 4 letter Sros: Professor Olden, whtek 12} exolain 
trealf, 28 PROELE MAD S mm tt Ci *hese 7 have made 

a aletributton pose, Air, Insulls Autiortty, 8 have bee: 

“Tut bo are Beton, 5p Mr, Batchelor, ” to kr, Insvll, 

ana the rema PING ch pgp Phelps vas aood cCnoum@ fo sonne. ro 

S607? ¢ \ 
Yours fatthfilly, 
Consult ing Fleotyte te>.,: 
> 4 
Sens fe tee ae BS es rae pee ga er eee : _ - | 

Fin HRA 

Se Fruaat aq, 

AGS’, Gen!,. Maruce ? 

Ta. Hom. i 


Bat san Bsshis Geroral Blairs 1, SORANBE O 4, 

Dear Sir ee 
im referyres be Your letter of the cot, 
Mr, Hadtson on the Pods 

Rese aa Fa cay that he has GLIBC Be 



fe ss Pressed to 

"ei of POPOP] RSUATER IEG, ho, POY Gp 

Sumeles aud 

CO NCSES A LIttle mora davigh use c i the Japm rarateh if 

LOESt Le, Otiverytge He thipks yt lovrs very grovising Sor 

the future wien You rave fourd the hest quanty Of pape ane 

MIE Sed mora pr fact Joctlities for pe 

J hag te Somer herevtth. a hlué-prim 

, 72¢ 

o the strips. 

I the large 

~ PULLEY ANd E)isen Tor Re Reisgn Frrertiental noStreet et ae 

Motor $2. I reacat trap 7 Ras Leen se Helancd, hut the 

“a York Off 1008 jas 7 Presme been very much Prosseti of — dats, 

Yours fitt?- ful Ly, 

ey a 
ok : 
. : : = ee te al ects Tae ap a ge or 
z Motes eee tee Eee Tr a to ; 
gee Oe Tee ane ee Ts ne aoa - : } o~ 
u : 

ard. Nov. 20 | 
J. CC. Henderson sq. 
Fngin er~in-chtef 
"dison General Mlectrte 0, 

Nem Yori, — : | 

Near Sir sa 
in reply to your favor « Fi todcu, concerning Le a. Street 
far Jarge peliey and eliteh, that tf, Ratson has aprrnued oF 
“Le blueprints anc one bas bae?: “katded ft Schenectady Works, 
i note what 10u mention af a medified drawing of truck and 
Cinginnatt. 4a arc working at the daterninattor of tii ais 
‘ asswiing thes the Centre. Station will he located ae at 
Lrescnt poopesed. on oth, Et betucen kim and Plum | | 
shtlt. 0 It is ovtte poesthle Of CONYS@, a8 10U are med 
aware to make an cstinate Tor 80, 00017, carried Jd miles ab 
@ generating pressure of 10, COO volts, for whigh high , se a 
nortage as tim, Bitson remarka Chili 43 suited having a ary 
oftmate, (n the other hand Aovever, there are sure fo he 
itewltles te be opaetteally arceme in handling such 
| ‘Pressures Jor ls ft. st oie. and it would be more 


gole . Ia the de te wait until @ similar ease had 

“eon eet stactortly accomultsked nearer home, Please say 
OMe 9 fo ao owteh tic condueko; estimate an electrical 
MaeTe oases TE atl) he ver; l.ttle time tc utd ine, and 
Care mes wore time io verform, 
Milmauice Cables, “he tasts that you enclose o I the 
hiUImaucee nolles ane evidently uupromising, though J 
Yvdge rather from denrostation wt Knovwtnd *he lenoths yoder 
48s ¢ Seu Skat ne sanole of cable Jor care good encugh to 
end ts mais up wtth lined coré. I confess that ZI haw not 
much experience with te-dta rubber, altkeual J an, famiitar 
mtth gutta-percha, but I should 298 1nc] inad to think that no 
lapped core corld be depended upen for indef intte.,vte ae 
ater, whi not use the solid core that 1 nderstanc can be ms 
nanufretured at Sehendctady, the rubber sqiuaxed on all round. 
‘$thovg seam, Pail Ing this, tf the orks cannot guarantee 
the rubber, cuttapercha js cutte el lable, unciar proper — 
“amufacture, care being taken tha: the temperature of the 
€ :lesad conductor shall never umter any load exceed BN0r Os 
are fours fartth fully,’ 
| ei h 

Con: Ltt; (i@etrictane 


4 a ay 
™ a 
SP seh Sean Aoi ig et poems aaa i: ee SEE a a a TT I An oer nee ee aes te 
F . - e 

Gti Mow, on 
° (men? Sq. 

SEen7Id Vi08=~Frg 9 Ydeny- Fat pe -- 

GIrera] Flectp ts Pes 

Dear Sy> we. 

* . 

/ wey ote COM adan anos “OC a ee or of (lt ” Ot ays G ; 
Piet, 7 ee df. . ot Pee -@ 
OLE OLSs, vl wry ae Cae Pa fe Cy eee) 

fe Pos ry CO IG Pei , 

." Narthe Py reap 
2 6B. CAEN Be / have AU 8 fig WAG ber 
Peg OMG ly ‘e Fyt 7SON Dr Spi hE 

LUS Oreae; JeS? 2 Ais 

ACL & js O°1A be ne] i to Vive 
Cicn COUCEIM ING the a@ansages 
Mind pe, 

CG Ss 

by; OS Be? ieaz vinleroro ung we: 271 Sub ti-gp 
OULS ha pry aes 

49 Madur sab. £O pronide } 719 

01th OY 
CS OF Cota plod COM IP gay; Zetwegn ti;0 
Gs “TEMS, 82 near hi + ~29% tke GPS 

a Pye t 780 


Gtom farr] Y would 
CM DiacHl ax) “leetrie Lightin. 

Yours fd tpt ry, 

Ons] + RE tloctrto tan, 

. ate 
: RR “aa aa aa ek eer 


at peep an 
> neneneimenarens 

renee ge 

: é 


TED Nor. & ‘ 4 

Ay Dear de. Potorson 

firaue your Johor of fhe Leh. fast, 7 tryst pros Lhe 
vie ae see Tay, - pgs PS. z . ; 
foTloytna hy MY ooreline ef the «rj cremermss Nae wt the 


hagsrator: tor Mi, MOYscs mau seo cieur PULIC 

7. 4, yunt x So Lg ge ese Pe fialcis a * Y fe > 
tee Bea ieee trfaks he ec POPE Le 3? PORTE 24. WIE A Oren et of 


COPIA LEAS Bie as Ph pee ey icndde vas Sri eed harcvel: @ 
REPT OT arcs peonhrane, be Ft Reteal emicanenc, 
= fe BECOME Serpag of Crigin ae UCT: ihe MEIC cf a 
e2ag thy ueung febewrer, whe fiuce? ene. band tr. Solutton ay 
SORE E CE  GEE SG F AS Sop ay ini 252 salption of Utthtyur 
Se abe, Soe Ama baure mrily For te. Jzy8. His 
ON EME Oe Pore hie test sb sed ue mon: Bhan EO 

Pe coe Artal , im x . m pee : ‘ ; 
PQS OE LIN re, Pie ering eas echoed “uptes that period 



wMeserce uf Litniua, - Bey 
She Lhd AE EP ae GS GOR AN. iain nF ae eS 
i od ree ROSE Pe ag eer ae Ad RESET tf ti? OL Mar 

oe 3 oe: at Tae $e * as § ° 2 
OID) 0 GPa Gee ae eee lee uate ot ecomeret ion. 


HO PRS Let awed Ba. «the etlipans, and nat ce 
ImbS were offooteu, the oO dnte hese or she phalanoes Me 

du sh obliterated, Ye immersed cn nad in LICL solutic> 
her tre commen: Bale B28 om ht le a ourrerk free 

erie Gass ae 7 CLACE HIG Jfahet ita? 222.8 ays amp ioyad trravc. pee pete 

: — . . ‘ : : = ne ; | 
Mea a, Sceeneienenasiennasninaeiitl iineecimememmnmmeaamimeeeeme oe Se Rees ey : a an Is z : 

~ _ da P77 

| ¢ 
t ’ ae ie ys s 
eee. 7: ots " itty we a rey _! 
ie! . , * ’ bd i* . 7 ] ; 
eee ? s : * 
: #gnie : a "3, . we 7 ‘ 
eae , ae oe Se tiv d e. 
- ’ , ‘» ry terre of 
re ‘ $> * 
‘ bey ° hd 
¥ a » ¢ er rer ead ge ba hte ‘ , S ; 
7 oe . M . . 
ie a 49, sf 8s, Veh ges at he pe + fee 
eouf a mt See bi eee sae MIT GT ree page tte, fe 
; . ag . . rn 2 oe ?? lero Pa “a 

ONE ays 

: 5 ¢ 

, 2% : 
q “* t i 
Wy : 
AT ye 2 o 
: a a pd we fa : 
i “Tks war, OF. . i 
ava’ i 7 
20 "YY Fr 7 
ae o Glintore Esc, “ 

Asst. Moracer Ut sen Gen] PAOQSEVIO Gir 

Seheneecteaty Mo. ¥. 

‘war Str en | | 

reply to yevr lewer addresexd to MY. Person of | 


se bls rise hag “Oday feent a telephone meson: 

LO epects *o Jeam so Seherrcotacs on 

Satyrday next, tha sth, irs*., and “shine that the AUPMAE UI, ° 

OF the 49 es 

PXPCTIeNbGaL Mace be sonnoeeted l(selly te 

"he eonmmitator by means (fF the german atlver vires led as. POLS 

yours Jatthfully, 

, yao °° 
Cte ete Rete Gees 
vr 4 ’ 
‘ 1s, : 
Pe REE TED Te Pe a 

DA Syn se 

ae eS pha EE mF a top dt. 7 
‘ Pe ON Gu ba oP sap nbge po thse 


: ‘ 
- oy . POS See ee Me ~ + i mw y abe 
: eres oo. ay ee an 7 oe ran e oY ftps ie im fo ; P “ i 
Bae cae ERs Ie SS a ae GY oe OSE PMC fics Ofer Sl pedon p Xv 
ee ee eon et 
£1 4 
9 #1 11° tape 4 dg ot, * : 
i ' Poe TPIS ps as ae ae, 
mba ge “¢ ‘> er ae 1 ae ae i TI7F se a's ;f , * . 
aes ; >, £1 ity: 
! * a od 
wep ete ew Tk . ' 
Sk a SNL a 2 eae 71 
be . ov 2? ie . . 3 . a 
ae ae o . . flu de, 2 a) Ta 0) rv ae 4 ? “pr ° ? 5 
ne v ‘ “ a mr a tod § nay te ee 
e cae ne Os 
ae Neteee Patan. .y FON ats Pe rg “e ‘ 
WSs cae ag ee ES 5 aw WS BE PMC ER, Dei. Mesa 4 Sef Pas : 
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ae oa) wf i ° yt oe “ape on 
BOE ER 0) AC ee hE ® 7 A 6 ee So Wg # Tee! PRE ae 
tr pet, poet aay fo 2 WRG. oe oo te r # 4 
ee we eI swede pas leedaee > ty 
. eee e . eae Sia 
ae tg : a) 
‘ ~ Eee? ‘ bye wit ti ’ . TW ‘ .f, 
ers a Pee | Ta: cee " Fer, C ; " O17, op 74 7 Ss : 

aa be 2, ag % 
HE PRES af Re fi Dacre bof f a 
’ EPR , tigre ae LOM FRI. ONG Te nae aha Lyetts 


_ Sgt gene ’ “a oe ke “ 
“of a | Cc ¢ eS aae, Lies we | ore fre PEE 7° M340" a ae 2 hl seed 

hab tha pes 

corer thar the rape 

NR een bs ile oe ruiherrar ty 


CME MG OR let 


Ayre + ease < a: oe a 4 (y 
OPES EM 2a pe reese woud tlenas then more. 

Ade eo Vo prpaye o§ 6s 4 mrs) 

Met vated” nae . : 
Oe NL FEORG . ges Pre fo LB Rage i a) rLe rf TE ie Be Bes sash ¥ : 
4 ae ae :c@ él va ts an” b wheres Vien? 3 ad oe rence 
‘ “4 nd 
; J ¢ 4 yee 3 _f . 5 oye : * 
. f wi x rae: Srey 2 & oa 
1 fe - BP ED Ge Ee TOD adv ‘ f38e 
Gr posts eee ree _ 

. cy ry Ve ve are A i oye}, aot AAPM vg n fn? yee raid 637 “Hr; ‘ 
f soba dh i os ey ehe aie bie t tgleleh apg 6 oo oy be ‘% og oa - 
4 Lae TEL RGRGR Fae Denied Ub tk eee FE Le Seah ey 
é 4 ag 
a wa peotetaned <6 tho baw onesla be op lmnat wet cas” 
Ai we fas al lay ¢ es ’ VALE a oe COLA eh I La are s COP: ese 4 
a | an oe ot ie 4 Ps - my Magpie 3 vane : pe 7 
pee hae es boen 5 welled y, (. Tnbriiy: Tm Or te DIM SESED ee ae ry, Me " 


See vaclatarce of the Frovm insirocvuent aceurdigg to the 

mod (gs reoewotered, are I camper be vere ap Bais eonrection 

S. the same de@res of aceuruey as with ours for which the 

resistarece 8 determined at each 2oty* of tndtoat siz, 

: . ‘ : t 
Tr f3hing tee viour of cach ipstourents rasvlte for one 

time ound “aes J have atuen  tahis to the singse sbserusttions 
t . 

ty, prOpGPetan fo See menbhor of degrees in the seale readin, 


bear aera the Fatrest assuytton that oan be mode T think, 


Wetle the results atve a ver, Jarry idea of the atest of 


mo ip the suctem hateaen the Station and the powts salogte? 
Pte the asavrien with wbte: tray ean he guarantedd Prov 
haga obserusituns ps nek arent enovobh for wublteat ton o> 
Wfieavit, fF de aor krow lf fiero are preessuna wives %1 sae 
cthem, Aut iff tiene are anu, J think that mor relta? @ 
resvlts could he cbevined fy roading the difference f potent cal 
setvaen bisebare amg seccevrea iresdtrect lo by Cari witta- 
resishaneG TH ot) ar pete, Tin Gs ares widd do mare 
Wehbe than soe vuctcterdd veeords aytiil radns 
abe ARE Te ce. se A COMY Of ori ree: ed cad thot. 

oop pwede Please note tha all foe results tn lis foot oe 

Uber ge oOt jag re ley but gp epfesiive volte, Thos ar 

~- .. a 

od ce MOM GNP GEMire ore what tg ysuilly Intendan by t > words 

z . a i,ec) x »f; ‘ >. 
4 4 ee AG « 
oh ; . 

Mao Liao weless other otse specifioi., “+ real | 


“Phere! tend wan voltadg Aoperds of porte oF the scape of | 

ti 7 “hO MIRA. Por a £0 81N@ wave, the +e mea voltase veudd 

wt dir 


, es he ohtaine? Ayovint Liplying rto 0,8, 

. r * fT mw op wb ‘ 
mins Fe affective 

neJhaGe atk the Cartnre) ShOB toe fatng P2285 1.7383, the mea 

"olla oul be L055, ebe,, also the marie voltae on the 

Ste pay 

mph ion mould oe chtained in every wait be mode hod ying 

; , : * ly ot a ae eS 
Tako Iedid, “hus tha 2,4. at the MoS. On the ne Te OF Eee use. 


> ‘ \ ' . ee eigy ¢ Py . 5 ‘ “s f *, 4 
MiG Ae foaled we £475, ORR Although the wanes 1 anf Pom 

Wess inghouse machines an, stated to he apNroxinite 3, VE 

CHPUES, a? ane no rioht to assume the Sach, md 7 rar td 

wenbier this for suse a clear underatand tng if the avqne: by 

WW? BE VP sousg tng 


Yours farthfully, 

oes we dig 
5 ? ile aw § 
4 3 4 . es 

A "4 ke, s ‘ 

Sth, Now. 90 
“o Imsull Fsq, 

Second Viee=-President 
Pdisor tiupera) Bleotric C0, 
» xf New York, 

Dear Str 3 


fe LM MeETY ho your leather vy the Cth, .inat, » J beg to Sugeanh 

eens Ate TORS Om Prom kis crgee The Nska of Mariboroud: be 

oe ferred to the Informatte: Purear of The General fi 

6 FO Tere ae) “te 

Tf nuwever J recee-va inatruet jona Srov you , Toss 

fubate  insonmat ion meaitng His Graces first raquiremont 

ecm 9 Mire Lilsone wlshes at shore nok az, 

I lao bea to inform you that the Welding pian: 

whese f0an JOU ere aeed encvah to obtain fer Mr. Ratson has 

Aven shipped retuned to i Phomson Weld ing (Co, tae 

CXL Iman’ s wih * hayntag bien ace mplisied, As @ have not 

heen tn ecramen OF ack Gay 

Read . 

OER Rem, weul. oo apy Wwe? Uf vay 

mula notify Ce eae Thom, 


Youre Fg: thfesly, 

& ee 

; Com. iting Blaetrite tan, 

: Ll . i =. 
wn rn gr tn 

- ¢ 
dos Se oN . 
» ey, 

1h. Nom un 

Tf © Riveni BMT g 
MEE, Gert, MUM 7 

RES or General Rléetes- Ci, 
Sah meetin MOY, 

Ws > SO bec 

2320N Boni sag me &, (CREE Sale Niet ae Rope Ie why: 

* o 

s Ge yge e i: ag pt a3 7 Bh gita ay he de cake i St Le 
Pe Lar ho oer pe ecgeh op. Meth Peli ees SAUTER fg AD 

a. e ORG TOM core, th gmat) pug Ys ant the 
four SHOPe PuElovs small ste bore. 4+ | 
Paps, but neat Key~seated, Slanied be pawn 
6) 9790, S64 ag ko experiment vith here to fing the meet 
@concmiteal amd 24s at tue 9rcnulng., Please let “es lenew mP yoy 
Wish Lo heave xrz (:Frletal onmter for EhILe 
As for the #:, 2 "Or, Mr, Edison dest ree Shee SLB ZIVISIEK 
#9 armature fithed =. tre #2 moter shaft sui COMMU AE UE), 
with the present aocsur-etlyer wires rae: down straigni anc 
tight, and then OL MOD y Wa are askin the Eng tneering 
™epartnené to adva:.-a the arauwings of the truck for you as 
Saal ag possible. Pian. ep not wim the budieys Or edt eres 

a eRe a ferns oy & ete . as 

x - a ¢ 

J f b a) hr he a e 


J Cu Hendersoay RS, 
PoC teOigr* 

PLE? gous 

Cara? Fleotkrie U0, 
fea 3 

Mar fie» 


OT) eT kraes OOU LI. Bie eas 

Ay 2 bray "Flo t ne 

we See rr PB ox Gay 


FEZ LEY Dates 

: 3 OUM Leet Jottops, 

SELES ol Street age | 

aed Lt 

Viet eke a ee 
Mle #9 8s Shoe Wes *, rai FOr 


; a PrP st gaes ae 
° ‘ efi ed Vea, 7 


“ ep ee at F . Praevineags é ar er As fpr 

TEBE Figs ty Soe HO Sy dpas 
‘ot 4 A ~ ew atk 2? loners Prob aAD v as 2°} ‘ 

Be REIN EE oR og Dany “4. : 
° OU LMOSE Ft ah oe SPI ie a HEN ek 
. + ate cee fier 
6) @har tinspe. (ia: ; 
. ae wehbe te enoF ; “a€ ; BEA are pry , 
d it gs fan te? at Seance ting 

rere iy 

7 2d He 
OPE Te) er s 

| OS o UIE afl tpt 
tren f PO MEP Ra. Cum ce x , 
‘ Pad ‘ ‘ ¢} . ¢? Ty tga . 
aA oy Pe" OR Jena) guy os Poapy 
RO, “ mh 

Sele peey oF fe. “yet 

se t , a Z 
. ‘ te a ah Wey ee eittege. & 
tee SE, ; ie 2pa es rae . . 
? Co ; 7 
beet “oes ee olga’ . 
. tebe nr te fine  n Ae ; 
‘ caecdtasie YM abe 
give - 6 
nay AE ’ ‘ Pee ao ri ; 
‘ Linas ig zt ed a pone Bye i: s 
* aia eke te tigre? re 
ey : 
fee a it . 3 
we Ew! ae ‘ 
t val OL ge 2 
eo . 
: - sf : » 
: ay. 
‘ : * : ; . 
Joly Onis Digan a fs Ses te A RR i yA Hn negro eco carte’ he co Qe - 
al ‘ 
oy 7 

— ny ae ?. aoe (bt 
Pi COR , fr yerinental Aiterna Matos £1, 

To aes te acknord edge the receis* 9 JS four Hluéeprints a fe ey 

in@edi ie, ume uf detatls, one Raneral vier, ong OF bidmalyto, 

OME one of — Sice-frames, Miry Fidigun hae SCCn theory ag * vet 
CELL be vent for reverence, The oniy Sritter Tsim *hat YL hele 
offer 20 Medd Maller = whether a Simpl? ratchet ang 
a backed laper HOULS BROb be hether than the hevaconal ets 

Bled HS a SEY ami ung: "“aoked vvrerch for AIwIVEING Hhe jie? 
¢ loys 

PLES anrTe 19 4 great Ceal of work in these diaininagg 

imfroduce severa) novel featisres that 2 haps ptf? 
feet et 28 Feel 

Che gh Rh Putte d "Usk. 
rs heeediie hiet Fw Og eg, Je pas Fe we faye te oe OP weit 2 « -—— 

OS aeB er: Bye Liig mere t the bluemprinte af th. ACSInG 0 Basia! 

a te 

Tips se, ie vee Peake Srey am ty, MD Om, Me general Fiat SMRENIS Oe? i [Ane ae) 
OF Fae aba eice an opinion, dut- th CER td Clee 
Ime ae ee GING) 7 See e. 

SUld Bs Placed + the bruei, as rhe: 

Sete ae ee cam “ OMEY Fe tage be Fy 3 

Sait a, ees G MOWER | ee. ala ae fehl 
or rs aris & a ~. , 5 ) ‘ 

CO! OO “bvdated the ELL I0 7 cern ea Oi 

. : so Gea 4s ogo ak FD Op fe ten 
pos dee Bee aan Oy) (eam ee Osha (2p) 2 
é . ; 


OT che; rm yar Motor and Car 

i return éenelosed with teins Mee Vat? 

§ elaar ane Cometag  ° 
Py Fe 2 y afd ! 
ork om the Atckemeyer :iotor and Car, (na have Hept the 

I presume you do not Consider a reeip~ 

we fe m. y aoe 
Mieke fer PEPE PONCE 

“ORGS Ig? moe lon and an ig im. wheel, a Brogressitye Sher, dnt 

vind of motor tt ean be thar 
IS Ps, ab §C reve, ber min. , 

we tee 2400 The, 

Loam amxteous #o bon HANES A wtld 

0% 250 volts, ant mly 
Tue report seens 40 point +t 

ry fxoe7 
a f a OO 

0 sone diserape AC: 
treet PINS thar r¢ it Of gr pa@ portance to reer Lf; 

Co you please OSORNO ra ONY Pvblished desertpt ton ff 

. . ‘ ¢ 
hhe ae In: OF gaye “ Craving and deseripgéiin OF the : ame, 
O22 RON Promsa Prep 


. . eee ee ee 

faz; i) Bt 
pet a ee 

Pim contiden’ has the @is-ovepaney YOU PONE Out By were 
“Ra Peon dks Pot ERD Peng tie SEVONRG NT Of the Jas wemMedeooy 
cS sy One? bt be RSET £4 tly. - 

ote Co Re bas 

2 Sesinton 22 Moe eae pe 

Wares, ae ae 
BEGUN TT GUS 80 NESS wea Guus ae had a ef ek pum Gee, F 

hovwerey PAPO 8 Oto and pou es I Se ee 


‘ Pe ek Be iF * Cray eae reen : ; pe ae eats es 
APTS ee Stdyiet cee Ef 

ay” - 
we COL. S ra 
Se ee pe AP ete terse ms tent 

HCL oa hirer 

RM ar ceineror 



e a‘ | | 

a : 




~ : : | 
8 er . | 
rn ° 

ee 4] 

e = 
: Lad 
re “tee 
&e S ; . 
: ; + . 
: te .) : 
: - ~ 13 , 
—t ow 
° : | | 
. - : = : 
ee - 2 | 
Piles -" | 
. : ; : | 
oy . % <, ? 
< °° 
: 7 a Re ) 
ae ag 
, i. . a , 
8 st 2 Be 
. ~~ ig e | 
< = | 
— x 2» . 


vor : 
rs << 
: ‘ 
' - 
©: te . pe . 
— ‘ am : cna : 
a) foe tt 
7 an a ; 
7 7 : : . 
ary sige aot & A. 
“we” z 
eal ~ . a 
’ = ; | | 
. ¢ 
“ee “sy 
| bade 2 ” 
: . F | 
2 os i SN a 
co = . oe 
e ; : ary ~ 
le - 2 3 
: . cam ~~ ES 
: . Be 
: , ae 
at ae , it sey 
oof . ; - | 
rot - 7 | 
Neg ‘ wy ne : | 
> - . a | 
. ™, a - | 
i & UF a 
Q % oe - : 
: t i a. A ) 
ae ee nae 
. Bn ~ be : 
. S be , | 
ame oe i | | 
. a 4 
% . = ae 3 
° a: “ee 7 
ba a | 
as : an, 
. » a 2 
. idee | 
‘ ‘ | | 
. iw 
a a 
. Fa ° ek 
e aed | | 



I?th RCVe YO 

edie eerie 

of ‘ t ae ESG 0 
Gaiden No J. 

Dear Sir en 

kdétson desires me to enquire whether the poles 


ty have yet 

“Muad for the uperhkead itis he purposes to eriche 

Yeurs truly, 

Sct SN ae A hg ae ea EN 

‘ : . 
ann aes “Sieanesmes ames 


ee ey 


Ale, fin, 90 
é & es } 12920 @ ree. rei BY e 
Bye a? tae ° . be yi: 
WUE EECT © NM ONU fei f e 

ME Sate Comer Riechotle Cu, 

Pie sca vos ren, 

i a ae 


, ; 

WIth pelercene tye tp ay: 
yl hee a on ‘ a = : ) ? 4 SY e 3 4 . Hi 
4 od " ne Toe¢ ad CC 7") ONE . NUaNCL ON t Parod mb! . ve 


a Tyrer ? r ° on oJ 
OF wiadf motores for AN0 v37t Clrevivs, Theq te me woF os 
¢ eke f Daan Se 6 4 bY .'f 


Faden : 2) | hd te : aie a. t a¢ aad , 5) a = 
i f POSES BP's FUTSON ear GTB? Yo O bat Carne? | 

Vy ge yes aig yes ee . - j 
MOREL Ti UM esthG Care, We have made one mode! , st idh ues 

tie Sean, cam ileh ¢ For 120 volts ), Gtuet satisyaghur: 

POSUEGS IM VOT resveet sane *he Irtetiare) ieaistynes it 
d fe te att : Care £1) oe 
fe - / 
offers to motton , Liat on loadad, as yon all Efe by. 
/ me 
Va cf e * +24 ; . f 
he accompanying ovrve sheet, 7h is‘mode? jis gona fncorgh as i! 
\ stands te compety sveeessfuridy, I think vee wtil see, owtth hy 

pase them bull 7 


hers in the meteor, and cnen vo ae Re 
coat and in power bet if th xg Fossible as 1a believe to 
improva the nee! 46 regards trtor om, “ore otf? he a 
oreatl adnantace igh tn OPFTETENO and pooner. AS 900% as 
meals me OMMCT PLT leech ines mOW Cita eonshm eted hare are 

Soplesa, we shaw be able , if Mr, Rdtsen fe satisfied to- 



: pel aes watina ese IS eane I a A tage iene eons to aan tal 

. z 
. , ‘ 


Lert : TUE 

Cth ee ee a Tohenk fom “hon? 


is ’ NER a? + 7, 8 of B od. 70. vols * peat oe ae nel 


You informed Boo* the Aer 
PMO edie, Sf ches ie ct, du you think 
Nein Leith MP motes oe have hes 
Career OCR ane ae $a hiton g OY BRAG we 

booth of ow 

S, ora *e the Sune £eal: 
oe i2com~Foner Predlio: Wire, 

Yen aenee SOO Bee RE Oo ate oes Me +t ge emer? aeeme 

ore ima ~acpery 
eRe, WO one bested erather scectaon of 
Jhoiley Wire for tarde stre ath, ith 
ing these alr ae suited te you, 

ré ineh of ertvss sy: 



2 hs ans 
A é 

, es 

tie Sirst model for manufacture. 

for wospeyeporr boos dori. 

letter of the 708, Inst,, 

ays ss 2 
ra Soe + 

Jol lon ty- 

After fiat 

HWM aVOL*® motors , f° 
‘img to the instrre 
"0 reeeive from Mry Edison and poursEel ze 

cher-Sneclar motors aie hirdt 

"e @ordd get toy 
OF thetr nor fuer 

could.optn ir cee 


he tepee fa cost 


ie, ame “oO tée oat hee to be competed mtth, 
Ler. ese eure sheets cf the three small motors yoy 

AS CUI MMe dals Were 2 ; 

LBL Btn 2) Of the 



Se? corrchcr- 

CO, ENO Pha pe 



Se ggige mete eine 


"IMD n¢): 

SULA Tes thes 2 py os ae 
Mey RE seeorG racording 42 Ibs, Mean oi) lis... tote 

Preveure 3160 fbs,, section of mtre 0, 0448 20. ti, Reswdt 
70,001 Ths, ber B0q Ire, Tha break was a fatr one, ané the 
fue ende are forvirded ty YOU bY express, Tats is she best 
MEONCE ~e com tiinis of Sor test ira ‘ha break mg stress, im 
"4 BOGONCO Cf spe t heating wschine for th. US I Ur ras ce 

, 0 es e% a bo 
COMMISS Ube orrauye 

ee eo el ee Oe fF meee > 2 
: +e. meses 

7 Peng se0aes 

hos y>pre et pr- 4 oye. Hy 
Pt BROYCOP ALR “outer 2. app Lament Ee CaNULS 

Choe larnt, apd Bo * fypecus anger ry: 
SRN Lari, ered Po Smeg vy » aM Ove amaty. ire SUCCES I” FL 

ci tmhed here, Boo the wm agattaye of t ; 
‘ pe RE EN Gan Fue oF the hamaes in Newson anv 

oy el eens of a nn “ . j 
mover ainrred, ©» relive thetosrapher, states that “ha oy 

‘48 beer oyt Mf foous ronchort RKhve oft, 7 Qbper: Q 

ey ooaga A ae ae 4 . 7, y 
are e F797 we Pit C20 ib 78, ¥ ‘ ve “OU be Ss. dO ef ar oe fg: Caring Jat] fpre Bf: 
es « ‘ ber ate a Cr add Toba de wt” 



CE 8 EI Meee the VN agpess caste } ; : ; a : 
ms ’ : COTS, “ORO INE ad, MEPIS! VOD Fp eae Bana ag Pe 


? iPrar T Nee eS et eee <a 
Cincinvary, 5 hea te oekni “ede fhe receipt of a chav 

APTN KL tg! OE pose. > rege - . 
Sraning Ghee Sb tee eo yf. Obs, and ase theeconatrustiyen of 
*he cable comiii te ao, -lymaty, 

“i, HOME Mee’ Pivada- oe, Please f+). 

Te ene etme ee 6 wanes eye! ee 




gages fo opeyipeet Py. : ; 
CY? Ch Pao Dy acy tae RY 


car ¥ (ee 

Pres Pee eee a Ty aX 7 

ae a ererany 

ed tie pepert hy 





21s’, Now, i 

eee SCY alee 2 CE Pineal 

Sieh Nésert.* fae ; it 
Ahi at pani linn Cal. | | ; 
"laud Leth- a er cmmee faa oe : Ineh, J eh: rif 
Sheet uecee tee etreunstente.. or mentios « had better fine 
Pe ESR ay he forthouiiang Srom be Bo sons experiment 
*re ore -bhank, before asking you fo take the Srorle 
Of cwmhinag ongusrteas comesiming «lar observattons ir mI 
TINTS PG Int be Bare little QUffleoulty in guth ine Sia) 
reales si1 9 thre winter although they have Jet penis 

abe spe. ff hore te Jet vou know chat the acbepinent rm 5? 
: 7%. -~ 

feu» LOD, 

FonearT fae Bhe os jevinent on aorantéatton as TI ate: 
Hoe ey by hempperaters 9b did ne suppssea ng: Sep tt.. Bie 
rea ES you thak ff 0 de pau sudftetent hes a TMG BG tar 
OMiaasteng If ke vrcer osu think tt ere dy | Egor ing I 
nae your Saute Saves, Doak fl ondy be plesaet 
SPE Na Bo tek ima be boo ydomed. Some one 
CO 2 oe OP 8OGR ec upapes ing > owe pet wad © er 
CEST Ee SEG ee eae, | rs * 
bd t Fae 5 
este oe Mt GA hae or So oo Tacos atl al oR are un oe SL ~ ene: rr oe Sie eateries set Se tom Lae, eS me aes et ; ee 
we ‘ ; 
wT . ieee: ~ 

21st. Mov, G0 
Cosh. kegar Sa. 
Gand. Manacer 
Katson Pllurvirotina Co. 
’3t0n Mase, . 
Date IP gm 
Me Retson bas relarred t¢ me vere letter to kim uf the 15th, 
Cho St. a Bane subjeert o; Station veltmeters, | 
Pf, Rdfson node sone “ime since, 38 perhaps you mm! 
Ano, a cravitey woltmeter tn viteh the mutual pition of 
’ | 
Emo ooneentrte relicws, 62 balanees aqatrst f Sired veto ss 
The winae ef tie instrueert mc Itmited te apout four. 
volis on each side of tle scro,, hut the tftrianant “a8 QUITE 

/ 6 
sensitive and veifable witrin that rance, qnd tts pointer 

o Vth Proper tilietuation esdd J have no doubt be uisthle at 
the necessar, Cistanee, ‘ita instrument? as feo exhibited 
Jataly at Mimieayceiis, and is axpected tek here very ehortly 
4s 200n as Il arrives, ; will ace how fir iz is free from 
_Steturbing nflumnces, Je field is my concentrared, byt 
* ts af course ini: a -uestion of forree as ta Row much 

‘sturhanee! fromidess:.. 3 9thl af oo a volivieter cetitnc on 

. CU rane a prrasiphs. a soe) Jue ce ur #} js oe fore bo ttiaye if 

as : er ES Ee Beet gt 
aa © SS es eae 

saree : i 
tance ot mp Sree Smee ee ct ee ne tte a Si ee a ae teinrh Mae ca RN CCE MR gt ee Fnuneaen® SEE ees ao went as gly ue tog ad Jotiaty Ag Acie dens oy 

~ ft: ¢ 

: eS cers 
tees te i i Ad : : 
Sub ae te te 
PPR LR the opel 
+ ‘ * . : 12% 
. re © On 6d 0 FF frpp 
er ae Air : 
es ani } a Lng ‘, 
{ oe, ‘ ere, Me oe 
‘ aes ane i 

Bhs id ‘ 
ety are 
. Pres oe t r 7g om ; 
‘ : aoprrite ody + 


fe . 


ot ete tens eet Pe eCara Maae ea nee 
: Sandee ae : 

f: 7 

24). Mou. 2 

He M. Fiver Faq, 
sarnerar Mavacer 

e - 

MEM taesey ave Perncylvaria Coneantrating Yorics 

; .. 8h “ass, 5 
det NS SS, Magis Verve, 
s figie iva <7 

ap begiy &0 vere favor of tie Dora. inet, , ang Le Duras. 
CF OTP cones rsat Tix eda bu tcicvohone, I heg to 2 SOME I, 
that the #4 42 Fatson Ayaan nen order for Ogden mail bee 
shunt wor! machine to deliver fuli load th IEC vgi ts at 

fs terminalis, The reasar yor hilo Inoreased precsyre, thas 


a ’ - 9 .* ee iy . 
YOU Ar@ avaora ENG addriter GP ook artery MIsmehe fo eimvye 


mach Ine, Jé 1s vosstdéla that mhen the comple Le sot of tosenby 
separators ts operated, tits dyngme may op unatle te supply - 
them all, but Vpresum oye ean Judge of this tong befora 7+ 
beecyes RECESSV?, "9 Omer a second matk ine: 

A separa*e ums tli be advtsab.? for the lighting of | 
tre bulldtn.:. 

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In reply $0 your letter af resterday, Lwould say thet 
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troucy: pee hoady ea? 1719 electrodes e Fa i; gurprise ye 02 YY? 
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oloose tue rr crindest regards i be Jadic 


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Facum Gener: leacvia Co. 
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rea Dowere ordered bu li, Wtterme We foue Leweeior mo Sper: 

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By rs hae iy care: ay ages esr Omen? Saya? I0¢ Ape | rape, 

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Br ype te de Lf 
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Afr “ork, 
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° a er ee ee” Srey Y . ey hee iy a oe, Vy, 83. : “ 
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the motor on ore aml, ame the adr te Go See 

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“ ret Lhe een mere Cat. J} ee a ROMED od poe : : POH, 
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i OEE TOMES OE aOR bG MS: Te fa tay than Oe? PIL DP ot OF 
. art Sergey: wf pene tig A'VI “7 tp vee, a i] psy Wy, 
4 sed oS s a iene 2) Oe EP ee hs GORE os Sf ee ar ae AY . 
; nS Fee a Oe BE a ae a ee ne? res a. soe a sae at 
c ate PEE ee ‘ , os i. Beet B , ith ; eS a i ea Pifase ol CE Es 
pow ge e We coal. J ' qi re ie soli te e™ 1 ° , 
BOS Pere 2 ate days ice A (20 ne aL Oe 7 2) aE he Pare 
’ i * ghd a ‘ rt Sam. 
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f7st of @xLees ore. yt eon aine MAS FUE g SRT Me, thd 

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nd re 1h: n o 0) 

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| Rétacn reneral Blectrte Co , 

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poles, youre fateh fuil ls 


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ey Ware Fo wed Bes, 
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New Keep - 
fm veply toe your favor of yaster —*. a@ate coneei~ ne ters, 
£obeg ia say Plead mney Cdtsan aus ioe plane off several 
regi renents Of the tend cinder yivtdration, ups oy canis 
Seating the ole matrers uw as 8  . as the presse: srasti 
MOORS POY wher prepares te «ore ¢ smploted, 
I thet la be gla te pres Tf ov eonstdes coat ‘eunfers 
ty je vasential, or whether mrenonieagd meters of oc ppmehoep 
METL sffieient, the latter being of ce rse in ail proba 
the iemeler andi ches: 4™, 
Conecring the Thonps rc Wott meter, we have me cists © as 
ami sr fierefard vrata 8 ste yo any waded Pepys 8 LGK 
OOMCeIMiMd 2h, 

Yours farhtua de, 



ro eer aa oe Pers Oey Orancae ee ' 

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Ty oa? 47°, Mer oor ay ‘ 

Phe % note" that 7 hove WInbO For ovontthing to the : 

Tnstthute atythede ert woes, 6. ope ges 

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ONG TES PraposBad uth hos Gomes 8 AIR a oro mether trad? 

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treatment uf that PUTS AEP MOPS eS UB CAG. Sa. 1G Es 
handled ration. ttealty.. Tk has DE OE Oh Ee AT Aa hY 
PS ne hk Aa, _ ! ee a 
"hewee ahs oo FRG Qi eoed weed carer “Set wuoudin heaeg area a 
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OPED Pai, eS GP age 

Tort sae Rime tran the 
Bde yin L” : 
LUSIED IRC BE Seri ae Te am or ésged, ant VITer the 


| Ue Msc OF Genel ince,  Plegse dat fe ail 


YOR a « %, Ter se TP 3 @ paper te ree. tol: 

x : aa i 
hE NEUES: Bott ee a ES) estagrams an al ds de secste, 

Yours farth field, 

y 9 
>. rita yy aed Fade ae 5 eo f i ; 
PRove sewer of wether, for Sl mony thapoea, Ag 

ee”. af 
oer a ess 7 Me fe. 7 
tate ‘ 49 f Se DULY 7¢ ?, ¢. } 6 Mids “49: aay] Q sD fe Por tp “Hy 9 
ee bot ~ . ye eye 

ae eee 

a - 94 wee y oe oe 
gn OPES Oe ins 1 ; 

t =} te . es Crea £4 } wae Ti "8 fee | 
hd s * 

ae] ? ga ae hs re , 
en anno eee nH + PZ ES gS Se OP. BRS Sars 
; Me TR caylee A Stk aterueme | spel 

Foor syrsye Nop. tse ° 8 ea ee : ; 
aR ae rem mia eee MA! Ss 2 TING ? Coieets Tpeonnokhs ones 

vey ae ropes % pr gga . : ee) ry , 7 
a) ay rere oe ‘ Al i: ’ eee”. Fa Apps hop 7 SMBS Ay om ea Met (Be ‘ 
? 4 or m 

rial bao fered, ard on flees minetes ¢ oon recite “he pray 
thee eat pub. oo, : c ae : . wos cede f e! 

; bye coe Co, Wad a “De oe 93 . ¢ 
facto, Poosra act bas he etter te hrovahb tomared co lone 

ote) se ata 
ta 4 / 

GH ET Mas Meesul ho unt oF the members, Jt well fake -e 

Cue, RIMS ETA) Surday te raset and transeribe it in 


Proper shape, cher Towtl] post tt 4% Mr. Pong. 

WI. oll Last witshee 

Yours very truly, 

A ry S. VK, es ali, 

t 4 oO  Maneomecan lea, 
| ?gmeer=in-Ce lef 
Brive tacperal Bleatvce f., 

Mig Mood, 


we Of tien cive orinte roen ret 

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OF eb os Bees AF nee ; ¥ 
i LOC PRET AOS Bie aCe Tun G3 

. Jie Pee ate sre amd the frame of she kAtson Truely, 
DoPein seo them te Mr. Ratsen and +’ are preserve.’ far 


ae Toadas hed te return es losed Mr. Jacksons report an 
tie ice 8 eompeunad -woune. aymenas tn Street Ratna alr f+ ; 
Ropes (OEY ae OCs sregtica re met neuclae such mae ina conor 

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Fi norte. caessfuliy o» the hoards af aveh omen ab Me. Feo cscs, 

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fo, | mend Baldrcat publi. The vouert fe interestive, and J 

/ = | Jair whe "they aré ithely be gine aaticfaetion atti. She 

Lye . : we igh: - ed aad ? 
Cannery ae) di, Ge Le DOSY C2 PRD KTS OG SOME AS 

( e fours fatie teddy 

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oe e i wate , 
F S33 ‘i - 
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4° se 
‘i ’ 
' 27% 6 ' see . ' ae oh . 
ot - e- ; . . ; . ‘ } r 



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. tee ae, Sy é ‘ ees . a a; . . 
i: ‘ o ‘ 
: t 7 ‘ ‘ put, Se ag det Oe 
; 7 fom: } 
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+5 © oe, ” . on ; rh te : a! ‘te : 
7 / ’ oy ‘ fet eae. q } ee ee if * > Se ey 
, ea i mae 
+ ca) er’ 
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re . 4 ats .¢ . ‘ . .¢ ‘ ty seh in, 
of ‘ a y * ‘ ' om uw ‘ ° ad J ‘ if rt 
a : ce a a ee ae sz 
i ae ae cpa 3 ae 
«s ¢ pone Te gege ee Fo vay. Pod es a ae 
‘ a tee : “ae Ul € o te a Poe oe 
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os . : “ 
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& 4 : ; , ! 
- . is “ ¥ PY 
4 meee ES is 4 : 
‘ : : 
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. : : * te 
is : 7 
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5 + * pre 
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ap tap AR Al seen s cae 


es ad - ‘ 
reg , . q 
ef é en es a 
; Te ca oc ae a cone 
PATER ee age ee sce ai 
“ a a ae . 
Cormad]d fyis ccc! 
7 r Sieg Gio 
AS acadh eat ie ; ot oe Se ae eo. eget Pee - 
: + : ‘ : on 2,2 PR er alam Et: e ; a 
, . . f ‘ FOU AP et aioe FS he et : 
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‘ err ; pores . , of iyi Po 4 toe 

7. , raed : ‘ pte (rs at 4K 4 oe . nis 4 badd i, 4+ we te ; an) aD es a Y 

foe EE IGS se ee a A | a eae ca Aaa 

. ogee LP AN Dey See } Mit ee * o, an eee ee ge ate 

i few: pare Pree Gees OE ONE ESO Oh ae 

* 5 a A , i e oa : A - er “yo, @e: ” 
NO00 GUO Fi ae res aa poet Vay * er eel mas Lp) 17 ee WIL OTA SEO}: 

ati ovestertce coord usec. t ats ubtendina this om cacanent, 
Agora othr tiesto oh mek eavs3 fo THEONVINTANC?E > 

ee a SM RL a SD IY eT BY eral] aseume that 


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ae center samey emit nintone 



25 Ree TIE. 

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Lehr with antl oor. orthing the deeiston «f te conatttee 

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: } A wo? ad es7h; ? 
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» f 7 + . “a : - Plie 
‘ pe Ok 


iM fot. oc ps tye ee RR Oe, onteh 

“V@ES, pam of ecvrse desirous 


ove in any ecse Jf cf wid cots them 


es sed tte a +3 at te aad 2s ane es her thar 


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“pome)ay slo pe 

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f «9% eam 7. 

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v eS ata 3 a Td ee ee ee Fe YO > i es 
ROMEO YGUT LOT Lom OF the Bt, anc on: 

Sorry $rat Lemcedie amable ba me; 
 aabLe ha me. "MY VISITE on the LPtin, 

Con RR BS Sot a8 og 

: the . basye “espe Kiog . ’ RRND os ‘s a 
FS SEORCES, “72 bethker defer the motte: 

; met? o4 oe: 
bet 0 : Vi. t q neu Ce 7%, I / & as fou Uys t : fet tne Someuviiak atfftouls 


. OR 9) t ia 3: on 7. : : 
ON 2 #0 gto upon « date far ake a. As bo Mr, Kéisor, 

a be 

Ju laeilattion cannot induce 40m to leave 

v? Mle . + 9, se “bt Py 
Pe VEPAVONY 20 prevent, While I am sure he would be bate 

vler sed ¢t yong. oo i 
I 7 60 pay yer a visit, 3: saus he camncet spare anu * ine. 

Yours ver; truly, 

Lith, Mee. Si 

t f ° ( : }: 7d 7? ripore gs 

zs Bos) Gerotneitef —° 

4s0t Gerce.?d "Leetiria Co. 

Magy lorie, c i 

Sr pe oe at a 

re S87? a= : . e 

bbe * teknevledge wv. beanies the receipt of twe blue a 

brane of herson Street CG ove details, and one of tc 

‘ pe snes of SORA. i | 
ie Mservatory Plants Th» ) | 
Si Jf o.smb “hat J dtd not .ave an cppertunity of seetng tie 
“ | plot betors you shipped " , although J have ng adouht trat 7 
| te OK, («> feet of A’ RW. hare copper wire will] be needed 
i for map otras, and aioe £900 feet of © 10 RVG. bare ccpper 
| win, for fled: control ing wire,  Concarning tha storage 6145, 
j i 
! 12 We oti he needed: f ‘he 150 amp.-hour type, and these 
, i think cum be chtained through Mi Meadoweroft a the lary 
y factory on lowrr terms tcan elsauhere, I do rot know he 

poy aay redard the matter but the Observatory vl] need soe 


i ¢ ® yee’ 2 j IO Te 
Aye of instroments not ~eeessarily very ae: wate ones 

: Re py grag t PR et 
" re : 3 3 bo ogan pbigs rtp Ro wry: 
oph Toy prope pressure rd currant 1m ehh org hee & : 


* ery (SPORES, ; wd 0% of tether wf | 

fa gee 
aha cry foot ae aa piet we i ¢ rei! o 
= wae 

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ye ¢ _ Para . o Ly 
se . ‘ i rw, dj 
see wot be Oa x , 
5 i i cas 5 ~ . if 

} . . « : } 
WM ee ae es ee ee Vf 
a, eg ged Chi Te, ; | 
2 . S 
“ % a ‘aan 



SH ania I ine os 
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I ara Be 

on i « # se Mb oe 
ee, : He 

(menace none ot see One e ‘ 4 . errs 

POI AS oe anna es 

Se Re thom a a 


‘ i . wn, 
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ae .? wos rreein By tee age eh, are ‘te . a 
% : an ey ee ea eas iY Pala ee J ¥ wes AOU aC es PR pe Lr se 
ch : a AM ee ae re a oe OP. SPs Lap F The RS Apt Feeder pinion 
wk i ay hb SY Sat ee Eee ee eee ee pes t'p) >. soe Ta ay arr es cae en 
¥ ht . AMG Tt ‘ TEL Gre ARC) cand Co ae) ae aie J S18 ted: e: C, AMG <7. 
IEE NS GEIS AT BO RS pig hob Paks PATO Ce apne t tes rhe 
i abe ty Dy0 . . " . = ne FP aed . 
. rage ray ae Oa 4} ti Car g Ly ae een ' ? ~ Aas SU >; vad “ye, Ay ns rtp dey 
~ pat A : t a ‘ al roy a ‘ LTE rT 053 / we the Dt: CVT a yw 
i 7 + 

me a ae Sc oe EU IER. RD pee Tay 2? toend 
xt Nae : . : (ia foOM id : 

ee barren ( rare re wegiee x & 0 7 oe ae > wy " 

fe raeear a i a ae Me Se wee Oth suddan2y, 
“ s ‘ * . ‘ . 

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i : q ot a a he See S co A oe Ce neat TE Bovek ape 
WLS | 

yy py Hoan we. , 4. ae : . . ss iy ef o° 

: ’ ee! Ee ia rope : oh oo a EERE Nake) i Saye SPAR ; f}) Tote pier 
Ad Yo J 

Fogo Ag , ot PS EE RR ROS Se CORR pe ae a 

“Oh Ba ees model ce aiestes. don £.097OR TF ree se 

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{ 2 ORGG Sh? over dp er perne evel atin: th os “pee tal anheerty sagt OMe 

. : ve 

AG ® 
et : Pe 4 aalts ‘ : isd Cen aa Ae ps ‘ e a re . eM ee gg a ) 
ey Re arma tpcs es igen Ted: Se ae are CAM 61 LNA be TS pos 

a A ie oe 
EFS ae 
Ҥ ae pe ey a ee ort) Ae ch a By a FS 2 ba Weg By aan 
MS eal Me ae ee ee) a ee ey Lie We SE ORS a 
. : : ‘ ; ok : . t . a pguncgee, Rusk BAe ag s 
7 were ¥ if eee Beas joer Beard | are ; Wp cL eygy by 22 Pggtt Fre eS i te 
: \ 

iy ‘ < . ; ; te 2 7 de > a a er oe 
g0%, "ha tele sertety sur sa Sythe wth standing bh otes 


‘Ef Yi 




= oF mg es Ee Dip pe Be akan ; 
BO ; MAE OU! Meme esary fer as 

> > 
¢s rele f pt are 1a &. 

Dibae! TP ad up, 



leth. Rec. 

Fe OC. fienderson Pag, 


sowpertirs Sees Se 

kttéson Geveral “lecotrie Co, | | 

eid ore, 

Moar Sip ee 

Than to enclose the data 2% the model half horsd power 

mohuP, welch gecordine to Mr Jnsud?is instr ettons Nas bag: 

this morning depostte i hts office, 

You mild observe that she output of the model ts 3%: 

mets ah an ivtave af COC or Full load, "he wire on the oooct 

lt eat oe a NE, 

Is Fomami coo tMWhlodly Insulated, If the sare size of eens 

Ctaneter oe tesen with a thterer insulation say A024 oe bes 

CO O,0 29 jn, the outovt of tie -achine will be the f ae 

; half horse never ant atche ba rote! of 400 watts. ‘ 

Yours. Ja tll pred ly, 


i. vo 

joo nha AE 

Consulting RLeO tri Cla. 

» . 
. s f eee s * - . 
vr ee . ‘ Pa . oe : Te 

Ss ’ J - 
F A 
. i bs 
. ‘ wank 
i : ‘ > er ole “a Mey ~-,? rr a aed Cau pion, “igie ness H 
An . 5 a poe “ Se 0.714, 3 vee a Lee BL nae aie c ' U 
. 2%, we 
- 3 v.,. i ? 4 he . : se . 7, . ; 7 can ee ', 
; , 4 SS AOE SEND 2 ee ge Bes Re, Bo ge AIS en 8 , a Veked 
a } ; 
4 ‘ 
rs ee eign Stee rope $ 33 28 ee re 7 ar ’ , 
a: ae Ao 822 Lee ZA ee . Aye Ge, 
| : 
$ ‘ 248 ‘ » ig ape oe u his 7 s Be 
ee Fra a ame eas AR 0 eM CAMRY ff Po e 
| | 
: . d 
* f ’ . 5 - u te 
APOE! Oe ewan eyt eh aha A eee Peay 7 ; 
. i ; Pes Mig Gal ‘ 
; ; ot dated . ; 
. ° ' D ‘ he. - 4 A f . ce okie. A She i, . Tate “tk <r". awe ‘ é 
O° Gf } a ane = OF [1:2 ‘s BDs : L fs? eS an re 3 7 mea Tess 4 . , § a 1 
. ? i 

0 ee Om yt . f, . , i CD ain oe tres dn eid =* 
meet hur. ee ae yah my C8 2 " a - | aed ed es . aes) co acne 73 Sorts + eee 



‘ ‘ oe oy : - - hie ‘ 
“yore ' Ae wget eet wk, wae fg PX eae fae ¢ y art Ns ¢ on ty a ‘ 

%. 2 i7t) Te aoe Sigh a 
Vihear, ae 0 ee nae 

AAA ; 
‘ Cee pepe Fa see y fees ‘ ‘ wh 97: 1 
¥ 2 Tp tapi te — ares 
Wot av! WZ 9g Dane Pr Sh Birk Ri ee F 
“. oO bi * 
INT OW PYUSI 28 9 FIDOR, to ranes. 
aa t By ed A Fietard #3 ae : 
ALLY CO IGT G 2, ~ “Es fed tas ation, Woveker 
Qis P (Roig? 2 7a Pee Ae oy as 
ee a 7 te Inerévsed itth odvantiage te 
ee rr Sra . APE ¥ 
oe a TW ee enw a OL PPrecpareing o2ltera&ktion in the eauters 
sete ‘“ re . Pan ac « 5 had tw ee 
XPS, OPA i RT gna 
ee ee wa ree iS “4 ier <atoeee. -% re 
ore? “ ae tan hie ee ye age - }, ee 2 : 
yay al raat et rare 0) omnes wae 2 were » O24 : 
oe Fi ms o | 
gas Pern wn oe 
‘Pes near ae F » ee re : ee: ow 9 ; 
PEP ELAM ET? G: fore of ame raging sade by other) firme, 
- e Ps 1 ome OO ret emr eon oe ee wee memos eee ke me aa CARRAe 20t hen amen: 0. 
Plooe Pulley itet .> 




, j ‘ I Tes 
sea : Aarne | 



Pt 8) 
se Loel 




; : ere [42 

Speea eas 

, "Ube LE 2380 
9 bry Lan 




‘ e ’ OPA jy 


j o > 
e : ry 
er ae ee oe c 
cL PR Tee ae Boe, 
’ «° 
Pears a Hideo ices aie dG 4 ; 
; Sie a May ca : Pete eg oe 
ary ©, 697 
7 ow 4 ’ re . 
bd ‘e , = 
? . ~ tre ' 7 , . , 
, eee TEE SES oge) NS 
“os oe i id oof ees 
ke on 4. 3 ‘ 
: : pire ” ao : awh 
/ eae . e 4. A 
‘ ‘ é és " an v : wows te24 
ca } oe 
TS a a Je , hae ae 
. 7 ee ’ "* 
Dy ee : Lo : 
; oe 7.0% 

oe ” 






hod fe 

ee . 

ape ee 



i vay 
eo sand: 


regular i) emate duynens sound for 120 volts v9 andu bet 

Tor 8 vomoneas, ane not O07 811) reed @ aood dea. of reniat 
TO8T HA | 
amen Im fie etrewit te bring doom the rressure, leit wtlpa lakes wy 
M Be ree at oe 

POPES V6 CVarce one set of aterage calls, Of course tf 
2, KH 3 : “ 

CEPR will avit the Observater,; thera ts no great tann, but 

my ; ; 
: Faken ka ssunself of foe inp, July last I »enttored 

STDS Sie Ses : | ; ys ; 
: Ser aM Ow 2 7 *ICASSILY Of a Soaobaliy wound LOM. att machtna 
gh * 
VT : a as , - | 
ae cod a2 sy Bh mother corm f cttem of later date. Tn pdacira 

NE An eseyy We. cae "yy Ble Seep peed ro. , be 
Bene CORPO TO. PNCR ON She wards oF > Fruest, befere <3 

SN BOR T TO: Gales Fie SP REAR ye. FE offered to + ~~ 

oe TF desired jor auch x casita 

See SCO feat of & Wiovire ou iseg was that +. 

Cr ORE ameter should oe at the matory to be of vce 

ceharaing ast uelloas f.0 ob ssing etmeyte. and feat 
“ee P1alies of the dyna cauld be sostradlad thru tae 
Pg gmk. rte s wttecue peau rive attendance ar tes 
Rimadl? (eform ce whet pou tl tek re best te oc 
PR RL el I Dae tie de PO: PIS LORI 


7 foes ae 5 aah Sa : ‘ 24 
PEt AE MAT etek ewes, 

ath, r-., 

t Fides See a q 
/ & 4 ¢ cd ile PL OY Esa, . : 
Borate. Inet Fat | 



sel mete 

‘ : Bo OE OPTI LA fee Pele Os 

nS Ra age aan 5 Fe Rien Soi SEE Sithen 

/ ifs my 3 ty re 

ee apap ee ae ng 
+ ote 

c ae war Gin: 

. i Phat to anne igure uour letters «£ yesterdays date. 


at a tio, Plant, | 

SR was een ot EES Ot CUR eRR Re Serves eee 

Poe plan thaw you onarttion af nsina ovqil storsoe ealls and 

RS BO crete ERE MI eer ere ene EM Oran 

a ctecharaing avite 18 7 tiv vers ood, J an net Fartlian | 
wen the Gibsen eelts, duh f aude chink that inthis o2se 
feo) wot he mecreasury foouse fis cy main otpes tic 48 

PYG fore alad b4cet the cpitteuity: can he sa readtis 

t ee a we at ’ 

A Pee og We Mave @uly rage: wh the samples os! wri: 

Oe ee Oe Re ome Om 

Taher ar EIei Pr Cases: 

BR MNES 3a Ou [Or Ae gor TT Ree 


om . : eet : 

Pie ORS. eat ee OO AS OMIT er eee roe 

ie “ . 
rn ifca td s 

re eye 

cay as 

Sais ie 4 7 eon “" 7 ] n ws ; } 
: eae epg +3 Sees ; yn q f ve : Lurie & 7F WOT a Pererars t 1a th. w.. SUP na 

Fare o5 

mC Prepare 2 ake) woynd For 220 poits Pro some MIG pte 
amt Aon we ; - 

: verre after rupurfae ture las commenced. The arnati rem, 

Present rr OVP Moulby, cut some erpertment tl) be metfid iw, 
Yn 3a oe OS 

Prroppa # GRE mesh aecMoteal oManding of hn Fleld -aonet, 

Yours fattdful ly 

Consw firs Mlectrte ton, 

< | 
: 7 
ha, * + - - * 
5 1 : rs ' : 
Payers vs ' 
. ; wey fe gf ot pete Tempe Tee thigh be oe” ral 
rig eer Mas | af 



Sayin age, ae pte : ? .-* < ay, S & .. ; . : oe: 
PoE ge > ak : iy : Lae ~ OR eo ; es ye. aen Lisper: . e 


ss . i I 
PRE og OPE BIE EN ESS EG ES ye GSE Cee aay Pp eS TS a8 ; 

eS ee AY SEE ee Oy! MP NSE LE is, RAC 
“~ ee “ . 

om ) 
q ‘ 

re Ee et SEE gp a PD Sey rie }: . 
SOOT 8s POL Cover Ele aun)’. : CF CUPPA. 

 Gehure as well 29 within she Sield maciriet. 

1 wien T ain the Sperry ren aa » ressatlabls, 

"T - 

l@ Port Ce ta on curthen + 5 ow 

LPRat PP OOL Fh@ enrrers heal Plows obrowni 

ee Ns ‘ P * : 
ne PEON Ae, el MOK : 


eos oh OT De 4 . tee patent tr 

Prejude “are of Be eomriy 

Samet gece 

re, ’ 
ORE, contre pa tag dpetayety 

Kennelly Letterbook #4, LM-114 

*This'letterbook’ covers the’ period*December1890-June 1891? The 
contains correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur 
E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, multipolar dynamos, alternators, batteries, and cable 
for the electric railway. In addition, there are numerous reports concerning the 
development of streetcar motors and low-horsepower fan motors. The spine 
is stamped "Letters." The book contains 501 numbered pages. Some pages have 
been removed from the book. Approximately 30 percent of the documents 
have been filmed. Some of the letters may be difficult to read due to faint 

purple ink and bleed-through. 

Near Sir {a= 

1 beg to acknowldge sour J atters of the 2cith. inst, with a 

| map of Trenton enc losens This 1s all that will he necessary. 

| . J will matl the result of a computat ton hased on the 

“ "data you have sent, tomorrow Monday. While J am unable to 

speak positinely at present, 1b 's probable that the result 

: wild not he ald that you coubd pish, but posse bby perhaps 

4 you may find it to he suffietant, T can call upon you at 

your Offtee any day this week, 1) necessary, at three hours 

netice hy telephone. 
| Yours farthfulsy, 

PF HH, Retts Ese 
Rquitbable RButlding 
New Yorn. 

near ‘Sir I 

I beg to @nclose hareotth, the chart of the Trenton plant, 
vith the drops and presaures marked off on it. The drops 

shewn on the mains represent the maxima, or and the potentials 


represent the lowest potentials reached on those sections. 

The mean drop inthe four ferdere ig 1, %3 volts. 
The mean drop to ‘ of the lowest: points on the mains, (reckonéd. 
from the feeding poirks GO the dowest points! is 2.4 volts 
: The dobest main dmp 18 1,1, the greatest 5.7 volts. 

pbs detayatnes eee 

The least feeder dnp is 0.5, the greatest 3.1 volts. 

Ail these refer to ne side of the sys: tem, ( the posit tve or 

. 4 . the nogattve conduc br only). The drop on the iho le 3 8: tom wil 
‘ : cf course he doublathese amounts 1 referred to 220 volts. 

" Kindly check the bsis of the reckoning ite te gtven on 

‘ chart, It ts usal to seek @ uniform pressure at the 

. Seeding points py Hain or feeder regulat ton. If you think 

the as sumption 18 7 ri¢ warranted, the calculation ean be made 

A Pan , Pec . Ni A 
ype the quposite 

wienstar: ting. Jt witil Rewever Pepe {Pe 

be given to you under less than 48 

more time, and could mut 

hours notice. the affect of such a basis would be to 

bring the drops in both feedars and mains nearer to the-ir 

reducing she heavy drops, and raising the light 

mean valué@s, 

cme tte 


| ~~ ones. 
: ; Yours fatthfully. 

CE: Kise, 


. the positive or 

oon the whole system wil 

eferred to 28D volts, 

ming which ts given on 
furm pressure at the 

lation, If you think 

30th, Dec. 90 


Jie C4 Hendergon qe 
Engineer- in-Chitef 7 : 
, Fdison General Fleetrie 0. 
: New York. | 
Near sir I~ 
I beg to.raport as fillows:- 
_Glass Socket, for Figirte Ianp. 

| The sample glass sowet received from you for veee ing 

appears to have ons feult. Te: 1s liable to crack if an are 
is started inside it by imperfect contact, or slow withdrawl. 
; The sample so crackedis returned to you by express $20. 

: your examination, The dmage was produced by an are of no 4 


areat power in about ter seconds. Iam taal ge 2, shiek vAat 
OS SFLb EF A aL ai 

the heat produced by th presence of the liahted “lamp would 

é f did 

not be likely to break t, but perhaps a small, percentage of 
such sockets would brak from the oe of the amps, 
If the sockets were ur; sheae it might be worth while 
ruming the risk of ther fracture occastonally, hut obher- 
wise Ide not see any guantage to be gained by thetr usé@. 

[Lishocarhon Insulating aterial >. 

This matevtal ts I tht not cook your considera tor fer 

f ed 



win ec Sana eS NEE 

any oxtended use. It tas two faults. It supports a flame, 

and it swells with wlature, Yt stands a high temperature 
~ gay 150 degrees frhr, - Jairly well, but even in this 

rvspect does not gyal several other kinds of ma her tad we 

have tested. 

__Magneatisable 70h. _ 
I beg to forward ly express. with the sample socket, a pattern 

ring that perhaps you may have used in obtaining samples of 

cast iron or mild steel for magnet te teats. In any case, 

ind] y have the pattern retumed to us, since all our post” 

tests on the magnetic qualities of iron samples have bavi 

h ius use, md it ts therefore @ very convenient 

. 4 
7% Aa 
bP FG 

standard. | in bates 8 

pi Rie LGATAE beat 
Yours fait hfully, 

1 joa eae LaF oe ri), Oe. ivf 
a iff nmnalley * 
i eee pe Pobyt: as "pif 
Consulting R teotric as ) 

neha Th thew” oR ea: 

made wit 

: s 9 agiteaty far aes tat a2 i 
Seas Agower A oobt i ae 

AYE” OF hare 

Jan, 91 

: 4 i» Henderson 3d, 


Rng near inch taf 

ree gts ad se oy 
Ce rc. Le 

Basson ‘General Fleotrie CO» 
New " Yorw.. 

Near SUR v7 


| | Ng. oh. 2 
- YT have vou favors of the 28rd. and doth. ast: dint 
j 7 < .t : 4 
4 et a Pope? Gee PR ee if : 
; Test of J/2 HPo Metor. , ee 
| 7 bea te enelose a copy of our recorded fthal’ ‘test she 
: i | MAP sy way Fert 
mateon AN0 watt motor, tt ts the last 0 a series of similar 
pide during tts develozment. sent you a copy of the’ curve- 
4 see OTHE to 
| “sheet made from these resuits, @. ieving that the arephical 
4 en! ° an) . 
a a: representat ton woulda be more Bereneanle: to yore Pion oe Rae ; 
i se ; : ; a ‘ ‘ae 7 : a een iy 
Proposed Street Car motor... se eee 2) es 
4 : "mn reference to your .ebte Q3 the: ‘ode, vale = btg ae se 
4 : Le ur fytek ha? he ie Me aha 
; -svejeot, I bed te thank jou fer charge rear. OU, 918: Adon, ze 
at LAME, ee a ee Se 
supposing that J ridht wave mace Oe Nate | nisnenater wats in. 
‘ ’ Aas 7 ° ‘ ‘ ad at eee 

> : my communication of the 2th. yn “g Ane. t nig Bie “agppori nes: Ty. Ms 
: ; ; ¥ ze ai aN #2, HF, mPEry cee it 
ay retracting tham, [ heiteues havigie? ERY, ABLE rt te 


Gi - “eer On als Fr . 
F ‘ . . Sal th ie ; at ort 43 Py 4 - me pa 
mistyca ip she rasvite ke rap rhed. mamety een fae mova: 


output of the nachtne é Madoustts, at 100 ¥ efficiency. _ 
Again as a oheck, tf the Bdteon standard machine be | 
considered, the size nearedt wc thts tn field cross-sectv" a 
te #6. This has g oor: atameter of 8.95" inthe field WIth 
a earvasponding ofoss~soet tom a7 F845 . ae Ute Tt. gnérates 

128 voitsa at 1500 Pr. ppm Om the amature ane. 46 yur. this 
arruture wire has a diame tisr of 0. 180, pare id HAP, a.m, ) 


4 a pith gq current density of sa: eum. ber te ‘ompers at. full 
aa #3 0, 

: | Joa. The covered dtamate 2 Wipk £9: Oo 195%, of 
4 i of the wie! one ors wt eee 

to generat 5O0 volt speed,” the cova eter 
generate olie at tie SOG lage Color mama tg 
pace: jould rte: ‘haitbod,,*6 


; : , keeping the sama total windings? 
hare diameter of Oe as, a thant Wiad to 

Ags « a 

generate 300 volts at 300 inatgor of, f,4 500 E08 phe oguered 

, diameter , abil! with the ot, winding apace,” “woud ‘be. reduers : 
: to be . Pee Fike "aged : hi ad 

‘ | te 0,098", a a bare dtarldver of pape t aise 7. Ts Me ar, th ei 

+ wire at the same overent deny ty, 2 rou ame one age amperes 

p boon radios On 

bAGI* the ee 

would be 0.09%" a 

eee ee 

e 23? 

The output of che madltine wht, fe nad 4 
15,000 watts to @,140 watt a. seat seuen times. e -: - 
tndam phe apne gandi tions ds those of the. ordinary Spraau 

: motor, J Suppose the prupdawd moar wortd ‘wait? a peer ty 
Abot’s iO iad, = OW 8. ty tak tny’ A uy ie Apiary aad: a 




“pg ie ap al ti 0 San dae ip ea hie 

-a wy 

ita pows falls to about 4, oe HBP PP ae BES Leme i. 

As to the. remedy, che on] y On& deems “touplarto nih Wiehe 
more tron and weight into the machina: pete 4 
ervss-section T would suggest should be ae tMrinide dégreat,’ 


Af i¢ ts your ‘intent ton LO rei tain ar CunMan anergy Popa “2 
em per ampere. I weuld. advocate SON om! ‘per inp a8, PRED. (RAS 
even that ts high, J th ink if yout Rav rion iforl. af 9.4 tpollar 

he er 

ae 4 you cannot hope Lo compte Troe Gero y! OMB Ith iniy 
o-poled machine of this Stags f. davbr ols vinavier that! Y Tike 
haue duly considered ‘that matter a wee Y OU! oe y wre vonieh shi net 
by space Yeom the use of a darget: armature. Mo! eberetesdt the ur 
winding space or entrefer wild ard yor! buts wh ik? cba ti be? bed : 

é ae 

carvied far without areas trovbaai pcos spariving a the ee a 

speed. I think that by using nit ie ae dgavy,” rg ae 
ak hed? Me 
with a larger entrefer, ands G07 en, » ( h amperes. hibbicg % thes 

electrical difficuliias wild hone aronnal ee Orr liy 1 Bedi a amu Pe E 
fpr Be |G 4; dap bOREN Se rie : 
The field controlling .aprensanenthapporen tee Be? 0 alt ant 
iba Pe) 
but J would merely suggest that rhachednyupaetdnenoy 1d he yt 


on first, not the light one, Atel eons (ad uae sabi nypentigegh 

Yoraes ten? : Fer fy 

u. &. Kennelly 

at%, Jan, 21 

oe 0 4 Hande mcr iste, 

So em es Ersoy 

‘ : baad 7%. 
aa Pe 7% i # ‘ ‘ ?. ei 
Pads ey ee 7i fF34 8 Se ae 
ig: ngar ine On ioy 
i ripe 
. ree green: ss ‘ 
Kai Poor GANG? 4} ki lectrte (tA 

Nesp ¥o ee . 

hear Sirs ae 


I hawe Your Fanor oF BOO gh. Snes 

te ? 

bea to enclose a daiy » ation of the winding for 

SOUP pripesad 25-HPy Street-=Car' motorrurining at 800 or mare 

rapciveitons per minvie, ifn re "gard to this, TF would 


wggest the advisability of enpoouing a serias oad traf 

Sour @0teaé spools on eaekh eor2, Thte wild be omuan Mette 

on =] 


and cheaper than a multiple aie arranvement, J aie: oppaud 
Aoweuern the hest miltinde are arvongenent that [ beaue zan 

Abie tu Sind, it ealie far n- less than three and one na? 2 


tnehes depth of winaing, oue- cordage. 

I do not think you will eta anything oy seithhing fron 

serias Ge muthtpie on amy aiypacvent sises ey eotls. Jar this 

cumsamase LP you mork the a..code up te the heat 

the °se with these vtndines, the omls affect potent iy th. 

og, B ee 


* ba é mer = 
app tara te Ree, rngp we havy n- guarantee that such may not 

ha jnadver ter y,or earele@ssly Fo applied for a long tine to 

the pos; 2 sible injury of the mening, With these windings J 
ne] 1ave mo accident ean under any ordinary condi+iong happen 
I? you use the series winging, I would suggest the use 

of Siela resistance to weaken she Sicld, hts mill save all 

Sparking at oviteh poings. bh. rerdy. des tgned. 

Further, 1 belteve that tha setentifie, practical pana 
mest econmumfoeal way to arrtve wh the best winds ing for a neu 

SO apply @ euaise separatedy averted : na rig 


and then make the final determivation from tre eperinentel 

Su tS, Fe ?” +73 78 @ PrARS Sa 7m ther ifo; 5} . 7 fo r eo OG the yr ¢ Fo ine 


the series winding will he. fC your advantage in tree 


Yours farthfully, 


Consuiting Flédarvclan, 

A aan Pde, 
WPRAGAC BAR! Piganee Nero rte cart ft 
Brit son Bharat! weet PH Ong Co 
thar Rip 

Y bea be aonnovtedge your’ fawr of the dra. inst, with the 

comminicat Tone of dre Hs Wari’ Leonerd of the 27th. ulfe, arc 

of Mr Jy Rinest ofthe Sirs: mete, both on the subjeet of 
small Edison motors. “With refereanoe to the former, Mro 
fdison proveses te adopt Mr. hecnari’s clas sification tf the 
site meets with the approval o% APs Fruest and vourselfe- 
in DP. 1A76th., LBthe, LO, te 2 1B, be, TEL and 10 
or in roure watt numbers 50, 10 400, 1000, 2000, 4000, 
60, and 8000, respoctivelye 
AS regards the windings of these stzes, all cf whieh 

Leonard recommends for SCO, and 250 volts, Mrs Resp 
sug. 78 that whisg th is off ceurse practicable to haw 
these 9 mings ¢ sizes. 1t may no& be commeratally 

Iruble o» aeonomiea! to haw the smallest wound for such 

: eens fed: e ies + a a ee i” 4 wesyece TRO rie oo 
oMesecres, The Uripoeal is therefore fat nue SO Pee 

one NPyy M12 caams the nore fair, hacause , as you are 
10are; we hane not vet been able to obte in 500 volt motor of 
any makér by which to ascertain the standard of prasent 
requirements, Please iet us kuae whether this arrancement 
otll for the preaent at feast ve satisfactory. 
As regards the 250-volt winding of the ly? HP. motor, 

it ts apparently tmposstble to replace the existing 120 volt 
winding in the same grooves with a 240 volt winding of the 

same power, either the 8; -ed mus: be inereased say to 2000 

revs, Po min. instead of “00, o:: the power must be diminished, 
att 2 fl . , 
BE ok 1 

It will be better therefore te 6 large. the grooves. Again, 


the existing commutator although suffieiently large for 120_ 
volts, is probably small for the doubled pressure, Would 
you therefore ask Mr. Kruest tf :e@ would kindly send here by 
express the first samle 1/2 HP. motor he can spare ,when con- 
si orted, ( withous field or armature winding on ttsand 
wen, find the most economical windings for 1%. 

Yours fatthfully, 

é ‘4 id Pie : 
Or s a Ae. eer 3 Boe 

th 8th, Jan, 8] 
oe awe fy , Kebibisiin eq, 

Bro tne im-Onhief 
Raison General Rlactric Qt. 
New Yors, 

ear Str s. 


I beg te acknowledge the rec. tpt of your comnuntoat 

uesterday's date. 

ions of 

Smell Katson Motors, 

oe OS 6 eee tre 

i beg te return ee the letters of Mr. Krvest, and wp 

‘diy Leonard on this svbjeet, acecrding to YOUr recvest, 

Marine Dynamo, ovo Nolte 4 

I did not take take into constdura tY¥on a compound ina of this 

moohine, I voudd of course work out a compound winding, but FJ 

think you will admit, that veh would only be a mere guess 

at yrasant, and that :nt1l we have the character: ‘stile eurve 

of the machine, from actual trial. tt is nut possible td arrige 

12 any certain result, 

idachantead Mat ers. 

+ eee - ae a 

f “ 

OCH IMeGTE the receive of three mechan: "eas meters 

a re rp. arg f- oe wel 
sige _ HAY EL: , f ? $ ie, Pad i fe ae *; i Si 

iia hd Ra cd A er ante ORE ATED 


texc up the, altering ‘eurrent moters, 

u altel 
[ Aave also ABtgeroeR itd 9 blue printea cf Sprague Street 

far mtrrgjras- per di ior, ard the: varta, We ape much ebligec 
fir these; and will preserve. them, far, TAY erences 

castings of Magnet te Jron Fon. Pcatae- Re es 

1 eee a carte em altbepnar tate: COO OGD 

Ir rent, $9 your Letter of the . ort. nsthe.on this subject , 
rlease lot us kave the reugh castinga, and wo will bring 
ten up te shaves ore ae 

Insulating Frnctne da 

eee one Gee eee 

te sponid be glad ta know iwhethe ~ you use any insiuia* iag onan poe 
gt the Mew York Worke, such as we once tested and map orteari 

to you son. Th oatalt we think p ove useful Im connec’ ion 


with the experiments being rade on smell: menrore here. 

4 id 

we shoula be glad oO nap wmbare *o chtain sume, 


Yours palthfulls, 

Q. €. Hannabty) 

Consulting Fleet ric tate 

ai 7 Fe goa ato *, £2 ; P my ate 
oT  @atteure balance. The « SREY BM Cerrltes a omuimthering; 

: t} 6 vy, i i a : 

é e- 

Oe fe, RP, Tee ty, 

; ea "3% L0th. dan. Gl 
CER Rig P hea 2 Lape 

Gor le Martiger Re toon tLivadvat inc Co, 
Ut ay eee ae Ruston 

Mar Sir ¢- 3 fas 
The Fiiison experimentad uranit, Volamoter is toda ye SAID 

ay tei * Vy r 3 : ake ¢ aren ‘ % ws 
le by CLEP OSS 6 Tha MSE rvCgnk CONS STS AG won ing? Soe: 

2 ha 

jaf uf we . i ay. eCrarlia i soleno 1AEs ie. . fice Wasi fe 2 ees 7 43 077 noe 


base, and lie ether svuanpanden tro and cover tt from one arn 

the suapemded anlencsidhas £60 "ops gs Jour éauers of # 8 

* Ae ~ boas 

aI sate ole one fot aif? Peeper ey go zy : ia 
BIS ‘ Las ? if » ve IK Lan s of sel, OR at! ine Se : ele Bad LrC CEM H : and 2 


~retsrance ith eommeching slr 6° O55 olen. She extern) 


ey ’; ; ' : ile. Dane Tor ‘ Pas ve “ts * " 
sulenatd, Ian 7° furans te oS lever: of AGS Rw, een Qrocdpe 
ee ~ « et H oa fu fe a) FS 

4 wes Sf vf ° ’ r; * it f ff F : .. . . 
wa westutane? of MH 5.36 owns at ls Oy The fry oso) ape iis 
‘ caai i ae) 


eter Fe tag perp © NTRS tad ah frp or 3. 3 Fe ; 
Pre TH SE Te AEP 8 ONT Baek otien trroveh s+ oanmmections 

Of fhe inetrePewt md ace ae incended to he joined un tx 



st pe eS : ey eee ee Pr ee ; Pe; s aj you % Cary 
“ of 1ES Hh Qu} a cad SM? s “ene of about oh h ; apa { 2s wn tater | 


Gar s ra, Pot Sar re a ee aN kane ‘. 4 : 
pea mM FRIES? (0% sat “hee: ae erorete bog att aus Bind Thiet 

5 a t iy . fe wg .* z A 
Re Ae fai die See cle a yi Sp pyc ts fy pit Spe pe te A oan 



<DE Aen. he ay 

po suite elean. as they 


Asea sed PORES Tir t. Toroe’ She inet rument up roth the 

Ww a 
presmive TIRE taro: gn the rdsistance box, ariploving bays tie 
first parrog hipebines tot +, (Parved general teratial and 

chy neck to ith See that Ore itecrunent balanoas freely. Phen 

° a ax Z me wan 4 eon hd . +3. - a 
ltpstfhtihe cavaterpots@ ao vhat iti potnter stares an one e 
‘ ’ z aoe 
, » . » + . ne as ‘ >. ® (i wg & ¢ a) 
verter of the scale when whe s’axcdard pressure EE Ly 50 Pe ve 

me 2 

Te holance can he i sidblailias Affected wy touont of safer. 
eaten wire, a shor lemeth of abich fa sent far som Ghat 

purpesa. The balance was corrae™ hefore packing, mh is 7s 

Geube sud tf tf wtls Memarr se as ‘Str baine satus afresh 


Keer out cost by the ecvar aré lf any vibrations are trouble 
jiesome Tra: query. tev seft subher as 4 base pads. 

pogouarctus wh your dispose? for anv 

= ey 
Or) foe ait 


bie ig 9°y- he des _? ae 
reggomab le aderee: 6% AX: ‘arimonb.. adsfuatment or afterc. ion. 

: . 4 ca . 4 Socpe . ‘ae wt wee if pei Poi +3 + 
It may Oe thgt fho cang@ wild ob guta@ Beth yous AME wens 

wee Che Se sorte 6 halen 


ae ‘ 4 a ra oe 
OU ONLY Reo tre a en $na east. toa 


“Tse Ee saesiie 

T ee pan’ r - . ; rs es é Beds py, af spy PR ~ yy wos 3) oF. sh 
i sone cblandansdind 88 f rh ba ry MBEMB Ph wey ole aE ee. Uy rLé 

HA fa 

5 a . as ae a PR et 
NE .. seta ig dae F 

hy Se Koompsiag |! ep PLE TO : za are SORE ft 


a igs. 

AO ee aS aia 

- 4 SOV arg Rsae ae det: 

7 MAasrg. Dvr Nost and » Ps) 
: Be 

: : 
: . 

ten tame, 7 | 

Oe | ae oe Fe \ 

Oats , poe ay 
; Get 

2 kp oe gyZe a, 
6 TETRA one or foe books 

that vor are sanding fee on 

 UCCOHe,? oma J shoule be 

+ f . . soe se 7 
OM dtged iP uw mevid aga the 


an Rips Peis per abe he so es ; a : 
"Sa lOootie pubiqogs reas of +... 
‘ : ; MS OP Caesars, Miomilian dy Oo, ta rhe Dist, | 

titan, oot age z ~~ o- 
lige MERE Bare of fal vi 

Ps) é > 2 . + 
“COR tSe@ on the yma tas wo? 


teas vf! 
“1S ey ot rap ia 3+} 


s, fe fF 4 
POR eg hay 

, i mo 4 
f, wv thoy PNR, 

f Oth wat $s 
net ea eg YY ater 

C1O% har ivviarly steaay 

7) ids , i es . 
Xo 7 OKrsu at B de La 

i ¢ 


Av vf Leemys hay, treat 18 on BP, 



ted DO Pferential FOuat Loans" 

Ie, ge ; . . 
Py Ble th Pooky ae 4 


gE Sie et, os phe > ’ 
Looe g * PT ae 2 a ri OPP: a " 3) ‘ 

« i a . 
aay ae pede rrny: Br OF yt. at ” fo” . “ rr, . 
NO PEE LN Ns plu, ees re ee, 

Yours faithful is, 



208, Jan, “] 
& e- Insull Esq 

S@C ond Vieg-Preg ident 

Fat son Gene ry ] Flectr ie Co, 

New York. 
Peg ral S z r o~ 

in ORGY 40 yo 

ur fav gr of the 13th, 

are Itght carnons, 

t78C. om the Subject of 

adares seg FO Mr, 
SOn Aas refe 

Ta] UG) gy 

Kaison, ang 
ON FOR letter Mr, Fai 

"ed to me, 7 46g to say 
“iat exPerinents hane heen meade on "he matter, Ihe results 
“YG the POSCHE ime haye 

heen, tagt tl has been Sound DOsse 
TH}? Xo MAKE CaPAOM logt m3 21 Rours in 

the lade ratory, 
Dus the 

“endered SUL f Te ten? i 

Mt, Batson 

Gl hod bag ROU vet boar 

"PIC tieal por GERC ra) use, 

intends £uUrsuing the 
mye Led pe reas 

BOOM ag j: 

a al Sha tl gs Some 

I. Hutehinsen Rsq, 
Genl, Manager 

fidison General Flee tric (0, 
New York Works 

war Sir ito 

haa ts rebor™ that ve have tegtad the amie 

hese 3 paatp Re aha toni sis 
SE ek a EE ta, 

Mae Creal, TOON DAT 7c your lett 4 


7a"&. "Hero! ike ", hts materic 

Mrs a Little infertor to Veleaieston 

2 0habL i; al) other mibertals of 

] ee 1 , on + te ave ws 38:3 > 
Ph 8s Doers of wesistine bess 


eh y By pry ae p , ee ; sai ye ak ge Pio 
BPC b boi d Y ACh 77 fame ae fig Oye bE; a PET en ez ‘Ge 

epee i ,? Pe ny Ji seep andy - ree? Fw te ge : peek 
“eperature mall, Th apoash: “a OF T8S wayehs 


AMS ? er 7931@47 a LE i" er al aed ned ry Ae? a 7 oy, Th 7 Ss ia Pos } 2 
; ‘ - v at 

nd hoids a sera thread we) 2. Glthaveh it te sésorat 

“he only eonon reazent that Mm Cilube susuttons at 

. ~ i } f : oy -J : 7 », ed Wart 
Ps @alsttle sedu, and this onl! softens it 

T it. 3 3 ph se a t Kis 12 n r heap tire ? 
RY £454 eerie o ed & web GER TTS f 

"ALE 2 weg read 

ee RO gs 
Cid hae: ABIES 4 

haison laboratory Orange Neo di. OHM. “an, 21 

Pear Fessenden: -- 

Jor your leather, J admira the gall of your correspondcest 

Irs density must be infinity to the 2Ath. Power, Thanks *oo 



for the book, hich ceentrary to all ctviltsed usage, J 

i‘ rerewith return, The story you indteated in it, I have perused, 

because you are a tempter, and there is no health in you, 

“1a satd story ts good, and fits my) ou case pretty well, 
exrcept that I had tc learn the Kinos of JNudei ene Terac:. by heart 

GE iB ta eel Hicaie ets 


a 4 h say ae eee , : 

Hy am Ahorrinakt ion Of adesolations not even Mepted ot pu. (ther 
i ‘ Pane Ser de Le e 

Jotave digested your proposétion ceomcern ing the bails 

und rid. fu itself, of course the daduetion ts untrmeaehe sia 


but If affords no elue tu the beohvvior of malceuien im + 

Bie ue: ‘ 

“bscned of exvueriment Partna te foarine har eo ke 

ri a the 




iy teey DF oe ¥- 
Cis, ING 1it 

ia oy 

f 9, 


ox 5 


- g* . ae ne Be Z, ra0gy tam oo Pay fone yy 
Of mewn froe potha, cag ureboaiie trpaets, 

May your digestion renain ever good, 


jear ir 

dD beg fo Shamk teu for Tour letter 9° the Sth. inst., and th. 
< 7 

wire Table that aceompanted Th. This table ws ver} comprehon- 

sine ami useful, JP viid certainiz he vers 


iticism, T woul? 

If you will allow ma a er 


you have adopten as a hasis for :our compila itn, Matthtessen 

mile unit. This unfortimately ts open tn objection, Matthiess 

standard is in reality a mich devated matter, and 7 have late 

gersvad on a comptinee of the Inat. of Rlevt. hing inaers ( NM 


appointed £0 determine what his stancard really wise phe 

comtshee decided that patthtessen did now fimse iy ahtacnr 

muel: we taht %0 the earlier mile stamiard, bus hased all bis 
besi work on as tandard sofy COpper ntre 2 mecre dong amd 1 79" 

pylatanee: of 0.02087 2A olms oF 0 C 

3s Sa. eee ee bee tes : 
tnt chine tor Sauing 2 

ea peststturty aff vn ig IGle micronms per CeCe abo we 

of the best value for the 
i find the 

equivalent bo [539 ore mporan was 

chm expected to reeetue yard sqaentary AafMerh ror. 

4 or 7 FS A a ’ , 28a, ye gn 
vor hav ioden 1s 1208 whi ah sierra fore PeDTESER. 


dle ON APIAUUO2> : tee gee JEP eds 
Bat SoDper ae a rem ray ee we we ae fare 


reT REE Le 




aoc ewaremrammeanet 


a Al 
o 8 re. 



petit enim 


2 ew anna, 


ae . { 
& : : 
= : Ny 

J. C., Hendarsot B8de 

Fngineer-in-Chief ee ae 
Adisen General hlegerte Co. 
New Yor 


Near Sir 

J beg to acimowledge witk thanks the recelpt 

yesterlay enclosing Mr, Kruesi's report upon the pull he 

found to he necessary to give to the periphery of a ear wheel, 
‘mn order to start the car on level ratls, under varying loa's 

The ajta is eertainly valuable, but in my belief is 

= ar 

decidecsiu above tp2 average. It might he called a fair 

macctrauam J tat? 


under ordinary conditions with level rails, 

and may perhaps represent the sfarting pul] on @ curve. 

‘ne pull stated 49 you mid? obs2rve from 1,87 to 1.51% 
0° *he votal weight draum. Ina our oun experiments we have 
fom 1G to lsy 

¢ ad 

to be the mean values. Th’ moving friction 

“ging jro. OP to 1.0% on level, J attribute ..% Se 

y * i é & rod 
hiaher values to the fact that he states his observar se 

have teen made wtth a rape round the periphery of Yc whe? 4 
( rpesumubliy 

one wheal }, and a pull 3 

applied weus. tend 

ae : sd = irs 
Ae Fe fie ye tea 

of your letter of 


sy as the venter 

Oils aid gig’ Bir Be as 
ee CEE Tae 

2 ' 

he @xperimensii ls. 

imhen the materialé 

therefore Ghat che 

said to take tlace 

nreater differences. 


gs hye pe hs Pret inh t ? 4 , - . efead pony 
come the Prtetions of starting, ana mozion 

‘on starting , micht account for thede 

ts, she pull would be best 

ef the tuo leading ikeels 

oan men 


tee cifferences abobe stated. 
are bested 7 simpic contact. {J suppose 

boxes on the rearings 

Yours faithyul ly, 

0. 8. Hamnalls> 

Gomsulthig Rlect ric tte 

BPC PVT Foe Me att 

Mer sen Geneon Peet ria Oe, 

Nez: York, 


J beg te aekno-v] edge the receipt of your fivor of the Darth 

imst., and also the sample of copper ore to which it refer 

‘here are saveral ways in whith this ore could be treated, 
Us probably You Mai; have considercd, 
ist, Ry roasting down to the form of oxtde, and then 
recueing to the metallic stake by carbon, 
ee Ry chemteal reduetion from solution by tron, 
“aRY treatment with sulphurte ac 7d, and elect ro~depos ition 

4 Mp? es | 

mo? resulting sulphate solution, 

"lee Preatnent with hydroahlyria ae id, ond eleetrodeposition 

Jrem the solution of chlorides, 

The ovestion as te how muek LOWGP MULE be regutred Jor 

electrodeposition, is a minor matter compared with the general 

cobgtee *9 be fo} lomed, If you wish us to Fursue the maygter, 

Js Qld suqcest cbte ming a cory of as. Vy made hu the barvies 


de peu ee aa ae Reeree ate E Sg anpinp ae ; ees Pe ey hein yeas 
OMIT GE CREA LE RCLar: ve TE aor dd ther be dagsier te Cee hae virgen 

Oth, Jan, 9) 


tno mat other metals may be 

mtter of this kind Is a 

Meson PMA tbat oo 

rn ft 

mora than a clang 

6, heewmse .% 

tuo ge ttederouttien, bel a shoe sehene that demands 
Mente tae CYC ebs 

, e oe . '. o/* ;? - 
Youre fat thy ar, des 
Qa, &. 

Consulting Rlectrictane 

ie Ce 

ha eee 
arv*e =P 
pe. tf 
ce < he 



eet % 



the GU! 




ap af 
oe Aaa 
; mom 
ad / 




ropes lesntbles te arranze He bathe tr gertas, and so 


oc ae e vrnr ey al fe ; ; "ds © ~ oo 
cpetd “eter dyunwsos. Still the peessure desirable gor conveying 

cay 1400 kilomates .s distanle ef } LA miles cold net he 

Cd aa 

tags than JC00 vects, Qmd this would call for redvetisa at 
the Ages 26 100 veits at moste 

2? Hest cuestion is the area ond capacity of baths 
Merg ssain £ we mab think [can ansves thad with any graat 

: ~ i ak . £ ee Pee, La. > ws my 7 
deqvee of prectsty,s in tne ASENCE Oy ACRE iandgriteia. “rial, 
a area ailowse im conMeretial practise vgrial aecareina te 

Yon 7 . . 4 ‘4 “ ar i rhe f 4 < on Sy G 
cf Pewascenc. * froin 4, S00 so. pas OF cathode aeftine Surface 

pag bon of x " ") ra : * ~ js ~ . . ry sf SS ry 
ber bon of dally deposit up to as Aig? ac 32,000 sq, j*eo The 


cheaper the noner, the more amivuntagg there is in trying te 

eemense the wiahting surfaced, 63 fits atminisies Yiret cost 

ae nitaencnwe, bug Sneregses the voltage on the aaths for 
he same total ouerent, After the ltmtia ef oreveut that ean 
He alured with eyeceessfi. treatment huve bean foun, it ts 

sual he déetarynge by successtad estimeutes the best eeancieled! 

. — ig 4 : 1 jek sigan “=e sateen 
Cah anmeg 9 uNeh E40 eoet oF debor ane pocver, 

sa Lee we EA ae es Np) 



tf the process 18 suecessful, 1t ts éasy to entimate upon the 
cost of plants 
fron ring castings for magnetic tests, 

: : We have received three rings , one of soft iron, one of 

hard rom, and one of cast steel from Philadelphiae We have 

not however received back our pattern, We will report the 

ieeuits of our tests to yous 

___Are damps . 

We have also recetved ten are lamps from the Sperry works, 
as requested by Mr, Fdison p Genie A734 as ordered by you, We 
have a3 yet recetved no instructions from Mr. Edisom to test 
them. snd I presume that the matter will be deferred for a 
Tittle wile» 

: | Yours faithfully, 

sy GL. 8. hennall) 

Cop-sulting Fleectrictans 


Garner Hanagare Fétsan Generai Fleccrte 
Schone stent je 
y reeverdayls date, 
Joshevid think mains #8 1:0, and 2.0 woe 

te at phony , eo Se * : ; yo wate 4 . 
‘na cerana for Cy; Hiecig Lan Gul. Pou 

“wv =) 

Leg r  foeders may hove to be we Rs 

rit form and of as fou different stees as possible. to mect 

. . souk ‘ a Vy a 5 = 

s “ ~ 
‘ : 3? 

Ces 7 

Cons iting BLl@C1: 10. at 


Tk aS &diaon Roe 
Dear 81» 3 

J am writing to hr, Henderson tonioht 

recetve no instruettons to th@ conmtrus, from yourself or From 

i im, i nes te evoke wort 

suing that rf J 


wei To Cnetnnati, AB the ail oc 
Askerwivkine ) 
*he weeie saidh Whi he ready J trvet for your exaninatton. 

Ald going weil, ne shat? gat 

the lt, and ivi (63s, HP. moc 

motars off te New Yorke The one HPs modal wi ii have to watt 

veCause cunsdderable ehanges iaik) 4 robabl: 

a fy 

have ¢: he made in 

tes pole preces, They beat 0 Bacéde In Spi bE of their nresens 
hominat tf om, anh 16 takes nearly a Pe 9 rum che motor Lraht 

Cf i mtr’ 

We have 2a ecod seheme for laminating the poles however 

Jimeiu aa may be aestred, which 021 
Mmiotine at ahovt SO lbs., and J Jeel confident now that » YOu 

can te up to Sor 5 APy thie vai, tf vou wish, 

We are justi tiying the Load eaverimental iyoonm vour 

ready for *oinorrom avery inchs encertatmmans: thei 

Of course we axpeact ftocd? 3 

have a man ak the ear Che Dae and es BOvrISY Mray Bilesn Sod i) Gage 

by suggesting the AvViCGDT ty ef org suring 


Of 2M oeniconte J 

Pa Ys Nae TS Ht NRE 

‘ TOE Fehue) Bu 
| PP arog t : 1 
E Deve Macias : 
uy — Ve cumtletpate mo ore err f ter} fy with the lighting of the : : : 
SE arn ftontabt tran eeevrred last night, om upon any simtlar | 

pravious cocaston of musually large supply, and every 
breeaution will be taken. At the same time ginge ace dents 
ai ape be oecur when least expected, and any wnforeseen 
cetdent might axtingutsh for a little whtle the lamps in 
nour house tontoht, I would venture to suaggest the advisabil- 
wy as @ safeguard, of having of] Jamps lit and accessible 

"71 case Of mischance, wnt1l we could restore: the electrte 


Yours fatthfully, 

Ch. B Kemal 

ee ee 

bos aver LE 

send itae ai trie one 

Dear Sip %: 

llttis Faby, 9) 

; ra wW Feo, 
i a a ar “e = 

ets) ot | 
SAS Getter Biprtrte Co, 
Mey Ve i, 


aSH Ing when ie can 


aN ee MET oe Paver of the loth. inst. 
ercbey. ct Pag goede de kiacd * ° > 
eh S Pergaen magi Raison modeldea to the Engatineer~tr-Chicf, 

d hay aay hhat we sent word tio thea Second Viee~Presicant* 
by Mr. Rutler who made the same ermyulry a week agors=that we 
would deliver the L/&th, HP, mode! last Wednesday, and two 
others, 14 and L/iethe, at the close of this weet, TJ 

wawid 2280 Sey with Your parmission that vse have lost no time 
tr. “he matter, ani that to umdul uy hasten the delivertes ts 

not only to tnewr the eritietsm of tha hingineering Department 
for incomplete merk, but also te de bad service to the Comeany, 

J tetak that if the Seeond Viee-President wee avare of the 


‘ime that each model PEG’ INE Ge Persteert 3 tC, he vould CMP HS 



aygih? cbyetion rather than dissatits Tyacstyor tte the Jabs ratory Ws 
SUPK, Yours fe tthfully, 



PR. Ae Mllaon Rev, 

hear ftir gm 

Me armature of the 1} HP, motor, did not get ver. hot 
when revolved in the fleld om open cireuit, oui the poles aid, 
Wa opener the lantnatiens Gut ilthout muck impruvement. We 
have butee the magnetism fhreough the armatvra, that vie have 

in tha Halt WP, model, and the sama sr almost the sane density 

whieh means four times tie foveault energy roughly. Mre Ott 

trying th Tamer strip welded, but if th is dees not onsmer 
have a plan that will, with ne dravback eroep! CElaye We 
note ubat vav say about the elosing up ef the pole seetions 
in the L4G. HRY model, and ve are cvarding against this 
tie inserseon of thin mtea atrivs at the time ef wtucting. 
J think you will be sattsfted with the 144 and LA 8thy that ow 
send toN. Ya next Satvréey, unless some accident happens, 

Yours faithfully, 

O. & Kemnntly, 

YY. 7. Jenks Fs, 

Secretar; The Association of Fdtson Tlluminating Cos. 
4 Wall St... Neu \<~ 

near Sirs, 

J bea to acknowledge the recetpt of your letter of the 
ult., and also of a copy ~ the first J] had receined- of 
*tnutes of last meeting, T have not yet had the pleasure 
cf conferring with the other gentlemen who arc named 48 

memhers of the Committee, but it seams to ine that for such: 

expariments as Hi. Fids+.. ' vermi: . .be made heya on be 



subject of Lightning protec*iun, No expense woudd he ineurrea 
by the Association, If the Committee should see any rec"? 
‘ther steps than Yhis, they would no dovbt lai 
the matter hefore your executive. In the maan time however, 
T think that 7¢ would he an important matter ° cin 
definited b maans of a ¢ireular addressed to all the membets 
of the Association what damage is yearly done by lightning, 
the valve of that damage, am. *1 2 Of tt. 7 shovlad be 

alad to know, whether tn the event of the committee formall, 

heing desiraus of issuing this typeewritten circular, you 
A : ets “epen ; tant ete et, eeu 

en ree gee 1 a et 
TR a ee 

cnet seen NSE ERR ES 

once Sbigaseamnnmlss aniacacenmnessetin me semone pa meseemte 




tor in te mga .g Po 


b ha 


eae a 


tet Foedm ane any Na 




ond. Mars yl 
af Map ¢ 

@ COL: 



eee tpt 
Pine ima? 








}, ee 

(20 WD 
aT we ee ae oh ee eter wer ee serene 
ge ade 


New Y3 
r Ci 




 oeditiattatnnemneeneeen eterna 

I beg to acknowledge ti 


J.C. Henderson Peg, 

Eng inecr=in-CYyief 
Dear Sir t= 

Nd laun 

J beg te enelos 

and also one of map 

Tee oe Rae ahs EK ge 

FSO S Henderson: Kagy 
Fngin@e rem & (Alef oe 
Ndtison Coneral Fleetrie lo, 00 

| Mew Yor He 


Nea ys Sir end 
OT beg te acknowledge the receipt of yovit favor of the @th, 
2st imate of the enpaniitury 

. inst, ‘ane boking are. ant tetpated 

for’ Cinetrnati underqrovnd werk. The mag yeu mention has 

mot come te hand, aut I obeive cridceavorad hy aeranination o y ¥ 
Ee ete PO ee Pe give cicr Bm dred That ean be 

se¢ . ~ 

tae 23x 
2O-00M, oskiek araa shall give as mubh Ftabt ing 

™ fed Aegan 
comered for 

vite tne mintryge idle eopper in mused feeders, 

as pussibhte ovis 
be sed to think that this 

'n my other arrangemamt, J * 


; ‘ 
ape den Fae) Bi 

Ger can be 

UMA 7 SLIgese lors. 


ype ne 
A oa, 


the system 

Phe ares auyeren im tha Pirat wutlay plan ié rapresented 

vormeffietal lcoking map enelosed, Jt represants 
a fuiad Load no’ axtgading i00 amperas at 280 volts, or 
Hid pee Ole usw Dares 

fF BOLL be bester able te estimate whether thie plan 
Ou Le MNRAS, BN budeek CAS J: knew the. amount that the Laying 
Of the lasé, Cincinnati, cost vou, The first 
eatimate for purchase and trenching stands atq221,sé2, 
IT suspect: that man he tee heavy, but it can be redueed to 

wth, Ode the amount.of the second estimate, hy divertin 


joedard #8.L0—I from the course laid-down for them on the 


chart, and running them via %th,, and Main Sts. This will 
nus Inerease their length but t4 will vender a trenen NECASSA'y 

im 8h. Sh ‘spectally for them some SAAD feet, with the: 

advantage homener ef lazing 1500 feet of each at presens 

fel of B50, and 2°50 respect ively. 

Of the total length af main included in the first cutlay 

rheet, £730 feer ara marked as Siemens cable, but as I bel eve 

ee keres are netloin reaay to supuly this yet, ordinary tube 
¥ wis ’ 
tad s@rpe nearl as well , 7 onvld not be go aced however 


et 5 a) * ea g 
he dess busy part ef the Cy ry 


fleferving fe the ctttplete deteminavion, Mr. Raison ti inks. 

a. very Tustlugthar Ie would be eachtar mot 40 ampelou smalde: 

Peete ven fei APOE S CPLR ot 20, Frave net abd tered? thie 

5 x : 7 & 4 o}e ; ae ge 
Stang. Be careld reesmmend that 156 


Se Te ee, Tor Shee Jeol Ae oie exuens: being & BOO, 

Tore ot. we BM FLO feeder Ts ealled for in the firet ovtlay . 

In the feede® sheets for first ovtla,; as well as for 

: compere lant, the # 2000 feeder jis astimated for on the 

haets of-hoing mare vp in *hree saparate tuhes, from Schenectady 

ftaves. Tan not jsvre whether scu might not deem 1% advise 

abie unm the seore of eecnomy t: similarly boiid the # 1500, 

Tf so the extra oxnense for 3 tubes in this fecdar tli be 

90,40 per foot, which iq] add Zann to the $ 204,000 est imatc. 

Ald. valuations for CGat of tubing are taren frvim 

. \ 
Priee Lists at 80 & off, Greeee B# ISO, £ 200, ond #4 1030 fos 

whieh wrices are net marked on list, 

In *he 

completo determination ost imata, cia threes 

~vbher eovaercd * 50 kiah tonsion foedars asc ret sgrctmiioe 

fer we 7 -dt 

Teds ABC a tex : 


,- 4 ook oe Sig hiae a Saat beget cs . “ és - x 
MOL WRG gt ONS INE OR Fae figs 

Yoorra farthypullis, 
- (4) i’ Ae 
Ar fe hapa. , 

Consulting Bice rtetane 


ss A cpt ga on pte: namuter dite annersearatt 
7 bs, soeiecay ‘ — 

RBS oe eB PR TTNRRRIE ag Res aRiEAR RAT OR Me aig 



ApedietLiapiine antago aan eammegmeet yo aon 





., Phe Central Station heing situated hetween isthe, Reo 
Kim, and Plum Streéts, the sys vom will padtate from pees 
4 . point t0 a distance of nearly one miie in aver; atreet ume 

This coughl:.: etrevlar distriat viil be operaced bi Guo 

clee*rieal prassures, The iuwer pressure, ov first , vill 

bow > 

e gt ae Pa pang ate eo Jy ayes. 
suppl: an tomercetcele of abou’ half amis. In radius, 
J ‘ 
So bok hee ‘ te D7 agate » 69 ’ hoe ee ey 
wbide Shae seound eecea@oda will comtroi che ob ca) VEG Me 
ra 3 x fe oqepee a Pe ag? ath Shh Saye be vl : wey , up ne rye wit gs 4 pot % Ph) 
P ic is eon arene no cee <a 12 8G Fe a ay ers eu ee ones re tots 
nt i 
; 3 : i 7 2 St oe Cat ah vp! . ; ete 45 ee has ae 
bie rar ot ag: ub 2 H COATS? We Ts, “es cs u "S$ vy G h a4e if? . Thi sae aan : f a ob 
j ¢ 
CG Ahk “ cet 3 wos ? 
c P ' 
j Wal Eh Lae ' cae ee, i ‘ 
- oof , a hag eet os a eevee” ay Soo fF her pies wy Pa va: y J ry eye we aes Ph, 
“ap hele Tere anh Sole So RE ABE OD Fe TEE eG 
: » coy Dein Pe CE feiss es se Per or iids aus eae ae Pos fe . Pepe ele 
4 f: { Mf ThE oe On , wd on ee Se Fly an re | we Or Hh Ges ano ey ory ? te r, 
| , . ’ 
i Pie Se amre ae s4 ey oe ator EM eG SLAG D Aa Ca . 


» ’ w] «! s r ‘ ‘ 
} } 2 a Lee | ’ Pa , Ha ae 
fu - C Chu ie ron a a? i ~ 
, ’ 7 i ? ; ot pep yt x 
cin ad EH iooPe hy } , j 5 & 
‘ % ' ; 2 yr ‘ 
Sot +, te é 
he? fe 3 fh Sara Leiner a ‘Loe ‘ f Lae eae 
# ; . 
‘s ~ ? 
ai j yO , 
t f f is i 
‘ , : 
Li : at . 
~ eT a Aone a, 
« & caer & 

‘Seta niranehowaer arae sis Mette Win haan tn parce etn 

stb tacitaetben 



Tale: Ban 


cae bas oe a an 


on the omy up tO BA fn! of he Sreoneheanen ( 2400) fac” 

bud as not ess tras’ 2 Jor inthe total expenses, Tris 

“papte feeders swyorated at 2000 vo it. pressure at the 
ROE fume end wou Leb be amply suffiesont, Jor the supply 
of the sécond distrtet, woh toh 19 not otherwise ineluded in 
the? present detarm tyiat 16%, 

The first Gistr-tet 18 oxpacted to being , when fully 
developed, 4¢,000 Lamps on the mains, ond moturs fo the 
ruta installed amoume cof -3l100 HPs The determination is nade 
for this susply , bree if tie demand shoule@ eventuadiz: devbie 

“his number of fumes, Nr Edison expeets that by that time 
“ie Le tid have so far umproved that “he same COMA CHING 

ELL De Gaaede CY sea oneiuting them, 


yy styeaet ey . f , i 4 E 
The assed Pow ft boom pressrres ain 2 - 
PE SI SN “cg OI | SOU Pete Coats Sa RR ee, « Chace. alent 
oe ype ye ‘ ~ ” rf Sof: f . 
bi >} out k% ee at ba ee ie : , bd , ’ a 
ite i {P: byes aoe ates 7% tel Geer d od dget Vos ‘ dute 

od . fy 
iy , 2 id a a ‘i 7 

» oak 4 i a | A , 
At feors Bus eel u Bae = 

ive Peedam vequlatton 

' A 
i - 

PE a des te 9 Has os 
ne be exincored afters @ t inte, Po f3 bed feved Howaner that 
rf A possible , wettheut e@omplieated smilehing, 9 49 
rackia the Jesdersa on thy Oentoas Station, sha? while 
PA OUT dad LE BES he wlan of busehar argoedy, Gnd 28 
nae CAEP FES pees Ee a ee ry “IdS fr EC braectoas to CUS IONE 

stay Paves By Am te Ret? 

¥ fin 

Fae oA 

ee om i 




Pim abe Be 

ee ee 


a Ye ae eee 




My bes 

x ; . 


Cae if 

Ae hays 


Pe Ne CeDs Ler Fe 7 H © 




LEO volts 

The first edass dwellings are aceorded IP 


7! > . "o zy . pf ye - . - . . - 
féi motors have Acaon sesimed to be ihe 


Pte and sixchn elass houses heave teen rejected, 


' f JO 

coms ldcraégion, 


ae fuld 


he “he field vesistaned bux uf the generators, oppointing te 

the fecders 


ae ie 


lGad, and meetine the 

frat tend te run tov low. The plan 7% 

standard lamp,1s assumed to give de 
BITE Odell ampere, or Ps Bo watts 




G the feeder pressurey «la. 4 

that tend to rtse toc high, ta 


svagested for 

Tin Co Bo ar 

ee os 

per candle, 


ff ony syed dee 
: Ral i J o me ores 0 i) oe oi ° ae 
Poor pr ne” - “SMe Fle. Ga! Pe RG POLI COEF . oleh Sue ORE Rae. eek 
2a a ~ 
‘| . fag Ce ye fs yar 159 foe £55 4 tr ; ae y wre re | eo doy A; 
7 eee t vee eg fe re o0 4 @ié ole LOG? mS al Leta 34h 
. ie 3 
SMP says * , , . ecg) lnttan BA pee Bing Be aoe ea mee ‘, ~ f > : 
Mucins 1s Suppused to supplied hy the feeders at full todde 

GY fy as ignes len tay a ge 
fhe don@ost feedav is 


5 % 
en aay 
f <n? 


ww bt 

eh seh 
aso saree 

re t. vs Us ae 

Siee Pad eee t. ahs i) . eae 
Tea o 2 ants PFO oc" Lb “b Ae Q 

OF Tae 505,000 fear ov: 

% MS en Ye a Ye Meee) Dg SAE. te ts 

CUCL: Gaye EUR eye ayy a SAS 

lineth —- 
ADRY 2000 


re: i@ OS FR Gils 

a . : 3 eypiynt 
ey ae eat Srp ae? 748 JES oy ne 
J main osinaated for, &22d5 0 

fed poset boing vrod-oeed 

aT a 7 
gle TLS 

The power demanded. at the bus bars on full ioad acecraing 

to this determination is about 8750 kilowats electrical, 

Aliowing that this might eventually be doubled, and est imat tiny 

the pomer absurbed on the high tension feeders for the second 

district as Q9OO kilowatts, the Limiting requtrement would be 

10,000 ktiowatts, Mr. Edieon considers that the districts 

to the extreme north and west will have to be separately 

lighted if necassaryy 


In order to be able to supply 8000 lamps if necessary in 

the Exposition building, a special feeder costing $4,400 is 

represented on the determination, 


Hi Whe stitiainas “aeciccuinc te 

We Pen. Jb @ tebe: 

_ N aT i 

a Saal 

Angin CP in Chie Wi 

Raison General Fleetrie Ca. 
Naw York. 

Near. Str pe 

I beg to ,%aecknowladge the reeeipt of two sets of blue prints 
of deatgng for the new 6 % grade Mdison Street car motor. 
Mre Hatem hes seon them, and has expressed satisfaction w1th 
them. arcepr as regards the nents mmm bearings of the 
motor, witeh he thinks may not be suffietently well lubricated 
He has instructed me to telegraph to Mr. Phelps asking that 
gentleman to call at the Iahoratory upon this matter, One 
set of these prints he is sending to Seheneetady by express 
Tonight, the Instrvetions coneerning whieh will J believe be 
fo rwarded afteruards, 

Yours fatthfulls, 
U. &, He eae 

Consudting Rlaciriciar. 

a a a ee 

Ss Ieu2) #sq. Seoona Viee-Prestdent 
LG? 80 Gener, LK 

'LCotrle Oo, 

Neu Yori, 

Near Sin 

I -beg + IMform JO% that @ vareel af el Oven D1 tts 

S fora & 
have been JSorwariod ‘bh YY @xpres 

Af? Raising Mstruet 

atving complete des tan 4 grade s Streetr~egr 


fo ‘Schenee “QQ: 41 

tons, byt: Without any dir, 

commene ine Operations di 

“om th CM, hr, ma 18-7 
Say that he would “dvise you to oraep hres 

i 0} 

b@ built WCCOraing te 


hese PLAns., and WOW? ¢ 

Hnviw whether ov think this Cun be done, 

When J had the Pleasure of S@@inNg you on the “th, 


You ment toned soma ts ‘He Of motor thar Unde retotp 

cheap to ranufacture— 
very glad to have the Oopbortyun tty Of exantnin 

. tHe a SLec imMeys 
“Foy would 4tindlu kave a 

AS Very, 

a eed hnotor~ J th imi, We should ad, 

smal J sampke Sent to ‘shy Laborks Coy 

Jor teat, Yours Sai OhSvlly, 

OM Sus Tg Hi estyieads an. 

Pre my 

- = orate seceuenenal 
- : Se Wesraprcmee eaten rattan toma a 

oe et 

Port sete: 

Ang: Tg rae 

; Pha 
i bit 

+ PAS 

ad nae GQUisdoiG Lo chen the breneies a seeond 

ay hey SETCOT 2 CUE S74 Pirey)) vf 
we a a F 


bait raised in this instanee to speck a POCA 


a ie ae 

pa rane L: JS AG Ct”. Oe? OU? Pigee ah ee s/o 7 

re * 

Ris * 
oe Pi pek 277 Laem Ye Seeders She inte: 


noiture til day less tien the 

fle menuid therefore 

Oo Lene 

aay) wate 23 el 


Mr, Raison understood some time.ago that a contract had beaw 
Amey, AOE AB agy* 
anterad into hy the General Company to furnish several 
Wie Gomme ind. Adaeyo ie hs, 7 

Street~Car motors of his type #2 to Navesénk under panalty 
Sek Mive Madey 

of hea fo deliver early in Aprii, He desires tie *o ask 
fe 2 et 

whether any such contract is still in extstence, as he te 
foheg ta vetat cot that on tee bdue print of the stract~ 
anxious to forward all arrangements that may be Miredat on 
Por meter pant fo you on excess yeghernka,, among the 
Pts part to eomply with the specifica tony 
Otpioations for ahe armaters 

AGIIAG , Cig Moshe of turns 
Yours faethnful di Ye | ‘i 
(fj armagurects stated 5 6a Bir 

HO, FP skheowld be 

*, ‘ 
Rie ee 
cat: = 

aay Bis “Rlec?. rieclIne 
Jf Ry motor seecetivad Prva ye: 

ref tt 

A a emameenamentinetenr gee SAAMBLAA. nam 

Be & ye 7 SR: der Ayys 

BRE Plea? 

dence: Senet Be MTT REBATE Corns 

l0th. Mar. G1 

AS St 

Gonl. Manager 

Ritson Generad Rigotrie Cos 

wine Sip 

* cn 

f heg to votnt Char a 


m the blue print of the street- 
mokor sent to you by express yesterday, among 

s.vetProations for the 




27 PUL DIU, 

the mumber of turns 
armature ts stated by an oversiant as 

S00. It sheuld be 
In raqard 

% moter received from : 
a ol re v i OCG tha t 


> the spider hu 

secured te 

We beg 

ett toh rm ~ oy of 3 ee 
eomt Jraahere, the 

* fe the mode] 
armativre wos pinned to th 

the spider. 

Se ao ch Fzee* fun 
fom Bhat 

f ; wf. 
oo Perey he s 

Pete re dy af rhe 

Jéivenes af magnetite 
Triaetton betceemu the bie ma: 

> . 

é Fe 

etd somneatt: ‘aire being 

enelose a 

opin the 

armaturs. body in practise: Wa see that you have also made ve 

of an outer shel} of matal to hold the band tn place, and we 
shall shortly tapt this to make sure that the neat qanarated 
ty t* Ay eddy evrrentes 18 not execssine, 

In order to complete our records, we should he imch obliged 

if yo: would lve us partteulars as to the grade and name 

of the sample of cast stael we are testing for you, and alsé 
as to the name of its makers. 

Youra faithfully, 

ck aD THs, Chadstone: Esha cieet 

héison Manufacturing Cow —: 


Stiverioke Nid ee 7th 
Dear Ser. Pee fhe 4 

Ta raply to youn fa: orvof the Othe inst., T beg t9 say that 

although the Iularig Raison-Lalande batcer; 1s probabil, the 


/, ; 
best in the world in 17S cum territory, Iau met think “het 

+ le 7 Whom be 

tt 41s placing tt tna Javorabli LVS 5 BG 

Jor any considerable power, LT think YOUY gorrosven 


be better suited by satting vp & small engine ancl congarer 

enarge Ris storage eedis, ant that is eerta: 

7° hora 2 
Wii *he @ 


should myself adept vider The e@lrevmstunecs mem comet: 

esti if he desires te ekavee from batteries, 7 bed rave 

ef ¥! 

fodende e@lds wii work as wil as any otte 

better chan 2 good many, The cost ber HP keur 

' i be ‘ eee gees we fet shy 
SUPLOs: amormt to Rewer itseub toeludina 

Ting tneg rin vftin; 

ere v- 
° ae @ i ae Si é 

J beg te aelneviedae the PIO TES aur Favor of tlhe pe 

a wy 


nsty, enclosing a sop tho Tine immatt Franchise, 

Report pon tesis of samles of iron. 

Oe Sy ps + sade ote tee,» ORS, neh ee tte noe 

On the Srda vity, we received from you three rine: 

cast iron, and one Of 43" Shoe. , the casi 

"From J, Meare. Push 72] ea 


whe tee ane! 

. > . a . « . 

a - 

+ | 
Jt tes BD ibe. ort, iprevar mich below a sarple of cast steel] 


ipyt | 
hte ined br yy the Sehenget hy. Works from the Syraeyse Foundry 

ra a ani whose (Curve TS Mmorred 42. Mis Sy rae se cast 

ste me tf + a Mes tt on 
él has only reesn dy been tesreds “S 8k. Gravity ig vy % 

“hat of your kureka easting ts Only “a. Tt 

ay ba ther: eee 10 


chat blow holes } 143 tte , 
CS have reduead itg3 effecttue eross scott ee and 




ths i 
That 128 eurve would be higher if the eas: ind were perfeat 

We Should be muck obl iged if you coudd inform us as te 

the cost of these SUMeLIs of trong 


My Kitson has ingtrue ‘ed Co make a sevies of ¢ bape imen's 

'Le8i Separy pi} ab. a Pe yg aes 
a wad ORL d CAS ‘ inas ‘ An mE: MP 3G? v? atth eA i 5 er des nA tt a rhea in iF 
; Fy +0 a 

Mazce Pos of 

» OAL RALS the risen: 

™ Se 2 ee Y * " ae 
2 f Let oe Sora ares LE es rh 


ee a BENG ay 



“a ?; 
Lago Be 

Ved ef 





MEER Goperad 
Met Y: he 

en | 

BESS es 


ee 111 ae 

see ot we 

or 200 usd? ea 

deliver th, Bei 

o %é. ry f 
~ & 
ee ee) ae 
Meee rr ie Ce. 


sons model 1/1Gth. 

we . 






hid tar ane @ 


UP, es Ge 

tae The data for this model , fer 

GL, Nd 3 table of dats for all the hitherto 
: Vlei tee will Jotlow bu Milk. This model is arranged for 
OPA Ss ae sewing mashing by arooved puddey, & lathe Bb: 
a A” Wo ovonusd hed te soiMt ont hegneuer 
PRES OS NG eR feo rawenful Por a Jan motor, arn that oni 
(ATTA Fe mo ded to drive an ordinary fam Sener) sha Be 
tis Lfe F: tee be hark th 'S mode? cs cheap ho SARUT AE te. 
4 ae yo . ae ees : EPID 3 mombas pr eee tume at MET On ow 
al Whe smariplee Of effleieney, amd sebic eels a 
ay ‘fin n.owever by Changing the Cpe | fe ke a as 
pee AES Ds SETI! ae aver, and me Mo euy teh ete? 
: Se EON ne 29 YEI goer So akg “any facsuring onst re 
one HOU Ss / Cd. ae a ie eee 220 moses at 3 wisetn. © : 
dmattes POSCG OS ama 

ao Pbstee: Bs og j 

A resistoriee hag Aceon. inaertnd im the etrew: t al the first 
. Lawn te ‘ 

rontacs ceint of Ose ai 

ae a 

amount, also yor keeping the speed low on Tia + 


x“ a fi 

heong the speed with the fan 

“ 22 agreablie 

’ HOME Generally, — 

5 wd 

We have worked a sowing machine mith rhe 

Medel at speeds up to 700 strokes Per minute, and find that 

ere 1a ample power cor the purkose. In Sitsiny the motor 

“og sewing mach ine’ for permanent work, it would be desirable 

(2 os ttueh a small res istanee hox uperated by @ Sviteh under 

«Alt GOm=rOl to adjust the Speed at wild, 

Se aes” 

Patterns for the morta} ane also forwarded 

Yaurs Jaisny: Se a 

A ¢ beats \ 


yee Sr eR ABCC MAS 

Consul® ing FP aenr (CTO, 

Jo Fruesi Regs 
cénérd? MERE S 2305) weaiee a garie ae 
Bats Ot GRE Par: italia tab b den 

Sehened tats” Wy ¥ fhe 

nears Wings 

We forubrded ‘to’ ‘You by expréss last Saturday +00 
sets of eleven ‘baie prints of aedions ‘for Rdisom Street-car 


motor # & adddt¥ tonal ‘Ko the set Leu luaty delivered, 

We hea to sénd you by this mail to eurve sheets that 


vtll represant’ the behavior of the sample of Syraevse cast 

steel rece*ved from you for testy You ii Lphsernc that i fs 

nearly equal to the sample of Norway iron testes on a previors 

ceecastons This curve of cast steel represents the mean of “2 

‘ests made with different wind ings on the ring, and may he 

therefore we beiieve he relie@ upon, but to fs wel) te motile : 
id i 

that a sample of casi steed abta ined from Piiladethia and te- ell 

Sot the Fngineering Nepaitisent aR? MCR Jacor resy mee 

‘about midway betveen Mites and ais "Oe 2 hOMK theredors ‘ 
wee , oe a. ‘ ae ce 4 ar eet a ere ee 1.9 9 ” 4 
that.» MILT: ae | OG he reg od aig? OP) ge 2 AGS, “Aes a SE EP et ried & . 
ise ; < ae PP eee a ae Lr ee Pt ae eae oe ition at a | Hee a 2 2 
sce! l Sher tt WC dle Baek Dy: Seg TO BO eats rep oar es eee 

Sag aA 

RAR RE TY RAB 2 eae ea Hee 
fs HR ee ae 

arr coe Cae ; 

te i re § f-. ¢ 
@ a series of experiments ULOM 
cast trons, Magne lead lip ang Ag 10U think tt werth whiie +o 
biain anyother Samples of, this or any. other 

Material , we 
shal} be glad. to try them, we. 

MMe: Fat $on. destras me. “to. achmouleage with thanirs the 

celpt of the data for the 100: tLowatt 

rIth three blue. Prints , 


i dynam: 

Yours faithfully, 
QL. & Hep el) 



J, GC. anderson Wee. s+ 

SR ee 

Hing ineer=in-Ohtaf 


fdtson General Hleetrte Co, 

New York, 

Rear Str s= 



resternay's a 

I beg te acknowledge sour favor of 


Tron rings, 

ete we aw 

J do not yet anow hat provortion of aluminwim composes 


" FerroeAluminium Alloy " uvsed at Seneneetar: * 

only traces uf 

Pe as ’ 

advminiua in the ons’ 


Gf 'est3 on rings containing ine. 

gnetieadily was 

sd the magnetite po 

Se LaGrn ce Waa 

a pene ee rere ener Dee 

mae aed yc, F Cnrndity Of the P y Ono? raph Wo rks, 

i Pie Baie oe , , p #s as : 2 : 
pt Fdison. Styaes—Capr Motor, 
ee tt ncaa mertenpiin 

inne dling pene mre, 

te ‘: 

J heg tO retury eneloserdl ong OOpy Of the 

Meee tad Sram ou date ly, 

Schenegetady WEL the 

“e vd 

three speeifteation 

The second copy has heen sent to 

8an@ slight alterations 'm the text 

that appear tn tREtS. 

Mr, Kdison says that he Midd see 

thOut sume dotaids Connected with the machine tumorrow, 


Yours faithfull Ys 

? 6 

Consulting Boset 

2] a Mar &1 
J. C. Henterson har, 
Eng ineer=in~Ch lef 
kd ison General Fleotria Oe. 
New York. 
Near Str s- 

In reply to your favor of ye tt. te on the subject of 

Kdisun eleetroliys meters and their test at Pottsville, J 



bea to gay that J believe you wtll have no ecmplaints fo Moke 
evraey of the Faison meter when the “Sroubies mene sores. 
ure fit idly inpstinated, We'have often kad tou justify t 

moter before, and J do not think that tt wits 

teelf again on the charoe of dnacevracy. 


Wot weaard te Hr Kellogg’ s report, 

of meters im business plac: 

because as he shows himself, he 

eh es 


tation tesh 1S a me 

S 4 
re PASSING Grong 

‘ spree fa s bay rN 

7 have no hesttattin in stating, from .: long series of 

tests and from tasts made by other persons and commmteated 


"O me that properly calibrated kdison meters, ~ ani J never 
"alr any that were seriously defect ‘ve in thts respect ~ 
always. be accurate within five per cent 
condittons, and throuahout dong pertods wiil average oth in 
three per eent of the truth, 

‘a . rah fe 

Pgs He x Powker Hea. 
Vice Pros téent 

Rdteon 7 Him fat ing Os, 

New ¥ York. 
Near Sir ie 

fhe belief hae vaguely heen uttered at az Tfermne times 

1” an uno tfiatal minner that bie 

resistance of jo dts wy 
Kdison underground conductors after laying line 

of FOG Rs pny 
Or mains, 18 greater than allow: 

od by wisat May Bae wie 

Standard authorities om the sue, 205, With a vier -. 

this cuest ton, I should like ie “wrth JOUP Leorm: ¢3 tou, 

‘bJeot to the arrangarents of 011 

ma ae 
2ke@ 80me néasurements upon seve ai ha 

“0881 le T she Fa - see Bee 

1 26th. Street Station. Ir 

“8 Next Wednesiay. The pooul 8, IP they hans aN oMteoy. 

Wl Of course be CORBIS red OFfioral, ond no* mags 


emnoum without 2 oo PIM ES Fon 

4 P 
Youre Fee? AY aise 

Q. 4 Ae wet We . 

es. AL 


3 Sa ae 
_ PP ees 3 e 

# oF als 

Po Gia cee 5 
"Ph beg to sau that under 


POM agape te fe of he ge, Eee pts ge 
ere ener rar © ny Se re PL OS {8 ORY 

etreumstanees oj} Jaying doum only a portion of the 

s.utem at the present time, the arrangement yer Sugdest of 

toorting facders fa, land 2 entirely beyond the linits 
v think a good one. 
Mogan le Peas 8 of 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 «. ms, , 
advocated the adoption of 

erhes of necessa: 

revlaeed @audd 2 

bares af 789,000 and 1,009,000 ey respact ively. 

Lee oe 


shink that the question <f tr space te whieh 

wf EAS fs 

: / hee, Cc 


: sow : 

ms - ) Ordinary feeders 
, 000 100. a, tg Lee . . 

a tA a 

- Peat feeder reg: 

ie a€i te f {27 3% cn Ds ’ - z re ad : 
MS, Jf “a Ink that 100 Ccubte feet per 


abe Pin. 


2 ss. ; é or 4 me we 2 
hid Trae - 
te feek in-all would be we le ad lowaris 


id 2 es 
Sp, otitis , eS 
cane TO MEO at 


t@ Paan the arc 


CY Lf8. Yor be: 

vvl ys an 

2° rnereased by the 


OF Cv? 


} re Lae é adovoce hy ef 



ws ee 
a} 9) 




wr pee 7 é. : 
if: ie iz Sey? i re pis 


asiserdbects skateh We find that thay do last fiftecs 

oe ork 

oof they @ast more 


shadow than 

circular aoncie-eack: 

ot ? 

fie move than elrevlar dovble-carbous, apc th~ 

~ fi Jé- 

at Jt : 
Tafa eurhers ane fragile. The are does not ¢ 

oe afin 
fae he” Fa 

ayes iem#ag fa . thfudly, because the pda Ae 
ear weay squarelisy Al 


aap? fire IME Pe. pats Uf 

UR eran 
gained *i > 

AevTER i 


, Ryn 

transformers , and aisernaking apparat;s generalli. Ih 

that his anowledge* will pbé valuable te the Compan), 


i De ae 

earmmot say whether Mr. Rdison who ts now absent desire 

ne lim at the Laboratory. 

Consulting Rlectr 


19 Henteppony Rec, 

ng IneG; Pee bie Seas op i cheeees 
a 7 gn) 
4 a hen Gene rad, je teenie: f Ob: 

New Yorke owe 


ee ees 
Peo ke, 

de TOF 

70 append th 


Hh oRe data for } the Bilson mode? 
. hey * « iw. ff. ; 
Pe Pe 250 coe Series Meta 

del rvared rode Yo 2n@ alsc a 

PLM sheet repecsenting 


the results of tks final + 

hey 4 
TRE range of spead between it 2 

ee and fil? load in this 
MAY Eras ha ox nrsidered object tenable. T Shovl 

Ovid *hink 
lors seldon 


Practise me 

StGr* without any load, ani 
thjeotion would 

t be sc great as* tt 

should the range he too 

reduce 7% by means of a rag ist 

ey IP, met ores be 

irom fteld as 3 

tS Im FAIS machine 
"PTInal model, Ty Hae cage 
Will he desi Mabie fe egtsp] 
Of the armature, 4 mote] 

ea poo , 
‘ ri ey 

axpenstu€g. 2A panuydoture , and 1A ered oere.o Kfered for 

, fs 


Q oe] rd nas 
AP his rs % i : fs if) jfy §¢ ; : ‘ Starting 

Pd 9 gd el 
cons iderat t TH, 

eae Fee aes 


hanes hos Shali be 
fies ap 

“i Sal Ag: oe 
ria’ to aseertdin practically whieh method ta tie cheaper, if 


a ee mR ION 


as a “ : He ‘ gf 
the first Mitis tron 12 HP, 120 volt model he simt te the 


t a : ir a: 

fia Fuld, 

udting Pieetrietan, 

enenannnamenensananenen rune rnastvins 

Ho 8 

tate GF? hots 



jy A 
za © ed 

Kowel): By 

yey da a yo Fi os i 
re PTLD: Ad oe ord 

Dear. Sar ‘4. 

The following are 

een oF 
Conan Hy 
Me answered by the 



Cf Tects, 


melude, and how MUG? 




»v sé _ 
eS Many summers ha ve 

a odin 
oe 1 aes ie 

Ha Or 

of ff 
“4, iy me 
d * 

Wy gna 
4 Lee fi 

E8t Ima too PCTS 




PP UM rate Miyiat 


‘82 Manace 
ED a To 
™4Y COnVErse rit): on 

What Length of dines, 

*) o 
CLM OL aa 

fer Wilets : 
‘td de te of NAL} I 

r 7. 
5 Pe Ry te 
A «CCE “akere 


Tae Le 

PS (i 

c U < 
PRBS cagys bad ; 
po PORTE BE ROB frp) 


J OR@i son Sea¢ Toms 

-? , : 
tke sub Jeet 




OO we 

i: * 

tog Ss pea eee 
| 272 Pound TMUNbAPS dass 

"Stat yg ae 
bias oat of 

Sryo tam 

OD PD ey oy pf 
0? } eePeR 



What Qrod Fr 

rte Sy 

ey * 7% 
~~ wks * 




hom x 


itaktni mg du 




Those + 
IF Pamage 
SIA ty, y 



La Ps 
Bee ’ 

Qners af 

argh 5. 


FUME 7, 


te on caace of interagt, 
tar feaopear he +) Ane ads Gireect 


emer try milen Poin | Lehi auuoesti one. 

Rod table jae oa wild Ia +6 bye 453453 ros nD 4 and miaht perhaps 

¢ aecapted “by thea Assogig’ ten in abstract if nob in fuld for 

Ar fee a yf 

a ean ae ae 
of the facts you gave me today, | . 
rg is Cc i e 7 
We ard dong ahead mith am of the neu arvresters, 

Yours fatthfully, 
eZ p 

Gh, Apr, 
ER 4 PT, fd 

bby hse ve on Fe eT Or eR ES SEE 4003 SEP ONE bt? 
a if A Jf Ohen a -sreeis) BOVE R, 
ange TE BOR rage ha WAS to hie oan 

start Ing Tor tow” Wiss 


dehy phe PES ee oe 
| ped ere Pes, gfth es. I beg CO report 
om fe ao ao 
Said follais upon the: n Wi haa, bee Ch Mong by he 
ie ve ‘ . y fae: if , : 
7 es Tor s 
haberatars. ip. 0, the Bealent 7 

bie eH gt 

au Be. 

Sy BRUT, Dipr vag al tuered 
“60. the Ing inadri orth bi on: ‘id, dbp [Beemer last. 7 hade 
unoucht tron Ltald. agné at, nie ee ae : | 
Yhe L&th. Hp, Series. og Bo for: for LO volts 
on the ath, February, 

The finkt mbdel bf HP, dade aed oes ees “, 

Was @eliver-/ 
Ite field magnet jos Of Mitzes 7ron, 

Sida for. moter wound for 120 volts 
, February. Filta, 

Ze 9 - motor for 12 

The Lith. up, sertes 
813 delivered an the Leith 
"he Udtths RP, sep 
‘the 16th, March, 

MAG Net Httis tron... 

0 volta Wag Gelavered On: 

Mitte. tron. fiela TONG bo 

Pen, guari, and 
Sewing. machine Pulley 

WENO Pr orwarded atEh Bhs 
Tha: Ye HP, sartes motor mode) for 

body Meaeived from Schenee tail 


#50 volts. th an armature 

¥ works, andfat th Mitts tron 
f tela magnet WS Aeliverad a» the 30 

A290 no k 


bh. March. Gh, Ptela 

Of this gada] tll if 18 -ynge> 


‘ ¥ 
eorr , 
£ i= 

ITE Bn, 3 

/shauaninensetongy Rpn re cnt He oP IAD 8 HPL in li | 
TR SRR RS 2.80 cue, RG a ite aE aidt toh on a 
autbanle: stat tag bene re erg: Fite - GOR Fo Gb ‘f ingly dee tded upon 

tq used with. 1% This: start ihe desided otk. be dee ided upon 
it t8,I bel teve junderstogt ih z, ihe Plyst mode I 4120 volt 

JOSE Err Ra OMe 
Le HP, in, mitts tron ia Begayssfon, vehi at Schenectad; ye 


Oe: 77 

oh, », Complore. agta ff; r gah thes gee bites pogester bial curve 

tate fF t, hruant my fe VEL yep 

sheeta, showing, tha, p regujte,of pe, Pinal reabs, have in every 
Ga Fi 

cose, been’ sulin]. bead. FO, the ing inver-in-Ch ref foli owing each 

, This ts a question of d etait, ‘in anton thare is no risk . 

moto ?, Sa petewk 
I helteve phat all these models are at the’ Sehenectad: y 
Wo rk Sq . itek: SRG 29 a - 

Ms the pradgont » time, we are preparing 0 deliver or 
model J HP, motor wound for Ja 20 uolts in shunt, with an gabe 
armature that has been tas ted in the Same Fiala series wou 
; for 500, volts. This 48 prac ttoal ly supplying tivo models at one, 
A stars ing bom wet also he forwarded wteR this model, after 
Pe Raison has expressed his approval pre she same. We hove 
atidl about @ week's work on thig model bejare it is heady 



‘A GRGRR rode. we. fe 
a 2 faaidad UPRNe 7 -— ae be settled 

Mavagsign: (31H yet fi 

After the désign 1& chosen;: she Liane sits be prepared at 
once, The model will prohably: Hadeg,aabpyt. six weeks to prepare. 
Youns, fattafvlly, 


ia 7 


: rGonsulting Flectric lar. 

‘Mae! Sublet edhident 
tee det 78, at ae ae 
Oe mertiso Ta. HEE) A, 

.™ a * 
i % =; © 


* Ae a =. i}. 


4S Inatructed me to send yoy a 


wrunrded by express toduy, This 


aes a 
2 dey che 
_ FRIGHCUS, WE Should he aad 4 
rw 7 

BOW Can 6upply the sane bred, ° 


ov "8 

Or pablern ring sueh as that from gh: 

sue sene 

Dey SOUS eur, and best your east zi 

Yours fat thyully. 


(A ° a Ne NR ; 

oF st] ORS 8G», y 


HO%S,OR- General Aleetpie Co. 

Ne York, 

“0 yours of the 2th, (pgs. enclosing 4 

gsor Chundsarts last evidence, IT would say 
the other side ure maing a mistake to Place sc 
MRO the Yerderomary system, hecanse tnat is Prog a 

WIE Wootae maetes 

cae mastiton, Gf the data you alreaed 

wo aS 
oy ges ae ro ape rips 
sag pee i” * 
er "a LAL 4 la 
wt oust Pt Bias mee ees 
ert ee rs CFP ie Panne Be 

Pet pT pee Laer 

argo, bret 
you shoysd deem suek 
rection to he reedad, 
Short nottea. 
curs Tarch nad ly, 

A 2 a Hers ~ ult, 

’ ‘ 

Riot at 
4 BP AS Gt 

7 }.. os fa, 
Pra id Pee - ; - ee ELETAA LT 

Genera! “otnse? * 


t : t 


nie Se 
ce ? 7 Co yn 


pene PTR NIE ME 

Matson Gdne ral iej 

oT, I Oo fds 

Now, Yoris, 

, Nien pe & T a 

instructed me to ask UG d 

JOU Moudd be go 

ne. set of vatents on lee hy 
AELETS BANE hE you 1BPB, ant’? yoest bie 45 forvare tem 
¥ “4 

She hekoratory tmmedta balu, 


Yours faithyullu, 

Cons: lt ing “leetrictan, 


tie ai , isd hos. rar ng as pe yp : Tap SEP Ta (Wit Re ‘Apre 

* - tog * 

. Aa ‘ Ate 
unl e ; rShenedl Folie sity, a Zs pel Gf aavarn cag: 
vty nged@apend: VeaesPnds, dante on 

Pee a) 

kaison Gane rad whe ghel gio tops 


New Yorn, yt 

your frver of ysatberit det te « 

mechar.iea’ meter, 

yo , ¢ Mr, Edieon this evening. He desires ne 

request GNa~G you wrt Lifiry anc cefer the purchase of tne 
towy adueton mechantoal me sar for ter wears Manes 5 

Oth, inst, , GO Give us a char: £3 suopd: 


+ me 

a mechanteal meter “ark Iq or sortewbhot Simisa@ 

peanetples, anil whieh is nouwirrnder sa manufacture hore. 


within thas time. 


With raferened ¥ the Alternator, I have & bnat 
the armature composed of trotmtre kas fatlea to stond the 

strain imposed upon i> im rewlings Mr. Faison held @ meeting 

this afteryoon, ab ok e Kneinesr’s Offiee. at whieh mearing . 



decided won, mhose ae 
The pions mill for sarded #9 Se henectady 

ig onifertumaie that the wire armature aas 

ge sf 

ot ts MRE 
ewefenvantinnianii 2 

output so the’ disk arti PEvhdwdver tha new arrangement wtil 

he only roaland Fol ene dime loved of advantage as that 
ORT ee 2 yep Wego tin ered +) 

possessed by dxpadh 6103 mag hties. . 


en ar ee EPR 

I heg to enelose'n letter fori Mayor Raton asking in 

Mr, Kédtson's nane for a set uf meter patents. * may x! sec 
men? ion. that we are sometines in aiffieulties with other 

matsers Involving the question of pricrity, such as details 

RE ee 

uf motors, and we should be glad to how if there ts any 
complete set of mctor patents in New whieh we could 

‘rm access, Mr Rdison only posse:ses a list of St: ateCar 

feoter patents hesides 7 OUMARVETNY TLD. Bo 
Yours foithfully, 
a. a Kemal 

Consult ing Rdeotric ian. 

S , Insull Esq. - Second Vice-Presitdant 

Kijson General Blactriec Co. 
_., New York, 

near SIP om 

In vaference “o your message of yesterday's date recetye.’ 

from Sehenectady by Letephena on the subjeet of wechanical 

: to 

me te say that Rta while he 

ai meter within the 

a position to guarantee the Ges" oEny 

to nek on your own Judaaner: 


tie Whise-Pili traion mener, 

the worl O73 jgpmemedeeieete 
yours fatthyfully, 

Consulting Rlectric tare 

hu Ow Bendersan 

“a8 Ce TRAIN AI 6 Fi 

ane ae emigre Rw tee 

Eres ROT WHR “g Cate Ae ply ie: ns 


Au A 

oo ce 2 - Eves 
PPB ERO Kise pe 

t . 

hare base Neen no deiay wkatevuey on tag 



al Sohenmen: Lady. 

Gr rrying 1 Capac ti bY Oo of ft sort OR 

Loar toe tn reeg [Po Of an eiertri¢ 

Pibte rr fran Me denies OF the fey ORI to em nen tag 

DYE Veguest Saat yep SAPO dabifintesivies OO rtp op nn taghe 
Be os Barn; ; 4 OM Madar instr cedk tone Troy 
HIM from any Gavcmnent Yue our cy, 
“O Yourself for emmunteat ion PO Mrs denies 
TRIS ac tehs ha: no cover, and takes Sort 
‘tly maintained to ra se “ts tanpenztume 15° 0, 
THEY wm me aftr, they heing % 

jag + fe ~ f 
2th ORT TEM gy 

YE CATPPUInG sanae thy 

Y Tm FA 

or xk 
(4 8# oe 


pa ueevere 


Pring t ite coe 5 peel 




Yi oe 
ee eas 


2 gree 


cua report ag yet 










See ae 






te 8 
wt 1, RR 



i ta pe 

er test. 



lle me 


0” ‘the Partpr 



(tm 3 - 

< 2h 

! sptbrrchcrsi Meteaintiig: Pheltsin Thymes ina Gonpanie 


4! [fae fer z Lite «an of ee a ? i : 
A GRR ait he 4 enti Grgae Phe igath opt 
“4 Mile’. ; . m 
menial ee 

Haring the honor to be ab prasant (hatrman of the Comt* toe 

O71 hed dyt; the Assve tar Teles tof AORSIder STs . hee Ise a up or hie: 

MiscbI thy oF groumling the NEURAL con Cor in Rétcon Bote 

F, am & corned 1eInG date Ly renee ‘bie ALSOY SS in et that took 
ve upon thes subject at the dast Meeting uf tne Convention, 
appears 70 me that there is mere oeeus tion fan a diplomatic 

ter mtea? troqtment of the matter ac ste 

CEG is present 

etreetion of comninving tha Ingurane: OFS ter 

Chet ae 

® 2. 

Ww? Eo sdoph asta tre (thichPien besa ahwcto aaah 


Weaepspreran fe: Ace. 

af: ’bself seated upon the aduteah?2 ty 



Houwaver there are ff thin} OpIMIONS 8VUeN uimong 

Flo Companies antire ly opposed to the general plan cf 

creuMdine the neutral, opi VT ovowdd suggest thet an athempt 
get he node at ethatnine @ unonwn: ty Of epinion aMariG Oh 
Sedues hetone attonot ing ae CONUCH™ OUBSTGErS, 

Rare Pow aa vlad bs sma whether wm vour + a 

eelfaet the dato sd aenidernes 

of the! Beate epenly Piseuse that repart at the 

POPE CD RES Fra APPL LAIN ol epiapy ities Wat AGS INET 


next Corbbrtton, not wt th the object of 

deolarina whether the 


fed og eet tes a, eee Poon ae pape fe Oe a AY ee eee W 
nlan shold be duthotised cr ddBed hiBO But eateer 


48 -vOuld be cudvcihageous o> na, yy 

sMorable te the plan itt oF of Boe trie 

ae ; wl phd od ae ema 
then be more easy to convirce ‘obnerd'b- 

Ble copes: 

‘% that dlaevr lon, TS the ucke 4 Wdvarse 5 th: quest ton 


“Sher syank Bhe peace iat 

ETICOMP Ce Psy Me TAt ity as recardle the pasvroner 

a “ ‘ 
{ : tne wv. £ ey 

ots Arhes t Reger 0 
* erie a habigige + 
Edison General Kledtrte. Co. * 
Schenée tad 1 Works. 
Near Sir :~ 

At a-meeting today In the Ne York Offices, held by the 

Second Vice-President, and attended by Messrs. Beggs , Hender- 

son, Ward leonard, and myself, the. subject of rating for 
standard motors was discussed. I have been directed to 
couminicate to you the points raised, to confer with vou 
won then, and to make a report, 48 800% aS | r; ore plans 
coe new.Tasing appears in shape for fina: ; 

It was succested by Mr. Peegs that sinee the Company 

mreettttan wtt! other makers @aof motors who sometimes 

ovarrabed tha carnuoity of thelr own machines, that the 


ty 4 ‘ . = yf PD 4 ” me yooe, a4 
Present reting ALGnE be safe li RYT SE 

aometers in commercial 

evlige upon te Geliosr tretr Fuad! load coutinvevsli 

west i 

oaagstomad one: 

; Be. a ca ' : ead sks t. -t 

Mr Leet) 

raving they could sugedu maintain oont caus 
berftrmanége was guaranteed, an? a careful test 

any time. be made by an Institute or Univeratti. 

ont rating of standard. 

allcwed amdy one brake-horse-power per 

uthowats jab brushes, or a ecrmeretal affictency of 75 % for 

wall -gtges af, machines. md since:motors were cormonly deliver 

their HP. eavaectty, tets vis held te be on oméidy lov 

rates. Mr Leones cotnted out that thie ratioe was mo 

orn PO Ae See eeay ane . ; eee A on : : rp edn y 
172, aad AOSPa see MPa. fi: ; G09 ar + af préesimne 03 2 Sp eg Ayre! 

feds e. as 


oes? ned DPECRNPEC , SAT. + hile, GENE TOS Laue to eye 

PRT GRET S147 mn Grdar te cucresare the drop tn 

taerthutton, bi ane tle nomina) iy for the same pressur: 

fe, 090 inetead 

Be aes: aimays 

On Bits vetat- ¢k oe SeciGed ke esonanle wor 

a oot bad 

27th, ult. vere mex? ConsICered, Regret was epressod Giak tie 
sizes hetneen 14 ang 30 FW, wh teh were the most hana rkant 
tommeretal] Jy fo promote, were those whos armature temperature 
Prevention your advancing then. It -as decided. £0..d raid. your. 
abler:: - to this fost in the hope that you could sugoest 
some impravement in these stses although [ do not myself sae 
what could he gong without intrcducina constdorahle ef andes 
im their dinenstons, Purthor it W28 DrEaned Freak ory new 
rat mgs were liceo’ on L258 and 240 volt PVOBS LT. 

ease a change: af “Inding for 110 and 220, If pers? 

Sill further inerease ther, 

it ws considered advisable to adhere te a rabing expressed 

tn kilowatts ab brushes with the corresponding hrake AP. fi aa 

Obtalmabla at jud] load CPEONTCE 

Kind]y ina me your vias on these beinte at your sar] tes” 


baretenlardiy as te 29) volp windina, i etors 

Yyr ‘VeEAe, ’ rep; ere ee 7 yep eRe Ae te ote 
TRY oe loo ubether MOur eae raving in 


voorteta! rating of tive oon machines 

we Me - ri 
cette Hs ivi 

eee ee 
ae es fee: 


hl be Te at ? 
Hepote ; 


Rd isth, Mineral Bleck te Coy 


mStryST Ons re ca lver 

Fe} ys Sap eg ; - ete it Os ae Bsa . 
“he Second Vide-Prastdent on the 27h, 

hs Y &t re 
* ¢ “ga 

bh a 

Sine a eeae mo Bars, T commentated 
to Mr. Krups? thn dep Le 

ma o KeueSt tn a letter vs the 

: if F mutes ry ; 


tha opportunity of eorgsulting jy 
| Oe ate 

Me. Fvlben beitno 


ota ~~ mac? ee reaey sag: 

Z *, 

é, - - _- ® 
“ TEU aoee, Rs 8 ee et mae Pp * why, 
Hes eens EE OT BG TE, 

sane dat 

? rghta fo 

Pea 10. I ron, 1G. Mpuerds, nee ce 500 volt machines below 

Pi OR) BL KE. AK adroady. ak their 7 vid limit of ecapactty , and. 


v ’ 

moat jehdde th would be ugis degirahie be haw: a uniyorm 
ratina for the di ee é Meee rt) I. Rh@ sae stocd phoonine, 

whether iwouna far ine ‘or SOC) ULES. SUC IN Ie PORcemenit 18 

practically -lmpaes ible, Math the araler machines when WO KEW 
up to thetr full capac Ary, ging. Xe, Phe fine utre MECUSSLTY 
Jor S00 volt windings and Propurtonately larger winding 
spare taken up by cotton insulbd tory, nf 

EN, That the hrake horse power of gach size of machine 

en WOYHEE Gk G motor, shorlda he the power t8 13 ecabir ao t 

; Ld 
aéltvering at tte belt with its standard pressure +f 

om maghene terminals, as daterningd by actual tests for 
comaero iad eFfioteney, and that the aperation of motors in 
frsetise ay pressures suited fo ineandescent Jamps, and lower 

ir pressure of dasign should not interfere with the Im 

im bie great majoritsy of o-ses 
inorease the working capacity of motors ff thew spre meyers 

ipeapdussenk Jorge presses, 

ae ghaclet Fs eS at ‘ eS wed, Sha ability of genera. 

p Q Ly a : ‘ae ie eee : 
hr ana btn arrias Burnes, pa Bae Fae! BPA anemy year brings 


ahatit 2 SAUTE, Whereas 7 avd ee Incamdeseonk pressures, cll 

. _ a ae eee Sno a ecg OF: a ane “ as eae 
eee | ie ha Jit’ f IG woudd ah erguen® fhe iat: 

£6 déal with the isolated complaints of omens or Phe scored 
of Insuff een Pressure, ont hat ‘ oun relat tud merits, than 

au ri 


rake this change for the sale 2h 10 to ld MCPe woermee output 

unless the advantage te be ga inci cit: ne tgha tie above objaeticns. 


LPO Ge ae 

vale of whieh ti foljoming is an abridgement : f 
iP. HP. 
ee ' . 
a paAe be fh, J a autedy 
re) o: : is 

The proposed new ratings are’ sitorait heck te fait eEceapary img 


d & (3 Fi a eS 
oer BoC 
So Fr, 




ae Hates ave cupable af beating tamitaa by 

i] ee nGpaee 

af thasatrs breaks, Howsver Wr, Baiaon 

is eoititegenni pana hgh RoBi vary "fairly firaproof, and 

; 7 erie 5 fos ; 
Ap OVALE S Ladi! Nae Me + th? S *rembed cord on the imerkite 

Cini a) : 
e adage tus 8 2 ca@mon wractiss in: France bh 

oo PF 

ze «} 

fabr shabigtir te UIP, cea Bie SMe rt forwarded oF° the 

Ward op Anaemia. ara 


ais eas nae Ratt Poieil Roatlite shee fied at in the 

in water fur a 
serstnevasten semalad dab ta oR THERE a Toy hy f standard goneraton 

og! remouen Thue 
“sq. fandaneporss J trust that you wid dl find: it see 

Kindly inform ‘me if 3 va 9 LALO or defic tent tes 

in ity 

In réfearence 2 street opi BOAR’ rin, radi F J a Re instructs 
me to enquire what the calculated torque of vOour nee sinal?e 


rasuetion, amd gearless motores of cast jevess «steel may be 

an ful] feaa, er fer the data wittoh will enable the torque 

to be computed. 

T beg to report that we have tasted the samples of 
7 norte feeflarmsat Jet siee sent to Mr. Raison. accompany 19 your 
letter te aur af the 28%. IW". the are carvaindy fa if less 

readti® inflammable tha an ordinary unt eeaked wires of tHe 

deseription. We find that they are ae applies ly Speaking oe 

Si Dic 

ee an ene eee on eee ee seh : 


un oSerneat Png ay eiatent, are capable of being ignited by 
4 ff and OB URGE AP chesatre Proaka, However Mr. Raison 
ig Ek Lefted That’ the’ sample dive very faitiy fireproof, and 
proves of your placing this treaqed cord on she markete 
ji2 adds that i* is a cagmon prac t iss an France to make 

4 aa eae 0 
fabrics fire proof by svaiing ti0P ta Porate of Anmcenia, and 


7 ; Pe ligsed eG EY oe 
adie that we have fouvnd:soaking the ajd tn water for a 

considerable time, Aissolves the Evezarat fon and ramovea thea 


> ’ ; 

Yours fat thfull Vs 

“4 7 

Consulting Fleetrte tame 

ara. May 9l 
Wo sem: Mage oi 


Fdison Ganaral: Hlact 772 e €04 : dy 2 | ae, 
= Now -Yore. 

Near STP om 

#21. énelesed hr, Clarke "8 article on Str 
William. Thomson's ig: after peruaal,! 7 thingy that the point 
Cf Diew taken hy Mr. -Clarké ‘tg correst, except that Soothes 

2 my opinion he tee hardly does Sip Willian full Just tee, 

As J understand the ma ‘ner, Thomson ond: Ue 82aree that law as 
a fundamental seek In theo Ory, aryl never imagined om Iintendca 
‘hay 3% should be exterled without Considerable modification 

OO RPACE 86 gt the fay Doses ganGrad téy tm whet i gains bi 


working condttiong 
corsain thee tits lay does 20% apply to KRdison 
i-@lre sustems, In place Of it, } have Pound a far Jess 
eeneral tut more diraetly important law of economy sm for 
determining the least exvenditura im buying and Jaying a 
RNYYE So stam LF mates ari fucders Coudring a lara@ area, and 

this formela takes Cogrigance of ¥ distance, gen 80 howeve! 

ean he b= a guide, and not a mule, No law can he a practicad 

. lends. 8071 FAG, any jr 

5 S47 : 

Engineers . MheGthde aie | 
felt son Caner. Pléetric Cow -. 

Meio Yo rh. 

send pos Rel eith by express a hog containing 


x samples of ae expe imental forv of dightning arrestor. 

Phese arr slors have heen prepai ed by the Aomnitied on 

Lightning protection appointed he the Association of Rat aon 

Li dioninat 17g Compan ius at their lagh yearly convant lor. 

Vf ght frag ne Peet “4 reat: 32 » fee 
ot + 

pmed a oe kavaon Phonograph Yorke 

wes Af RFaison'?s aespiees, are {tH t tae pena fis of hie 

‘coerténee and adviled, Kf of them have baan sunt ta i? 

ivfyerent Fdteon Central Scat tons in differen’ parts of the 

eon, ( an average of I $0 acu: vgtation), for iriad . 

is tmpossible %a jake any promises for thease 

time shews tou far they have been 

weld adapted ko their purpoge, but the tdea has heen &e 

sae a condense: in as campact and wheap 4 farm as possihle 
whieh 18 delibdrately exposed 0 eae te bd; 

umes” ing ang ca:minal tO whe overhead ilps to be prateete 

and the other to ground thravgk a leaden safets ee sen. 

‘ i : eee Paine ae . aes , 
The preserunee What ipiitning shewa 40 penesras ing a CONRAN S:: 

under sveh ‘otreumetances rather than enter eleasromeanes te 

FF dotoun: 

mye 4 

3 G4 fist uments have been sestud up “oe 1250 volts, 
whteh eontinuy.s Rressure ches ought tf motarvichs 
sj £23? 

relieve, %v stand intlafiniteds. Ther 


eriso made on suit o* a8 Qt $0 believe brat 

and ail break dott under dbowt 2000 nalis, and: 

doubt: at a0, Wirth 1f¢ wk ae in mamufaetes 
nossthie to design them to give way at wtt 

Prom 90O ee oe KIN DOTS. 

tile 6% 

ae, | 5 3 ae “yey > 7 eg tay pret hoe at see 
je thd Pit, PRIN Pes \: ia} Ly : oo eg 2e 

‘J > wr ye * * ‘ 
“ “yep F epee Py Abe. 
i § ad OF . ‘ RS fet: U 

OMS en Z ae ' 
Woes hes er Pa. 

ve, tt. Henderson MSi. 

~ Bn hotneorstneth tay 

wh (aneras Blectrie¢ Go, 

Nag i cial fs 


Ta weferenge to our letter 

dana TOV Mr, kai gon ‘Ss caet 

ej” SOStFOrdaY "9 date, ey the 

Geel « F omade Strees fap 

URE nen COMATE LORS be iedueed in 

Creer “oO jome> the Clr beady, ani 

the plan, fF ag to aubmit 
aelesed in Hestariay ¢s comaun teat ton, 


Far Read). 
C He vvne ; 

ee A. Fai 90n E>, 


rh 90, 
eam ar 3 es 
a is ‘bts ta : 

We hove “peated. one of ne ‘i090 “aamp ies’ of. cant ate e) ‘eee 1ucd 

ao ME : ‘Ae 3 

from: Stesbigom ind grel osd @ moun ove 76 prs Cant ‘tain! the 

3 A fovige ce 

* ees 
ck fy 



? x 

ww ? 

an Pee 4 é 
sertit Mte re - taf ae o6 Hint tron ie ede tert] ‘of third 


rep le 18,, 6 if <tr Jovks Like “rile iron, “bik ae ds 2 gcod 

rr uf 
fa tt 

vismie of Hae] ee 
retry ed hla roles. hes sé are pared, hut’ In my 88t tnd tion 

foe g ad 

oe “Jo Ms 

ond sy pant tds accor peable for tha dafictune:) aoniparad wt #h 

. * 

Pye ee 2, 


Syracuse steel for the reason shat’ ay the. devia atency 1007" 


. > if, 7 ee 
gulsly due to nvoss seccian. she curve hight te ety fer Jrom 

woudl iron ond y above the band or near Bab ert h OF ke 

% * 

Honwver’ J should 3 Flas that “Ueh she® mas 7 we 

be fure tha Stealton seagl-, ALR OL WERE WE: 

codek en gett care. iy atone improve opts 

oon idere ts. § di heas ume Me, Rruest ras 


g , 7. 
temg Pais DEAE OLE PRE APs ge OF ones 
. Sf ? “ y 4 5 Hi s sc 
“peetina for eupities ur surface oe holes rs 
“y fs un ge 2 ws PF ag ? : 
ihe seeond suapis we hue Tet se eaced magnus teal! :, 

ie hard tn 

2 ee OREM peel 




Ay 7 *e: 

2 : pte th: ied ‘ : * . . | 
Dear ete aa Ais 

, te 2 

1 deg ro "Pe pork as “fo:1 ovis on the” Hosts: of the ‘simples ‘of 


j Hee tie oe oe the Penns. Ln: anita Steed Co. :- 

: hi Bes ee ‘ 


grt rings — east fro her * pel se 2 9er8 8 Ce Bed 1 from — “on 

tin the Hes, tna. smped # 8 rd, ond 2 se the y were , doco 

‘thes Inga mere Harned tn the Lai “ha toa ree*ang: wlar Cress-- 

ae a 


aeot rem, ¥ l was soft ana ; q? romised ve11 from tte appre: “ANG. 
It rowoatad however a mmber oF shall ‘Alow heat 4 The | 
auparent apeo 71d GET es f the mesa2 not as loming for rhe 
cavittes im che surféee mas A,4 
Y 2 was similarly treated. It was ver, br. fo turn ana 
bluntad the tecl. It contatned more mumeroi. a CE 2? 
hlow holes than #1, Se many in fact that a wagn.tie test 
of this ring can have but Itttle value | 
# 1 mas tested magnet tealliy in “he usuas way, I bea te 
append a eurve skeet repre dent ing the results ta evmparvscy 
wi Ph other standard stiplae of iron and steal, Yo. will sbserne 
thet this sample falls about as much halo Witla orst TEN, 2° 

“a lattar is in tte turn below Moray irom This 18 porksy 

oe peas ms 

“ ‘ 
* Fat 
Bet de at 

a Welt? magne PABBIS ER 


: Hani te ay i sae ee aS 
; rs 1 


wee os . 

mm: ONG de ube that. =; ay "Bes ? 

? Saye se 

moh superior ie f ce Meat caddy Yas welds 

fa, i. 

» oot EB 
, Ty? 

ue ra hagn FA ong: of } igh m mpgpett 


Jy, 4180 .puparior v0 iyirtoys farpies 



of cast ateg] that wa have tested with the axceptior. of 

‘Syracuse cast steel wy: teh as you are ,ayare os eardy coved 

"agtret teal 1) 5G wrovahki ¢ron, 

YOu es fa Z bh fUL 2 y, 

(hn eo ies sity) 


ca ‘y Me Ty 


as ee ; ar ae 
iad s Mest Esa... ., 

ey whe EE ERD ep I 
COME. al Manage: nt, 
Vos ie” 4 Whee ty. iy ye ee tye ee a - ; 7 pe ‘ eity 
“Ratean Gene reid Leds Pte CO... 

a epee? Stine a ‘ 
i eaaaee We an fide sae VEIN gs dog 

Sohanectan yo W af ye o. 
ot ne Be ME ae Oe, 

Tear Sir 

hn reyly ‘tacy ur fo vor tof the i4the ai Inge simomatng dighh. 
+ ie oe : : e 

‘ning eile. 7 bed’ to “say” hath we are. Jomaraing +t you 


oy exprogs re) model and also. some, of. the parts of thOGE IRS 
nent os. “he arrastors have bear prepared ‘by she Pompe tt tive 

on. Lipioning broseation appothted by the ~ABBOC tap tom of Ratan. 
“Tum inat ing Covipanias gph te r Jase yearly conuent {aR 

They have been ndnufactured, at the “iiaum Phonograph: Worka: 
under Mr. Aidison’s qusptocs, and with the benefit of hia» 
‘qaperience and’ gine. Of the 208 so mace, 170 have. been. sent 
to at fferent parks of we country dibided . UNO MG Rai aon 
Stat tone for trial. * It ts impossible te mane ‘any Prom ges 

for these nat pupents unt td therg is ovecsion to test rhem in 

practise, but the idew as } bean £0 MOE eondangar WH as | 

sokpaet and oheap a farm as poastdte aaa. dselitning- trap 

' delibergtal; exposed ta damage from A ight tt enston, ° wet mh a 

na fat ny cater ef fead wlre te prepan’ a aq cert ine ral ane Eo aimane 

ant nn ate ih te ee 

Th CQbE They breajc Ay 
Geraal flares : 
? _ 7 . wt : ste + z 
rf od ag? ow 4 pteiqgs : an . 
RETR Soka oy ons, ; 
i ’ e oe, 2 ; ; We - 
eular simpEde sens fa you hes been submit 

% P 

; . 
ODL od . 

wed 4 

a “9 oa Lae Ree 
SPAS ib a? 

GO. oe eee 
thie eu 

suum at 2000 vette, 

606: from tastes m 




“RhlCHne 83, 
My ga Ea e.- 


vchesu enough of - 

MaReTTALG Cmple joes s Lead fot! OWLS" Tek Mm Beake 06 ‘Tong 
and «* “ie. Fuo sueh stiips are rodded up togather wt th typ 
SELLE of parasy ined paper abou my él jong and f, Og? hick. 
Fach paper strip 18 composite, heing i*self made up of four — 
Sheets bf thin tisave paper imown as silver * issue Raper, 0s) 
tn molten paraffine wax, rt Kanal idl ctuwnlated 

Ome Leadfotl atrip 1s rolled upiny th aghertte wire hared 

» Kp ' 7H ‘0 °. Phe * ; é..othe: y af ead Wie of 

« +£. tal | LEAACH Wir. 0 diameter, These | 
vet are electredes, are about i" long, and each C Orin ive 
Hah cne coating of the condenser, The tote Dred OF act ide 
sutfaes Ast Ted by. foot, The exces: dength of strips used wtll 
yen ttn ‘She. sh 14] “Phe aperatar wha py Tis" *ham ge 

1. {hE IMMITS ghee: tp on a hot plate, gnd is then ingerte! 
ip ot Dl qin' tne! Fhe Ree he long, : ane 1; Sea tame tarIink 
Ns" gwcutne He too eleatrodés projeat ene fram eavh and. 

he endg of LAY tube are GiHOn Sealed with a Composit ton 

if csphaye,, Dipeeed 012 ( hojled }, and a spectal powder 
knowt 08 Phonograph: pete BY made hy he PA thon eel 
uring Cb. of Stluurdare  . Zk. The Wweulting compound ( &O % 
by weIgnt uf tiaphalt, 10% ef hovied Iinsead 422, and: 10x of 
#1 ponder \,. mames a high temperdture Welt Tis po? that wt] 
resist any ndrmal temperalore ist thon’ softening, "Cure has 
euen te be dkgn in web pouring it initd the tuba net to melt 
the lead wired or score: the paper 3 fo Soe at al 

Yon AR Of ine is solderai te ‘sha’ tube hefore the 

insert ton oF : 
MAY he ; fasten bard) a po de c rogs ary, | 
The tuhes then reoetpe a coat ia Be airury jJapqn. They! * 
finally teated at a pressvre of IBA volte. Thay give a 
Spark on @ischarge gficr reeetving thid pressures, and are 
capahle of giutrma a,8hack if left insulated ; for mire then 
dn heur aftermarda, 
The maan capacity of “hese condensers id 0. N14 Were arid. 
with « méank ugrtation of MB 6.4%, 
whe approximate eost of material ueed ia pne instrument i 
1.5 fuet ef wertha wire at 1,5 @, mr Pe 78S ex 
LY SOth, Noe dad wira ut O88 per iby | 25 
HO feet of teag foil at 46 Ce er 1de Ns 
“ine tube ei f V¢. a Th, at is @: par ID. , 2 
Aaphal? eviapo#ttion say 
Potal Oe” be fc a 
of d pole neat to the wire 16 protente aid closd 9 the 

€ vundansar to “ser? asa holder hy which: 1+ 


borthe H#HErttea tay he ia ca ebkad an praf arab By 
wy re. . The Lavd were 2 Pi or: ; Mane ol Be on the J 
ad direet ho dr'Uhdgoun the pola td a aro 
pr to matiddic Merted pipe. The ground 

panes he a9 dtreot dé possible, bit s 

[ITEM FOUND IN BOOK] sf ena aaa phe cnet apts Pa ence Pee hated ace ee 

se ee Space 


ee em it 

ve att 

he _ 
acane Bs ars [Mt-wre. oe ania c 


y . 236 “¢ * ~ bar Lops 
# ae fc tee 7 ; 

Ly ee) Ce: ALY t. t : 



~taad ervrilastite 

PS sane yay ee - Pee ce ” oa a 
loan axhkials from hr Flison's jamuratoryu, 7 


alsernauing trvtsformer made axcarimentally in Le 

Nienio Sure. Fs was operased by a Wallace Farmer 

some mts Its camputasor removed and collector rings 

to wb bouvk fen. 5 i 


eubetituted, The secondary was Commecae qt 

platinus electrie lampa arrangad im paralle: two of whose 
brackets supports are alse daliveréd To yor marked Hs a, 

The fransfurser eere 1s iron wire. 

secorikars CF Coarse Copper: neudated by divisieoning; On 
the primary ws af finer copper 2 ipo tm several Jayerss 


a a 
SAUER P 17, 

Generar pdamage > 

Fdisen General Hiaewrie Ce, 
Stheneosady VN. Y. 

Near Sir se 

In replj to your favors of the 88rd, inst. dn the subject of 

the proposed new forme of Octopolar 100 kidowatt dynamos, in 

cast steal field magnet frames, I heg +o say that J think 
that the proposed alteration will be for the better in ee 
dircetion, | ‘he data you entlose speaks for itself. 

Tha only suggestion I would submit: for your eongiderat tm 
beyond the new specification is In ragard ta the laakaga. 
The leakage on the cast steel machine ought of course to be 
vey) much lesa than on the praesent one in any casa, but thera 
will probably he still a sl ight wagkening of the lomer 
magnetic Fluxes in the armature owing to the leakage over 
pase supports, I would therefore suggest adding tnihialsy 
say LOX more copper on the two cores over theag supports, by 
whieh fo experinentally being the marmette etreults into 
uni formtbs. eseekt you wtid Pind the new machine will 
give axed] ant rasil 3 provided that you ean seeure good 

steel cast na for tre sranes 

(He. WOMKS at i 
UR for him and we ore ieee about: 
O @aae fOT mares: 

sucess fulliy, hir, dt 

GipfpPieudty in ubhaining 


beg %0 acknowled 

Octepalar machines D ar? , 

LTeLuaed -@e field in ponctly, 

a. > Bed “ 
tel, fs Hdisen 
‘Sthlohom .« 

we talon the matter 

e send ne) axperimental 


Sinrre wItdd 

AS TNAS a ol 

the receipt of Alus prints for LOO RY, 

cet, May & 
8 Insuli | 80 
Seé cond Vice- Pree 1dén* 
Ed-son General Eieetrie Cd. 
Mee York, 
Near Str $= 
In reply to your favor of the 22nd, Inste anclosing a 
communidation from the Genera Manaaer € the Light and 
Fowar Nepartment on the subject of the Diehl Bleetrte fam 
I hed ko ‘aay that J have layed the matter hefore Mr. Rajson 
as requested, and hia oprnten ib ddvérse to your adopting 
a fan mosor mula Wy pattigs not i7 the Company. fe hefiaves 
that iff you Sastre a nuther of fan hotors at once, that 
a movlel can Ke prepared without delay , and that the 
maveece ire of the same could he eonmenced ina faw weers, 
be hde hot yet attempted to pregane g special fan motor te 
a Mei, the 1/16th, HP, moter being as you are anard feo 
pevarful and therefore needlagely axpensiva for hhig BUrpo8e 

himall: he stiigaests the advisah lity af your sanding Fo 


the Jaboratvary a sample of the Nichl fan motor ur any other 

gtor w@xodpe the fteb fan wh toh you have alnaqdy acnt, -In 

créap te aagertam in comparigen with prieds, juat WAGE om 

Jo, Fruest sa, 
General hiamuoer 
Kitson General Fleetri> Oo, 
Sehenaetadyu M 
Dear Sir ya 

J have cur faye 

ODP USF ms tom sagt steel and 

Batson siiestara. | BUT RIPE Or? estg, 

eaaras the steal 

we Shall see thas n. delay Gove in obtaining and report ing 

the first good results. 
kor the lighktving provestoms, 7 thine thar tras can Be 

in almost ever, dase he relied upor as intact so long ak the: 
dead wire safet; catcher are yisthig intact, antl 


these can 

he easily aiseerned at a distance, Premy 1 f lightning pierces 

the comdensers, bhey wild continue to operate go tang aa the 

dynatto curvent doas not Jojkow up fhe puneture amd burn the 

ldad wtre, 

Mr, Rdison desires “0 obtain the ose Yor a ttme of an fee 

of underdround tubing if poeethle, to in tia apes: 

Pee * ¢ fare) 

1S Ma cite with jou tension street car werk. ft Inet te ar 

$ ia 

ask wpesher you have any adu tvbine tk fous Men da thon c+ 

bomd, «6 ubetier you eon anece ALE 

From B50, COO cirenilsa, wares, Mains 


@ thinks 


ceust mettgp departaent 


“hadavin at the -Loas of the experiment, prohahli 
te gaa * ae ‘ 
: . id aL Nips ay ar Lai) INGs In 7 ig wey v a‘ coy Lei Bigs 

f ohOG Eee vepas wore properiy handled ard protedted. 

4 La fry tee 

ovata 27 9 opto 5 : : ~ ened Lite eat * 
COC UeU heey, 6286 20 fmploy 9 far as ts: axperinen 
TR concerner would iy’ mls. 

‘ ri, #F ee 48, as. 


a 27 ha 

fipine for am rpaely reniy. 

Yours fetthfully. 
, : é %” ' cog 

pale ah, hia? } Gi 

WLS ie Ane : eS m9 6 

Nero jer 

nea Ste 


fr ‘reply te your favo of the eards Insti relating to the 

ig. adi ad . ’ 7 ds 

popers ratirned mele iod, J bea 40 aa; vy. ‘that Wahi le; the plan 

“} i. tinetas 
1x nv ee 

¥ yy 


in princizic ue leas, a aqod ome, 1h would not 

re a iin Ret r 

in hy apinton he advantageove for jo bo. Béeure is since a 

ond app! tee ‘to ‘ie yperititon, of. farvte. areus by alternating 
aa ial tle I presume you Intergs, to employ the alternatiny: 

e or 

a a 

system ond y as, a ptohear for tow batts ion Iotre Atatrvibyt ton, 


tty Ritson ensoyme he shat he ita? already acknowledged 


rena tpt a8 these ; PABETE to ifi'e (ei MOM, at ALN! that he 

LO8bb8ERS Me fantamehttal fri hepa a affecting the Rlam 

, 2 or -y. wt ’ 
3 en Fu adi, 

ee: WB: k Pr efi f.,. Flaecria LQYL, 




fg Hard Leeonar ‘ds Bs 
Pha if 


“WeKe; al Meru? “ar , 

por » ate 4 3 
* . = 
? ; eg BE 7 Berns, : 

Pdi san Gener 
pre: area, 
Fp Tae oS é° yt 
New ye ; rir, 

7 . 

Roe ms 
‘ ? 

hear SUP ga 

id ae 

Ie reply t yon a Fave: uf ane APE! Inste, J beg to say 

we shal he pleaser te rece ve tHe “sanple pion ‘fan ‘for 

“ : . 
ce a , 2 

tr 1a] “und exuninak ion. a sé that: Mrs Insvli mentions 
thw + you req: dpe a. "gin thar dup it fo taKd tts place for next 
P caaoile mus iness, a ‘that oie the é7se please. let us know, 

as upon this of course depends: whether Mr, Raison will 
euiatae its ‘imnedtate undertaking in preeadence of other 
worn, of whe: ther it will folie in its proper order later. 
I presune from the price on the list you enolose that 
coat of namu facturing the motor orght not to exceadd. $9.° 

The sane moter would probably be used for. desk work. 

Tha L7leth. HP. Faison mote Ys very sui table for 

sewing machixe work, and was triad here satisfactori}: 

that duty, J have seen the Niekl sewing machine motor conta inéd- 
tn the machine fly wheel, and while it ?7e cartaindly ermamental 

ard tngentous, tt should he cheaper and ouine as effect ine 

to arplay @, rasistance box worKed by 

There ta only recutred % 
d the arrangement would he 

“- otaot to alter the speeds, ane t 
4oo Uf? 

Cae ” se 7 Oo. 
y £7 pou wton Mire LAT EON to sae O model. 

: * 

yours faithful ld 

Consulting Flec“rte tan. 

map date, Plaase say ¢, 

General Manager 
Hidison Gengral Rleetri: 
Schanectady N. Y » 
Near Str -- 

In referenoa to sours of the bush, inst. on the subject of 
auarding against Jeakayge in the ner form of 100 Kilowatt 
dynamo, I beg to say that I think the plan you suggest is 
caod, An increase of curd diameter Jrom 11 5/8" to 12 4% 
for the pee | Go suppore cores would 7 should think be ample 

, since tt would allow JO ¥% more cross section and only ada 

5Y to the resistance of their spools. 

I nottee that you are ubilising to the full the aden hisee 

ty bg gained by cast steel, Pe seems that with leakgg? 


included the density in the eepe mg1bouk 13,500 and in the 


pores 14,500, On this account “he remedy you suga sh ts 

the better oner 
yours faithfully, 

Oansuc ing “Lectrlatare 

C ids 




Bo BRE, 

and, June Ol 
J: Gq Henderson Ks. 
Eno ineer~in-Oh laf 
Edison General Electric Coo 
New York. 
Dear Si- 
’ heg to report as follows on the working tesé of the 
. ‘ison eleetrolytte meters received from you after return 
from Pottsville Pa: 

These twenty:meters , whose interior ctreult. resistances 
were duly meas. red and reported to you in our comnunicat ion 
Of the Ilthe ulé., wei'e eonnected in series with a lamp bank, 
two standard meters , and the 120 volt etrouit. <A current 
of nearly ten amperes was passed through this etreuit steadil; 
for an average of time of nearly four hours daily from the 
lath, of May to the lat. of June, inelusine making twenty | days of 
test. The solution employed in tie bottles was taken from Gs 
earboy prepared tr the usual way by the Hdison Manufacturtng 
(to. of Silverlake N. J. which supplies a number of the 

large stations with this liquid, The zines were. amalgamated 

hot after boiling in the usual way. The waights of both 

posttéive and negative plates were sbserved before ard ofrer te 

as well as the eGuple wetght, merely as a. check however, for 

Of eourse tha best and common method i¢ to weion the differen 

between the plates which eliminates the oxtdation error in 

ARE iad a pe 
7 “One “Standard meter ragiet tered Pie & « fphie adie the 
» Fhe ¢ ot ther 736.4 , the mean of 73%, 7 was taken as correct, 

The eleven # 1 meters were thus operated at fullload, 

the S44 as at half lead, and the 4 ¢ 4s at quarter load , 
Tie resulte for aach bottle are appanded on the aecomp- 

‘ying sheet. There is one error over 4¥ namely 4, 5% 
Tie ure four errors over 3 <postttue. 

to ie 

fhere are 15 posttive and one negative error over 2 

" * 210 a 2 r) j a Lak yo 

oon gy l Sunder 1 
The mean error of the # 1 meters was 2254 pouitive or 
wainet the custore~. Tc mean error of the #2 meters was 
the same, The mean error af the is was 0.66% negative or 
against tha Company. The mean error sf the whole series 
was 1.7% positive or againat the customer. 

Jn out pravéous report of the lith. ult. the mean 
error of the spools was shewn to be neaative 1,179, This 
ould cause a tendenci: to overindteate, Allowing for this, 
ae mean error of the whoie series would te about half of one 
per rene . 

I wuld therefore auimtit thas these meters are good 
enough for commercial pina ses, I do not think that fou wid 

fing omy eeteting meters of a diffarent 

PeSuLtS sguad dy 70085 


Tou Nt Sate Ot shat t 
cerreetal for the one ner 


WUvCTage. and that they 

YUP @18position for tyro) 
Nae u tp sition for further. tests om 

We hold them at « 

to ad ne ry 

af ‘ 

Yours fatthfully. 



mamnesranrreentenstor oc) 

Raison Luboratory Orange Nd. 

Sg Prsudl Haq Second Vier-Presigent 

Rdison Gener 2 Flecéric Co, New york, 
Near Sir -- 

In reply to your favor of yesberdas'& date, anclosing a 
communication from Mrs Ward Leonard on the eubjeat of small 
Motors for 500 volt cireuits, J beg to say that Mr. Leonard 
has vistted the Laboratory today and has had an interview 
with Mry Bdteon on this subject. Mr, Baiwon ts fully app haa. 
of the tnportance of these notrors be ing: wounk for 500 001% 
cirquits, but of course you are ginare that the problai 
involved ts not to make them, hvt to make them at a price 


goval or neurl's goun? to the swe machines wound for 125 and 

280 rOltS.  Hoeever he emeets vv Shore } river FG" 

1 HP. motor with @ 500 volt wim. i%g, are th thig as e 

commencement GO desceneg to the lowar power types. For 

instances the fan motor he is preparing for you on 100 vol* 

winding, iF sieedee ful will lend itself cheaply %o wind ings 
eee poltages. J have no foubt that he will give you 

a metton, and it 18 surely 

~ ~ 

sdpisanig ve place the smaild m.! pol i Ge 


a firm basis fi rst, paving the hy for the high volt mod. fis 

GETONSs ee Tod 

Pa ee 

: even Gey fy age ay Poa f nas Crt ¢ 2 anelo 5 ing ral 

+ ev 
a e 

coMmmunigarion Prom lire Krucsi, Lf pea to say that I have layed 


it hefore Mi miison whe thinks as before that the Kdison 

Cenerved \ykleetric Co, doas not stand in need of the Tomlinson 
invention lagenivus thovgh 1t be. First beeause he states 

that ke ows thepatent on the hroad principle of whieh this 
is a modi ficadion under autimatte eontrivenees, and second 
hewiuae ke dditdes that tt would be more advisable at the 
prease tthe to devalip an altarnating system pure and 

sinple baYors attemptina refinements upon it such as this. 

Tham Muduse tf the Company doas not at present neat this 
vy with the abject 

2° aeudd pot he uelley to purchase it merely 

“Lf preventing the Gppoattion Companies from operating tt, 

eingg *f the plo ia reatly a pradtical suecess there wis) be 

probaly seyenil wiaiue of attaining if indapendertiy of this 

varttlaulae 2 terre. 
Yours Fitthfuldsi, 


wih oO 

” the Si bie Ci OF 

. Sam Tee . 

OG Sai that Mr, 

1 SC2hA what Mr. 


MG doubt hutue the work Carried 
BUG! prone and afftetant PUEPPIAT g 

AtahrnIed Preteake 

+ a arte mo weg at Naas ang? 

AY it NE FN OR OD Oe som 


ee tO enclose a copy of u 

caerer by the Lamp Works, f- 

“OSrOr of whieh you vossess “he sauple an? cake, ile 
moe Poel bersonally destroys Of secing “hese errestars 
ude Immediately sinee a Buffletent mouher 

We See aa) 

obtain a fair tdea of their merite shy 

eG EAES Mote 

advise you of such 

eee Ing F8. Wao kipson 

tether t¢ these arvestars 

Standai'd 1/8 Flliots Mierofarad ¢ 80b. 

7 aegis ahead a a 

‘We Rave today réeeivad and tes 


refevred to-tn your eommintoat'ton' of te 

ar . 

P96 mIC 

Sedo meqgohms 

returning the 1as% 

Ores Ll dag pagndt ¥ fo or Ogdan | hi 

ee tr 

As montioner by telephone Goduys “< hag 

Fever mforms vs of the buening woud 
ip aan De&en mill. We have £0 acknont 
pt of the winding data of Gees “eae 

nigne. ifr Ag@iaor re tees we 

eB P&S wire O Lax’ Thia wt - 

ations on the magnet side be SiGe. 

Forward ing a. suf flere quant iby 

vfpieial vrde 





ee wy 
hares Med 







taliyvorr & tandard MOnEENSE 




te: i» 13: prepoaec to dtvtie 
a wooden, partition about I/A! Shtek and the 

souk Ms layers, of 58 auimpy 1080 terns 


dl Sths June BA 

2 wt 
sé 4 ° 

Sie. Insuld age Second Vice-President” 
- ; ade ov: - vas vay: Pes ar t A oe 


*y ie 

Edison General Blectria C0. 

a oe are EAA 

_ Nei Yor". 

Sep ra a] Peres 

‘ D1 

es ~ 

Dear os) Ur aa 

eg eLy 

In reply to your favor of the oth. “inst. I ‘beg to report as 

‘ ee 

Soll ows on the progress that has bea made in the adtireot ton 

of aléernat ing current apparatus by ur. Raison’s Laboratory. 

ay : 
ve Se Vaal Of yw 

Mr ia iSon1' 5 firat new ana ‘exper inonital bronasoriner was 
tested on ‘the Bind, _fipeat 1390 7b vas ‘fatrl y suecessful 


we a 
ee wed an 

bub weitay iMproyoment & ware found ‘to he necessary in detail. 
An sagroved form was rested on the 28th, September 2890 

The wesign for she pirat Alternator 1B eonprenosd: on the 
Sth. Oetober . On tag 17th Nawembare the arewihgs, drd 

piue printe eude hy the Eng igecr'tng Department were seri to 
Rohendetaty Warke. The maoh ing was completed on the 16th. 

pebruary. A beat. he same day showed that the armature which 

failed, was “ot machansoally strong amough. A naw armature 
woe inmadiately conmencad. Phis ageond armqiure was comple 

are tepted an the litle April, Tt also gave way wndar test 


vu a third armature of disis. ineizad of wtre was made up. 
Lougture was completed and tegstad sxeeere! 

LTS ts: rua -  ttia Pakage 

‘he L5tNs side It was Jomanega tg the Laboratory ¢ on the 


18ths Mais, and rece sived there on the ‘28rd. It was mounted 
1 the’ Dymwam room at ‘the ‘Laboratary and operated om the 4th. 

JUNC» The experimental transformer wus operated with a load 

uf lope successfully for several hours on the Same day. 

I beg to enolose e blueprints oF the alternator and 

seg! ivG 


‘rans former. 

ney ae 

There remains to be acconpl tsheds~ 



A complete analysis in avery) dotatl 1 of, the working 

capabilities of the ‘altemat'ir and pronsfomer at varied 


buc continuous load. “tg ‘detsrmine in what pies the extat ing 

effteioney of the apparatus can ‘be improved. To construct 


complete sot of transformers tn ald the ordinary sizes req 

pradbteald ye fo Boveiop a theter for the syetem 
These operat tons wil not bake Jong a carry ‘ont as 
sgon as the matter Can reee tue undivided attant tom, At the 
present moment; we are work ing day and might on the quest ton 
yf cast ateel, and the new meters Mir ‘Haison wild shortl y 

4 + 

seiive reo VOU 
Your's setthfully's 

aselh ing Bleeteyve are 

C. Hendersun Hse 
ing inee?- in-Chief 
ndison General Eleetrte Cos 
New Yerk, . 

bear Sir in 
I beg. to acknowledge the rapa ipt of your favor of teda:,'s 
date accompanying the motar meaner, submithed To YOU some 
months ago 
Proliey Wire _ 
We have alse duly reeetved your lether of the 10GN. amd be 
evil of Prodla; wire whi ch weu desire us G0 Leste We Rane Pes 
delayed in making this test, but wth attend @o TF &@s Soon 
as POSstibles 

Ave Light Ra flees o;'Se 
ra meenanshtel 

+ eetewrer 

The following are the figures as requested by Mrs Robbie for 

a Mangin refiecscr of 10. ps" internal radius. Picase 
lei me point ous hewaver oes they ara based om the average 
rafirael tw? Indec if crown glass, @ aember thal is by no means 

Ky Jepeomevd weer wapthows G@huas sPidio we i}. > i leased 

Be pe 2 9 Re ocine gute PS eek ab ose: ee dese Fn is 
he ye nile VB 18 GLaANE bog JO: Qh., 

‘ > - ag? eS ede 
* #2 c- Powers st 
se P2aus Cg? hte Ts 

ary fF “85 ys see! 
oe eee as Epa is 

5g ; oe is io* te * 
cf glase ah axis dy Siihe ® 



Di & * ane i ae 

Inse nali basin diameter £7s5"e 

, One 


Reiger nai basin tianece 

rnpul ly, 


wet TPMT Riis 

agen Camere ALONG axis 



meneame pesca are Seen mo, 

lsh. Tune ol 

: Leonard Faq. General Mana ger 

Light & Power Drpart. 

/ofson General Bleetrte CO. 

New York. 
ear Fir ye 
I beg to report as follows on the teat oF the Walker meter 
made since the drd. inst. as per letter of imdtruct tone 
from thi Second Viee-~Presiaent amd yourself of the 8th. and 


ete ey 

is ae Wa Tee! ived from the Walker Company ow the Gath 
i*y dt consists of a gravity agyeter, whose mpogmemta keep 
vaca with the supply of current through the tnetrumst, and 
are recorded photographically by q hean of light froma 420 
wake Tamafpase ing through a slit at @ position controlled by 
umeatar pointer, onto a strip of sensitised paper moved 
vara by eloekwork. The lampis 1zt and the elockwork aetua st 
rns when the meter is ai works 
rhe inatrunent is intended. to register qmpereé only, 
i+d kEreaeed on the strip sheus the load diagram of 

ba feo nrmined, etiner by eats vies: 

pals he @vea of the goad diagram curve wich o piamime + 
The a@cewac: of the imsirumént therefore Gevens 
aont inns and “piforml; y propertioned suppl, 
Suvip. 200s 98 capriad out by the elcekwork, and he prope: 
tadibratiun of the ommeter that disianoes measured gorcns he 
paper may weeuratedy repreagn? amperes so scase. This RAS 

effeltted by adjustment, The qigelar ranee of . 
veinter 1@ adout 88 degrees, and the bread’: of strip 2 Lin 
representing 18 amperes: divided into Y eovidistan’ spaces 
vf 2 amperes each, The fev paper ts fed 20 4.2 rare of 
half an inch per hour, mo that the ara: uy chy scad @laairan 
cives 16 ampere-Lourg par aquare Ynek. 

The main etreutt of. the imabrinent passes throug sae, 

solenviad of the ammeter ( MPR ohm A, and tre setie of a 
: f 

lay magnet ( 0,085 ). The total resistance of tae isacin 
‘ogmeutt ts this 0.056 oh, which produses a drop of a i.ttle 
nore than one volt at full loads 
The relay magnet responds to the eurrent of ov 
uprly, and 16 armature reraiis rermanent ly closed 
any load; 1s baing aUpRHtee through the mete This 


ature tirowe the Joral ‘girentt of lange and olcek magne’ 

cass the mains but not throug fhe ammeter. che * 


ane 37,5 ohne res., and releases the balanca whee: Gy 


PEAY tH & Oh 3 then operatesys tha second wiadqre™ 

18 brought into and cus of the same circ: 

T 8.88 
- +e gee 

the gqonkua rdnd 18. office 18 20 eeep ee MAINEDT she 

a ae 
ape Wdear. 2 srongtt of current Uh Wes doco 

OUNE te 
. The chergy consumed hy the 

evret BG? Bel Pe bocos 
meter Im Ehe pare} rmanve Of 18 hus 37 war’ 

ie Ene Doead ppouit Bo dang 4? any A008 | 
iy ee > Ina, 

0 nt “t; sree weg tr Bt if the mm in Cire 4 “4 

is supplied, and from 

of energy a full lowe 28 Thesabor ate) 

in oooh etrevtts; and this suffices 20 ~ fae Abie cemperact 

of the air wiiam “ne inetirment a0 85 degruds Cs, ne 

acing oS: On ONE vooassren 

nicl [038 

iniorvnal EPs wetke thaamternal 

Lenpe ws eo 4 = 
ag Mee... ne guala ues ead thrared 

sae ontnetuaned Of tha cane ee 
++ a 

af gtoPpe I 
-read gine through agi diplator hod: 
pie aolemu cd ai 


ond noting “he gucrins 
Pag megults obliesnte &. ' path hef: . and at 

veg aujzinded, They shew @ Btstise  whoug? 

whe eee ei) ‘ eu! Phe 

at Bar ee 

u) adiserepaney Penwuaen Hie gttand ing ot 
bestdual agree 4 

3. Phig 28 perhaps Ps 

the solanu? de 

“gga tnadied: Me a: en 

- 5 ity re cht Sg f 
ee oe gent ant wir tets days APCeE 

loads was varied from bot bO Dime & 

de, Ve CEUE Ope if the print , being a first trial 
nov heen do sudeeesful aa 16 might be, 470 710 doubt with 
a Jtttle practise the record could be devayoned more olsardys 
the ling of recard ts however Plainly 40 be followed, and the 
aren aned0sed maasures in @ méan of three trials with 
pee 23 16 Sqo im , the corresponding supply being 
4350,5 ampsre-hours, the actual supply hi the standard meters 
WAS 450. ampere-hours, 80 that the photobraphie result 1s 
in this case aboul 2% in defect. 
Rasume , Phe meter a better fit ‘ced for applteation to 
the nesads of Nentral Stations than fo houses or looal customer. 
What a “entral Station needa 70 ongrally is a load datagram 
“ecordar on tea feeders or buses, in the COME Gry the load 
dtagran of 2 house aingly 18 gareraldyy speaking oa maiher of 
Little importattee in comparison with the integral number of 
qapere hours supplied to it, The mop hinoney maohanism, the 

Photographio development and the planimeter work on thie 

aystas ara. sérious defects for Peua?e MeabCM OCT, OnE SiMpare 
Mery UNJGrOPET Ji wtth the CMtebos ce Ratatn cleclvedyvrce meter 

ym can ’ 

Bids iy Sees 7 7 oy : 6 th meg) te Go be 
'm et ae eee HY §) Oh. ‘ an “e CFS orga: eye ae Cy: 47: ¢ ti PAS 

e 7 

BE Ta AIM I Tey he pr inciple wj' the me ser 
can he agvantagaously employe for Central Station use. 

"ne detall dafeets in thig vartteudar instrument tesied are 
"oe pMeh drap at felg leads The FRalson meter has 0,4 volte 

200 much exerq, expendea in the meter, The temperature readhe~ 

om full loai is toa high jor pi ! preservine 
it chr ivat ton, The 108s of eneray 4 so aspens: 

should be atated Im fave. Uf the trash runent that it 78 

poe that altnorg. t¢s mechanism is rather 



LAPT € 5 

Consult ig Jelee- 


ee gi 

pe WH Ne ORL pes, 

anladstpig! 22 AS Mae ES 


ene Mend BATA 

inst ELE EOP OL 

RE edi ania On gpd ag 
ehh tes GRMN Re eee sr ri 
aneere ans 

ener Postma acbe 

meta ets 

‘Abbaee ght Ser gr mat 


SSE AR teas go SRE RE RI ER 

oie nt CRETE BRA HEIR tts cet pg won dA EERIE 

Kennelly Letterbook #5, LM-115 

contains correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur 
E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, alternators, transformers, multipolar dynamos, and 
various insulation compounds. In addition, there are numerous reports 
concerning the development of streetcar motors and low-horsepower fan 
motors. The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 504 numbered 
pages. Approximately 20 percent of the documents have been filmed. Some 

of the letters may be difficult to read due to very faint purple ink and bleed- 
through. | | 


Kennelly Letterbook #5, LM-115 

This letterbook. covers. the. period .June-December...1891..:The~-book- 
contains correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur 
E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, alternators, transformers, multipolar dynamos, and 
various insulation compounds. In addition, there are numerous reports 
concerning the development of streetcar motors and low-horsepower fan 
motors. The spine is stamped "Letters." The book contains 504 numbered 
pages. Approximately 20 percent of the documents have been filmed. Some 

of the letters may be difficult to read due to very faint purple ink and bleed- 
through. 7 

ERE ETTORE Me feta eee: 


tec nde ay ITAR SIE RUN oer one macnn i RENT Trt pasa da MENGE OOO 

So dnsuil B8Qs. 
Vicge President 
i807 General maokrta (O60 
Nei York, 
Dear Sir fm 
In accordance with the instrurtions conta ned im your 
latter of the 19th. inst., I sheved Mr. Van Vleck's report to 
iv, Rdtecn as soon as it arrtved yesterday. Mr. Edison rea: 

carefully, pointing out the imdecuractes 1% contained, and 

Gestred ne to draw up and submit fo you a report upen 7@ in 

full. Thia rapork I beg te anitobe with his endorsement. 

We has also desi*ed me to furnish a copy of it Go Messrs. 

kruest, and Hendetoon, and thte fas been done. 

Sara yaiendacinaaninst stitch 
bit daa cir 


J beg te return Mr, Van Veeckss reyort “eratth, 


Sonsult tng Flectr . stan 


244th, June 91 


{.. Henderson. Fsq. 
End 1NeE re tymCh lef 
fai son General hdeetr fe Co, 

New York. 

Dear Sir s- 
id beg fo enclosa herewit) & oop; of the report today 

Gelivered to the Second Viee-Prestaent on the subject 



of the letter fron the Chtaf Flectrictan of the 
New Yor Katson Illuminating Co. to that Company's first 

Viee-Prestdnt. I trust that you will consider it 

F 4 

to be satisfactory. 


Yours fa ith ful Li 

“A. Gh. wll | 

Cons fting Rlectric tan. 

In nin report te the Piret Vice-Presicent o7 the Ediaor 
Electric eiaaaciee. Company of Nev york, the Chic’ Eicetriian 

 evitieises the prov.sed multipolar jsenemt- 

a mer natneestao Bina aS SE Fcmmy EDA ee 

the Beieuy Geieral Electric Company on crounds tiat am 


cane rs] usc concem: ing the type, partly epecial and eme 

cerning the individual machinee i bes pemaission to reply 
ee Seer > . 

“He 30 eritinisms im:the same ordere 

tote oun veges J and 2 it ie brondly affirmed that 15 18 tu tis 
contingent of Ayr ope that we should ivok for the most enlightrent 

upen the westion of tne beat tyre CL Witnout in ary way 

; the very great value of the work that hae been dens 

in wevors for the develormment of Blect ricat Engineering, 


only fair to remember that the Baigon ‘dynamo was the first suece 
Tully used ty ¢ eommercial sleet oie “Light ine, that the Edison Jumbo 
vas the great ¢ynano in the Exhi sition year of 1882, end tint the 
irst multipolar Gyname was built = not by Thury as stated in the 
report by misapprehens icy, -, but by the Edisdn Machine Werke in 
Goriok Strest, New Yorr, 1881. Also that the high commer:sial e:- 
f.eleney of Edison dynamoe , Yeashing fran 9] a 9665% in eleeteieal 
efiiciency with increasing size, has made them justly celeprat. 2 
ail Over the world. With thesa facte in VSer, ~the Edison General 
Flectris Conpany need surely not view cContempure wy Buropean ma~ 
chines with oither discain on one hand or fear on the other. 

Pages 3 and 4 Yollow with clear descriptions of sueceasive 

types of multipolar machines, but with two misconceptions that I 

venture to porn outo liste The Edison General Company ‘as, pro- 

pose: to adapt type #3 in place of type #2 for their large multi 
lars, although the first machines tried were of the intter type, 

this decision having vee adopted about six weeks sinees 

Secondly. I bélieve that the dempany does not intend to employ 

cast iron. but cast “wrought ison if its fied frames, 

Pages 6.and 7 and &. are devoted to descriptions of machinos 
whose type is different to the General Sonpany ta proposed mualti- 
polars, and wa beg leave to return, to them Yater Ono 

Pages 9 to 14 are occupied 

by a series of theoretical arpu- 

ments intended to prove that the General Compary ‘s multipolar 

tye is Glectrically of 

inferior designe The arguments are put 

EET Othe 

forward as the asis of the main oPiticism on the Company's dyna- 

mos from ar, electrics) Point of vj 

16W amd more etress seoms to be 

48ld On tris feature than on any othere The principle is set up 

(vice pe 10) that tha electrical suitability of an armature wind= 

ing :s to be determined by the »atio of the length of wire that 

is effective, or that runs through the Generating Pield, to the 

There probably never tins been a theory more erroneous, 

common, cr more Cisastrous than this, 

Erronsous , because, as I shall have the honor to show, 

gothous foundation, “ormon, because it ig ‘mfortunat ely still 

it is 


mos ana 1nocors than perhaps all orher causee combinede 
In order to obserre the faliacy of the principic, iet two 

dynamoa be compared auch tg are here represented:~- 

These two machines are suppo:ed to lave exactly gimilar arme- 

tures, and also similar magnet-cores, but the extra pole picecs 
of #1 embrace nearly the whole surface of the armature on vjwir 
respective sides, so that there is. just room for the Spider to 

revolve clear through the slote #2 on the contrary has no ade 

ditional pole pieces at all. In order to saturate the armature of 

#1, only a few turns of wire will probably be needed on the field 

magnet for example say 500 ampere-turns. To Saturate the armature 

of #2 a very moh greater number of ampere-turns on the field m 

y het will he nested owing to the greater resistance nagneticay 
; tf offered by tue constricted air gay and polar sur-see, wise 

Al hove-ver be always pessihie ty saturate fo! » 

a Ae ee a Le 

that the iron in the pole=piece itself doea not reach saturation | 

tn the pcessa There ig fair voom allowad in the dnawh ney Suge 


ated, uth has 5095 #2, 9,000 aapsre~turns on the magnet» Now 

ac coming +0 the ‘asad wire "thp ory, since #2 has B08 of its wire 

active, while #2 has only about’ ‘i of itn arma ture wine " effect» 

ive we chuawid ermect a mah ereator electromotive force from #1, 



BOTS ob Soe The hw macnines will give at the same snecd -re 

aay toe gme vovbane, and tut equal ily creat ontpute In seat v. 






ay LDN escaaa tu the rea piay of air on the amature, WoL! 

cive a preater outpit i). amperes vithout overheat inge It is esnszy 

se Tit thie must be the 828 Of Suppose that when eaturated, 

JMeter ett) garry aemess fram pole to rele 50,000 lines ef 
nd 30,006 lines of foyee below, 2 tote? of 100, 000 
oree will anbar the armature surtice fran 
surfsee ¢ Ming the arcature in 
ee, atoms 
e weaser threagh 
Conse O2 Lieis ei fm 
TCA ano 00,000 . neg per Sqteare 
Bui ot inne Fils pole piece civers ten tases as 

Wires On the aymatwre ag ab, pole PLO CEs there will be ben 

» in #a, to one aire 

The rasuléing EMF, most Be the 



Againy the @muon formula which connects the voltage of a dynamo 

with ite spied of revolution, carrying flux, and turns on armature, 

sory ta be a consideration of the 

amount of ‘defect ive am Thee im no such considerationg Again 
ee re 

Leaving on theory +6 practise, the types of amature which are 

known to have the highest electrical efficiency are not those 
| Whigh have the least dead wires The "dead wire’ in the Edison darn 
4 armatures is moe than 40% of the total lengthe Yet these armaw 

turue have in large sizes an clec:rical efficiency of- 96g5%60 The 

Sverry cynamo to whieh the report = ludes on page 16 with diagri:ns 

ts da ides 

shewing internal polea arranged to inevense tise’ “effective™ wire, 
and reduce the amount of “dead wirds" was found to be less worthy 

| on that account, and the Edison General Company have. since ine 

' Proved the macuine by eae tte internal. poles, and almost 

doubling the amount of “dcad wire. in 80 doinge Or again the small 

3 7 hel? horge power motor Wireh Mire Ré1s0n has recently designed for 

the Bticon General Company weigh $6 Lbse complete. As a dynamo 

it is capable o? delivering steacily 400 wattr, or nearly ll wabta 

per lbe at the slow speed of 1200 revse per rv:ing So fer as is 

known this is the dargest output that hes ever yet bern obtained 

from any machine of the seme sizeg: Yet 

the proportion of dead to 
7. tote. armature wire ig more than 60% (6295 )« 

, Of course it ig 

true that Yamesessary resistance in 

armature is worge than 

Wa.toftl, inaemuch ag it degrades the rating of the dynamo in 

Why oh 

* @éizte, bat tae Toregoing evidence 

SOEWS Lied & 

of undue noo atance in an armature is not to be judged: Zon the 


ya aieediiae of the "dead wv: re*. theorys 
ory wera true 

# Glance at the ciagram:on page 14 of tie report will show that 
it Wiad be futile to Glaim auper iority for the armature there 

reoresented on this : ground, for even allowing that the magnetic 

Tiel roa each pole or snaded portion extends like a fringe ali 
round to a breadth of ons mesh in the network, it will be Pound on 
’ : 
measuring up with sompasses and scale hat the amount of “dead 

+ & 
wive, cy vite ont of tha field at amy one moment ie about 60% of 
the tota, isn Seis, One. secerd ing te this theery is oy Tee nse 
30 Lhat org re every inch of conductor may be useful at some pors * : 
tion 6° « revolution, the tote? at? otive wire ja no greater than 
in othe? typegs ' 

One point seat forth in favor of the disk dynamo, and the 
only point so far, is correctie The armature Feaction of a disk 
armature tz at a winimum This ides: not mean more than a reduced 
tondency ta cali for brash adjustnent at ‘varying loade The brush 

adjustment Sn the proposed Edison spaomel Malsipolars Promises 

howvor to be very amall judging fran déstene aha Results up to 

ths present dates I do not Perens think that this Ae. @ serious 


Objeot ior as for the number of brushoss of eourse the Rasaon 


multipolars gan bé, ang in fact already Sabe bach built with two 

ts } ak 
aats onlys Tt has aiways been found advisable to increases the 

nimber of trusnes wp t” 4 reasonable linit ip order te inerease 

von “Te 

eS BGs at 
: EE ie ‘i %O 
“— iit det mrtil tee eS Sba0° bitten faetwmp 
| a. peaitiyleg ae 2 Behn Salant * ABO Warten lenenade +. 
he of abenonts 

junetion oan be detested He GALT Voted RAY sh arae astopinen 
othe ty ac fii Ghee le Mi GATOS Rie Aap ious +H wpreeaiéicn 

® cates sees with one set 

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amie attent tone, | Beye, ghey yon ya of PF the Kitawatt, machines. 


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42,83 LOG si8 omic be subsequent ly detectede Surely if the 

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means thet + © Sngingering Dew arpment, Reve, pdontsd. are seen to ba 



adequat @ by triahs the Fast pas rit, joned in. the report. ‘that other . 



muLtipa ars "involv, expensive and special construction in order 

to secure and hola.rast their wind ings to. their armatures” i should 

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not be accepted secon oriticieme 7 


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7: Th noxt Objegtign ar eb ong “Sin hanmatite’ 
a Be: * Op * i Tse 
oor La tions may regands: this’ a Oy Bee may b 


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same ar gin tlsr fibroia materiat fot snp Loyed in’ ‘the ‘General Com 

Fe 7 NE © ccs 2 aes p Ue 
eens earpiece: fea in reuular <.: for tha Siemens’: shines ©5 


‘ ln BS 
epaerated uy the Aliezomeine EBieiteiagi tate Oo. wn BorLine i he 

ahs Company, will do Well to. emp Loy ne 8 until Be bei hens 

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BOLId substitutes: was. #8. OFS alee... The Yerranti muckires ui 


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in*lammeble . 1 a really good non inPlarmaple and strong cocch. 

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‘Wlaed tnefe iz ne Yedsnn to up ; hethewermpture vida, nega 
s26h Préqient arid poratagent Srrepeghimumentdtigh- “henajoan machines 
Whi! ‘regufrd! ake *astooruartmin tat bdr meptec rob tie Twbey inepeotion 
OU “eee: ‘aMeRaYs ShokG0}: ‘@tahtawe, machines eqadréorsin. the amurer-of a 
paar beyond its’ conmmatht tr and bearingar., ie 
of ‘sottr af: Tf At should pe fond: ‘daairab’ ¢ topmaas rt arnatr 
NendESie wamBvenLe teow: ate frames Y 3 _nfvesno, aby shat, thi 2. Ene 

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Cw te: the coming bbs euathing combed Obmpany ', # nechinen.Js “bat as 


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benefit itd PAR AIM. LPRLOTNA 08 es 

; Ong other, Pireg: ntiiees ton Aa Ate an page at -nemeny ‘that if 
the Sehenagtady aathine.«ere of. large. etes, ist would bo noceasary 
to clin around « ledfer in order. ta. ett: ates wamerous: brushes 
to adjust them. Thie ie a. mi sapprehéngion, ‘Ne matter what size 
the Senne SARA 811 the. requisite: Sdjustments of the: brushes 
White the. maghine is running ean de made: fromthe fleor, of 
course to renev. the upper brushes at conai@erable intervals, it 
might. be Necesebry to reach then from a ladder, . 

Turning now to the machine recormended in th: report, tae 
Fritsche and Pischon machine, it is to be. greatly regretted that it 
it is pertily “80 gree’ an advance over al? ite. competitors, ake a 
few facts ‘eoneerming ita working. oupaatty. and behavior frem fate 
eats ave not furnishel in the report, The only numer ie. states 

ments concerning i. are ‘On page 26 that it ig guaranteed to give 



ture Seah tHe 6 ont” anak 2 54 we. Sines ‘qedyé be of eouras in- 

i sanviy doRiesel ROY Ubaewbat te Woes 
However in exhibition’ 30, ie ise@paeves Mie report 2 fow 

rssueenly by Sithorisation of the makers. i ’ ay 

figures appear, published p 
Taking the largest eise, 4t ie otated that the 110 volt-machine : cS 

40 revi. per min. or of BG, 400 watts 

casi tpmpncnmnintpsbettagessterpnmasesan itn anette ge 
: sarah sm nies» 

delivering 540 amperes at 


ugtivity, weight 160 ew? that 4a 156801lb giving an output there- 

fore of 303 watts psF db. fhe emalleat direct driven mltipolar 

of the di son General Company gives nearly double this, for the 

new 100 “ee machine will weigh sccording to the official eatimate 

14,400 lbs. ¥ yielding therefore 7 watts per Lbs at an electrical 

efficiency of 96%. 
It is impossible in'the absence of definite information to 

{ garry the comparison further. It is only fair to say however 
that there seem to be soveral features in the Fritsche machine that 
will require oxperince to justify, lat. The conducting radial 

pars mast surely be of sufficient size to harsor eddy qurrents. 

If they are not of a cross section to render this danger inminent, 
it is difPviault to see how the requisite mechanical atrength of the 

wheel can be ensured. The iron bars Will be subpjected to hyster- 

wleh that iron febates in an ordinary ggepgse 



.. waa on nie oe. geveent of the @itfiovlty 
a peacts shay balenelug 6.90 Wweste fo magnet... nature, that 


Mes Bdiuon has lavely Bech gad ol@6. 60 Gian r6be ..yegoe . ye tor 
he wag consyraucting on sonethat aimisar Lines. 

Finally *hile i ahold ba very sorry to do any injustice to 6 
really moritarioue dynano or to give ts the extating Haisan Com- 
pany’a type any merits ©% gould nc. ciaim, 2 shoeld resonmend rt- 
garding gagh & machine as ths Fritsche with great caution until 
reliable and authoritative testa and figures can Se quoted Lor it. 

the question {5 not one of the direet field or indirect field, for 

aed Sy, ME 

that i¢ of no conasquencs ircothity (in alternators however, it ff 

enty fair te say that the dirogt field without iron ir: the armature 


hae decided advantages ) the question is one of esonomy « It is 


trag tsar un Ldeabt armantere ty alcoady mentioned Fould he ono wif 
ont Lrony and wi ‘ub ane quvrents. It mu be that 9 .ch an Qin 
reBiiged. At present the mechanical © >n- 
ermanenes appear jnsuyarable. 
peg to submis thec ie Gms gaoccemring report, there ie not u shad~ 
ow of evidence, coxa ih it wy evidenae, thet ohe Fritsche dyna, 

any otha dynamo General Comey § 


jagp@ture reustion Which will 
Bie PO pS 

'+v, to Aananating ‘Mséetrieion. 



he OO, 

eheatiat «a0 ieaete * 


hp aetna ai: gy ease tobi 

you upon 

sev forth in the 

rad owtth interest and 
Chalmers one for dro 

oeg te offer 

© Proa M. Keihen an the 


examination cf she machines 

huge he wild be able te sec ‘in Frankfort, stnee the 
ME : : 
EL LG tre? Sh O70 oy * cet ¢ 

aétr value depends upon the atrerngth aid 
Chetr meohaniens 


construbst ion, 

If the regults 
crate have 

Ceon OF cam be obtained from these disk armature 
"ECR INES Bhar thety 

PESECSE the nugfssdry atrehgth for 
contirdtion int: Jarcer stress. there Gam b6 wy Gouht that the 
wthding oor be usefell: smployed wart 

oul arby Tye Large 
mul? typi 0 ara and { 

nm ai térvaters, duc I would Mpeoumend not 

Anne OR wight» eemarted wilh the patent Uned these 

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Jokes . 
ae fe EK e ; 


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salf onl 







la adiantiad of the drum under 
teerable ef rewnstances is 85%, That is te Say, the 

ttsche Aruna of yiven dtameth: ecvered te a 

aculd not for a fixed full load arog in 

Shan S52 in excess of the iad of a 
ora eae amature of the same external d lametey mma mimbe ir 
save the copper that encirelas 

cevvane eine, bub would read @ separate commniater, eo thay 

advantage way ov eonsicered balanced, Alse under 

best advantages sor The arin type the amature would he 

comparativel) 3 ' : than $e ring need be tor DVOba 3 proportiond 


; $F 
. eed het ? aCe : ’ tat SO Ls ton oF fr te OP! » and ¢! OMS LAY UGTL G13 {he 

under favorable conditions woula 

r ie ae nani sh 
less than logy, ame of e 

@xIsting . 

- yp ery : art , 
Tn fact * © Ce = FING 
aa ry - is 

es . “oO. eome. Wi 
tt crpecs he destoned « Gone 



mr eth” = VTE SR SERA 

“.28ehe dish, and a regular 

2 7 

PCLGOM are he Cur meh wore ASfleuit te 

eae a uf the cond::ctores 

eda ua mechanteal cong tacea 

el: esactrieat, 


atte. tay ve 
Valid Prarty is 

eo 8 
* Seger reas? geppoa ls} t 
Seteral varriilals 

Weudd bé viluable 


ees ee ore eae “ ., . Pol ge i . 
aé getridvelion of tron inva #i “is 

thease adutti 

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ef << = ee we 
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0 Bae: Yorke. 

rY iz) 

- & P hd 7 i a a age 
Favor of sae Bnd, be: 37; aubien 

borpehuatne “he Walker Meter, I beq to say t25 the matere 


Piceont 22 4k. gy me ancagea in ereparine 


“~shomers anal consumers 
I feltieve admitted to be only 

ii ECE a permanern. reeare ef the dead 

e é 

r ow ae Fy y 4 nee E oP te ey wie gy 
enemy mouent in the dar It te J thant ell edapted te 


: : ba wt debe gis 7a she “de, B ; 4 
foo the demand wor them on this duty will 


probably be emaii, sinee one station would net need very "ani. 

AS Mey Leonard thines that fe can pur geued use in 

has dtrcetion, I shindig IF would be adr 

he amtire control of the instrument, uv ieash its fuiel & 

senstruation, provided that this can be done on reasonable 

Germs, jor I feel sure that & the rots Mrs miIisen couse Give 

you On application an equaily effective apparatus not neod Ing 

photographie devel: sy 

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nf the Corevittee or. 

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the nd. inmost, athene. as 

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ae ta be ‘es 

‘wt + 7 

ho fareshow, Peg resolutions arrived 
fdisen three ntre system 1 f free from 
vont Free from them, ought not 

moat er words that its ins 


Pree from drape daves aps 

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tie Jocakhtsor ann removad 

ee 2 eas | 

tia a-g a # - es +e, 4 
eee ae et fs SEARS Tay carries Cut , “; av 

ee es vas Y v6 * “ te fe ye nt 
weowtren? ising gaandalecs 

Peesivieina hy 
OP POU? OFF & SYSEO cone lop, ty successtorn with 


Praeocndenk seerce 26 

"a argue Che neutrad vempors 

atyt ¥ A>: ay vf £ P29 S8e TPIOUurMs orf se bhey 4 


tf they he tv the optetdes, or to protect the nautral 


conductor frow ~ 

Avininigs In the tube 27 

he j 2 : t z : fe 
he HO Me 1 ays ‘ft : + rer “Ey i*eel ft. 

amd ooler tie 
athe 80 earey 18 out over *) 


he advantages catner! bY frornd ina the mauler) tr gyueb 

fa Had? aed Stre 

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eo pM CS itn gyre 
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Rane 97 


soch fA et) TH 

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Joa, aml 4 

uel 8. Se 

‘oe fy fg Ok ue Pad Tae) sen ae Mos eee pee 
babe he OE 22 pes Haig ype RTT, 

9 6% ha Sky ‘ihe the ‘sxe ir ing ~baoome s 
en doad ts dppdted’ Fi Gill fost stared dhroing a fan 
had ee Bert te need tn 18 Bit 12, aE de howe 


JSD agi 16 mates’ of © commitacar bbooks 
br: dig bx stk dante” of atch spool’ to “enigiths’ igs Was 
had intingett S &tog thd! aaaieiond with girmih athser. met 


aw rile PBs te ti hithdycelt Bt 'scniinvetnd + Ai: x0 "PE Enie the 

‘Semler ‘plan! te taf athe, baba ie a y Of tee nays te 
2 deliper Hts meine 
Wedel Por tadle ‘ik at the ond of tte wedk. 

antinake for bog Sgn? and ‘sending a CORY 
J think tht tate motor’ 

149 polts, and 



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sb 8 ig PD) 


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owperiment al i 

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ab ion tren Mr. 

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"dee 74%, coed , 
pat Le F Fs Erk e 

IE, appeoran Ek 0, sags ‘ peel 
taste ¢ a 
the gg Pe elepacPorttonis 

fro sul tohen perave, neds 

mane them are on 16 Buia a satin ; 

reed alee satis factc: 


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spe) Cg £86 Por 7 : ie ; pct ov a a ‘ 

u in the matter of tre 

wie Light Company, M: 

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Sap. pig sce ¢ f. 4 f it - q 
fo AE Se 2: Gh ee Ah 

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roar “gs : 
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ery ie tent | re : oe 
amin of tead resistance, 
bhiat ne e ? ge Ye eh eee 


matures ORs windings cub the sane rmnober o7 

‘Page 8 TE Te § ve tne rf fae dead 

the case, bu giving an oC le 

f lines 

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by ental ae these siots tend 

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Mus Af say a 

gv cdrtain f 

: | : gaan “a pas a) oo PRR es aon 

yering 2000.amseres at 100 volts, 

te collect’ the currents suitable 

On pages : 25 a 


é heti pert the onerg y indicate a oe 

SS A ae 

energy deltvered by the | dinamo’ 

31 a mn a tio 3 a dynae 2 eff ict ney 


‘that ‘the dymamos. are in any way so ineffteteh 

Beda Sa beeps iia AMES 

statene nt ts ridiculouse The ousput of one of 
; as: 600 HPs or 450 Kilowatt ts, from this he : 
shine ¢ tha be ing i cated power. of the engine as “supplying 


ee yname 18 O16 Ktlowatts, thus wast tng 166. wet Lowe te in 

» Trtes 107 and int the electrical losse es of 

pere ts 120 evidence | given as to. the share a of 

assed thet 
namely OSs At a) out: 


a yee et 
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cae onl af 

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by ees inated 1 p4, 00s 

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7 deOre Se a Beoea: & Tea ete OM PSR Fr i biee LPG » init 
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’ , a ravce ne 2 Spee i og aaa Fro 
‘ . oF wae a a hed ¢ 4, de wes Sh san iY no 
os é fy r i wie 

Lady BM ie ies Ug powtdliwy faite Palghat ed aves of Rovner aad ls Lothy AM a tiaaigtt gf ons! Sabin ian Stay! Gag Bay Sh 
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Pe neem Jur ihe fae oe that a mulftpolar 
4 ae a ie ; i tat ze e Weds, 
{ ; et 8p tye 7 hs bi de Ne Le fel > a ae - 
i Fe eae Phe 3 abie, erg ae at AG aa vets PTT! than n 
* br S% wo s ga? Ca hey 
; Cree RC Me seus yo, 7 OXLVEN 480 in 
* ae ae oY : Y at s ¢ pena asc ahr tid 
ae ae ee ae eee be ; 
ad Bo Refs ERE eS EERE 9 qe AES ah r @ eHE POY ro @melle 
ahs nos et eer ory seme eh ORE t 
Y rch RAGE) aot MOEN Natta las daa aa 
te RPE! Jeg et ey eps AIM: oe ina ea e oar tan of the Magne & ism that 
oT ¥ 
‘ : ae ate a r sey ny ih, in 

} } wil? gaturatea the aimasure agat Me ond cgatn, shan to exeite 

: One bale of magnets te satura Bee it once, There ts ne other i 
| Pease bus Ghisy IG vould be Bons Shue Uy COunSe LO make i 

i‘ | pipolara of any capacity, and alin, ue ath a high eo meretal 
| epfieieness The limiting commercial esPieltency would be about 

i a Sak, and the Limiting electrical efficiency about Go,5%, but 
the bulk and ineonvenience of the large stses above 200 

Hidevatis would be great. For slow specis and direet driving 

te becomes wery advantageous to employ mulitociars, whose 

“ “eo: > peg gta? 4 ¢ ny re 5 mg 
compo nessund Largs oubpul per ibe of wetlgit are Graay: 

recomendations for Central Station work, Their elevirical 

effietene, Is genera:rd, a iitéle lower, but having ne bearings 

% aM, 

arcu fee, « ty pot fe a) gt mle Y a. ¥ . wf? at e3 ha 
OO Ny ORG, a cone ead ef Plereney OF Sich machines 

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v page oy wk, “3 oy oe ae p> tp Rs i x ope of e se Ls 7 ‘ . p 
fee ve @Pan our antantion sa the facet, that a 

most perfect and ideal type, d 

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serfs aa ts Se F erm 

macnn? having ne tron in its armature vet 3 


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oe Eg tS i (ier ee. es 

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tale? EK ome Saving 

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i ey Pye | ws pete Oy Sa gee bri oe 2s Bet gy get ae gp tee a 
Ap Ge “a J Oa bee eo te ae Fe oP te fie B.S ha foe oo By 

fe ATT OG PPh One re aude s oo fe oo wineca «, am tdead 

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Re mane, he OPE! GUE Fe re tusane £, Qt would vrobabl : | 

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cate: Sey or i; iecege: Geer ly gAaR es sees euee & Foie 3 
filha Bae hate ree “dl wRowpl CF Gady Guereun® 1085 extet 1 ici 772 : 
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ft ia Ms wii You CAse € fede fe Peasy. weeinenm F deal MACK t 2s tie FP id i. pate; te Ye _> 
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ad UE ote Be. 
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£63808 Im PAC armature body This world inerease the effieien 

wey Ay te ys ope Sy 7 st ae appas ‘ 
ern watte alle vcd for hostevesis and adds euimvnt 

ee Le re ta. “, afiy ya fe Ciyet EF fla ryy ey args LO es 
oy tne dyneme by I 44 AOK bo eoR Foam Y5,2, Leaving che 

ive? lon of effleléeney aside, it weld have other pain’a ef 

veveniuge, The ideal machine if its armature were series 


Mey gael at ee ° + bs eo! ry} fe pe i py pp yt rea 7 ros ye 
wedi, mardd moe need the balancing af iss fields, fh sonldd 
houe £288 armateré roactton under lout, and the fralad fireare. 
soida be peavedca in dlameter, by being @veugh: down to the 

4 S7de Sq These ove the edvantages ang tie only aduanteges 

be fey ap Bp pn OT aly ps gt ' %, Packs pe dtye) say ay : P vary aise 
char oun Gail uerfeet machine wecld eesecsse Conséynent i. 

- eho De se a a r aaate Pern aig a ae 
om he seared ay ef Pi Us TEC.’ bh COPROCNG Eiht sh Ta UW 


¢ ae eal 

machines aan owe neve aad 

rye her a wie Peo Peeve a ton al PEQAG AMO! J CH aetva GRIEG MT OP bs 

G&G GQ dJcod 2h oF f cen? nadine 
oF . 


2 pty * vie Se ag Loy Peay es 4 Par ‘“ Ss. . Pas a vu pens, j 
TERETE LGU ie Tie lage ® ees a PQ OLE ee Fs 
ne ‘ ow Be « 


Ty AOE ery Ty ee spy ow Jat 
ahve aldaniasy ra Pod be a eo i,t 

‘ es te oa ao 
% ie eat is i CAN 
nee " & < es ¢* a Seky 2 % oes 2. -<. bee) 
te a = > wg OM ho fee ae ot. git | : 6 ss 4% : fi a aes ast ; . 
Ae :  f. rae : vey a 42 me o " yee Et te : aa z ; Pe a 
WE CET CC cha TRO OS amid oe are Cn ons ones whieh call 

em 1 caer ace feet, “FP: “yf it sy * * 7. woo ta phe bee 

cr Se ae Pte any teges 7 dR cee Bo REP tees I Sera leer a ee hy oe 2 , 

ORES copes Sm are uc) (de DT G2 mat deans. ea - thar ald 

ny eo tea ec: ot Pe ath  ¥ yy ens me Bae errors we wae Pe 
whi SYSIGE OFF FCO TOME are Aerridle ts, “its re THES De yu iva 

Game et, bee ok not at present vomeern vou, #8 &, ©, and 10 

may in fairmmess aiso be a@attced as setatis in construction 

4 % %. +s - 

Na” have been saiten I believe inte aecorms and consideration , 


bie wae Loweudd desire to emphasize is the unt, ts 2 and 
7 GRE in any Way SEC iGus GOFeet ions Lo your Fype af milk tpedars 

und as sueh worthy of your attentive consideratiom Td] an 

eonuinedd that on will fe both shese eb jeécrtonms to he 


secre a9 Ai AT TU Bae 

e vragce Vaile im degree und in ecnséavenees, Tho resndis of 

yeaa oF Exper inent ond trial have mot throun om. diaporageme> 


rave Seleeved, whiie the arguenss bean! 

ayts by eae: * fe - * 3 ba * ,v¥: 7 x Par ey sn Beg 
VOT LR Ss PG 392 Phe Prenesr tsa PseCussed are as AC Te dah 71 VG oe 


4 In ceonetueton Luwuld@ point out thai the saragraph 

ar ce ed a Ate “O : oe 5 See poe a7 oP Qe 
beep are: Oe Re ‘ ce? Fh: ida vfhe tar i. LG cae iy ? & not ond if et aa eres lle g i Oe but 


4 pegeehes nal the aumerous amper lments ‘Cows Ras made 

vt , * 

H etps : oa 8 2! wen 3 a e DP iP cs ae a - es rs Pe bb se : < % fe 

vith OFte f deeeriment s Mr. EBeétson has made for v<eavts publ 
* . neat 

a eae Che tey seme. fbn iy eee Bes re, ae : ; 
tbe eT ee) 272 smeider seaias the relative vive of eae 

fe Inte SO kan BME A wet oy, 2g eS 


fAera tube cont iGe@ntIN prediet that the AXLE TTENCe 

Ohloh. sour Comeuny has ga ined from the manufacture and 

Cas se Of thousands of Gynanos, and the experiments on 
pundrads of modi Pieations will not be discredited by the 
PeEUle es. oo ne ot ained by 128 mem mud ivolargs So far the 
aveersa has heen ull the i could ha FOrasacy, 


a rr : ; 
ve gi i 


, Consuléing Blectrict 
ese 4 CMTC TOMy 

a apm ne uae ape Fant ee 






4 Gh 

cd . ; - ox : 
&. ves. fe ee: oe] ° pay we i 
pins Lt) LSA) Pa “nae ry hag Me st 
=~ pee ~ S , : : e ea a 
SS a Alps ~ ag ene get? Z is 
oe Pi : E aoe ay s ‘ 
S : yy RK tet vos = o as co a 
3 Pony 45 Zs av ie 8 pee en ; 
: pa “RS "hs a ine wt cy * ey Lp 
re ree SY * mL - tn 
oS eS a3 Pie rs ” “qe “+ tee 
unt ray : Me ~ : 1. es ” 
aa a og Re By a - i 
+ ‘ - es . ate Pte « 
we ts ™] . ma 3 ce fast 
ws ~d tC vee a) *: : 
‘ ve Bie oe ra uy Pers oe ve : 2, : hg eee 
“~~. me # aed a = “" a te, 
itee te Te. ~ . : bbe) 
ca “> rs NS - : : : ig Phe 
: ‘ , : = aoe . ’ 
oy ae . 4 ne ; iis on 


’ *. . rors hs oy . pas 
ry ot ° 2. Find “hh ‘ee =~ “ y ao 
5 ., wt wi . te Ae 3 o fe 
- wey oo a pe SS oon an 
Z ‘. ae “y Re mot ae : me f 
ve 3 ! $ : 
¥ Sted tt: baer to . ey ‘ 
t a r =. AY, Tig c Fe + 
BS ‘ 5 — ’ s : : 
bo - ies ey ws, ‘i : 
£ #5 r . “o <: + 5 
8 ns . . ‘ he . we ie 
: * A 2 — : 7 : : “ 
: : a 4 Pan Oo pa +3 oy , * es 

. : . oY ; 
~ é : ; 
: ‘ - a ch é. ies . 2 
~ am ~~ Ps oe pa be . 
: re @ a ome oe 7, : i, at Me 
x. a “. aes - — . 
*. 23 oa ~e AX = 2, * ” aa : 
~ $ is ¢ ‘ ' or 
ae ore < : , ae 2 = P Pe : 



- he 



. é : 
a * * r 
fn oS ~ : “2 = 
< . * : r : 
sof oe Z * r om ‘ ws 
Xe re. 5 ~ ome on 3. ‘ va 
<2 ws ee i . 
t~ * ue be: Pi “ 
“~ : “s ‘ : 7 ” : 

parc innniere mente 

Le ensant ae VOT SETS 

hye preesure ot thetn— 
aT oe ee te ve ee ne TOS: 

- eonduete 
binding 1 

Pronges ‘De! 
: Pea 









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will direct th 








-o fate ak re 


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in fis 


‘eee <4 
fe Ke: 


ure fat 








Eh MCSSTSo Dyer 
40 Wall Ste 

| New | Yo PK. 


—-you,, and to say that he thinks it. would be 

the diffe "er 

proposed and now acsually existing form of multipolar dynamo 
or motor machines, as ‘contrasted with that form embodted tr: 


| , the Rer 1 y patent, | 


srg? py 









y for assemol sing | 














i Bt ae ad 
ar ee 



heen : 


a sat he ‘4 eee 
(ie his Ss 



r3 ee, <a | 
OP a 




Ly oar & 



fe aa 


o nea? 

OVI ¢ 
I tate, 


oy * Pn 




'§ Go 




rp gli 


et fi 

am New York 


i ao to tie New | 

0 the Lamp Works at Harrison. 

bo uect the pians of the Legal pevart 

WR ied 

SS ASM eR Hy SA IO ay da dae ote 

7 ROME OAR ode : 
Sonne eee Rae rap 
henna, ye 


: for stationary io 



2 fe elese: 

reece me £ eR 
7 areal 




oe Meme 


3 pert 

bt those 



5 a 



Gd Were 





cap eh nba etna 
idaho tas oe 



wePearante af roasaing 

heated apearanen be 

Si) fac Q OF 

ee a 
nie femme arure Of: 

y radseds Ar ALOUKE LOL 0 
add: hve 

bo ayage i 
? te B  WeOHL Aha 
Gi? fete bi tO 

rae a : 

ew 7 

fram uh ee OE 



re of the hoef o an 

mo : va ~ Foy 
GO edeoti ‘OG? S 

AtHIS cs he eat 


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a Cue 

eee RTS 

Se ES ic icevamimeramubeoin! Seat ess 


0 °¥: 


sur é om 

fe %, a 


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ees Cag 


ia chain Bemis Brn” 


setae a 



FOU. have now 

ihe elovasi tor 


sa matin si earner as 

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ws recat: 

ahe ghedi ana 

imse lf pO int yd 01 


MO A a timed, 

te ren ay 

Pai 5 a gacnss Pesta 

bran sy. 


sent hatin epi 
amare rnangi ss 

edn § ure 

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ana rneereater en ° 


ler bard. 



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g arnanc 





: mS i 


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2 EF 


hed th 


kaa : 
rele TE ge 
Rp Bes. 
: 2 POE Ni 2 
a Sa a 
, eR OS. 
a a ie ae 
my Sn ee : 
ee Lone 
tooo U8 


pat t 

4 - 


Mt ag 
: i] 



ane serps ayes ARSE nae 

0 et ie 
Fie ee 

any tar : 


se ng r th ink 
man tnat ton wd. 1 shes if 2 180n'9 patents #5268, 143, 


268, 180 of AUCs 1882, 9 he re seen, 

to be no now Y Prine tr phe 


FY schon 

nto spose that any benept 
to the Company hy edonting thes 

inventions embod tod in the 

mach ine. and there 78 70 pen 

would oe gained “type, for 


cont inuous eu? Tank mm 8 tpoter 

On the. cont brary there would : 

be reason to Fear ER 
_confiras the pue : 

selocte ad for bane a 

There tg one other 

a eomeretel than a technical one, 

>| "one at nilar & te Ut : “ould be bur lt as 
ly Sor a slow speed deste G8 the 

resent ae a armature 
“emp Lo yea by the Co 

mpany oie 
1% after careful constdorat 

machi ine heavier, and 3 

wont he probably well tO adopt 

ton, but tk: vould aie the whole: 

i sh ould t therofore th true mo re expens ive, 

oe 168 customary in Burope to saert, Ttoe 

cost for th 
eff te 0 Leney, 

eal for 

to some extent Sirst 

e sake of dong duratt en and a i igit ie in in 

In this count ry the cond te ton 

higher apecds, le peer outpitts a and Rh 

Ss of comette ron 

tgher temperatur ° 
at the : sac fice of some erg neering excellence, Th ts 
: ‘therefore Mrs Ratson's “opinion that 

Pe made ag uw p 

such @. change should only 
‘oniaed. a distinct saving in 

cost of 
“construct fon, 

ee eee 


Louee pour lett, 

i . 4, < 



a de i 
‘+ £ 

ena 7 



Mae oa 





eS, hae hp 




woeous ft 



16 atin 









nel oot D 




Land. Cet. G1 

A. 9. Tate Esq. 

Aescotant to Seeond Vice~President 
wn Ganeral Flectrte Co. 

Pew York. 

i acaviianee with your Instruetions, I beg to report as 

fedscoe on the small battery motor received from Schenectady 

ams intended for operatina sewing machines. 
Lhe mer vor is strong eompact and wel protectedby its 
ourer casi iron case. It appears to be of economical 
eonsbruecion, Aft %3 gs unsultca fon battery work where 
Me Baiiine 28 2 rect Ges He MUG Ue GS apo ste bi 
wery high- about «O00 revs, per minute, and tus start ing 
BORE aenaequent Ly icw, its friction due to that high speed 
16 eOmaider able sé that {& takes about 5 amperes to keep 1t 
icooping ftaht and te operate a seving machine at the speed 
of #0 reveiutions per mince ealls for a reduction by 
belt ing o? otherwise of ten to one. This reduction is ineon- 
venient and causes étther slipping belts or extra frietion. 
As you cannot afford ta employ more than eight amperes from 
wour batter, at full load, 16 18 rot possible to expect any 

Ee gt . oie fee's eo aie teAnve ; of eng: fg eee. HERR 
Naa x “ Fabs fics 16 PR ANOL ce, “ay ete C63} : mh perk f Pde} Lh ss 3ie ea 30x. 




sue. ats motor ts supplizd from a low tension 

or from at0ragé Gems Gis U ‘enefer economy of curren 


not so great an ohject, 1¢ operutes sat isfactorily % 


ia rendered unsuitable to you by the particular conditiy 

for whieh you need tt. The onli, type of motor whieh will se. 

your PAaubhEery successfully is'oma of sau speed , and larger 

tupgue, requiring less current to operate it, and needing 
, s&s raduetion in “Transmission to the shaft of the sewtng 

machine. Such a motor should also by either series ¢r at 

least compourid wound as otherwise thé drop in Che battery 


q carting heeps the jreld magnets from gesting their proper 
axeiting pressure. The Perret Patterny fan motor whieh weighs 
i De. and thug g az se, Dichter than hr oe mips? 

: ¥ 7 U “ yA. oe Ce aes Sane ‘ <p oy i la . wet * 
ati suisoa For Lit work and agerates a Beis 
pared, ee ae a te eae hips ; v) vw. A, : - 
Owed fe Ta takes about 2 le AMNOETES is it ear 
Be ae ore een a ee 
tye : te Body on LORS, 

Yours faithfully 

* 417 om gf feed 4g 
Pip be. ude a a Picer y Sees ne 2 

Gem rad avy cer 

EE ae eS ae 


. KLléeetlric oo, 


2 Se geetsy Vt yal ck 
HOt ahy Mores, 

: «fhe i porkunity to inform you that tee poehar ef 


che vere telephone ~ lone Atciene - deteliy sat up os 

207 4 

so ery 4 et oe ’ y de see ey Lee a weerae ¥ +} 1 Sith 
ree ae Tle Wy ae tts IPRs SOIT GA Spee tie 1a Ph: t, 

4 eV tf ha ET a Te ee 

$3 ’ . iy 
oe Fi Se apg oe : 3 fae >t re .t ee A ee oat gel ; 
pene wd eptaftie yy. . , 6? Shou?rda be clae ij OR wile Ga! ; 


Pe ae ae Ge, Vapre fade ty 72> 
Pay ed toes . r YDS} oe ja Z MA Pid d. 


f ete 
: i a py 
BF Pay aaah 257 5-% 
a HOnCK E842) Conn, 
Be "ae a id Cc’ 7 5 iad cl 
i Fos avad . 

Jam i abted to you for your letter of yesterday's date. 

I take 74 that you are quite right in the view that the 
: fiaensicnar foimulas of the units do not define the magnituda. 
al “uf be uttached to these, but J thin you wii also 
: admit, that the arhitrary selection of handy values for the 
ana chm, necessarily involved such a relation between 
Geese _ “eotiead units and their deseendants, as wovld be 
sutiafiea by droping the numertcal submultiple, and emploz:? 
a3 firdacental units - not the C. G. Secong, but the 
“ua amt, che 10 grame, and second. At least such a set 
fundanental measures is tacitly associated with the wiiole 
~7¢ of prae ical units up to the present time. The final 
eae . Shapuer ¥ on Untis by Clerk-Maxwell Vol. % pe 247 
oe dain 9 * The voin’ Iam trying to mare. Our practical 
mo fem is today a Qo Grll S. systemand J presume thot to thi 
“@ cs. the power to resist infringement even In the face 
of coven ca awkward result as the Mizrefared Faraa. If 
tol once cans this, J think you wils agree that the substit 
ee oS Maite tee a ec ace pre aT Bane, EEN FO 6 oe of J lux 

ee | «Singer ans of the rule. On the 

Hq yoyper hard , oo . + 392 16 woula be very inconvenient to 
: meweies bier aw. ecebhton Of Avr awd Cores in square earth 
ae : ; » o ; h }i eee 
: quagrants either peadtpe LCLu or adtrecetlu and r reallu IO PLE: 

i fet : s : Joe a cas o Wht ne as h or? an . us | | : 

oo er apie eae ae bid Sead ? aN areas WIACR, i 7 biti i | 

Je ps ar z pe spe pees ot see Be tgs 
"uh che preceank of a denartnedc ; - 

Lmaerer worth the «tention of». oe 

uv ae Eb Ee, 

eld “O  Opiticne vehen 

Yours very wrud-, 

ee es ree ioe 

Ath, Nov. 91 

. Mpeat Fes. General hlananger Sevsnactad: Works. 

.9 to inform you that we have today forwaraad to you 
oi caress Mr. Edison's model ammeter fcr alternating CUrPra;nine 
This ts oniy amodification in a faw details of your 
pemiacr oe ptinuous current ameter, and you will thus have 
the ; 7% y,reparing for its manufaclure if tts 
LerPO) wo. «sives satt faction, as ve believe. We have 
brie: seneral types of alternating oairent anmeters, but 
ene found none so cheap, & effective. aul aa typteal of 
the Edison iarstailations. Piis .¢ « --iar tnmstrument Is 
an altered i0-ampere eontinuovs eure * raised, Ibs full 
load ts about SO amperes or eorrestvonding ti the full load 
of the first Edison alternmater as now constructed by yous 
We should be pleased to afpi.ct hy tral the simiiar modifica 
tions for other sizes of uimmeter sh: wld you desire them | 
I beg to append a dist of sartgteulare pertoiring toa 

this modes. and rematn 

Yours fatinfully, 

oe RSG Meme ces aide ® CN 

eines ; pa: 
eS caer lapel neers 



Ab ak ey 

Atti £ ON Abid Ob BATE IM Lily, 

Lh es 

The instrument 18 a modtfied cohtinuous current Roiecn * 
CONN? f02r as usuadly constructed vir 40 ‘amperes. The sblen. 
3 Woune in two Jayera of @ 7 jam, dececs (1. 179" 
ist, Layer 26 turns ‘2nd. layer 12 tuns 38 in ail. 
Length of solenoid atong axis 5.5°*. 
hangth of core s8¥ 
Diamever of core Op1a7e _ ‘ 
Gora cinsists of a bundte of soft tron totroa each 0.014" 
or #27 K&S, ina apdit brass sheath * 
Res‘¢tunce of anneter eadout 0.0035 OR, 
Prop in ammeter at Sull doad of 50 Maree, A ae upJtt. 
edparature elevation of wire jn solanoia afrar sigan ad | 
SULE Toad GB5 Oe Kakr, P 
Supports for soanaid are non-uetallte. | 

Inatrupent is intended for the 50 KWT. Edison alternator. 

sw NESS FRAT te ES omens ee teehee ps ge 

phere ATER eae oe 


Pe axe) 



. bad 
a> =e a 
oe ia ~ 
si = 
me “t 
* - = 
fae + v7 
* - 
; . 
~ on 

mame in ETT 

be ee ome 

aeiiiacet i 

” cael einonagaeeagee 7 



Sep eaten 

RaeRO Re Scat Ace rae eee a 

Fadisor Lahoratariy 
Drame be J. 27h, Nov. Ol 
Phe eae one Lona - 4 
‘ t Tie, i4¢ ere fs CEner ul GIVMAATGP 


ps y ne "le ee PT, : eed ee > 
dye ' ei i MAD Am | Hieeaipie mpd ie 

oa eo res Py ae? 
wot CoS oF Le, 
ries pte ayes sy ae say & we 7 ae oo 
0 POES TRUTH M2 SULEME’ SA F47 Mr, Hdison of the 

fs. % ney awset gry ’y° 4 pre ef 2. f 7 4 ’ f 
HEPA Seraerite3s OF various ci? ane commounda, with o 

a ae ade EAs ia | reba Boy wy, feo eae ' A > 
a CEEOM Le maser ic yor use in telephne 
pots ‘ $ yy ? gop ce fe ra te i : 
ve f foie what Z. DQ: Ts : G y] re] Of, Fars Gold. t; pra COLAC iy; 
chee gras . ’ lof fest ot fF oo.,- ‘ . 
eos Pt CFA ¢ Dg pata org ee Ayes CLULPC Be 
. “ 

CORMPOMEGS Shab “vay now 

em (Oy ty skch eohles, ii order that veg mar cornvocre the 


lie aftatmes! with those now avelleble, 

Yours fatsly ris] obs 


Gensulting Blectrtetan, 

isis 2 a ee eee : igh, SES 
WMT eas eee tn ere —penepatnsieian een me ce ee 
Sa ete ee aoe SR 

7 an . = essere cig tee 


18th . Nov. 91 

Consult ing klectrictan 

General Manager Schenectady Works. 

ve beo to acknowledge the receipt of your favor of the l6th. 
sust.e on the subject of 500-volty motors. 

Ye are’ somewhat sunprised to hear that the 500-volt 
model has a dead point from which tt will not start. We | 
never found this to happen once tn all our trials and experi- 
ments with it. We are therefore telined to think that if 
a Gead point shews itself, some necident has occurred to the 

We met this difficulty on the 120-volt machines of the same 

dinensions, hut sueceeded In OVer 7 nt tt ay or ne the 

commutator wid wrmiilus a suthable s. ut the same time 2 
adjusting vhe stren: 0 of field. ais not fimi any success i 

from bridging the ros 9 for as trials mere carried, 
we trust that as.) ur aesend. ers again experience with these 
motors the dead center will disappear, and we will aladly 
undertake to remove t& from any sample of the 120 or 500-volt 
type you may wish to send us for that purpose. It rema:ns 
in the battery wound type, but for other rearons. and 1s 
probably ~we think-not disadvartgaeous in that one cases 
We will prppire the L/oth, 1v4, anc 1 HP. motors as 

soon as possthle. Yours farcnfetly: 

[TO A. 0. TATE] 

Z oo abs 23rd NOV, Yi 
Comsult ire. “jectrietan . ; 

7 - f 
ty. 4 =a 

©NRETET fe MCR omg Vice-Presideni 

Whee OE Suhory 18 ahout to PrEPAVEG aH ote nabing eurrent 

ti 28 Of course Very Gestrabia that the ANE TIT 

(f0n “7 uabtente that have ‘tet: i8gueed in this aireetion 
So. a Hs, a ae 
foal? he @2amined to mala CAPLGIN Zhat the 7astgn proposed 

i ae - Qrr gages “ eres ade, ore er nae 3 = 
ENE SOUET OC, 8 O86 Tinnertant patents 7 afternat ine 

CUPP Ss MiGs Bre as you are asare a? comnerabinely recent 
a ud ae Bo pote Ke s ty : a Ee ? 

a a SEAR LS AM lo ARES eo tssuer in the 

7 = zi ps? alae oF Je. * : ‘ rao ey 7 1 i ts eae. 2. eee oo iL. ;- 
Grr tad Sates Ebi a ob atom hes forworce4 to the 

: Ruragci, "rhe escnd ¥Viee-Presiddi. is complete w1 
ate oo dume fa cs se dease Jet rg kis ken the volumes 
ot has COVERT 0 ome aehs omay he expected ta follow, as we 

AvPowre iy haope beer cater eoliection for some little G une . 

oh Yours fatthfrudly, 
4 an 

Kennelly Letterbook #6, LM-116 

This letterbook covers the period December 1891-August 1892. The book 
contains correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur 
E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, motors, batteries, lightning arresters, and transformers. 
In addition, there is correspondence concerning patent litigation involving 
Edison’s electric power system. The spine is stamped "Letters." The book 
contains 499 numbered pages. Approximately 20 percent of the documents 
have been filmed. 


“EP, December g. 
Consulting Rlectrictan ae ; 

: S@cond View -Prestdent 

oe I heg to mform you that accord ing to your instructions of 

Peres e the 27th. inet, » 1 have examined the electrical designs 

eae : behavior and tests of your Company's latest types of 

SShee : Streek—Car MobOrs, Mr. Kruesi having kindly afforded: me | 

“very Saeility for making the enquiry. covering three aa 
"annines # 14, # 16 and Type A. These are quadripolar, 

single reduction mators, #S l4 and 16 are of the same type 

» Che arrange? 

nent of field magnets he ing somewhat different 
in Type A. 

The armatures of all three machines are similar. 
These armatures 

are not only a considerable improvement on 

those that have been hitherto employed by your Company, but 

mane eine rmteh tami 

2 : : 
am sy 2 uid ieantoaneed Bese LSE desaneatiad 2S Tj: 
acd bedi ob 3 Eeocacansed od Renee Be ae 2 Detar iid 1. 

are probaaly of the best type that has yet heen produced in 

Street-Car service, for the reasons that the wires are 

penne aire tem 


embedded in its surface, thus obtainina mechanical and 

support while the at van ts vrerhsad £ ap spe ak pede 

METY Ss <, but the winding = less exposed te **rasicn and 

ina CGR soasitabiane Asai isin bicebecccces ¥ 

displacement by sudden reversals of its eurrent. 
All three machines are very light and compact 
considering the power that they are capable of exarting. The 

# 14 motor gives a to 

er reart to 

rquée at its armature 

Sane ad by 


ame tems Me A ty Me 

ae gee : cece em 0" se Bag 

for at 2 ?adius of one foot for gach ampera of convert “hot 

baeses through it, or averages only 250 lbs. of tarat wetghnt 
including gears far each foot-pound of torque at whe armature 
shaft per ampere, a very satisfactory performance, sm? om 

4 which could only be obtained by the use of casi steal Piece 
frames. The only weak point that appeurs on e@xoaminotici af 

these motors lies in the small space into viaieh the Fred 

colls of #6 14 and IG have heen compressed, J believe that 
4 the space afforded by the truck has rendered tris ncvessary;, 
j The small surface of these field cot}s sompared with their 

depth leads to the helief tiat the moters If hora preseoc 

‘vould suffer in their field cotis rather than in theits senct- 

ures. The temperatures observed on the magnets after ioc, ke 

are howaver moderate, and unless heavily overloaded, cr ” 

carelessly manipulated at the switch “here shouig theré fury 


be no danger to apprehend on this aecoumi. TYPE A. 

largest size of the three, is anttrely free fram this objectto 
and has ample provision for the cooling of its field coils. | 
| ia: 
As to the. safe carrying capacity of these motors, I : ' 

believe that with two motors to a car, and a tobal wel git 

uf eleven tons, geared im the ratio of 4.2: 2 a8 at . i F | 

present arranged, it will be safe to place # 14 8 on reads 

Pewenden mn apm emt en eek 

ams eT Re 
Sees pen Sa ns on 

mot exceeding 5 ¥ #« 16s On POAdS Grades not exceeding 
&S % and Type As when completed ( TI helteve Tiive A. 1s stil] 
under experimental trial J) on grades not ercecthing 12 F. 


It ts of course quite possible that a Pair of # 14s could talc 

an eleven ton car up a short 12% grade itthout ang aif ficul tiv 

but the- above ratings represent safe capacities, 

i The electrical efficiency of these three motors ts wlso 

very Satisfactory, being apparently the highest that have 

yet been attained in stngle reduction motors of equal 

7 Dower, 

Yours fatthfully, 

: petit cages Ste cee: on Pea Bingen Te EE 
4 tees ee ANS i geo - ici a 
MESON ere ae: ante us 



4 GC COT ME ote Bre gaat: 

i A 

tL DAG FE. gp tee GUH@ Gh. 2G Epa uP gavor of the jJAth, 

Moi, 6 6 MIbunying a@ pampk et md > Jetter from lr. Kruesi 

~7 eG ae 

moe Baller Manville sysien «ef alecktrte traetior 


ae secs eanc cs 

J have 
fuyéa? these before }, Heitan xs destred , and Mr. Kadison 
expresses kimself as epposed ov tics purchase by your 
Company of this system for the fo! acing reasons s- 

i isi. That he kas ai this vime very little belief in the 

4 In TES OD permanence of 4 comialt system of conductors 

mmd. Phat he ftled at Merle fie. op «pitvattion for a patent 

| On such @ conduit, sore years refare any system of electrics 

| fraestom came into axisienes. amd that he thinks his > 

slalm kas there fera préority in the broad principle of 
eonduté eonduchors. 
wPd, Phat diffleulties are iisely to be experienced wit*t 

‘ie ORT MOTOR 1 PH Tal 2o SF oe 
Sore 8 ERIE Os ler Marcille system on its own staremest 
FOESSE LES Ne Hove lh, axcrpy In 2onstrvetive detail, Therefor 

a0 wenld recomnen’ thas if you think a conduit system to be 

deetrable , Ghat th :8 winecessary to sdspi any , for he 
Deiteves thou gear snugincering Nepartment at the Works is 

capable of developing the fetails of construetion that siials 

an AB Re 2320 hi 8 RR EIN 

SES ae ee ge ee reer eer oan rae 

ee - a a id Te = 
Piha Se he ee ang enn. poh ever, SS nnn Le em Lar; 
Sha ea ate a I a a ee ee Retngeoases ee ss ot 2 SSB oe, a 

ic | 

ERE el 



be quite as advantageous as those of the Waller- Manville 
oth, The difficulties to he app. cneused from ice and snow. 

L would desire to endorse Mr. Edison's view, that if 
you think a conduit system worth adepting, - anid this J 
would subait is a question of comnerctal necessity as 
opocvsed to enginmering difficulty, — the details of this 
Waller- Manville system are not of such importance as to 
render it worth adopting in preference to developing one , an 
! should think that the difficulties and expense encountered 
would he no greater in the latter pian. 

Yours falthfuliy, 

P. &. Please find the :amphlet returned herewith. 


te ae . g 

The Second. Vice-President: 

4 In reply to your favor of the lath, inst, on the subject of 



a Mro H. Ward heonard's Patent # 463,802, FT bey to ey LY 

1 have brought the matter befcre Mr. Faison, and I believe 

q that Mr. Edison can give you'a continuous current motor, that 

can be wound for any desired voltage, and ordinary speed, 

that shall he capahle of delivering its full torque at one 

Gigkth of its highest speedand at full effictency, without 

having more capacity than its full delivery, that is to say 

if it should be intended to deliver Sifty horse-power at 

a full speed of 1200 revolutiors rem minute. that tt sre da 

be capable of exerting its full torove as low as 150 revolu- 

' tions per minute, and this w:thout the use oy resiscance . 

The advantage of such a mackine would be its ease in starting ae 
and in controlling tn speed, and without the adoption of 
triple capacity im plant . Its disadvantage would be that the 
type would hé a special one, and consequently would be a 
spectal manufacture. Jt would be in some degree more expensive 
than an ordinary motor, and would therefore be confined to 
the special cases where control of speed was essential. | 
Assuming however that Mr. Edison’s machine was successful if 

would probably do all thas Mr. Leonard's arranaement doés, 


; 7 Sus Did retenle Late Sere ee neem i” re i mee Cathet EST ics 

ant at @ higker Cffictorsy; with a Jowr east of in 
Windly tnform ir. Raison ig you think the matter 

8¢al lation, 

te of 
auffleient importance to 9108 the plan an experimental 

£ HH 


Satay Meant 
Breet sn. 

Fae Soir 

pacer abbot lias 

Yours fa tthfully, 

scence te 
oe aint Ta 

3 - . eae ee 
OS a? cael 
Piocpeiceds SR ee, oe hegre : eee ee 

ROW Bry eon -- 4 & 

4 Vy 2. Nec here 
| Consulting Flectrie tan 6th. Necembergl 

second Viee~President 

3 J beg to acknowledae the rece ipl of your favor of the laths 


q inst. on the subject of Mr. fdison's sal? motors, and ko 

| report in reply as follows:- 


The 1/l2th. HP. Composite Srane motor wound for 120 volts 

was delivered hy messenger to the Light and Power Department 

in New York on the 18th, Of Rly last. 

A request was submtttd. 

at the same time that a bair of fteld frames and armature 


cores , as 800m as manufactuycd, might be forwarded to the 
Laboratory for experimenting upon 500 volt windings. These 
were recéived at the Laboratory from the Schenectady Works %. 
on the 26th. of September. The mode] wound for 500 volts 
from one of these two skeleton motors was forwarded to the 
General Manager at Schenectady on the lOtk. of November last 
Rr. Edtson's 1 Kilowatt slow speed motor model was 
i forwarded to Schenectady on the 16th. of August last. Jt had 
two armatures one tested at 120 volts, the other ready for use 
i in the machine at 500 volts. 
| We are now working on the L/éth. HP. composite frane 
motor, both for 120 and 500 volts simlatneously, and both . | 
‘modals we hope to have completed Shortii. This is the largest a 

sige of fan nator tha, if <8 wpugeed te prepare, For ali e 

oe gs acc Eas wa an gpa NN 2 camry, ee = se mn gga zi 

SRE. i gf 

| office work fans this motor will be of wple eapactty, and 
the next Sis@ of motor will ba made as at present arranged 
{ with a hortaintal Steld magnet and a elds eg driving machiyas 
with a pulley. Of course the »maller sixes can be utilised 
specially for driving, and thc larger Sor ventilating fons 
} utzen necessary. 
| Concerning the ee il ing Sans, I belteve that it will be 
possible to wind these for ‘250 volts. I think that 1t te 
: hardly commercial to wind them for 500 volts at present 
Owing to thetr slow speed and the fact that they must be 
capable of stopping wtthovt burntng out, these are the. 
| moat aiffieult windings to effect. 2 have ‘only Surni shed 
| a 120 volt. winding thus fire Will you please instruet 7 e 
| | us if you destre us to furntah @ 250 volt winding. | 7 “«” 
: Yours faithfully, — nar 


BROW Ried pecs 
a me SL haat Os nen nn te eae “reggae me ang pe TT 

LGthe. e é 
Consult ing Electrician 0 DOCe FL 

General Manager Contract ing Department 

in reply to your favor of the 14tlt. imat , on the subject of 
transmitting 5000 Horse power electrical lypver a distance of 
35 milea, I beg to say that such peaks sion is practicable. 
of course any large scheme of this kind would present may; 
diffteulties in detatland consequently could only be entered 
into with great care, and with the best provisions for 
installation and maintenance, The following is a bare outline 
of the cost of plant and conduetor. 

| 5000 HP. or 8750 KW?s. of tiotar capactiy at $60 225000 

lj Cost per mile of overhead copper wtrestddO0da5mlu 154000 

Cost of erecting line at $600 per mile 21000 
fost of 5560 KWT's capacity in generavors and 
turbines at say $ 125 per KUT. 695000 A 
Total _ $1095000 % 
Cost of plant with no intervening distance 693750 _ a) 
Cost of the intervention of 35 miles —A01250 | : » | 

Second Case SOOOHP. carried Il miles and then distributed 

in local circults, 

Motors at main recetuing stat ion Be5000 
Conductor line overhead 1] miles 55000 ‘ 
Generators and turbines 4870 KWTS, say E83750_ 
a Ae RESO 


ASN rote 

peer tre A : ait ita imine meme 

After the power had heen develored at the motor shafts in 
the receiving station if would have to he redistributed in 
: generators of 500 voléis and tien distributed on locas core ~uten 
clrcultss Jt would not be practicable to generall: cdistribuvie 
with high-tenston motors, although large amounts cf ower «ec oad 
might possibly he so aiverted with spacial precau.i:: as to 
handling and matntenance, in order to save the expens: of 
reconversion to S500 volt motors | 
These estimates are based on the use of mcezors wound for 
2500 volts:s0perated in series pairs,so as to male 5000 volts 
the pressure of arrival at the reeeiving station, They also 
assune that a ground return coul«é be effected instead of 
a metallic return. Where abudant; water is at hand near each 
| end of the line , there woul: probably be no great diffteulty er : 
| in ottaining a reltable ground return. There are cases however 
in rocky distriets where this cannot he done. In such cases 
the cost of removal ts practically «w.ublet, 8a that for 
example estimate # J] weule cc*t in distance nearly 800,000 
instead of $400,000ratsing the total cost «6 roughly $1, 500000 
The value of a ground return is consequently in all cases 
of power tranamission srs oR Very greats 

The dangers of operc' «would be hreaking doum of 

@lect rieal Ss CHET PF fective ip eulat Tem. cert QOS LIGRT S 

from lightning on the same. The danger to life in handling 

a i A 

5000 or 6000 volts, with proper precautions and with the 

intelligence and skill in maintenance that it would be 

pessible and necessary to employ would be small, There i« 
no reason to suppose that the Gaiger to machinery could he 
suitably limited with every precaution in manufacture , design 

and operation. It would be advisable to have the ceneratore 
ani motors for such plants wirh stationery armatures Crd 
with revolving fields and hiusheSe 

It is posstble that cases of power transmission , par’s¢ 
ularly cases where gener] distribution 1s contemplated as 
in #2ehene, can be at some future time more economéully 
onetalled on alternate eurrent methods using higher pressures. 
re eo rite, Ses the Company has had no experience with 
such systems, and consequently it would be unadvisable te 
attempt any installation except the simple continuous 

current generator and motor, the motor pressureslimited at 

first te 5000 VOLES. 
yours faithfully, 

Seid SEER Yi TAR ES Fb ARR NT ae pee 

ae she ALE 

LE Rg OMenrAgP 2} 
Card Haring Fsqx 
Ya? Chasinut Sty Phisade.chiv. 
Me ai Sie _— : 3 
Lo aie 0U 3 ome QUO LOGY: SO He! Pai jes 2 Sete 
Commi led meetings gn the sobject 6 tee HEA aco. 2 Mead. Maia 

eee Carey Ati tls plese” Sao : a 
COP ye Pe. in or ry eres : ; as CY deter tat age ee SOF pas - Fae ; . 
7 - t 2 ae te . = 2 : Seared? a . ‘ 

vk r) 
’ A ae hae ‘ ¥ “ ia BY . t 7 3 s 
‘ tee, 2 ty 3 Res oF 7yhoo* Z . . = 
wv ErSy Oe ow ee : af DOP aad eet / a 
Tan 2 Pos Foucg6e Be dee Bs - bd : 
ae € , ar < Lar ee a 2 -2499 ad 5% soa S430 0-cete ys 
CH.» ton PEON TIS NORD DR Petar CEC ROME NG Sead ps 

a & 
“4 ~ 
ns Boe 
nO eR cAI. 85 canis 42 

XG 9 

fe Ses A ee ’ i : : 
whos ; BY 1 a fap - ge = ty z ‘ 
Re Saleen Oe eg ae dale ae PROT GaP ecg: GE ap ee ae oe Ff 
ra) if: 
ee Sine he: Fs ote = . . a ae a a 
‘7 , fe 1 . Vergy: . ~ wets = 4 r - git is, Boaee a a ee ¢ oa 
CE. BOC DEES «5 SO EOROE PG a A SI. hay ie a a ae gee Ee : 

literature as intemnotiyonc:. ade , Biers. Lede Se Ss 
wv sfep would be & eo ioe oe ed + make the fF. 

7 Pn ee : etd gis ; ae. oe a ee . fof. as : es 
CE FEAT: Cs yeel Grae i ears o ihn ote: that eack Ome ts 

“Our on ae 5 [Ade ot “ED iy a ‘ ae wis Aa es ia Liege : 
LOGH I betes PApé PEGS. RES ROE NS Is Le as = eae a Se See a 
ae? i pyre ft eves te : : “p> ‘ 

ne Fark, @ihias “bow id. neeés ‘a. mercy 

tnd, f aedieve is ie Like tee ge tan fhe ce 
ser lously attempt ehanainga eames +e 
in “his country to the de oime: 


5 aaeneemeeneneinimnnen Trae ee a eee of RAEN NG Seine EAE Seah etete game Ee 
Bea cilia SAS See Oe Se ee A Pa eee = 
‘ : 


4 ee tre fae anes | a a he ne] he th ’ vy 

F would nok there fore cvorasge 


dee ROT Ae Ok Op ane 
GULPOrs Th, 

Pye ar ye Pit Cet pee 
Orde Twente sypene an 

fee ONO hot oie Ie Pa alee My ak oe eB ke PS 

Sy a ”~ > oo ities, Oa pray A ‘ 

f “ Dre rgd es peas P 
LOO a Tee pC. - ge Paes HOE LOTR GEE Re Siae as a oo: pa ae 


PB cS Ga honom ma as te 


ti ERNE PRE p58 

oy cur Fe vs 5 
Adison I. cburesur. ange N 
+€) fe Nery crane 4 
wilt, Oeeremoep UHI 
* mt ere i ; : : 
Oe fags) i Sea, onl” Viee-President 

‘ ad bd +3 . nes ra fe , 
AC iso smerc!t Bleetide 

1? ’- 7 
+ tee Pryoauh 
Lain Vos, 

In .ccordanee with your instryuotions 
Submit wn Ff 

Fee Shes Ps ge fith Shs ay Dee eee ’ 
/ whee SATS Conmeral Hleetria Oo. at 

tye Bey : a fd pay te ey ake Be \ pgm 
wring Fhe fase fisead ear ending Oeto 

aM : - 
PRE OC Pe ale Malt he ease) 12d 

t 28 Speed me UPS 

Ll ‘fe (ers 

i Lightning arreste 

v Alternate eurrent appecratys 

vi | Low-Tension Street-Car s::stem. 
"Gi Atseelianeous 

Sin speed miors 

“ix model slow speed motors of adifferon: sizes were delivered 

from the Laboratory 26 foliowmg dates: 

LGtkh. Marei: 
4th, j@ebriary 
leth. Febuary 

£/1L2ERs. DMs 
LGth. HP. 
Ly 3ré. HP. 
V2 WP. 

1 KW, 18th, Sudy 
LA2th. AP, Lith. Faly 
ALSO One model ectling fan nor for 

isth. Decenber 1800 

or Today, 

> ai?) : 
IC }* bes, 


48 foiicos 

composite frame 

120 volts 

vi Fe) ‘ 

: ‘ erg u 



a> ¢ 

1. Kdtson's Laborave 

120 volts. 

a 0 Sp oe ge 

ro ee 

"he 46°) expense for the year on ang in cement’ jon with 
"A@SC POECKS has teen & Zye0, 4 | 


MP, Faison bee feyored RIS persents, attenttun ntth “WO Assist- 

euts , durinc the GPEC Ver Of tn OGM on BO vaLT 

Larips amt 2-ynjt hfe a (Cece eae eet yee ae PATIO” ORES ee. Foe 

hediaves Ne can nang ¢. go INS, balan Ms ER ML pt TG 
GPP ACIS for the MarmeF wetere ef some LO ef jo. _ 

ERG CO GTE Jame Bis nog 222 GC also anes ouragina. and 

CXVEGCTS hefore te jet. OF “@brrcry to TIVE Gur Company a 


2 wet aap frac 2, Liftaatton. ela mo 


ae Sen Pa = : ar Nea tee A i r . 
Phe omremnsa attaohind 1 + MS CoieR hae pen Fete 3 

eters, , 

eecenaped . ~- fen 
TS Peers ie P oy a eae ey os tpi : a 
MOE BALLECME tapes of eonkinveus curseq4 melee kone been 

£MOKRECHT, eee ofombieh oere Qtal reec:ding. and al] EUPCE 


have beun ana are at PMCS VIE erperimen: | ~rrad, 

| Let. A fun-motor moter. 
and. A ctal- recording -ameser 9Peratead Ayu «a el] oer. 
‘ 3rd. A new moot fleation af the Kd iSO h Mleetrol. jute “eter 


a ; 
! A movel of the Ong. was de] ivarsd iimufoeturina triad and 
( estimute on tho Sth. Augr st. 

i Tae toted ost af these has been $ 35°90, 28 

hioktn tr. , arres 

> ye 
emt Cote ners we - aM 

An 6x%per “3 Fae Tigitning krotéetor of the eondexser GUE 
QE LrELEred, CO of these were made and issued for trtal 
49 l2 Edtsen Central Stacions. Sanpies were subsequent iy 

Geltrered for mamigaekuca an thu ie. tke, COSts BID, 32 

Aiternate-current 4 Aratus 

bai deers . eo pReE ee: gee, 2 
Threé stzes of transformer models have heen Ge! 

SOC watt or 10 lumps i-th. Sept, 
L000 watt or 20 lamps 4th, September 
2000 watts or 40 lamps 20th... Oetober ‘ 

The ammeter model was delivered on the Ath, 
and the voltmeter whteh owes velivered stil! 
imented on. PObAL OxpEensEe & WHEL, 44 

Low-tension Street-Car System. 

Uxperiments have heen steidily carrind on fom!» 
dispensing with the use of a erolley wire in stree ‘ 

The diffievlties that stood in she wa; , have beer. ov. 
and a track 800 feet long hos heen operate in the yar. 
round the Laboratory , propeliina a Light srvek uy @ ag gre. : 
From the results so ubta-ned. ir. Fdison bel ?eves there wile 
hz no adiffieulty in destuning similiar equipmint for any erty 
road. Fotal expense § 15,369, 32, 

wtse@llancous — | 
Under this #i1@le are included n+ only a number cf minor 

| experinents that are net og sufficient importance ty nead 

detailing, but also a nimber of experimenis, | CEStS. and 
constrictions %~ ~:,. *tments of the Company other than the 
manufaciuring, 1.@. @li that does not directly lead to a 

re ere produert The total expense is $ 34184 a? 
Of this $§ 683,73 has been for bowie dons fur the Engineerina 

Tepartment, aii? 919 44 on work done for the Legal Departme — 

& ae ome 
The total expense for the year is $ 42,227, Al 
| "he work that we now have on hance is as follows:- 
| Nial-reeording meters, 
Alternating transformer, 
Small motors. 
| Alternating current meters, 
The latest results Of exper itinent.« on cial recordina meters 
has developed one that -s PPOTS Ing per; well, Ten SUNMpPLES 
ef this meter are being eonsirueted ts he Prac* jeal!ly, tested 
: nm as many different Comtral «tat 70S. 

The model JOO -] fant or 3 KWT, *ransforme> 1s eomplete and 

AS will soon he ready for de. 1vers. 
three stzes of small motor are under ins"ruertons to be 
délivered, and of these the Léth FP. for 120 and also for 

S00 volts will be ready shorily, Sinee the ist. of November 

last 2 800 vol® winding has bven successfully applied to tha 


\( LAAth, fPy model. Feperiments on a smal] alternating eurren+ 



molor are also in proaress. 

pment nah Te 

Axperiments ara heinc cont tnued jor tre development of an 

Woe < 

alternating current meter for electric Ligh: ing. 

In addition to the work done at the Jahoratory, Hd “43 

" ® 

ir. hatson has spent some ‘ime at Schenectady on the plans 

and designs of the %0-light alternator, and also of the 

Single» Reduction Street.Car Motor. : 
| hyuerinents have also been made at th? Laboratory durtng. the 
" j@ar , On an improved system of are lighting and its regulatl. 
ia : 

PRI ree nein, 
ie S, We Sieh? ea 
3 2 Sieg 

ae: Reap ereoat mE ER Tae Ae Se EA IT ee Be a a 
canis atin cong Pe sae ee 
a tome. 



While these have been successful #0 far as they were 

carried, greater progress could have been reported tn this 

dtrection if the development of alternatdng current Apparatus 

had: not been of the first importance, I: is Mry Fdison's 

mtention to atrect attention to th:s again as soon as an 

opportunity offers. 

I shall be pleased to supplement in detail any 
parts of this report om which you may wish for more explicit 
however, jou would of cour: 

infermat ton, For matters of cost, 

T -efer to their own official chanrels. 

Yours yaithyully, 

Consulting Fleetrietan 

The Seevetary 
"ne New York Hathemabtisas See t ty 
fotumbia Coilege 

wry se 
Tod re Pa 7 - a 

Tam desivovs of becoming & .« mbav of curve Soeteny . TF 

admission bo permit red GO Me “ pres cime “uere fore that 


‘arm of anylteation, whi ch 


oe Be 7 EE gat ee 
Consiiting FBlectrit. ian . 

Seweond Jtee-Pree ident 

’ bea to acknowledce th reee pb op your favor pote font, 

inst, enclosing cop, of a report, herewith ret: ) 2a, 
vr, Me.Henry Principal Assisteut Regineer of the Karthoon 
| Pacifte Ratlroad, to Mre Villard, the Ghatrman of tot ee 
i have submitted this report to Mr. Hadtsom, who ectse Mey 

endorsing some of the views exprassecé in minor @léctrirc. 

details 48 very yicased with the general grasp of the svijec 
that is displayed. Mir. Kdison hopes that it may be posrifve 

for Mr. McHenry to be present at the meeting that 1s shortl, 
#0 he held I belicve on the subjeet oy us trte loccmot ive 
plans, and aiso that the Sirs# vractical trials of the 
electric sy stem may be eatrustea te tr. MeHenry's superuistor 
and eanre. | 

Yours fatthfully, 


t Foe Bee ge Be egy Oy eit soe 
D wh GD TE CaPy RI G 

caahdal f od eBanarney sane 

Bvt. Necandbsr B] 




Fey a Say " of fo? PYart. feet. , atrer LP oycnst 
r. 3. Pike Li tary ” 
seer te BAW : tet an io war iter replied l hes Vo aa fae 
; i) Yor sane ee: tety 

Pe net mad te artes Mi obser teeanter > negate 
iar str - | 
at ; v4 ate hye be eo ge wy " ake jag ote 

ie OME i Wadd WO e@ Central Stassen Senex tracer vm 
| r beg to esincwleaye ‘wt th thanks your letter of the 26th. 
ome nao mee foped in pin Lak tetg of tiie 3th. tmath. oom AArs 

inet, ascmpanying thread Maahere of the Soetety ‘a Pulletin 

a 4 

eu d¥eR Fos 9) wleasurr Lewes fr fein a ga AE 

We die “y ‘le gor whieh an greatly obliged, 
aye ae aye et VOW a Pp a omer Ze ars 3 On ake Sttend BULA LL aaa e 
As a eared tdate for iss ion. r may be allowed to 

we va got dey Spat eye of ogt hn es Pal ne 
. nore es oH eed gage PY BhG ara é : 
‘ment ton ttm ae references hao gentlemen among : your: nambers 
CRA Ps 2 imo Le ‘ or rey ie ree ; ee i COUuLs OF ay bur we 
who know nome -~ Dr, ae and said Sta meta. 

Crue eine more Seed aloe wlemg , EO Les Sane 

Yours fort Ady, 
hae of 4s yor ianeesdos co prepgey Sper AB Aged, Qh ity oir 

‘ { | tae a a 

it wt f pee iM pT 


CRS Ge bins 

tyr sk Powe way, eg cigs” png! al aise oy 
Cay tad oo face re Aart ar oe 

A eis at seem ten 2 fin enn ape Ercan A 

Fa@:o7r tab om ort Orayae NM. oT 

ist. danvery . 2. 


» “hetmriitz Rsq. yonie>.., 

Yar oir sa 

1 keg to return with: rany thenks ieremith tne bapers of ‘he 

suena eal Soetety that 01 we qvod enough to send me, 

Po 9%e the pleasure of heina roy -ne o; 773 memhers, ani T 

MWe Peer mes COpTas oF frese from the SECPATATY, 

hen lately ascertained thet che eneray eonsumed in 

closed Farag Rina of sefr from oo re’ ky in Pusteresis 

Mder an alternatina ovrrent maane (catlicn at prac’ Fea 

fremuene,, 18 very nearly eapressed 
T = A B é 

; 2 
Wen Ts poe aticode fw eye, dB He tere 
herd of a Man AL aaa 2 “a 
Pee ve A MA a) B aco bea a Spo es vi, 
This is J think tre some ws Fiat you fornd for Paimats res id 

“he equation 

as I have since cheese. Mis Looks as ‘though the enera; 
were the sama for ver: 2. as well as for moderately rapiii 
frequencies, although tt does not necessaril, follow. Reirsh 
values are all dettueed magnetometrically 7 understand. 

If we tare _ wo @38%5 by at Fe ee Se 


we roe 

: a, << er . ae y 
_ # $58 ‘ i Pres fe : $ # : 7 
det Agee b f Wiese x = ‘ 5 

Then J find it very difficult to comprehend the meaning of 

the identity exparimantally sanetioned:~ 

¢ S : : 


a a SIE UN ES MINES ar serene de pa me a rn Bs : Ea goitg sever 
TS a TS meet 5 ree Press 
Tae ae eee ate tr ca ease 3ST Sweae ook 2 ao 
St a a a lo a a cs a ede Nee a i Sat he en ees a ae ee Se oe ie ee 


i et ; ¢ Ja 77. 9p 

ensuritinn © Leehrieian 

vem ral itmader Sales Nepartmer? 

T hea to retuinm enclosed hava? A the piSS for the pamphlet 

on tie Kdison Are Lightina Syste widiehk aceompanted your favo - 


of the th. ult T have nad muck pleasure in reading thIS 

sugr and have no ertttersms tc offer its oun Lites, 

witch of COUPSE UTE BLT mere CGrmere iad than technz vio 

j shovid feed inelined fessates © aniverate as & dererid 

croneipls in such pam hiets, the witttion as appendix matrer~ 

not as an infuston ints the icdy vy hee cork jhe feos ables 

i teehnios, wvah ag te average 

or suggestions OF pree cane | 

pultuge tusten per damp, (he currant for cifferan® stxee ae 

ose aguenalens i lanps cy 00 feet of certain 

nr rere 

epg af cetre and esher finks that have no commireiad va’? 
perma atthhedd “he rzason for the suggestion is *) 

ile the investor awe wtil, woula never COUMNINE reer Ve 

» would? yes be impre sade br then as evidence of thar | 
w cveevting wark, obiie to th van UG HAS Ofte Fe i 
ee imnestor, the practical shaston man, such tablzs wi iB: 

be O; use, and would axe Gre camphles more than an advert ise- 

ment to him, and more of an advert isement to others. A” the 

spac time , 7 kriaw that you are hetter in a position te Fuge 

of the fitness of such an addition in praetioal dealing °+* 

Be aod Ley eras gt iia ee ie eg gn Se 

soeaseeda yan sb -2 ea ee cise oe i ete ices 








Ae ee 









Mb] 1Cx 

a an 


te} (7 

Nef te De mee 

Vous 7 





7 = —~eecligalndc” 2 eacaipeanantae 


saicigy Stak 

ae agen Ena 

5th. danary a? 
Consulting Pleetrietan 
.Seeond Viee-President 

J bea to acknowledae the reevipt of here Famer of ber or 

inst. enouiring Inte Be praditc: - tick ts being mace 


the Laborers in gormection otih meters, FF hem te fa, wt 


i wee@orusned CePA Your Pus 

 f=recordineg com tno GUPTORG MERE CE ©, 

7 “ By aed ae. gen fee ee - ae ’ a 
BE PRASEE S SE OS i ae ae 

Lonotpsetion, Ye have avery rrasen gio Ghz tests 

noo oeraine) modes, te Rove that these 

wy a 
o. Spin po Reis aiue #apisjaet ren. 

in aeeoctanes with your request, we mid] submif ~o 

score anh Saperecom 

sou a mweakly revort every “onday morning of the work that 1s 

‘ ! 
oy se ws 

im cond. 

Vours fatthfully, 

nice. “2, ee 4 ease ARBRE ee Bas 
ae BF es sage: BEMPERE RS TNE te 

het A Sa gg ne Ne nmin tee i Ed int ee 


e Sth, let} e 2 
Consulting klectrietan ‘ 

Goneral Manacer Cable %@ Wire iepartment 

ms reply to your favor of yesterday's date, I heo to Say 
* "Fee : . 

Chat our experiments in the direction of a search for 

substances of a low specific inductive canacit:y that may he 
SU itahly employed for saturating telephone cuhlus are stil: 
im progress. (7 the 17th. ult. we reported to the Genera? 
Sanarer of the Schenectaiy Works that oie Jowmest on our Dict 
Of “easurements was kerosene oll with a fiaure of 2.2 ( air 
"NID JIye-parasfin vas whieh I helteve is now sed, having 

eo) Or wt liétle oner. We do not snon whether there may be 

some practical vbfecsion from the Namracturarts rout oe: 
woe tO the vse of kerosane 91), ner Co une srnem pete ee 

aged ay 4. 
eritl OF this Lieutid has bean mane at Yebonects — 7 e:. 


toda revorting that ve Sine sample oF erude osavertie here 
to hai us low , or nearly cs lowa figure as ee i. ang 
#118 woulda probably be cleaver as a substitute, Put ry to 
Shis date, we have foun no ne subatinees heler® 2,5 

-f you would allow us tee suatestiorn, cof Fh mot by, 
worth the purchase of fift. feet of cable, say Pacire cable 
to ascertain the actual figures reached in capacity per mile 
by opposition firms, If ycu have no reliable results of 

such cable capacities, it might be wall to obtatn not less 

Se es 

+ sik aabtene List Stee ar ee z eee 
— aor a in - Basse ere ke (se oa Ee 

a ese Panel! erie een cee ct he me patra ones aS ke See ee 

1p | 

tram fifty, and not more than 100 feet of the best opposition 

cable that can be obtained, tf possible under auarantee, $0 

that «1 can test it here and find whether its capac Thy i. 
really a3 jonas is ecitinad, Statie capacity is 10% 
readily measured on fy he licktdy qeetes, for ae gs 

a neers heth aoe oun Puss ame eore 43 weeur tei oe, 

pours fi tte fully, 

i ra 


sa te ae FS SERMON RE HERE. FN CES wep ETE HET yl cS 

E : is S ey te yee orga wy ge 
a a8 i 

, Kimex = a 
nls eee eae ves : ean ss + fee sep eee gee ee 

COs rIe If eure ard natienc e. 


a eae Oa aa 

“A mBia are cea es pow” 

Sth, af, 4 é 
Gonsuiting Rlectrician JAN, LP 


General Mananer Wire Depeortinent 


i beg tO ach ? 7 1 7 3? af jr oe ae ’ “ 
c Hno vledane YOur (avis of the OG. coe PGtie: LHR OS 
I shall he very pleased to wes Mr. Carty either here ur 
7 Pp (ae Bs 2 z id ty oa Pon — . t 
7 Ne York, and to show tin any courtesy im my udve 
th . j t ries t t Vie > + Po io ee atwe “7 2 j ; , : 
Mk Cheat the plan ie. UG 2e8*% Of oDtaining his Pie pes nn 

ffm g lel 5 ae “3 . = 2 
the Aa Tson CHNles is te SOO, ORG. fF Hay Shar ep te a Chap i"y 

ah Ghoroud?)) competent axcert:. ID GT Cd) Gar): pe ary 
uf Feces t wee 
We Nelephove % O31 Orange at your eonventenee. one oan 

orrange either for Mre Carty's eallina heme. ap sap ty call tg 

vpon him in New Vork whiel 

- os 3. + > ee. rs . Ps a 
leUer MAG OS nore Ge: rah) >, ar pegt 

t . be, av A oe yey S . 8 ye — nah 4 ’ - a . = 
PO BANE Gy aprointinen™ 326 the Rdtson -uildina e+ eee tt uw ak 

7 he de ; 
baby ipa : oe O¢ “2 }, . . ‘ 
7) * 0780, He has made a speotal stud: of ELA ROY 
of ~ opt oye es . . get easy ty - 
aoe ET TPS OR Fits svbteeS wit] be valuahle. At ths same 


SV, f “eel eonutnes. that mbatever has heen done hy 

Oo £6 Thien firms ean he cove 77 70% cpRpussead hy the viiaon va 

onary In regqaris to the sangre st fo. ghtes wish the sie 4y, 
7 1 

Or fae a, 

hs a. Ke nalhy 

) eaten ECE ah, Oa. tay ete 
a me canara ae a interes crmpamunnsnemaetsmn moana Ws 
"a a a ; - ee TL 1 emcee I SS ca I TT acetem an gaps we 
des ioaisy aon « : = poten 7 Ae ; > soe : 

She wilted = 
Consultina Rlectric ian 
istriet Manager Pact fie Nori West 
Near SIP i= 

Hr. Insull has desired me to address you on the subject of 


“ye have received instrie*: We 


alternating current transfornerss 
from him to construct a SO00-1iant trensfarver, which if 
u8ful he destres to hace at you Ais sttion for car: 

con om otc 


7 sr fherrifory, The .irdean bran Cor we ce Rave 
Te RETO. TE at ZOO. ee Rae Pe om ek ing me ich. 

Be NIG ONS BPG e: 2 Abele Ae BENS AMES Fae cer 

yew oe te Ry mere) arn Agron ° rooumses that yo: 
COM AEE SG BY Et I er I OEE: PEPE SUN Se IPeN eae: ©... 


ta GR Re Dols ne Ce PoP BI00 © 2 oR: PTAG GRousea rw 

aor ‘ atu se a aie a aa i . is 2? ; O87 g ; : Cc 3 os : . ohlem vs C > 
fov Revay ARs COT Re bree an eens | ° 
is ’ 

: f Bey t62¢ : n ae te ‘Sau OTIC ? - 

| | : 
us % : 2 : 
| i . . = ; | 
: } ae _ 1 an oe ‘ 
a: = r 
pons Py) ‘ - s 
i x % ; : 
: S é oe 
S er ae 

5 , : 
A y. 
m3 : : 

SR eo tant on ee pomntio 

eee oe 

Ope get ype itt coming 


a i 

y Chi 



Adison Ocha 

Pa S4 Gorton sa, 


Nan r St vr * me 

: is } 

m™ reply to your fern. ny 
up “he 


| $ 
. ‘| 
| i 7 2 ~ 
Se és y 
: poe 
~ * petro os ry oe 
= = ps — Beaeeic = a ~ 
si = 
iia EN ines cA RMR 203 se ps Rt TPF gc a Z 
— Th ahtcete 


Wath Miner carn 

7 RL ae ae 
ae eee © eile ern ene AS te a a a grunge ee ean ay 


5 Sd 

Consulting Kleetrtet an ee Tan:,, 

Second Vv 100-Preacvinent 

J hea to regret } 
COL EELONS aS Fullaws ov the ivrearess of the work we 

hay Lane UP 
ave in haw at present under Mr. Fejson's instructions for 

SOUr Company, 

heehanical meters for continous evrrents. 


> $ SO 9) Fae ~ : 
Pwelve of these meters are heiag  onsteveted, and are wel; 

under way. Our present instruetio-s eencerning these are 


-G §@ % " ; 7 Jo , ry ys 
mi ten avay und inetsll them im ati ferent Ritson Cent pa 

Stat 1? Led ages fa lae v 

a 107: umlier the SUPE? Ue 8 i u ? os vy reer ect ZvVe Comar: 1@8 
af a ‘ . 

us Se Tlawi- 2 to the New York Tlie inatina ts 

“te tie Philadelphia ro 


« 6 the Roston Cr, 

2 °9 the Chieago Ce, 

a % the Horrtshury Co, 

tidy ‘s d > +, ADT vt ; 
ie la) Sang tye, : Ar i ; Poway 05 * 4 : A es, 
vee 2? «edn. G Ce PO AE EE Aa Rypie PCO Melle Smee 67 sem ees 

a + : i 
ae yy PE = ine I AGE fp bya ee ae 

ie pas 

hee te Keone Fan Motors, 


Sx f1 rotors ae being ecns.ruetedfor Lith. HPy ore por 

fle) 4 hoe) bye page ee "8 ok 3 
ON PES we OFLear For J20 %: 9se are well under wou, ene 


Is bens owe vd. AL] the parks ore complate, 


Tans ye fe Lawes ; 

oon oe et ee 

tee @ f . o tu @ and on Ss 
EA tr ae a é aed ye 
ws u 

et, LOT aan name gee _ ge gpd. 
cat OTS Re Scam + * 

the heat taatk of tg traveforrer enclogen im tite siald} ta 
acts factor, ve here ty deliner jt “oy the SelLencetany Yorks 
Chis weak, Tf i+ ta not Satisfactory, abvoimes vidg paste ka 
ho mada in the shal} to Suih, reau frevcute, 
We have written ta the Pre Ifie Mortis: Yaght Ntetrter Mariaadg. 
on the aubsect of 1 0-11 or 5 Ktlowakt transformer. As 
“ae hI reply 78 reeeined, Cherattons atil be tmmedtataly 
commanced upon it, 
elOdR for bedas Digartrer t, 

We have just almuet Compdetac a sries of nodals far the 

POE TW 1X1 remeay: ri ’ Fheg ¢ ha ue 0CCuE fev SOI? ad 17e, we 6. ve “ t 

‘© Heie@ reals for Skipmant this oneal. 

“Rave heer, ind ave ati] engaqea in tess uf materials 

AP sets aa ONT vss LeLNG.. eae Or 9 | b/i@s ra ok eee ae | lve a lo» static 


‘oy tC: oi afore CG: “ery? y Cael ‘ 5 A ; - 
‘ % ‘ : ? aie Ce : 

bs > Z } $d re a ou + Pog ce tess wpe SG > 
: “echanica!l mete Ve SONG a ESE IE Tha 

Jan motor Also un 2 hioh tan: ton 2. ter A ee UEP ENG. Oe 


“4 te cna» > tet + rs efo cha ae P 

« tite: year accent le eens EN em et aaah Ee  — —, PE cbecoeaaese ee als + AE peau nck tit ae 
z ” ms a 4 ¢ 

Vets * ba = Sd 

a Pees! 

POPE ES tity oes tie mene i to af car fanor ef tha Py fhe 

me BaP ee oP ee Wafer toon fle Srsten of Piaetr te 

a 4 Pops a. Lard by a poe Fasye Se * ‘ * 5 be 

Pree Por sms eee ony jad ivy worzes of Mitad States fate ts 

Pei h MMP PAG POD serps ae ok 2th #7 prenatth, 

toe a - . y od 
haere ap, . 3 “y teatgeer? three aredin 
CEhomtes that Ary (cry neRes toad * uanntiate bet J 
opt he Pag 3 yA dh, Ps Bon je me oy de pase 4 * * IT 

hee * aagd yeup attartyor ta the taet that theng 76 na Vo. 

"32... Tag cas ce Re = >. A * 5 : 

edge Chote Race, Am aged tortion oo stated to hane 
heen flied In tie Patent offices foe te us fertimull le 

ve Peay 9 7 . bed ? ya " Roe : Id a at eg . 
WOOL ESE eofeim on the Lite. faye Q8Tri, Foye. cone Det mughps [thi 
» he 5 

alt iat it hi pa 1 gy re. Staple & ¢ 2s ify f frre tis “Ts : . re beg ce OF] fre os 

In “RIB coumtry to offer or sate. 

im adetttom le cys, om ac omer as the Wallersfom lle 

; ey 
ergs gamer onl: constivetive ococtgie inn aendygt syste 

» f 


are » Cvrwe ei) ey i SEF Beier iy t i al. fire ds seg edo Ses Spay ; 


da Ti Aoenteing ther iatent riabte , hem a persiti 

PO Gout  Comdult Byeteon, valees Mr fiitsen’s ortiainal 

vebdiowhoon, marnrtone’d im previous letters coutd be establis ty 

"ace latmes be oes use of a conduit eonduetor for 

we egycs Poni ey ae a” Sky Se 

Pe ne verree 
Saas eee 

PRT ae eee 

os . J would therefore suggest, that 


ff you desire to adopt a coninit system, search he mate as %° 
he omership of vatent rights over the hrvad princizdie of 

“wrface conduits mm this country. AS scon as this ohstaele 

fs removed, 7 should thivk it would he hetter te inde endent i. 

othempt the operatrcn of portion af a road under vaur 

Coyamy?s aupervisicn, by the commie tt method. J haitene thax 

Ap eetson's view is eorrcet, Bhat ot would de hetter to 
wore out the detatie of the constrystteor Mo your own ong ineer 

Verreter teem The, 

tne Department, Pham to cecyire cho @etciles of @ yyaie™ 

system that wight reauire eo alderarle wdifications 60 

curt local reautrevents, At che too tine, 7 da ret wish to 

-emalue in the siightest. ‘he vecgrmnendagy it of the 

Cervera] Hanacer at the “ohergetac, Were. 

. ar . . ; : 7 ey rds 
teturnina t3 toe Biter ts oe fered Dy als Charver, “mhtce 
ave entirely Independent: of ber Haj lereenvilie scte: | 

honltd think that the felplercsce Spyctem vs patertad by 

ne con. tdorubde Va ue. 2 ‘ave reason £0 

a + 209 ™ 
. 94°% o e any s a ai 
Sara Levee uM mes ae a, 

pf tee dota t aptienees sat forth in these 

aca Le ets e 
344; ’ jf gee de 
~atemts a. cupesrebine mde a hie: trial, but the hroad 
Cl ee Re AIS? PRS OE ERS Ske ~ netrteal haulag@ over 
Hees 4 “ar aE sig NEE Pa Bomevar | mould 

lie eiaio ih ap memcne anee, (IE seompim amare ttntin nn tet AG 

recommend wr. Fruasi's optinton in reaard to this matter. 
rot of sufficient importance to merit your present attention. 

Yours faithfully, 

§ - < New alt) 

tc NY gS cE BR SED, Date SU CF LY 

si natal acc: iSialy BD gta te ae a ell eco ee 

SSeS: oP rip-tteearaes 


Fdison Laboratory nrahge N . 

yth, Jany U2 
1, GC. Hendereon Fsq. 
Eng ineer-in-Chief 
Faison General Flectrie Co, 
New York. 

par Sir en 

Jhave read with great interest the clear and intelli. 

C. Hewitt has fi 


report, herewith returned, that Mr. 
ject of the pithing and corrosion °./ 

to you on the sub, 
y Thee : 

pipes in the Rrie Electric Pailroad Power House. 

samples of tube that you have teen 

ae fr 

an | 

Hf ; 

a also examined the four 
se samples Gh" 

nova enough %0 send for inspection. The 

| ree Ee eT” op ; to the veo of There 
wrest? 20. fear aI? airect evidence QS pag, Me CALS? ¥ : 4 
| . ; xen u Auch a4 anata ht io Aredaly prodaands ry 
: a noe boo Be We Le ; tinea 
{ A 
Lote ce 1m, ~The observatiuns rule me a wi! at tye 
- 1 ft weep p+ LOO amperes were CONtIMMONS: rssimo 8 ran 
4 4 &. 
G fyam the bus bars were Pet te! ) age : 
bhp “pets 7 20 other hs 
- " aoe 
L ner bia ie! ms 
Lae vears as b6 the Genesis 9 vk STGP iG” 
Sided! 2 4 Pees shroughout the town on he G2 

nee 100 amperes aetina on trax 

soule only ff 7 olve anor’ 

st TPs. eer 

Lemans ee wet ntas mave mib ae ag cena : ; 
Pe EE ORE ITT” FE ge gee aE Bh 3 
Pa pasa ertirn oT EAL EY SORE ERTE eer one ; 

LE fa pork ence BS epee lt a ee St 

of the power louse. 

“oe ranedy that JT would versvre to sucaest, 

Pee | 

the necative dbus #6 gronnd avd track permanenti. Tia v2: 

skews on the hlue-print that the positive bus is nv svounded. 

We have experiymentad at some length on the decomposition 

iron under electrolysis. , while the positive pole OnE SES 
the negative pola a8 yu are amre @ither liberates hydroge:t, 
: ' 

or forms hydrogen salts that are not as a rule injurious to 

iron except when sulphur is present. 


PGA by 



the Company's rarls, and tho track 
i he SETOPE OF FP On Ler anny: 
mi ages 

“Pot tae. reason , LT ouniuie 

fe ya te : ? . oes 
"ae univerrad ole 

eee mle AT Tg tS aibes spite 
Wi Tey LT eee &. 

ee a ng ne te en crn neem 

o7. 02 ang rraok)wi i OG SP PERE PO paged: 

arate Blac (i f 70 good direct eannestian exists 

+a) ‘e 

pre wr see 
fh, ? vor 
~te m Me 

- cUNded at the station, the electrolytte loss wii 

(A ; she teen vr a they e 

po. 2 fet 

2 ep tee 


With the negative Lore 

88H, Jaw oi 
;Consulting Fleetric tan 
General Manager Cehenectai: W rks. 

Ji reply to your telephone enquiry conearning the grade of 
‘osin with which we ubtained the low sreetfic inducttve 
capacity of 2.3, we beg to say that this rosin ts dounm tn 
our hooks as grade D We have not been fortunate in finding 
a solvent for this rosin which will. give a good inavlation 
ti cather witk a low static cavacity. 

Yours fain Jlu, 

» Ldth. Jany. 92 
Consulting Electric tan ° 

General Manager Contraet ing Nepartment 

In reply to your favor of the llth inst » I hea to say that 
I placed 148 enclosure from hire Villard in Mr Fdison's hands 
and obtaine?’ a reply that was forwarded yesterday by telepione 
Mry Irdison will be pleaseé tc meet Mr. Villard. and the ciker 
gentlemen on Friday morning next as. Arreunged. 

Yours faithfully, 

maa MEF ot gaviniae Sy pile he wet b He eto psy 

one ne ymin nec ten  n Scar petal rath = 

a ee 





son's attent 

wad? ‘ 





L?tiie ‘ TAnye wal 

Consulting Fleetrician 
seco Vica-Preatadent 

] beg te reports upon the work cone ay ore Tabcratory euring 

the last week, as follows.— 

100 Light , or 3 BMT, Prange 2Me rs 
Phis transformer Las been Ped MTs shield, and tasted 3% 
wij load, Jt weighs 310 1be. complete, From such. dara as 

in ehell of « L00-Lte 

ve possess, the me tart Prhomson-Ferston 

transformer 76 HO8 Tbe, Veg mirekine 1S mow packed, ane 
will be forwarded to the Salenec*nc Waris POMC morning. 
This completes the gsertes of Grosparmers tet Mr. Mtrson 
has prepared for >: 3 jtermate currant Sy ster, and we have 


et to receive (7) answer from ff 

morc on a 5OO-L* or 95 WT, Sransjorme” “lr” 
alternator armatire to .wit Ite 

Continuous eurrent ital recording Meneses 
ClO Ce Oe Me CTL I eremenese st ef RO ee eee os arene > 
oy he ing agvanced as 

mig work on the tyelee modes MEbors 

t the Jahorr 

ws the orc? «at apy wtld admit. The 
the epigenal model whten has 

saptaly a 

on a fair way Te comel@aki ars 
WAGER: SCRE simi iftenttor aptaste comkinues FO atve 

; ¢ dey, > re 
sabisfactery Pesr 
ee Lg EE PE Se 


tpte, ot 
Fit ae 

Leth. HPs Fur” ae | ; 
py ee ee woe eee 
a7 faves 0 PIA Nee.s 

Tha two frac COGS 

7 Pare “4 press wt? i. 
fs “ar MORN: S Reis 9457? &2 SS 

We hope to he v’ 

ee es per ee — 
cata SERIO esis es 

bid pee te ee te 

Nitenell before ¢ omr1ene iNG 

wet oa hifeh pressure 

orn 18 

DTT argent ae 

ere ieee eS 

a aoe 
NT eiateem. 

cee e 

ee nea ae ee 

Alternating current Hotor. for fan 

OMe mn © 

Tt has bean deciddd to give up the experimental pattern CAG 

23 been tested thus far, ad to vianse the designe The 

syne that has been tries has the advantage of nob reqgir. 0% 

mutator hut is not strona enough for commercial purposes. 
In addition to the above, wa huve heen engaged on 

experimanta! work im connect rm wIhe fie Fdison's plans fur 

Matiroad Lvcomot uns. 

bouing this wtdsome 0 orth our mronat, 

vour: ‘site yullys 

panes Rat | A EE RRS AS Yelt bak oh te gi EES 

aw eg apes te ass eee aes SoS ie 
seperate a i Se seston earns eae = Le Pemene —_ a * nS : = * 
. * | 


16th, deny, 02 
He. Villawi Faqs President 
ktison General Wlectiie Cd, 
ere Sir s- 
1 beg to enelose estimtes for the tronsnission of 1660enc 

A000 AR 30 ama SO miles resuee! 


vedy 2 cecordance with your 
fetter of the 14th, inste 

I heg to say that there estinai2s while made up 40 

the hest cf exrtsting dots. sre not conable of being impltettl 

relied upon, jor the reason thot ~ ac Yo are muare- there ur. 
m0 suek large tram) séem glente vet crxarited ind while 
“ow plan is feasible on tre lines here submitted, the 
machineny ( dynatos and motors ) eapeble of transmitting 
these large quan‘ities o; powes have not yet been constructed 
The first machines of tiie xing will therefore be likel4 +0 
exceed the prices at which they may be subsequently butlte 
The price !s quoted at that o,’ the Edison General Company 's 
adynamos to the public vizr- 3 36, per Kilowtt, 

it 138 a matter cf doubt x the present tine, whether 
th wuld be poastila te transmit tite nowar atthe. 1s 
effect tvaly or as economically by alternatina ourrent 

machinery at higher pressures on the line but with transform 

an gach and. The aogk wf aprduetoy wold be lessened, but the 

ee ae Eicadt 

2 i Ble Sit Mealy te aah asia ey ale wae nip bode, wig Pe 5 vai, ENE 
TE EE Pg gone FT RRIF ME ge pide ok paeeey EE EER re Rls bap eae. bere 
— Te nate ee alt eae nag SSP atte < = 

rei ne eet are neces etnies 




toa . 

cost of transformers would be introduee: in addition, 


brovosed pressure of GO00 volts mann, is no higher than that 

vecastonully used at present in single are light inehines 

and Properly hoandd&ed by teained attendunks the ris 

Life would be smal is 


the weacimes: eecnomy of treasinissiton eoarlaetel ye The 
one therefore mace out in tabuler fore te esver six 
ereentages oF lass in the conduetour ef'h the atx 
CSRONGING ariour is of cower umd meh oe; ocetencies 

ae, : Lp "fe In Me tere “ AAG 7S : a Be as O Sarid ” , .. hai Ps Cc 4: 





y ata eontaines in these two cases so not dehariaine 


at fferent 



iS ob 1224, and at 50 miles os I54, yrovities that a total loss 

Of FO CIS and 175 HPy ean be veseective sy tolerated leaving 

a ney efficieney of Chit? © T kave been chiiced to omtt the 



cost of repairs and vwerirings exsenses from oan of Imovlaedae. 

I beiewevthat ih is ie Beisen's intention to shortly 


perf & the type of nick vressure econtinye us evrvent machiner 

Ve ae ms Pth ful ] 4 : 

Or bets elas off wore. Yor rs 


serge Be AO TR TRAN EER Ce ay 
~—. Rae ae we 

weer a a Been Ne Se wee = 

0 ‘ . : 
4 z + - 2 is 

Edison Jaboratory Orence N. J. 
LSth. Jany . G2 
W.E. Gtlmore Fsq. 
Assistant General Manager 
Kdison General Electric Go. 

Sehenectady Works. 

Dear Sir :- 
Mr, Kaison is constructing 1 special experimental motor, and 
destras to obtain if possible for it, one of your new style 
# 16 Street-Car armatures with the Pacinotti teeth. He 
wishes to have it without a comnvtator, but wound, and ready & 
commect, The only departure from your standard stze will be 
in vhe length of shaft, for which we enclose a tracing. Two 
standard boxes fitted for bearings are also needed with the 

Kindly inform us whether you ean arrange to forward 
this armature shortly, according to the J.aboratory Order 

Yours faitufully, 

“ ; oO 
t A. th. ee 8 My 

+ emg prcegtcn te 


a LQth SIMNY, 9? 
Consulting Flectrietan 

General Kianaaer Schenectady Works 

beq to enelose herewith the Berticu/ars and data Jor 

mr #atson's 5 Kilowatt Crans forme re 
The machine is sn vompaet fur kts Bauer, that its 

full le2za remperature edevatton cn the surface of the shel] 
is eComparabined; high. Tt would be bosstble to considerably 
Ce this +}, vubline ventilating holes in the shell, and 
‘* 8 almost certa im that in sti] larger sizes than thie, 
“2% means a7 ventilation would he needed. However it te 
Lresumehss ap advantage to have this Size sealad up, im cies 
of exposure to motsture in cellars, and so we hope that its 

comd@ition will meet with your approval. 

Yours faith fully 


“ condary current at full 
rrinary windina 400 turns 

Seeondary winding 96 turns of doubled strip in two gotis 
One above and one noe ate @ primary, each coil consisting of 
8 Aa “arn 

45 turns of doubled, 
Weight of Primary coil 33 

Weight of secondary coils29 Ibs.’ in all,l4.5 lhs, each. . 
Resistance of Primary cotl at 200, 0.792 Ohm. 1]. O2ly at LONG, 
hesistanee of secondary 0,032 oh each coil at 20% or 
Op O64 ohm in series 00825 ohm at 200 Cy 
Drop in primary at full load ( L000.) 5.57 volts er oar 
volt In secondury single eot2s, 

rop in secondary ah ful! 

Total sécondary AProp Ot Fulé load due “WO vesiifianmney. ta ay it 

“xtra drop due to Leakage 

"otal secondary drop at full load 5,5 voites 6 ABO G16, 5) 
‘uidl “wight of iran in O6r, Lid and side nieces 134 Iks, 
un plates O,Gdi" Titers 

Length 16. 5k" Preah ¢: 


Core breadth 3, ot “Ape aay 

Rreaaik: of hase and Of wai: 
“id 16y54" long 2.4" broad. 

Rreadth of transfonner across Plates 3. 7B ay 
Sty oirets im box and thrag In lid, gach &hee Pa dos LA 
~leeves of fiber over ring 
Jitekness of side Plas Le" 

Surfaces 7 contaet Of 00% end Lid planed tens. 
Yoval weight of transformer without shed Jer bbs. 

WetoRt Of shell Low ge, 

Potal wetakt of transformer complete in shell 310 Ihs, 


Laie dimensions of shel 

“emperature elevasion of 
“perature elevation of 7 

Stell nearly approaches it 
after 8 hours full load. 

Loss of power in transformer at no load 280 watés. 

Lose <* full loac300 watts, Effteieney 0,943 

Potus wetght of Copper in transformer 62 Ibs, 

va iets 5 2 WS ae ts a oe age 
So ee NE aa cae a ee acc et ear 

OSE PEP 8SBIge pol age] rea Wee ery ee peer 
“dar affeetive soltags at no loa 10 volts 3-wirg DAO 
ary exciting curront Oye 5 ampere, 

“ee Iary current at fuil loacs, § QNpere 3. 


fOcGl surface of shel) «hout 7370 8. CMs. 

lcad 21 amperes. 
Of # 12 RWG. 0.109" dog, te a, 128" 

Strip 2/8" wide and 04020" 
lbs. 18 layers, 

Load (1000 ) O87 wear. 

4.0 voliseat full lua. 

‘ ' + 

ho Of grvoves bs" 
5 a 8B" 

“8 a8 Insulators. 

231" x 142" x 12 34" rion. 

‘ o ; 
Sransjormer af er 24 hrs. Load 33 Ps 
ron core after 26h hrs, full loar srt, 
S Maximum temperature elevation 

EO Rim, 

j a 
Edtgon Laboratery Oranne ii, 7 
19th, January 109 
Sy Ineull Esq Second Vice-President ae 

Baieon General Flettrie Coy New York, 
Near Str s~ 
In accordance with your instruetions, I ealled yesterday 
upon My FF H. Johnson, President of the Interior Conduit 

and Insulation Coy with a uien toa axamining the designs of 

| a muléteolar dynamo and a Street-Car Metor ane ariving dear 


| ‘whieh the attention 3f your Company has heen trvited. 
iy Johnson kindly afforded me every faxtlity for maltina tie 
enquiry. | 

The multivolar dynamo does not differ in princtpla yen 
that whieh you are at present constree? ing "he wpa cs 
homever cifferent, for the field inasnete | imetead a Te 
surrounding the armature in an exterval cirele, aré@ arranged 
on each side in two opposing ctreles with the arcture 
midway between. In addttion to this %% 18 Eropesed 0 
779 thia dyname urmature in 3ertes , 1sing Gna o1iv af 
nin brushes, inséead of in nultiple with mitt se .rvshes. 
Phere Chive mode oh hat wittistthis type of aacevriwna, 
‘he uetané& of the field frime worid Aecaerueel owing tO 
roe res, citon tp otavcter, end also Ghat tharr werid be some 
fan the quemntity ef magnet wire. as there would be only 
Tel Maer 32979 & Yast ad of muitiple spools. 
ct pay eae Be SES Ege oI te aay 
4 gases rece mae > 

emma te 

Pe ea 

PME nt aint arinencee 


TE UAE theme mgy i? hé an advantage 

and a S4uing in EMP LOY tne: this tyne - i ftela a <3 the Parts 

ft 4s probable thers. 

are lighter, and 806i Simple in const:-uost “te = On the othep 
hand I ghoulg think that ihe 

BIMA bie body which 1g NBT oO 


Of strip ipon Would be morc At fftouls and OLE AURIBR be one. 

than that Of your own "URE, Mian Cher Gace tRig grorcse - 

COMEEU TE would nor AE Cob a p Auk 4E ani MANS fom sy 


vole ectneg hans: voltage WERT pte tgs . 

ars a ope ~ Mengde Ps ‘ ie 
eon Papers PAE ST yp peace ape ” 

Seep gen he jy Dy kee ke + og “ } 
aE IBY OR gs PAV TTS By ee Deeper hs ? 

Yes. ie } * a . 
feat tee MEM Ty 7 ‘ 
i sae ¢ 
n a a 5 5 “he. 
ti , peo phon ef ‘ms tite 
Hee sat cE OM PEEL TH Mw ren te Eo 
: A 
. me 4 ts ey by ce chy a; 
as Me: 73h : rk 
. - £ { . ae i) é. ' : ian /. ? ; - } ba n 4 7 
a , i ay 
j “ct? nn eae as ee * 
4 a wed yes 6 
: ' 
: , Ps oe “0 es ary “ 
i e : 
i ’ re ‘ : cd Voge ih ~ : ; ~ 
14 —_ 
a ee my at t ’ 5 ’ Yapy i Oe : v f 
4 ‘ af uv 2 F 
iy ‘ 
‘fh d ee 
at \ 4 (é Vr} frre ys ? ‘ oo m 
‘fl Wie se bs 
§ 4 
> B 
‘ te sy > sgt at 
pi ~ Sey! ae 5 rf a 2 
‘ € ; PeePS 275 ey (ai aaa eae ; 
a : 
a ss or = . 
ere Bi oye] UES Te ae , 
5 roots a ¥ ae a, : 
| f © og = 4 +t eat 2. & 3 rs Ae: we Figg a r * ‘ 
' ; ; 
ii Ps 
bee i. Pees Asters t ! 
cn © x ! i WES ore ao Q th ae 
ti ASE UNEEOS @) ond the tea: ve ler 33 
| ° 
‘f wiss , FEUD pet og oh ‘ , 
i i ¢ , sel ge , a cs = 
i +¢ Bs O eee re ra ie aes ve f% i Carr, a asin TS UP ; wt 
-B 3 SPO ae ’ ‘ 3 . ‘ 
i ‘ — ys ! t - ib 2 reR es poor 
seals gate 9h we b 
wet Sd on Se mere ; Oe et ep 3 ae a Bi a re : 
“ Pei, Be ge ede Sg on ee AS SO ihe eaherge eee - 
fe a 
’ ng ae . > ‘ fm a 7 Opes ee 
: * : oe ‘ Ge Pf Ties , oof. at dts Aa - 
2 ew f 2 a 
; te me Ne * - - 2 rt ¢ 
: ack 
MIS? re fag ey i , 
. << a 
fees a ey ati R 
ee ee ee Peper sk tae 
Sabeing 3 Le ceaatire ao re at See 
Pr Va NEE atten ne 


8tze@, and whieh finaliy resulted in the total fatlure of the 

1 AP, experimental motor, whose bearings could not be kept 
cool wtth practical safety. in aptte of thrusts and coilars. 

The dtfference in pull between the two faces of the armature 

does not vary as the differences in the magnetic fore re flow 

due to ataplacenent, but hb the agwanen0fntheme differences “f na 
From the figures Mr. Johnson permitted me to take down , of 
the constructive detatls in the proposed 300 Kilowatié machine, 

I have determines that a displacement of the armature from the 
midplane to a distance of one sixteenth of an inch would 

throw nearly four tons thrust on the side approached. This 

48s equal to the estimated weight of the armature iteelf. if 

She proposed armature were series wound, the adtsplacement we %. 
thruet would prebably be much greater. 

It would of course be possible to employ thrust bearings 
of suff leient power and surface to support this thrust , and 
also to take up the wear on the ‘collars from time to time, 
but J belteve that this system of rigid driving, would be 
broduetive of bad effects in the bearings of both engine and 

dynamos I should be inelined to think that even if the 
main engine shaft were so keyed to the cynanos that it would 
be capable 6Y Roving In ond play , Xp the-exdinaton of these 
the driving presgure on the keys 5 ai aay is he se 

great anough to prevent enti play under all ordinary conditions 
Thia ta@ of course a question witch the Engingering Nepartmen* 
can beat decide, I would submit however, that since your 
machines ara entirely free from this difficulty, Mee the 
somewhat greater weight of tron and copper entaiied In your 
form of construction 75 well repaid, and that the new type 

proposed should he regarded as experimental, if not a doubt fit. 

The question of Sertes winding i9 @ separate one. 
The armatures of your oum type vould be series wound tf 
_« | 
necvssary. I would submit that the disadvantages of increase? 

expense. diminished outout, ond danzer from only two. gers 

af brushes, all entailed by series winding, more than — 
counterbalance’ any advantagas that can be claimed for it. a 

I would therafore suggest the advisabtituy of making ne 

change in the construction cf your stendard multipolars, whieh 
have civen thus far ali the good results that have been 
expected for them. At the same time; if a.trial could be 

advantageously obtained of the propcsed type, the experience 

eee mtn es 

practically gained from it weuld te valuable. 
coer nen te ee a OOOO TEA AAA A ee 

# There are Patents in es tstance, that I belteve interfere 

with the adoption of seriss winding both on the your oun: | 7 
| OTA. Bdiick . Sed Em, aa 1952 ; = 

and the proposed type:- | a8 Same WHE . 
( M.A. 4 Ft, Ge Apa. 2.,° ore 4 


ihe Street-Car Motor and Mechahtsm. 

PO Or ee teat mip wa grentye: Om. ab ah 

This consists of a vege street car motor, capable of heing 
driven with full efficiency at a very lom speed of rotation. 
This motor drives the car by a sprocket chain through two 
distinet friction clutches, The first is a clutch spiral 
spring cluteh within the motor arle, whose operation involves 
the elament of Gime, and the starting or reversing of the 
motor has to precede the gradual applteation of power to the 
car by the time oceujied in minding ponnedes ing the spring, 

The second elutch ts of the ordinary face plate type, fixed 

at the extremity of the motor axle, and intended to act only 
as a release in cases of undue and sudden stresses, The 

arrangement 30 far ae can be sudaed frem a draving, aypears 

simile and eempac" and Sprowss seems to deserve a trial. ) 

So many applications of frietion elutehes *o strech ears 

_havé however promised better than they oueceeded, that the &. ‘ 
tdan should, I submit, he considered as axperimental ons. 

Yhe advantages that are really to be gained from the 

18@ Of such a device, even if assumed perfect in operation, 
—aore WW J think, of some uclue certainiy, but, sel. ,1¢3s 
valuable than they appeav at first stants These clutches 
do no more than the insertion 2f a properly handled rheostat 
will do ina different manner. Starting with resistance 
inserted nm the armature etreult'-means stertin: without a 

sudden “ark, or with as little jark as may bs desired, and the 

Same statement appltes to reversal also, but a reliable 

friction clutch would prevent the bossihility af straining 

an armature, while a resistaneve would doe se ondy when 
properly handled, 

Anexmer objection to this arriving mechanism also 

ites in the fact that while 1+ 18 capable of being savwiere) 

adopted with any street-car motor, it 1s much better adapted 

70 work economically ani sahisfactorily with a motor that can 

run very slowli, such as the motur represented with it in the 

drawings examined. This ssutor has m0 windinas and two 

semmutatkors on one armature bcdy and these can he CrVangéea 

im féertes or multiple as aes; ved, Wein te motors on the Cars 

the fn nest normad motor syeed.. can he radioed “o-one fourth 

Coy ean ny gn 7 y 0) Fey oe ry 
oe eae? f, LOT "" Hs IND LO 

ES of think evpered by a parent 

ry pete uf) h 

fie AMedunter 4 $63, 4 , ane | have heen informed 

"hal GhIS patent re comed hy the? #- Company. although 

forma rok gure whether thig 1S <G/ 

he : He COE. 

Lo would suggest that an actua’ and fuli sired 

no model of this mechanism should be exh tatted and 

Cire a2 Or 

festa, hefore at ‘empting te intesduce the 

SUSTOM 4S ir thee 

oni coulda a relinrle eoneldvsion as 40 24S Vudu be weactheed 

i) ~ é F. ° s 
ae gk, ” Bae, Ra aan 


= ‘ othe Janye 92 
omsniting Klecetrician 

Second Viee-Pres ident 

E “7 hag to report as follows upon the work completed last 
weer , ani now in proaress. 

1a 2 ght, 07 8 Kilo ati Transformer. 

eee ee ee 2 ee a OF 

Phis model was forwarded by exvress on the 18tle imst. 0 

the Schenectady Werks, and his been received . 


No seply kas ye* been receive: grom the FPactfie Nerth 
Western District Manader comeemmiiug the arrangements ftr a 
SOO Tight transformer, in response te our communication of the 

Cth, Inst. We have therefire totlevreoied to Portlard, and 

expect 79 have a vei short 1y. 
Me ~ Lt fe Pos eygen Aas ae 
ay, 7) ap Po co ine St f €' Ps LRG a aye Mo fp CRE « 

a . oe ee 

The two mowe!s iwound for leo ane NC relics. have been 

completed, umd tried. There is just now some ltttle 
mechunical trouble igith then that wt 1 be shortly overcome. 
Continuous current disl-recor’ ng Meherss _ 

The wore on the twelve -ee rainy miters for distribution on 
terial among the Centra: Stutriens, is being pushed forvard as 
just a3 poss tba, 

A3 soon a& these meters are competed, work will be resumes 

a an altesnating current meter, ami alternating eurrent fai 


Nesigns for two machines - a dynamo and a motor- to operate 
at ten thousand volts continuous current pressure, have been 
commencedbut Mre Edison iias not yot decided on the best 

Work has been commenced on Mr. Edison's experimental motor. 

Some work on the determination of conductors has been 
accomplished for the hegal Department, 
Hoping thar the above will be found satisfactory, 
Yours faithfully, 

CM Were . Conn nn rt a fit 

h : 
i 748 72 LOD ory + 

Ole NY 

arige i if MR 7) : 
ir, WR 7) ee 


Mr, 0 ; ee Macon, 7 

The Cambr tage > Mb py 
New York Fifth Lye, 
car Sir +. 

/ bee + 
¥ 70 Say thet T oh 
‘ 1 ’ eT A$ i be : 
< . "AIay hay ns 
OXGe 6s : af et abcend $? ~~ 
G. "om by electrio:s., +4 ; @ fortheom: 

ue ‘ 1 Iya Tng : : ~ 
m NESS. Brovided that the " 

ibe? (yp 

2227) v4, cy asa 


@ fy 
é, ved Yh ou Py) a 
pon the oth, Prox : ‘ 4 G G ao 220 % Say } 

Yours truly, 




eeeresengter act pete Mee oo 

ne a Se oe 



26th ° JATMe « 

Corwulting Fléckrie ia! 

. Serond Vice-President 

I hea to inform you that we have today received the 

following telegram from Mr. Mitchell District Manager of 

the Pactfte Nerth West Territory. 


Copy of your letter January &the followed me here. 

j 7 SPATE 
Cant maka any sufgestions just this moment concerning sha; 

of spectal transformern Have several large deals depend 
Hans forme re 

: a high tenetor 
upon success af youl hie Len 

ided, in comsecuence of thts 
* Apc tao n COTMBAC AP 2 
Mra Fdisan eters Gal F 
be £6 500 ltaht transforme 
to precega without deley on 1 300 light transfor 
6hAS Sada 4 wy 2 

B0CO vElhs? alternat ins: 

. iJ 2 * 
Yours fartthyuliy, 

SH os mama CABG SE NE ND pe! ae scicvtasiail Aa 
eae PARE ES aR MRM May a” . Mies 


a ap eee 

anatase SoA 

.t coe, ROE LER ke 8 

LEE. Jdany. . 22 


“9 Flee “sg, 

Park Avenue Hotel 
New York, 

Near Sir se 

 Rdtson bas inforced me that he wtll be aqlaa te jot 


’ a = 
yy ie ip re 
be ‘ ec 

“redyrer. at ami time Ghge cuer. 
a dow Ger. OE that he ts unahle tr 

ree yt ay ahr Be 


eryayvecin rit aumsmey iasien 

Lame ae ee PA EST AS 

OSS peepee URE TE et a Tg ae ahi 

Qrynpe ay de ONE. damn i 



M Fistings Bsc. Preamyrer 

‘ a ¢ ry 

Ofern Qe rire] Flectrite Co, 

Hes Ve. 

your favor of yastarday’s date, I beg te AOU 

fraps 2D 
that In recard te the enelosed papers on the MEULEES 
elatimed to haves boon truented be ie. Granviile Nood, 2 air 
Seyi Bh 

not coguinted with tay: sentiainan @Ifler Parsomosty oi) 

mame. Of course thet fa antire cy timiependant of the meciss 
f2avE EO LOLmh wt 

the invembrona may adnie. Toso) tave 
Fowener, that the deseriztinas otven @6 not apvecr fa piel} 

} ~” 5 e og . ce >. e 
that +22 tnuantions @mboey amy newed crimejudas, sr so yal 

ee Led ee. ee . a eee Fox 
mito areltoattons of ominelesas 

os > ; .? me ees Lope 

Ge Cee Ne ueged , whit a eed ‘7 , 
. «>; ws ae 14 é. a a ran : 
adroad: im use. My cuidniom mecid be Shot these al i6geu 

inventions hone little if amy usive. eye fe is Imposcthle te 

mee a fair or impartia: judaameann on Ola is GEG Ire 

entirely unsupported by any @uicence bheyont the sateen? 
of the taventor on his ageak. Iv rould sean fro tie hagoriphe 
ti :+ nono of these piaus Pave beer actraliy trle , ents 

md spaelfieations onay ane vidwesd ta, 
thes ape .mventsr should 


JT vovid therefore weges% 
he invited te exhibit etther slari or preferably worktng 

modela before any sertous Arrantten fa given ta i 
40 3 oat §, é. 

ae a Ne TR Store oe 



nahn race = ee *s 

a ei 


Son ent aa conse Ree 

ris: er ns eee pote ee eens 

eee ence ELI GLY Sn ee errnmmanentcn 

: i, Pe ee rr bys 
ie aS : p ]¢ CEUricTa 


ae - 
wobpe wpth Geet oh 

‘ 4 Ee Can : ie 
‘ L weet oy et yor #5 t oa saa 41 7 ’ 7 = 
* J i ate fae 
2 * ,. 
‘. es ‘6 roee ager rare 
ne 1 oer rae pee ?) ‘ ife bh fen yo sete 
¢ Ys fa. oh ate ae j : 

; fs Ps ; 
ta peoording MeTeP™ got slo ee eee ie 
en get Becks hae ie een He ae 3 

at th : 
peep ot ge ee 

. reve bagel Op Se puss rain 

‘ oF 
j . 
ny) * 4 + arele 
Dnt . 24 ° re Pe | : 
pe comer com Pen DU MO" Fe 3 
: acy é rT? $e &, wert 
' a fh {leoe: . aa. ; trea a g hp * P88 
. ae ase j ance ee we ww nae Say toe we - 

: Peo ete wae; os 
Pays yrpee Meet Fle SG iy MMe ae ope te hee 
re pean Por wars Ce: GQ mule iG wen ‘an 

fs ts a 6a roe ay eo sp 3 re ae s ): ay) , 
sdcsedies eae ak ee COR Tame PEE ae oy Hee ee 
« * 5 ata » “eee tg SS . caus 
e cdot. Ge ds $e wrreta eet Poke oF eters ne 7) SP. Uete Oy: (lua sg 
é ee re oe Pee are oo me ran} of. . : A 
a INS 
: er nee hoy eye ue gf wie 82 BIDS 
F : nny Avert dais mH HPP TET ce ‘ if fhe . $04 af ‘ 
, & f- 
Siar KA PAE ET AO corible rattle 
4 ta ncge - i *- “, . ; ‘ .¢ . E 
ve Sad ah. Mas or 24 IC hae tare Ce eae = : 
: ap 
‘ f° oe By oe ae “ = td. 
: | ps if ate yt pet 5 ee cpelel @ 4s ¢ 
« & 4 od Lb eregr Al? . a " 7 
ac don with the 4 eth. BPs 
, + fy: cy he 
» et ms 5 a.t cae De coe? . 7) o 
Spas BpeGe SO  Ore rs ee ON yey 

“hy omen ayreztyres J 
n imstaad af part iee PIT: Go 

popran: Revs forms 

seme ee 

pO sé 0 r herase 
srr, or 25 WM Alternating cones. 
SH ml te os lee: carne arenarman woemernenmay nee aS 

oe ere een vem woe oN ena BEE 

pre aret sans hane heer Cc 
cm alterngeor 

. U fv 
epefarrion of thts sTso, one” 
ie Hnor 94 + Eyes } apa tee of *ht3 wre. vw 

ampag ine J PO. ane epngkructten 9 

: rit bie Sekar ec wney 
: fe) 382 |? waar seg te 2 C “ Ge; : 
app ytu cn wrnound, ras heen arcencs y 


fate . om tad a 
60a pRecaneds 

or for £0, C0) yolts eu THVEVS 

= ° a ny : 
ee he oopmg ot OE TZ 

earns hor @Mle Me 

INO M7. 

ste ‘ 2 me * a magk ings 
tupthap teatane have pean vrepara! for thaso MAGE INGA, 


Ses eT 

| Mr. Fdatson has nob yet decided °%”% the fing) 

The prinetpal work af the 
r, Katson' 

Irrangeneant , 

DECK hag hen Bt reeked £. 

s lamp Appar +77, 

Prustine tick trys W111 meet 

WIth YOr. SAtITSfaer*z on. 
Yours Fatth pully, 

ae Oe 

Fer ge 

Faison Laborc tory 

Orange We as 

3rd, Pebruary 1892 

Dre Oe Fo < Machonald 

334 Fifth Avenue 
New Yorn, 

/ am in receipt of ycur letters of the 2ithy ult., and det 
Trst,. and am indebted to your esurtesy fo the travhie 
voz have taken on ly LAles?. the mare pare ionier 

tow thet your acedsivtil has caused you to me) 

Mabe ay serviees that we ware able to ponder te cir 
@ tao years ago on dre Faison's jenal ys 

Yours very truly. 

SO te Sarasa 


per ey 
Hon ey 

pierre or ae oe 


wet OR 

RS. ae 

Re eae 
ESI Sasa Ion” 

%:, ~ 

; amr ce eee 
> “ AR neem i coat OTe ee ed — eee 
os seer R Goma. a x ee 

: 152 
Kaison Laboratory 
Orange N , J, 
J x Kelly F8Qe | . bal meee ad 
Manager Cable & Wire Department 
Near Str 3— : 
1 beg to acknowledge the recetpt of your favor of yester- 
| @ay's date, and would say that we have discontinued our 
| experiments on statie capactty. We made measurenents: of 
| the relative capacities Of about 100 different MabertIais ous 
th > best result as not on trial at Sehenectady pre: 
syrerior tO Ghat obtained mith the Laraltin satires pec; ey 
a em 2 OU We Tt mtakt of course he POSStote fo fing ho st 
ere al some campaund of lower eauge fin fon aareany fie Ob NO oe 
, but f ea met think bhat ise ear fe mth ne ah tha ade eee, 
! “SR TPGE Mereuing Srey aeide Barer Scarab or tog PART 8 
! OO TQS Rae emetetame Came Su Ret rh ta emretiecicg <¢ : 
| UO _ with cousereialiy air? TEP UG ea 7 re a ee te” 
| ean FO de eonfine? ta methods op winding or ap; alytag ¢h be 

eS ag tae muambiby of paper, ami imereasina the amrur sous 

i tp be the limits of mechanical safety. 

; ” bk > rg fig eae Pad “ 

iz iovwuld therefore suegest tigt is wondd be weld fa scores 

t ; me $.3 f 
a wee oo of *. 4) roe : : na ae rer 

| 2 Sez04 i ae For By ya Tre! Pee nes az ties eT 7 Mies FPL were rect 


{ : ae’ nese * a yk ao : : Y Sip 25 ba Pyar: z 

:. is Offers as fossaasing escephimmai)y dou cavaetiye 


(nforvumately the coleniat:.2 of the -apuctty af o madtty) 

Puebla %6 96 comeing stad ooo '% has napar yet been achiovs: 

WW buOuge sil capae thy of a single mire sanle Fr 

pacar nee 

RON Bet orm . . ee tt een ra 

Teun from the dimensions, There are however certain lintte 

between which the Capacity per mile of a multiple cable 
must lite, and TJ think you may accept i+ as certain that ets \ 
for a cable of any nunber of conductors each 01,0403" in; - 
Atameter or # 18 RéS. separately vovered to q diameter oy 
C225", the capacity could mot be less than 0. 040 mteros ee 
‘er mile of 5280 feet tf the insulator were pure air, 

-omsequen S hn, 
quently sine@e air has the lowest Capacity lower tray 

“ry “noun solid or liquid, the introduction of the solid 

Cy pomer necessary to keep the eonduntors OUL of contant 

te hin in Sy ad : 
md at ihetr proper distance apert muet ime; CABO EAE oa cans: ob ODL 
) . ie oe Ce © er oo] anit, 

{ “he figure O08 measurec at Sthaneatary mith dru pone 
- bees wo bebe ca Bap rae vs Me: 

eps Se Peed _ s rye . 

mesverenys &@ aleleetric consvanh of 2. os atent bp 
u a wi he ius ned sly ¥ a7 ve) 

#4 a 

Giktaiane ee a 

ee ee } fj “p40; 
nviled naner 1 beltevue thet you may Bi Peay basen Te 

3 * ce hee he 
: uy phat 
#4 bey ‘.? 7 A ¥ : a 4 ‘ By aS a 7 
‘3 CARE; q ? ep wi your ry one os eS a Pan P ae 
ty arenes a aie Pa ceed 24 WrO Se rad t RO 4 4 rAU? veel a 2G O fa ors hing en ee ty FFD. 
A re er 
ss Yet * ae a ch Bigs Suan Sat og ba ey Fo pe TS ae et = Ae aT” ae nee, ° oer 
a wee” {8 28abed ae Jasugig £4 (ab aie? sell SRP PRO GA By 
7 te. 
as Toe Satie ia pet se se “pepmen fe p> L1@8 ” “ti pa f ay faye yee 
noel iy ptt a Re Pov wsltbtedy DOGS CEPT LT F Cd? ada Alla EG fed. ds Ye ror ae ke 

ee, SPE MEP SOLO IIT eO. DY Spee Tid Pe erie L a Penge ae eee 

. a < y af it. Rae NES hoes oer ares Sree * 

wee Lhe 

: * 3 v . BREN rat & ad, Weuess. be Pra Ls 
ESS Oe Oy IES APE Gee IU Eee Se, Eee 
ve . Es ba : ¢ of hae ys + on . = a ‘ 

Pu cube capld he removed from the coré. and “naw tre 

+ . ? ; Se . Pos 2: ~ a ONES, Rate ey 
roe omnes one third could sefe@iv Go GRE WECNANTCIL GMa 


‘ = o> 4 5 7 os Ee ZB aod fp t: § 
selircatina werk af the whole presant anours, tnat is a 

cueaiien of reliabii:ty against manufapturing skill, but 

ade ad 

crothina Jass than 0.0 world mean I think soma f peel 


a! aM ase eee ON a ie 

of 2 low capacity insulator to take the place of paper. 
Jn amy case, J ao not think that 1t would be reasonable to 
wrueet Lower than 0.08 at prdésent, unless a sample ean he 

Poduced of the same dimensions, and actually possessing 


/ aoa expected te have the pleasure of a diseusston on *! 

v / 


od “ith Mr Marty, but the cpportunity has not yet 

pent pe ot Nea TK 
hae és OT 

a °. ~ 7 Beant «db imi on ren SC cya me ses) wee Ha 
mM ege he ae als ED” SEO Ig” GANT OT. OUT Se Se 

‘ . 

Ae Ree sa eae Tis EES ee Se ES ee POP” 

Y Ct erie ‘ 
lo a ‘ Qe, ee 

< . oye Apacer speek Fide Sp ewe Bes 
7 : : ; ; Po wee : . 

eee ee 7 

: I es 
ERAT rs Sure 

aon 7 * Bata =< 

nt PE iE Ea ee a a Ee. Po RSE EN Se Uc 
: had je F, “2 ao 
Consulting Flectrician ; Chruary OS 

Second. Viee-Prestcent 
J beg to report as follows on the work done during the past 
week and in progress at the laboratory. 
The preparation of the twelve mechanical meters has bean 
steadily advancing. We hope to finish then shortly. 
Work has also commenced on the new armatures for the LET 
HP. motors, that will replace the last exnerimantal 
armatures in the extsting fields. 
Destgns are also under consideration fer the mode? 
alternating evrrent fan motor, as well as for the 
high-tension transformer, but tt has heen imposstile to 
commence these owing to the pressure of lamp veri far 
‘ir. Haison , uhich has occuplead the principle athastian 

during the weelt. 

Prusting that this witli be satisfactory, | 
Yours Ja tthjuily, € 
< € 

in gg 8 ee nena ete 

pcan ane ni Segara Wee aha ee 
Becqmaseneneren renee = Lege EE EO EBS BY tiga 
cesar re es ane rrtee - at late _ Pepa eae: ots 

SW Mary oe ; TETRA ES | 

“ison Laborats: 
ance Moo 
Pth, Feby. 22. 
BO Re PrP aii Peg, Praqcurey 
Bdteon Coneral Fl@astrie C49. 
Moos Woops, 
"yoo Ip 
T dea fo infor: jou that accomuansinga his. Rucie los: 
Saturtag, DToouas evahled to examine the wlans and drawtnes 
sfecrktain invewttona by Mire Growellle Weoa, ho exodvine 
thea persovaliy. Vhese inverttons cover aoe) eat tons fg 
gn Impronemen* in atpwat-ratiroad aondyttes or condue*or,, 

ang alse a raptd transit system for mazris or light loads. 

As rasards the a@leetrie ratiread system, there :orre 
three of distinct plans for which claims are separately Pe 

made, but I ventura for the sake of facilitating descript. 

fo confine consideration to that particular plan which Mr. 
Wood preferred and advocatad. This 1s represented as a 
oondytt ‘system differing from the oritinary type only in 

i certain construct tue dotatls in watch economy of install~ 
: ation 18 elaimed. rhe assent tal feature of the system 18 

! | hewever that the conductors in this condult are not 

: | a aaah eonnactad with the feeders or supply ‘sires, but 

Fi ie aes: id Pe ally eannar tod sv h theez as the ear moves 

ser caer seebton by an @tuathhirns- 

ov mome oe agset % ore 
ae sehen er otecerececte etl ‘a 2 acm ORC R Ei poe cen eg GS 

‘i @ 73 one such magnet t2 “ach section of track, and 

utile the length of Gach seeston 18 72% left open to 

: choiee, there would probably ba about twenty secttons per 
nthe It ts claimed that *+hé reduced leakage to around 
oher such a system due to the removal of pressure from all 
| rea S sect tons not “woverad hy cars wil! constitute 2 
: naluable features 
Within eity limits, thera would be prtéhahly ene ear to 
vauck six hundred feet of track, so that at any one moment, 
there -culd prohably he one working section to two idl? onas. 
The leakaae of the system wovle thus be reduced to sne thi ri. 
On tre otha hand, there would be some addthianal ccm lrestie:. 
4 t. the system owing to the magnets and -vtres leading te 
| them at each section. There can be no davbt that such a 
| system could be operated, and thera is also no chat 
there wouid he some advantave gained hy reducing tie 
leakeoe, iut I believe that the advantage so gained woult not 
“offaes the extra attention and Iltability ty acerdentes 

derangement that the large rumber of electromacnetie devices 

would entail. I think thas where a conduit syccem under 

= . wy re : oJ ross . f~ 
ordinary streumstances would fail through ercessive loss oj 

current, the gativre would nat be materially delayed by 
S hird. because 16 is not diffused 
reducing the leakage to. one third, because IW 1 Sf 
ldakage that generally results in failure, but very oreat 

leakage ah definite places , due to flooding of the condutt 

Cr “tmtlar COUSPR, and the danger «° Jara] TPOuna Ti. +r - 

rob *@ averrome by brea‘tina up che maine into seetic rn 

“he advantages that may aeerve to the usq of Seetions hy 
way Of localtsing ‘hdavy lbisesiave heen “previously set 
fororpe “ER peveral: Yatents.. rereep “WHase reasons,.7 helteve 
that the --dysten here Clatms! = woukd nok have SuPfirorent 

value fo. .nestify its. mLope ton uniass for pure )y exTeryy s 
ental purposes. i, Lee Bikey 

The rapid transnort Syste sk@um Ay Hr Weed ay Tae s 

Ld ‘ 

ooé « are we, 
a7 4 a / 
PoC { ; 


materially fram pyravtous Rloans for thts iuenese 

v J 

method of propulsion. “He ‘proposes ‘+o Crp dor sewine j 
2ieotromagvets fired te the base of the ear ta ar Samir eats hae 

JOS8thion. These magnets are ore ited MY Gha dine one gee 

“Mivedlina brushes, $0 arranged thas ther usd e ttn 


<, ig? fff , : 5 op 0 +e +9 Ban Pe Peay ~ be ve : 
fosott tron UPPANGOO at Iker de oppo SW Ba er 
fos a] - » - rn 7 Per + ee . i rte ony : 
“Mog, releasing their pydi as engn se the eee ae 

Bs Pee ithe a . an P pgilie . athe de, ght fies itaes 
tee CE DOG ps A* the Adop s igesice Pest (Coes 


“Fe no rew fundamental brinetples ‘involved, 

‘-e onus of proof attaches 40 

ec? ial a Dia A : we 
ia! # a Ft, ® : 

Finaliy I de-not think, thatsithe. imventions : examined 

178 sufpfietently - bromt sing to rendar their adoption 

desirable without. exper imantad: a~d preliininary trial There 

and while tk ts 

tluays posstble to misjudge the value of an invention, 

the inventor in the absence af 
& priort self evideneg,: 

Yours faithfully, 

giant ” ene eee 

; . Isvth. Pe,. 
(We: “ 

£699 Fleetrictan 

eee! Vieu-President 

(het £0 submit the following rezort on the work done and 

; (7 Proaress dyuyving the past wee, 

# a f- one) ~ ° a ~ 
> Ly th, fi » Jan Fay 64 "ORE, 

leet nenete ne detente oe ee 

“he armatures for these ceo motors are NEAL! comple sedis 

| Pc Le 

t “le hexaanm <form, ox ve hope > be able to del TWA Ste se 
wells Goong the coming week, 

' oie MPs comnosite frame itor. 

$ 9 at , le e - af ey ; ae 
a as Oo ceed 20) for bed ag hasj LOrse LEER MOC OM AF THIS PLD Ge 

pacteo, and She patterns are be ina made, Teas intend 

nae >. baa 5 j oa tt od 1 sie 
. tes PP TC mer eI he frecde OO walts, 

ove he . 
et i Gin CUIIARE aelars 

= Oita ee 

vo those Gwe@lue rocel r3tarcs are nee]: adi virde o 
VSANDI NG Wile 'Osmonsye fis wren The ro gird *e,. 

> is a 
wag; ag rhe rere at 33 LEC! wait : xy 


Sw menhad machines are Te Bea diege re: 
. | a heen made dvctrag the wee- or 


= ay eee ged on !o 
‘eo tt Powe ade i.) at) be easrted on '3 

: § ? ; cy ; a is F ated br} 1 ep 
He SPSS SRS tJ] woOt 

ne eet ise hen 7 eae 



Edison habhora? vr, 

Orange Ny. iF y 

Sth, February 82 

FP, SS.» Hastinas Faq, 
Treasurer hdtson General Blec: ri Cov 
New Yori. 

Near Str s- 

In reply to your favor of the 13th. inst., enclosing vais 
from Mr. Frank Tryon, on the subject of systems of @lec’: 
miifroads devised by Mre GG. T . Woods, I beg to say that 
here seems +o be nothing in these papers that alte. che 
scomtial features of the propositions as last statec cand 
as deait with in the report that I had the honor %6¢ surmtt 
om tne 7th. inste Tha* ys ‘to say the systems ctuleé 
pronabiyu he made o«erative, oui the expense ond diffiteuity 
that would be met with are I thing serious ohreetrons. 
Ji .s true that these objections sigh: be overcome hy tine 
sph oil? but J believe that the systems shovid 36 3 

s ecrssful by aetval trial fur several wears he fave «hey 
could be depended upon. 

Yours forthfuily, 

Consulting Blecinvte tare 

ee an Re eee nae ee 


pe COT ns a “ee 7 coh gia os 
see are TOR a ep hegeian yer Oe est 
FM RR A gh ee AE tN NE ARCO AR LC IT: wer ttn oe ———. 

Og 24 

3rds ‘fa rek i 822 

W. J, Janke Hsqg 
Fdison Fleetric Light Co, 
Ngan Yori» 
Near Str :- 
In reply to you favor of the lat. tngt., J beg %o say 
that I ao mot know af any evidence tending te shew thet. 
conver wire adisingearates or in any way suffere in machanica! 
condition by the action of alectrtcal currents passina 
throuan. iy either atrect or alteruatina, Wites stripper 
from dynano% armatures which may have earried strong currarh 
Tor years and that current revereed mtliions o; %IUMAS oO 
mot seam %e shen anu granular structura, Netther is 1% 
fair ta argue that because tray erystellizes wunier lors 
conbinued mechanical vibration, that copper tl) exnitbit 
“he same behavior under long continued clectriec! aativity. 
Whatever effect there may be tn copper saens $0 ite bevan 
the presen® Limits 6f cbsarucst ton 
Voars fartisiel ly, 


Ue. Wee na 


mepeenin omasMleeie disney Wie et AUER MAT HES NK ART DIGI EE 

ao : 
sis 2 
% fr~ 
rhea S 

MAISO. Ty oratony Orande Hh as a 

Gee ag. : 
F18%. Man yo 


2s Jenks Ro 
Md:son Klastrie Liaat Co, 

Mey Vor, 

Near Sir Pee ta 

” reply tO your fa) or Of the I8th, ings. » We have pithy for- 
warded to you by messengar the Volumes #s 142 of *he Trenton 
Faede~ Case: record, wd trust that these hane ere thie reach 
you safely. 
In raply to jour letter of the 29th yJ+, » On whieh me 
Mere ohlinead +4 deter aetton, Mr FRteon har Inforhkan me 
“hat his first wore nite adynantos operated tn MmIt+tnje as in 
1429, hends8@ pitor to the esAly port af that Hab be had 
te heliones m Pia aM techie Noinwken Fp fre or un 2h fore 
“hat yao attaxgt kad aesuadtl: heen made at ghost Make 8G rem 
venaratora wm peitl Bed ang hat ary suet rcuresettatyons erp 
Magraryent yeas ond, 
fe 78 a Yor’ J heleten vig ta poremon ane ar ATIC) ATOR 
yA hele at that + pe by ahd praet sound aowerrs se ree 
Usmetion of aleotrig digheing . that dramas sk ud Dis 
made with an wemrnad resi stanoe eauvdl fo the emerald, am 

" Fa : LOOK ; 
that efforts? were not mate for dow "GET canoe dyngnoa uxt i] 

the lamp as practicasi 3, 

i or TCI rn Sacerenc RUN ti me I a a a ta es 

7 7 . : 5 
Mata of the Faison Meshk-nisal sieter. 

Vhe instrument cousiets af he] 
IMS” rUMNENL CONST ats OF % Copper bel} rajesar on a 

~ertteal arts so as to ne supported hy 

P Lhe Tereury; surround 

Tv ah Los 4 Ii t - 
imo te, Feing thus j iffled an? CONTE rDA 18sec for aravitation 
{ Ob le TONE, 

3 w9 , 
the friesion on the PUvots 13 redveed ta a minimum, The hell 

is varnished over tts anting surface. excevtina an vpper ane 
i, oy a at whe 4 ; 4 t 4 CA rae 

1 jover area, which are wiekel-plater wi remain in contac 

Z ay i 

. ts ’ ji 
wy e}. the M2PCUP?. : The OVI YK * Bh i 3 ~Poovgarayp the mater 

wage 4 eo a pe ! : ; 
ASSES hroued: The dels from the ounppep to the 

ores Ree vagy +}. 7. ~ +} , ’ : 
a ea ees oe Pie CORPO? ho 1770 OT Pagar eae 

tat on Oo a as - 3 vo 
O COROAMET 113 4 fo "7 ee Q seal Litt Fee giv thee repre 


nae . ge ns j : ? : 3 
Cx" Stde the helé throveh the 

oe S958 ,5%, 7 
eae PPO SP 


Cy Pa ae : 5 
| Pee ae Dr prepay oo ae - q 7 ee eee) Fr 
PES TEE GP AONE DECC ETE: LOGLG, “aa Gg fe Shy Bae git esp 
: bev. fe f, ¥) fe oy 4 

ECT PELE OVERMAN IRE Ft. Mus yeoman i 5 
! UP I SES. he curren: thronab the bel} thus 

ts doawen 

eRaPATES A Foner’ iad pudl and outa + 

her ea es 2) POtAt ION. TIC 

eedar surfaecs oe aereerves im sueh a MANNEY AS *O Ser rH 

eae Fe 2 ae? ? WP LIT A > oe Spay Teas eae: sae 2 
7 eddy currents In the hell, ar? retard LIS MOS 7 OF? pas fh 

tt s 
te Gee DOP ITH 

. ties A 3 

gq directly w1thk the speed OR Bae ari, aap! 

.3 poe UB, + > 5 7 < . : ie 
é roeull, the speed is nearly Proportional to the current 

Lf “OG a point * ons tb 7: : ; ‘ . 
i 7G a2 point at whieh the fluid frietion bears an appreciabt- 
whee prsporttion 46 the eddy retardation. 

wy 5 
> .% Tree t ve: ”~ + af 

“he Instrument is destaned for twenty liahte, or ren 

mperes Pao Pave fe ba vee for threenmtoo oovviees, Ome ot aiok 

cite of the nevtral, Phere 1s no danger to be «irreherced 


‘perm oan seeastonal startasrenis,as the copper and mereury, 


atl] earry a very voverfe: eurrent for a short tine airhha.s 
heating, Operia: Chor en ess the ines$ruient to undertne ics: 
as sheum ib; tie szecompiny ine curves. AS double load or 
qe Th mt)ll reetsater ir aefeet hout oh. It wiid state 
omoome quarter of one amnere,ad 37 tn aood adjustment wiil 
sometimes start at less than thist /1-8th. to L/#th. ampere! 
Its resistance t« less Shan ine thousandth of one ohm 
No eneray 18 exrvended in tt onan no eurrent is supplied 
hrouagn 1%. ies memes hove sievn that there is very 

ittsle danger of wéeareninag im *he permanent maanets.-ohase 


. x . ? nm 
C1Guit is nearly efosed. 
7 ” y \ ? My at ‘i - j . Swat 
The first dial hes ro index. The second opt se the oapst 
dtal,and one eoaplete revedvtion vepresenti in ureere haury. ¢ 
The succeeding Cials tewacd the lerve arm. feos fumdiecs. ond) 
a . a . ee. 
hovsands of ampere he it 
cept ‘ rea) ote wy sy He pee oop sete rents ee a ee ee 
‘he counter Buf. of the instr ment, considers as 4 Mortaop as 

instanificant,and the antins rap ak full load nealiq: PPOs 

Phe instrument 1s constructed under Mre Edisene > <oy4> 


ra AS emer 
IT aa siege nod anaes PY 
. en NRG II A a es OM GRE Oe nem TTT : = seg ina a me a 
Sua anne ONG isa SNELL EDR EEC ie LS SS Aa pepe gm 

Lith, Ape. 92 
Professor Kiuard Nieho)s 
forneld Untvereyr:, 
Mar Professor Mtchols:~- 
T have +o acknowledae with thanks your letter of the 
“sh, inst, tnowhiek ov woink out the desirability off 
obtaining the assistanee: of the Faisen phonoaraph in phoneti 
mvestiaations.. Mr, Fiison dasiras me to say in reply +o 
‘ir, Keorason’s letter, that he would gladly assist you in 
the matter were ke not prevented by hts contract with 
the North Amartoan Phonograph Company from parting wit 
iny of “hese instriments. Ne thinks howrver that 1f you 
presented the matter to tham Company, they might be able +o 
getoumodate you. Thetr address ts 42 Proad S+, Maw York. J 
think you wil] find that the instruments are purehasable at 
the present ¢ ime. 4 a reasonable rate. J am only 
forry that tf have no spare instrumen? here at my owm disposa/ 
or F iguld palee it ferwdsatelds at your dispostt tion. 

Veura very singe rely 

eee COTE ee ee 
Ue. GA ees dre. Maiy &2 
Botaom Lahoeswicry Orange Nw So 
Lieutenant Ssenee> 
“honsov-hove ton #1Leel sia Compans 
Neu VOT « 
Ry Tear bow Spomerr: - 

Do ae SOE PE Ie He OO Pe ea 
Seer Soe - Se OE FET OF fb EM PO Bs tg FG 
POMBE an aca a? ae Tae OM OETA Pe PR PUES. AOUF 

Toave omamined aii shea revised asrinates, There 

are as you renember joce bei latings yr ose est taares par 

Janp ramain hitohi- Manufactures, AE EGA, 

Trangnortat tonaborticulgurnt, Lf wank over these wise 

tha enbeanor Of redueing ther 

the a ifteul ty with the estiriate far the Maniufartyres 

Fuiidine urler reutgydt estinare, wes that the pressure calle 

for at generator terminals at fudé load was L156 volt . Thies 

44 16 volta in excess of the quarantead range, and Jt: tne 

ge miakt ha affioult to attafn with or near the full aulaer 

of the machine 8. Of course full joad as estimated Por miekt 
never be acsuali realised, To meet the conditions, should 
thay he insiste? OM, fwo alternatives offers- Po Mmereas 
tha dv eopper in che feeders, by weuertine fe tne original 


pian 0” branching fro thy necresh corner ap by the ee 0, 

dovble three stre, “he fhra ostimates re “weitted for 

as aS 

r atk Med od, favs sine amy Py Sie ee 

oe 2: 
agit Pee 

ter eee SS REZ 

aps ed 

f ‘ eres 



wpre waritG FC arn ieadle , parcly far eee reason, | ae 

refgriaig mhrde tha Tomest; 410" sip maptitl GO We OF CHE 

sane arces scot ton 1 bh Gh S IGG feedina pon |ductars ; TH 

fuses UN? rom Oi. &) Uperde we cagouritn fe ala ind Ie? 

py De Rien caus not he ene TOME grip 

, ‘| ; nL Dice oePE af Fame grr dogs 
expense 3 tee Etoer eat Maid So 

eae $e mg Qa ¥8 apse cep oe Poy ej tet oe Pe i gem pt STs 
I th: rut 711i (v2 PTI CONT ewd 17 yee fi fORP Gye. ae Me 

sot 4. oy b55 6D epaeey oP 
Peet SOKATCED eg ae 

setion, Muate field, Sait FO) 
advantiw (OUS, and enabler "ne cost to Me Pear ae 


T think that i negra he advtsan. ? to emple: 

and J kaw made pencil ix 

pelow # LAP iH STs, 
Slims difference im Gi. 

estimates 40 that effect: bot the 

jones not seen OQ WAP special sheds &e 

7 would also hea 70 mention in none luston, that im ene 

ieietactrenrtigint sets 

C0 instances, elearli marked on ry AStimares, if che 

1 . : J+ . 7 . srt i ee ae eM: 
ee he men witee, the i BInes Ms 
rod spect 7 ea 

hae be. ? yr 0 lee he ype? in pated 
hi. +zough* 

very Li. fe footy have Reerved GRITS, 

aypk Lay 

it well %0 remind (jov of fhe ; 

We have already diseusseeé “dnantage 07 introduc ing 
non-inflamnable wire Ine t iding8e #, 


Mush 11a that these PAM § 1 maak with (ous oby 

a J remain, Yours faithful lis ay 

Consulting Rlectr letare 


ay | 
LY ai 

emerge TE yg TT ike adiyate psa ak” SS 
ee OT Made See cons # 
sane! agement ata aingsan At PE oe ¥ 

af enema 

» LOtK, May GP 
J. Fruest Hari Cenerad Maradcer 
Edison General Flectria ‘a, 
Schenectady Works 

Near Sir + 

I take the liberty of empulringe wietiier there is any present 
el Sehae an Keke 

opportunity for a young itn . te heh * On application free, in 
the capacity of electrteo. orsistant. jis name is Arthur 

poem foopes, Arother of thai fitson Statton ‘anager at 
West Chester. fie is Jo JE2reE of ace he araduated with the 
degrees of P&S, in electrical encimeerina ab Haverford mith 
the nlahest honors cf his elass, ane has been an assistant 
In Mr. Bdtaon's laboratory here durina the last etqht morths, 
doing very satiafactary work. Ne has special talent as a 

computer, and he desires to anter practical electrical 

Yours very truly, 


comets ban Tapmers TTF 





ae mE oP wee 






wns ‘ 




: - 2 a ee perc IS erent A 
Ns 33 wage OTT TT eg et meg 
pang Ts Sei: REET BULLE eee aaa Bm TL ett I gg TREE prune a 

Hem MAA aes 

, ee “Oh ae aera oy Lope apy Sates 



. fh. CMEGPIGUrE elevation ak SE watte 
al ; coe. Beas ry @ .. 
felivery wos 17°C, 

For the U12th, HP. be nelt moto linet ead of ee 

t ta MEE Ss 
i as -~ 4 “= ange a ee i * ware 

fell joad, 7 deo nee thing wa cen aek mare than &8, After 

‘ aan Pope oof Yo, cho] tases AP ALS sea tet e  F 

POUP ROUPS Slaady delivers of dé watts >» the temperature 

elevation chserved wae 10.43 


From the L/lith. 12i~voit model we do not expect fo abt 

eo a 

: more than 40 watts. At 35 watts steady delivery, the temperiifie 

elevation was ahout 150. 

The shortcomings in outp:t of these last three motors 
nave bean acl therately Usffecked hy us. That this is LIUC. 
“tll be evident to you from the facet that the jaet mentione; 
( 125-voit L72.5th. ) delivered 90 watts without any overheads ing 
i: with a separately excited field. Instead of applying Go wapies 
: field winding which would enable that Output Go hailtiRe.s ier F 

m@ gave a high resistance and somewhat more Cxnensine wind in 

to obtain a slow speed at fight load, and aise to keep the 

1 motor from getting dangerously hot if heid deltheratel sy 
as customers occasionally wiid hold a fan motor. The field 
resistance ts now 40 ohms warm. It is tra that if the 
he ewe ecmelied with a pulley 1% would be necessary to 

~SY We = = = oe 

od ae Seem ae Brn 
pene mente te eee, at nanuneennreepatmemenertacenetts acces ttepiaie T Ferme a TEs : ieee 
= (ieee a cc fa oC eL  SE iee ceh ae ne ? Me ae de, rs “alll 
; prom yur Saecn Bhs cb tse fp PP Powe i Pinte. ope lae Bae Be Ble hay 
t GOGO Trae OO Soe Pid ee ae Se VER ewe: 
k, - ne £ 

Pet GRCYy Are Bap Bee HET OE Oey Le GF Jan. and-are 
ae q ii, ake aed ae iy = ‘< Pe ee dy ’ te ar Io pany Ge +p AAP soe rE 
eapdble of Gotne wues sera cveor., than these fans provide, 
We have mode a lorae minher Cf measurements on the power 

Serted in driving aiffercné tindsa of fan. and the fan that ts 

| commont: seni with tre nomimagl LI2th, HP,» motor does not 

‘ absor® mechantealiy more tan LSAthhP. The windinas 

could he readtiiy altered io entble the full power to he 

obtained , but they would not be so well adapted as 

Ree ip ai AS i: 

we nave found, to fill the requirements of the trade az 
r actual worke 
It should be mentionei that the eurves of speed for the 

tyo L/6th. IP, models are drawn to twice the indicated scale 

: We shall be very pleased to add at your desire any 

further information in murs 3 

a. © geithfully,; 

| Fleetrictan, 



cn Ry 

> ‘ ett gr Ne meres epngnmes oe 
= (oo ee ee eee Te SE OE 

oAhth, May. Ge 

Oe Aig disor A8U 

Ogden No. oF o 

Near Sir s- 

: I duly received your letter this morning « We are 

‘ forwarding to you today by express the alass-vare and mater ta 
that Harris makes up, and the &O English Mining Transactions 
Volumes. Also the Yol.4% of the Engineering * Mining Journal 

for whieh we looked vainly on the day of your departures F fer 
it today in the itbrary of yo. hovses I de nat know whe 
took tt there or when if werirs 

The half mile of ¢ bie has arrived from Schenectady, 

we have put 1% up and ure 20w just testing th, We hope cna 

1 “om; can soon make {7 convenient fo mees the officials 

; iW ‘ 

e t | . - . 

1 far the Penrte Coe heré, as you Kind" TNC are very anxtous 

; about Ibe 
Yours faithfully, 
Plactri¢ 1anNe 


— _—_— 53 ALM UMCE ResiS 

Fat aor Lahorator Oranne Mo 

& Pe . 

Lath, May 92 


5 aay Ste ne 

a, Tate detres me to submit tO you the enclosed CUP Dae Mi 
ativuine the reaulte of tests mare here recently on tivo 

tat : 

de a. Crocker-Whealer moters mamelnu the 115-0] + LA Dt. HP. 
Y ay 

fan motor, ard the 125-19)+ hee 

P ithe HP. fan motor, samples 


of whteh were reeetved fey Ural. These sotecre have each 

a) ry 

“ce spaeds, obtained hy flacing tha twa sield eoils in series 

om in parallel, The eurne sheote Sone the teat with the 
y tomar 

Pr ee eed only, this betec the coruy*,c~ meet Yanerahble to 


“fielerey and output, 

/ou ‘tll observa that thn M diol Pe mavhire has as! 

“Ov dmum effieteney of S58%ar WV rortral load, It Jalls she:t 

Cf 128 nominal output hy ahout 3 uatta, j*: rt 

5 J°3 FRTEt one? losse: 
mt 7 ae | ern niet ok: 

if wradd, but 168 rance in sreéad hetwaen ry load an: Jul 

iE U 

pe avete 98 From IO te 20 remain tren rey Seeone, 


| The L7i4th 72P, machine deliners t“s fell narine)] lead at 

Yi] Of OX affteieney and the deeds Revere avitlahie 13 abort 

ben wmrttavhe ranne In speal &* Fram OF PERS. Der geeard at 

no load $e 20 at ful!) load. 

A compartson «f 7:2 eurniag Por tnese riotop. anid && fox 

i ails ba aioe és 
VES = 
¥ we 53 
ip ee 

+h@ Fataon composite frané models nowy in your pussesaton, | 

sh@cs G higher effietency: for the (3%, machines, bud ie 

sink that this 1s fully renaid by tha hatter reaulation 


in speed of the Fdisor modais, Thus 

4on, BP, model has « speed ranoe from 27 to TA YpRGe. 

and she U/6th. HP. 500-volt model from 
tas fan motors, the h 
ad hy so loud a whirring 

the idt-volt Edison 

BI to 15 rp. see. 

1ah speed of tne 

we alse helieve tha 
rrocker-"Wheelar machines is acconpanté 

> used on their slow speed stops. 

i ” 

that they ar 
y doum 20 about the same range as 

units brings the afficianc: 

in the Edtson modei3,as the joll 
Chom = In omer to make tha test comparatine, these Cail 

ovina obsernattons will 

motors ware _ fisted with the same sized fans as those used 

the Fdison ode 13. 

on yp, Slow speedl2" fan 1720 rim 121 velts 0.65amp. 1° 
: High-speed 21380 : 0,98 {Poa 
1/12 HP. Slew speed 9° fan 2170 rp 118 ae ead Bovis 

High spead dace? 120 BIG © obeys 

the CW. moters aave the followtm. 

Ath, HP, 100 speaale" far 1390 rpm. 119 volts 0. B77amp, ii Fe 
| High apoed 17m 11935 1. 336 hats ~~ 
volta 0.55 amp. fo 

Ath, HP, Slow § gd 22° fanda30 rpm. 120 
a it ap aso 118.5 0.89 

gh spead gs 
Trusting that thvse pf: tinn will be satisfactory, 

Portis féiax 
yours fatthfully, 

wh Sheir own fans, 

in Seb 

7 32 Ob. Ray 3 

The Edxtors 
The Bleetrical World 
41 Park Row Nas Yoric. 

Gentlemen 3~ 
Im repiy to your favor of the 24th. inst. ; J beg to say that 

tne Catalogue of Fdtson ixhibits at Minneapolis Erposttton 
addressed to you weder another cCouer, ecniains, I belteiwz 

J the best htography of Mr. Fdison that has yet bean pub'Hshed 
4 | I a pleased to learn that the eritteism Sorwarded to io 
“a Mr. Hering's paper has mek with ou approval, and #%-77. 

must tha k you for your comnendation cf it. I believe that h 

C28C You make aocinst me ts unduly eritieal, for reference 

wild shew that I have had the pleasure of contributing 


fo ihe artieles published by the Blectrical World, on 
; ; vartous Tf nek Cis nanervus ccewtvhisand some of the work 
: 7 "sued I have taken the most iiterest has been granted 
space in its columns. 

Yours fatthfully, 


Stet, May 92 

rm me Pal 
Bo Wy, Ries Kes 

sie esi fh Pip Bye signe Up Phrase wuinygude re Sere : 
GCC? - ‘ ra) f rare °o vi s ¢ mE ” Bi yt at wide Bi “ C 7 pos ‘ey Ctig 

Liuits MESS, 

er © Cage 
Sg eRet is sf f rs ‘a0 a: t dey Ce oe a rae nw te So 65 as y ‘ 
a POULT To lt Tein SP ALE Arie EVsty, £ beg 60° say thar 
Ts, spt py topes ape as : ; et 
J ae wkd Aequaineed with Hire Po. A. Fessenden, as he was 



rs SAosoe. Stipe oy pg of ge be w. me er “1; OF : 
Oe SOuNE UIE MESETT GE Gi Une Lhaberwioen here, He possesses 

siderable aeneral abtlicu 

sey ob. q mnt ° . 7] , ewar-t 
BO UNE DERG OF my Judgement — 3s? 



gery Rens .4 . ; fo a py TOS SOSe : ] 

feck iS oh PNY md arid COMER TENT ‘ OU ae at 2 "0 He Aes had 
os Naan belie et ete toe : af 5 


aA : wae Ho ate Cy Cow 

fe weet a ak ¥; é ¥ Pep rye a ~ ot 5 tp rts * . 8752 oe “ 
Oa Maman! Stade. ane some areevieal experience, I belteve 

row ays Serviows wowid be snéoially velwable tm all 

SNe choad 

PN Re 

coy a anne 

Ord. Junege 
A. O. ase BScig 
Doar Sty o~ 
Our dimamos for the f- cre syst are 20-KWT machines 

siuving at gull load each 240 amneres ab 1328 wes 


hoe base 
winter t.ese were -vorieed ve fo their full caprethy supplyinea 
the Raric, the hobeoratory, and the Phonograph Works. If however 
Ene Fi ONO apr Works supplied tha cup errrent cor ete 

; pie od . ven Dargpeeyp a oe che ta yer » “3 : 
TAKE a COUP: . : Fe Pabd «? ri wy dy oP 2) We Pe e se Way 2& 72 Perks A Sy Ss ne fies by he 


as things are mow arranged 1 would Le neeessary to make 

some chonges tn order ve do fe 

The famps now on the system are Ge Fe. a 
in the Laboratory B25 

Phonograph Worirs 5G 

Mr, Eeison’s 250 
Mr. Burice's d 76 
Mr. Auchineloss’ Sl 
Mr. insull °s 80 

pe ” * kK 2 yet ys 
Freluding the Phonograph Works, there are 1210 4Uaps TY? le 


he dynemos wihl supply S33 Eeaeh or L066 In clo 

Tre mean load last inter in the Parit and Laboratory was 


JO feenns, The maxima: was about 550. We should therefore 

eee to 

have a eanaeity ger say S16 mere Lit , om perhaps 900 wired. 




Ae the same time if these were taken, ‘ie should have to 

= hi EEO 

me eee pt eR ne mie Ft 

= = —_! xd settee <o ae aaa : ‘ ee 
‘oe dom 2 new feaddor vs weli as she mains required in the 
“27% We shoul? aise haus te ehange the jomns aver the syatem 
Me IG WSO ASOvG1e darivs- peek diy becar se: Ping. Ure Cheaper, 
‘ md raids heeause Guring the dec. tm order ta have only one 
ee uf Gynumes vurming, ve ars abijiaed to keep 125 volts Ht 
a on the mins in order ca supply LG volle te Sha. lamp-tests a 
mrslates., Supudy fs ealled for curing the hint! BO WOR Jeunes, i 
‘ Pot ooee eaduld intredvee soma regrialing pin, and alter the 
bye Seer 2S Pie Lee 
| oe onl: reason foo cor mecding oo mie Foodor co on 
seegin of the ae, because bile oma etndaé eathy ail ihe £0 
of the meninges ooh 3 Wish 200 lepps anuplied fhe dap 

. e ? a na ee * nn vats 2 
is (ed volte fo the eacteh-box only 
pte x ay ’ yey oa, : 7 geet t 
supp ee be iO}. fe De ' (eas ove £ ot e? 
- ny ? a ie foes aay oe 
foe@er L080 mAs oF Ler neg Gg OEE 
" ; ¥ Fe gs apc sf Bd aN i ot 
eesé pers 219670 Tf ON: Me. The 2 
“ —*. 345039 ’ ee df. ety fegscy a kee Pe hy 
; wt ee ele PAYG JOCu Wa eri | rael. Cod i ase 

poet seg Tepe 47 
the ies I LIGT ie 

SCEON Obse o 

eo +5} 

‘Seg s spy iar Sagas ; F "se. 
7 4 tae ue . ‘ “CT? 3 : ix? ae es q 28 Ry 2 

* 3 F = 4 Sp peteg LISTED . 
; Ft é 7: : iy? 3993 ada? aed Z Bo Mas pes 7 - 
tors atten, we Fauve ail We can Carrs . LGM EP YL be 
pints : . rs Oat Ps: ees 
we not > a ) Sree eee tees wt be fe freee : a ae roo ae oe . 
ae ad PeLoag uy Bore ss on ce Me weep 2 tre eG Js are Aerike n 

, -y 4 OU ne op cy As ff mp ey 

PES BO Iles 2 Ne Oe UE ET 
r is _ j 

oi . afea - . - ie . i ed * s € 

(A be RAI OFF POL as 

ig 4 - ° eo gl afr 7 oy 
stigma miek&’ average $le00 
per a7 P Pay aed . ‘i Klan 
Aros fek seerdd AE Fh 
erase : 

, ee 
aot wrth 
beh ls bes 


y 5 eet? 
; . pepe e 
4 te £8: Pat Danae A i? ? Fr 

“Rn aee een 
Qe eaten 

a regpaneye 

Janpg lite” Put wm 

Trusting thet 

shoul? have to enapee the jonngs 


ah Coo 

“dh ect 



ano faeder, regulatina *ne py 


Pa in bela a 

im She dai 



tf ow 



s factory, 

ama lay 

WC » 



Sane 4 fr, @ te re ne 

fos ea Gigante Tanto <7 . he Je ise . . ; 
i Set ing Cor For “our ictnd Jester OF Gre 8tdes Tf 
yee hrouleyniu tnhdehted fe cou for the information an 
‘e oF a iy ‘ Leow Jj t nog eae) a 
' apie. ” ag eh. eet yy “a Pray oe ? Re Sas oer ? : 
‘ho Nee heey dome ith aliectrieaiéy ti igeating neruc eentre 

. Ad ’ 
aon wok iu@gtes 

“7 7p. togt . ; ; bey} 
Tes. Chaule be very qsod ta take up any 


eperteaente shat vay sa prentsina ie this intricate and 

\G me unexplored Frleld. FP yeu pope any Saturday a ftermeons 

fu spare, Fo ecan answer for the electrical anplianees and | 

ho. jou have the vhusisloctco! side of the subject at your 

: ; PE ae ET copter gree mee 4 
fingers! ends. I should alse ceetre to shure any expense 

a that you may Incidenfaliy hone fn p oavring annals. es 
I think nothing shovid he attempted until we ean outline 

ct definite 1 ine of attack. “ith thts end in view, if you are 
agreabléa, I will take ‘the pleasure of calling upon you some 
eventng in New York, J think Shai we possess electrical 

resources here of no ordinary Mind end that if 18 jJus% 

pesstble that we might discover seme new electrical 
redation hatween ming and matter. * fee) yutte Ineakpetent ta 

attack the enoutry ruself, Fam sure that Mr. Ediaon 

: | 

wtth his usual indnass, will give us al] frdiltttes, 

a] Yours very truly, 
By at Bene he, tiyaieeane Saket A SI hs rise, runt aig See EE Se am 
, i 

vreemrere j 

ee : ‘ $7 ay RR igo eee 
eae be name 8 ee A LO ARN it OTIS ONE IS IIIT - S: anghiet PORE RAE aR ere wen age N eto ‘ 

iY pee 
fh ft i 
aM ~ RS 

Oey 45 ° 
2rd, ae OF 

ty} hdward . 8, Solden Kra, Poteeina? 
Aiek Ohsarvatscry 
MOURNE Sant iten. 
‘an peru uleased to learn fran your kind letter of the 
LOM. dret,, that the efertria Mabtina acparatue is 

morning sabistactortly, I hope 

Soild fom continue to 


2@ @ copuentemce Fa woe 

Mr, Ndisom has dude wevstued the very interest tia 

ana handsome negattue of the araat PeChPUary SUsim~ spot 

Me ts very mueh pleased with 1%, an? has olaced té in the 

fiémary here. He desirvas ve te return: his hes& thanks for 


the atft. aeaonnanyina your letter of she lithe Si. 


’ ’ Pips gt payee Ps 
Yours very sincerely, 

25th. June 92 

Professor N.S. Shaler 

Harvard Mntuersity. 

ear Str on 

7 bec to acknowledge your letter of the 20th. inst. , 
containing an outline of the account you wish to have of 
smertean electrical inventions, I shall take much pleasure 

in endeavorina to follow your wishes in the matter. 

The essay will be submitted to ir, Faison, and be approve.’ 
hy him, hut he would not I think with to sign tt. It would d 
you see he diffieult for him to appear to as the writer of 

an essay imowsich illustrating his own work, considering 

the reticence he always observes in relation to his own 
personality ard achteuements., 
“ do not Imow how far I may be suecessful in satisfying 
con in this essay, hut I think I have caught the sense and 
uinsue of tae thematts interest appears to me as great, as 
jhe aim is noble, and t45 exsceeution worthy of a more 

cecomeitshed if net a more appreciating serihe than 

Yours very trulys 

3 , Fn ll ere ei . meee jae eo ie a ot 
; ‘ Pern rele ay it ar aaa at re 
a ai Fechavata a aaiph pe oo ; 

lath, duly o> 
ae So Ingnd i Bory Pi esitden: 
= Bison Likiazinct ing Co. 
: | ‘hleag e 
L Dear Str s~ 
' ‘ in reply to jour Savor Of tie i2th. Ins 4, I bes 0 Bey 
| chav Mis Bdisen has been keeping Mi. Winehester bue i> 
. employed in eoliceting a lavrge mober of facts and 

é Lrieces with a wren *g acokting 21 the mesh eeonomtoad 

ee. ey ek hi 4 aoe » bee , 7m nie + 
MECROGS IM Creel lag ee I che evs Unt G22 1gite 
: ’ 

Gesigning your censial séiation plant, Th 18 data kaa now been 

eoljectead, and Mr. Winchester s now an work unter Mr Edison 

instrvetions muring the prelimin rr DLaGNS. 
Prusting that this information Mis, 08 Sar isfactory, 

Tovomain, Yours vers tired, 


pee AT e+ 

25éh, July 92 

Joy Aruesi Fed, Generai lanager 

Senerad sitecbtrte C0. 
Schenectady Yorks. 

rear Str s=- 

The comnittee of ite fescciatios of Raison Illuminating 
fo neiites. anpoifited uc consider 7e@ subject of lightning 
protection, assisted as you °.M renanner l7s& uear, 17 
vreparina the first set of Fdatscn condenser arrasters that I 
wohenecteliy, Ib has 

relieve you have sinee mamifactured st : 
tno js owerners of the 

recanbiy been intimated to Ghe com 28 

reeepar derndand 




tearetrgton, that treere woul? precre sy 

Ler ee © SY 

; ae? oe . pets he te Bae TS 
jo these arres ers, if feerr pres? a2 uu 

* . s (a ore 7 
ta ee oe eer ? Sn rr ne ee oe J eae eae, 
We hea been informe ohaw ores! PPE be meee 
i mn ¥ A. ry 
af a , « . pn, le Thy Cepeeee BRR payer tre pea Be sper TG CO 
i eI ee BP Tats faet. GAG Cweeleree VERE Few dt Ieee ss 

1 : Pe ae vf "9 TUT . - , A se a coma I rey, 12 E0U 


eo well as te the Viluntratirg Companie 

se ay ’ Coie iy : 7! tet ue Pee s 7 > : 
2 : - “at Lane hEer 
a aes, MPEY Peery all the reports 2h have beer 

+ the arrester hove heen favorhle, 

s? 3 s sane “t 2 rane * * ay Gi8 

-9 phe need for resatiina tu being 

S - - 
f re vee po iy > 
attri ges 
is fy Etifeve 

Kennelly Letterbook #7, LM-117 

___. This letterbook covers the period August 1892-January 1894. The book 
contains correspondence, technical reports, and draft manuscripts by Arthur 
E. Kennelly. Included is material regarding a variety of electrical experiments, 
such as tests of meters, batteries, the carrying capacity of copper wire, and 
motors for sewing machines. In addition, there are items relating to plans for 
the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power system and letters concerning a review 
of several Westinghouse central stations for patent litigation by Edison General 
Electric Co. There is also a letter to Edison’s private secretary Alfred O. Tate, 
as vice-president of the North American Phonograph Co., regarding Kennelly’s 
examination of the Bettini phonograph. The spine is stamped "Letters." The 
book contains 700 numbered pages. Pages 418-700 are blank. The book is 
water damaged, and numerous pages are wrinkled and creased; the ink on 
most pages is smeared and/or faint. Approximately 20 percent of the 
documents have been filmed. 

ee ie Laboratory 
28rd Aug. ee | 

Nrnast Pty. taro Atevaver 

tensa Ripotrie Oo 
Schemeatady, Wir 
mea SIR QA 
t bey to pion; you “hak” g ie scoordsnye wish your 
wrist hnet one by wire, . f nadled at Pacheeter yesterday, on 


roduAp Ag pi y he Ortigia ed:  aSnudenre, Prmeotyn 

ad Reta Jn. AAD. te ln Boephanson of the Hee 
York foe hes tae. Compt He as gave tutdenee he fore. fhe 
8 ae ide ol Pe 

toupe pawrghd ccdiasg {0 144 aitemaon, poink ing. ut tha 
Pan segtton. af ng FEL, yam, r, weetaty pone bublnd, ant | 
the grend at aadpiteong nade, pita je wrada, saber; if a oss 
MAING Ware epmpo sgd al, ead}e, An; regular conduits; so 
oppo srg the onpartange af vesry, f orugt ohat:. tur 
argunanes, as’ custained by tig reprtcantat ives ‘of the. Jooat 
obmpany ail. result An ihe grat of Fuld pemfseion to Jay 
bhe pateon ayetim according 6 thet, ceompany ts desires. ao 
Subsequent questions were disouated ata mooting “of th 
board, concerning ‘whion Ir feel v ie idbteaniry’ to vortie 
ulartee, ao ir Stephenson ant Wr ‘Fptnond will yo doubt 

have met you today. Ho t Wag will be surisfactory, 
f remain. aime, Paes, Wdy, . ; 

p -he Othe inet., whteh has rene 

wr fusing my absane?, £ beg te way that the 

nade Mo Kruast was nos on my oi account dui: 

of certain Edison Llluninat ing Compant?s 

ne tee behtas fF 

» trorred to auril themaulves of this form of lightning 

if the prtee were more favorable to than 

secure from your letber howaver that tha prte@s 

Locwets ane even to such compantes. 

* ten Pb ve 

qe eOonagenser arrester 7s 

o entvaraes cy wire 

ie ro bably 

renee ay tem tea) fis In spite 

> end cola eheanl! $s oronabl 1 gtve 

voup at" Pulls 

fue ee Oh 

uf a fi 

coanucaesered et the MCh CE 
specter mentponed ts 6° 

t a 

cee eee 

cae amet 

ap te 
wo HD 














~~ as = 
— en 
= & is. 7 
AL oS = 
£5, “om bon} 
han a : 
Q es ie > 
re = 
ax . 
&; A tH i 
ta eis 


a Ss aaa x: ~ 
raat <3 

v t ~, 2% = 
s A ~ we r 
>. et ~ £ 

- a ~ vet Peta 

~ Me od pes 
sae o ex 

SS aa i= \ a 
ad x x. ~ if os 
oy -_ - Po. 
& . 3 ve - ia! 

ae > a 
ars ae e 
f. — + 

‘ - 
a Fan 
Ed aot ~ 
she <, < 
7s ‘tes. 
Se, ay x 
Hay} 7 
: Piast a 
&, ow BM 








hen ae 

ee bn 
wo de 






Sse casey dun ene Ame DEE iahapv treated i cgaen te ee =o 


1. Kruest Bey. Gerteral Nang er 
Genera! Hact+té Od 
Sehendetady Wore, _ 
Near Str ad | 

1hé mea surement wh | salle carted out sistem the safe gunyent 
capacity of the sdhplep of Stasens eable régetved trom you 

some fan igre vast, have davele ad = dabisfactortly, 
an r take the ff Ninrty ey Quai erg whether there t¢ 4 
spare Sample boar! ap Sahonegtady gtotng seottons of adt 
the slxeg of gable nous wari abinwe, unt wate 7 could vd 
heraitted to use. fer A [rw days for she perposes of 
mensurdmang, delfavn that we can aafady eohente Ang 
abithent BS reigohe peated tg ajevate’ the template of way 
at dl dtd ap upplan all prigetton! bondtexone, mien in 
: boat te, based yedn the téesds of the ahove — 
nent oned samples, The teeth hank bddn mide with Niferenoe 
to cahdes im wau)te, In ridtar, or burted imderground, 
Assustng that thd ‘shed isuieting wagtontad Of jute arf 
comand te employba tn qa dablgg, di Nafer Apdo at 
shbud, bi aap! Hee to any ofze | # a cv razah tue dlonetdhs 

duotor, Indulator, and ghddth are few Mrobutig. 
I pel idve that your -stimlard of safe curran® if thee: 
1 ratge ‘the temperatule of the eondiresor ftiPey 

of pop 

wien wil 

degrens ranréhhett about the timpdrabiae of the siurPovied tn 

air or soll a6 noriiad. ff rT art Mgnt tn thts , 1 can 
tanh ribs. 

prepare al] the results for thes standar 



Yours fit ih ful ] Y» 

Consydt Ina Movtrictan 


Fidison laseratoru Orahoe No J , 
léth. Sent. 92 ° 
Ja Xruaat Sac. Geritral Manacer 
ted luhieade mini 
{Bar Si* 
I beg te acknowladze mith mny tharxe the recatpt o- } 
sour favor of the ldth. Inst, splosing @ report upo the 
heating of a ldngth of 10000) Stenens sable by a eurrent 
OF lov amperds, This Information 18 very goneptadie. 
It 14 cvident that it would take an axtraordinary ovent oad 
to aetvaily damage the gable, but on the other hand, th 

Ege ak ATA Mace, ORE ERB a . 

insulation fell very oreatdy rapidly, and the temparaiure 
elevation igs dpparently 18) dégreve Fare, bo A gw 


I preaipne that your opinion to the effact that a rise 
of temperature jn a Stemene pable conductor ‘to the amet of 
fifty dearpas fghr. wove surrourtings 19 too nigh, has 

been based upon tng effect of that elevetton off tasperatury 

upon the insulytion rether ahon Upon any agngen to the 
substances Of tha tnaujatson eapf, The M-foot samples 

e have teghad here gre uot augttotont jy dong ta gfe rel tah’: 
results ag to Fall jr yeudation, ut I wold pexture 0 
suggest thar tha carrying capacity xf a cake gould hea that 
currant whieh udder the actual eonditions of its emayironmen’ 
» buried, ‘mmeraéd in water, or tm air, should oufftee te, 


! ! sing that 
A Rares 
ae) 3 Wor aoowha 

4h she ieMer 206 ITT C8 0 & Sabha 


art 4A 4 Ee Ne now 


AE ALI Sond? ot 6° thea osele. o 

ws SL ESE ON In LO ple oe 

ow ches: ccbdes. 

* a 

oe r a * 37 
seyoy aT 

surthen anal eo 

mu DMP, 


i + ne ae var 
B, &, I shoud bg glad bo recciue tne anes0set 3 
a «7 ® .- a 2 Maw: 

| ., snd 
no further oceantor for its use 

you so you have 

“grt FIC Pad 

en fir’ we five 

- pat y orn 
tes QQ marabair: 

wp ee ety 


“*. * 3 + ; ~~ > * : a i 
Lorem fae ange? 4 MA TSE 
ee od 


ryt fone 

0 as qo ‘Ss via _ 

thag ols he ME te EE 

an Be Mae hour ? >; 1 ; OP. ed IC? 


tetbid fo> any preetis 

whoie requirement Pee 

OCT TUM Say de Tween £2@ instintanerus spread of the motor 

t2 Stmusaunecus current Slrengtin, 

Treee @o@ onsy two waye iM witch an ordinary armature 
wer a. WI are employtug tn the raanito-motcr ean he connecte 
‘nthe lomp etrenive Jt may ho inserted directly tn the 
cimeuit, 2 that tha whois lann evrrert. passes through 1t/% 
or 1b nay Ae fisst shomted by a aefinite reststance und then 
‘treetly Inserted, ‘n whiten cas@ only a portion of the 
supply eurreans will pass through tha armatures We may 
rake these e@etses in orders 

Cut off all tae lampa ind insert the armature in the 
suppiy etreull, Thin turn m one lamp. ( The resistance of 
eich Idchted iam ts by kypothests 20) chiss, heeause 
Peee Vihl now he 12 an ampere flostng through the motor 
arc cure ant Lemp, ' Phe resistance of the armature might: be 
Coi vin, whieh is nzzligible, since the currant would be 

LA ampers very nearly, and 
even at fuli load, she back pressure due te this resistance 

would only be 10 amperas X i/10th, ohm — 1. volt, 
leaving 98 volts on the lamps.) Tue fundamental law 

of 3 motor ts thut the rotating torg.e, ov the moment of 
21as*romagneric meving forcas is propéritoral to the current 


‘Seucoh the armature, Tats ceases to be strictly true, when” @h 

current 1@ peweryul enough to, sensibly disturb the arrangemer 

of magnetie foree established by the field magnat, but tt 
iz: IE os : ; | 
'S Crue jor al ! Pract Zeal Purposes wrrats the q imits ; of 

“Vperdsino a gmt qotor a3 ameter, Suppose thal she torygue 
produecd by one ampere in the armature, about 143 ax{s, 18 
soual to that prduaed by a weight of 200 grammes acsing at 

a radius ofine emtimetre, 1.@ pulling roun? that axis as 

a cord suaetiining 200 gme. might when wound on a pulley 

n that. axis? oms. in dimater diameter, and reprasenting. 
therefore a torgue of 100 cme eontimetur grammes. T an the 
half ampere fir one lanp establishes a torque of 100 cm-ams 

, mile if all the lanps were turned on, the torque would 
mount to 2000 em-gms. Now if the motor starts when a single 

lamp 1s turned on, 1t¢ must be that the moment of resisting 

forces round tha axis, - She frites tonal torque- ts jess than 

1CO om-gme. Suppose it were actually 75 om-gms. A resultant 
of 25 em-ais sets the motor in revolution, Cont tinued 
appl feattor of resultant. torque round an axis will establish 
a continued rotatory acesleration, and in time would sat 
up an indefinitelu great velocity. The. opposing torque mast 
therefore increase, or the moving torque dimintsh as an 
attendant sonsequence of the motors runing, if its speed 
sal] attain ana retain a finite Jimite 
As for the opposing fore s due to yriction only, they 
tend to slighty diminish rather than to inereasé with speed. 
and although eddy currents in the surrounding air, and the 
“vibratory chattering of the shaft in Its earings might 
ultimataly tnerease the torque, these affects would provabl 

only yeoone senethle at enormous spades Thera is no reasona! . 

Be RS a 


: wae euedy 

: Chee g Awe 


wan ty 

> | Oss 







Lohma bi as 0 movitig forees, These can only diminish by 

a dimtytin of cufrent atrengths The current strength so far 
3 dwendiupon the action of the motor can oaly he reduced b 
thd bath $8 aur dile 0 the speed of the motor, This 
tack brosurt ts simply proportional io the spead of rotatin 
B is measly the pressure pPoduced ween the armature instead — 
of being diven by current 1@ driven at the same spead by 
a bdl) am pulley, under whieh etrcumstances 1+ would genera’ 
that pragura as a dynantoy An ordinary one horse-pow r mony 
weighing sq 157 1bBs would genérate a back pressure of 100 
volts at almyt 1500 rev:lu*tons per minute, or one volt at 
15 rebvde par mins It ta in virtue solely of this back pressur- 
thas a motor tan do mechanical work, and the work it absorbs . 
is the product of that back pressure and the ourrent passing 
through tts armatures Now a small motor with fewer turns of 
wire and smaller magnets, would have to run faster tn propor 
tion %0 tts weakness in order to ganerate one volt, and a 
delicate mater motor that must have so little friction as to 
ears upon half an ampere, ang yat so little wire that the 
arep | im ite armatura due t@ that wire's resistance shall 
not arose a volt or two at full load, would prohably have 
to mane: [p00 revs. per minut at least in order to genera te 
one walt. In order $0 reduce the moving torque from 100 ¢0 
75 enegme,. 80 as to stop accaleration, and maintain a stead 

speed, the current ould have to fall 25 % or from 0.5 amper 
to Q.875 ampere. This could only happen, with. detriment fo 

titan, , $f the motor werated ae bawis 

stu of O35 volts, sinoe 

e ‘ 

penerave ihtg 25 volts, ihe motor. would have eo make 

a5 X¥ 100 - 2S eo PEVGIs POM MYT Consequantiy such @ motor 
vumning et hot oe id run te} saking. sppecd.on.a sing) 
lamp, and woulda b¢ useless aS & moter, 


What we need .1s 

“9 er@ate in epposting torque whieh shall Increase wit 

“peed, mea tne thts accomp] ished. Let &. eraad ar ome 

par ie: une juts aiibe Q’ pacie tu wmsua Of 2 cman 


im staple proportion. Then with half an aunpera, 

*, imereasing 

her ro. p r 

mil? start and aeceleraie unt 1] the back horqua due to speed 


; a EQ 


that dug” ro friction quae equiltbrates the moving torque 

lm this avanien at L2 La 3r Pintts; the baer a would 

25 cians, tne frietion , assumed constant.~ and it woul 
neardy FS OMIM OMS. | & the sum] 190 CM OMe aquil thrat 

ROVING LIrque. The more r could not 

rune faster thar de 8 


ett hout sett ing wma ma siel bart toraue thas tend Inq to 

Now turn on another Jain, the current heeomes 

he movina terque #00 Cm Gna. Pe speed rises te 


i « 

OR CAO TAT ~ 200 

rranged ie get the following speeds at various: Lotd 


(fter the pPivst tum lamps are wurnod on, tie speed becomes 
nearly propational to the supply. The approximation would 
improve if th: fora givan Mmaving torque per lamp, the frict | 
(were as sna.! as poasth.e, and the back torque for 
areat as possible. As soon as the former hecomes ene tgnisiean: 
compared with the laster, the mater's indicat tons are substan’ 

jally correct, xn long before the disproportion- is as great | 

as thts would Imply, the indieations would, be conmeresaliy 
acceptabl a | | 

A ‘paok speck toroue proport tonal to. speed converts a | 

suttabla motor into a suitable meter for eurrent supply. ‘No 
other law of varizéton will succeeds If the torque varies as 
Lhe square of the. speed, or 18 tedependent of the speed, ‘the 
motor cannot. keep accurate pace with the currents. But at 

may happen that tke. deviation from Gceuracy under part teula: 

conditions even with the rong load for tor-use ma may. not he: 
"Nery considerable.’ 

Now turning to the ease. # e., let the armature be sina * | 
by a rast stanoe. Lift. the brushés from the commutator, and” 
turn on all the : lamps. Ten. ampergs - - - approximately- flow 
through the shunt. If ba back |pessire dua to its resistance . 
ig t0 be one volt at full load, the res istance of the shunt 
at full load . “wild ‘be iiotn, “ohm, Als ab ‘full. load the 
E reassure Of one volt will be ingessed upon the armature. 
s9 lony as the current “actually atherted “through the 
ans ture ce tnappreetable, if iho and one half por con 

Say of the whole current’. is passed through the arinatare a 

\ morta se io fur 

| the current to this amount. 

<re@eseure at its terminals would he 2.5.9 less Cam ‘one | 

vod ee singe tie ghunt would give ‘a bad: pressure of 
ihe requirenant t3 now that ‘the ‘Speed of the motor shall 
Op pace with the presse at ibs termk inal 8), 

in turn ‘9 proport tonal do the current . supoly,. 

2 ye x above “nent tone, ‘Aaleas tug, the brushes 
_ Rakearing the raat Phare agyin. 

because this 

Within. Phe: 

wt th one lamp 

“hide he Ing’ equal ‘ba tha Heesatanee of the shunt, the may amp 

_ that! conmenag s te Slaw through the etrourt, divides equal. 
‘henineen arma tire and prune, Suppose that the movor runs 

‘without lead, thay 1s Irtotional tonque amounts to 50 ong 

ond thatthe moving torque 18 ab. the mite of Hoo) én-gne per 
anperey The’ netart ing torque is now 250 on-gs, , wad the 

regaltant torque 200 one pra and undor the Influence off: this . 
the. armature accelerates, 

‘the resisting torque is” constant, a 
and the spead will continue to ine: Gasé until the moving tor : = 7 ‘ - 

falls to 50 om-gass that ts wrt dl the current falls to Ye0th. 

ampere, The ‘daok Rressure due te Phe motor's speed must redué 

When Ohts is done, Ye0ths of an - 
Cmnpere * wih pase through the shat, and Ux20th. through the 

(armature. The eres sure ay terminals under thasa Conti... na 

tld be 3/20 °X 004 ar seme ha ‘volt. Suppose that the 7 | | a S 

moor fas to make 1000 revs, “per min in order to ere 

1 volt, then 1% intust mao ‘900 x 1000, or ¢: ees. ber a 

mins tr onler te male the curhont in its otreutt only 20th. Ae es - e a 

ampere. if ty shoula ourtran this epeed, : ite bake Preabure 

thar. re ath. 

Sis eitamen 3 caSiiaatseeeb ame antes est? 

IPTUe 100%, id oxeved the moving torques and a resujtant rou 
WOuld Bet In bending to step the atmature, Strictly speaking 
however, the spe. (5 998 be quite 5 rete per mits - 

“heoause there aula be a ‘faa back pressure“ tue to the passa? | 

of the working eutront fide, tha restscanee OF the i. 

4 ORE nag ase aM. OF YOO, volt which woul 
eave only 9F00the Gf wt fer thd moter to mara up, an 
0, Mena 2g dren beaker 4 Ne ittavapaedis ROPES Ladingvin:t S37 


thig way with mobe Joxpe, rire an we should obtain the 
following me sulbge 

It 19 olgar “that In this CAE he ad wild work 


— Factorily, yo ee Cc 1 

oe Bie - " \tUL- always limit the eurre: + 


‘ugh the ees 

ang the rest mi: ba a spond of rotate tur 

OV ste 7 : fie 


ae mee ena a cere 4 Meme BS 

: Lf 



Dea ee MO be etter pect ot Be 

an alt 

TE ve DS Faas 

« ‘ - 
Te edaeatanannnat tease onamameendeeiaatmnnediiicomesseinatietanninn aad. ae eee sae ual 

: cae 

sy menaeete samen apt Sr ne imac SAAR ne mere * 5 pmb ea Ye i Ame 


et ee 
ong ay arog 


ee wigs 


Peete t BELA 

pedis amigas kanes 


I peep ta ricer Socom 
a ¢ 

. agen 
ete Ren mt RRR TI 0 agente A EOE Ny, 

cnt mer nace ee i sommeantrenvece cnt Sid = 

Nan ea nae 9: gen A A 


glade AN ae aR en 

pacectac neice eine + tneindacle 

hdd son Laboratory aridnite 4, 

23rd. Septentay 1BO2 
5. PD. Grtend Nag. | Anetstant Gene. Manag er 

Dear Sip ce 

I beg to Yotha dé ubon the Mbedteree & Weed elvetredyhyyl hore 
TM the ape wf reve fg Mr. Raticing iw the 

i he has ‘ He ae he aan 

al bar, ; 7 
ThA appeatunes of the metarg agfered no pnaoaston for 

sevept fram Lone hour on wiph sdthparde lety btabie eit | 



anteater ei, 


To thib Mosars, Mytzer dind Meh thing itdvedell, provt ted that 
Faetdity shoute bw aden bo Mn sever ay Personaly atteng 
the test beyore ye Should de elisa tiv? reer, it was then — 

agreed thi! Me meter ehould de seb Ub ah bum, dad mbettte 

to trval thi, Avoordingly, Me Haswine toox the 



‘ nity os attending tig + on 7 . 
ww contre busing Arthan reporg HRGM the same, at Mertens | 

sarily Hate. and trusting that thie weds meet with your 
Satesfoot ton, remain, | 

T hope to have O8 oppar 

Yours Jaithfudiy, | ; 
Goneutiing Moserician, = 

wy. flagstone Hse = tdeamager 

. t, 
Rison Horus toring Go. 

Now) Va v9 ! 

Pear Kin or 

} bag bo mimonledae os th oe thy? 

of the Lath, ony b, ‘ relat my? £0 the Vatbe: aarhon wens 

Pane prcight hts * 

rece. oh of youn 

weteh Bas day reached Hae 
Fata nts obtesttoa and hts: 

1S pera and jt t. 

ue te nts Ras RTS 



I haves ney? 

> a 

ts conered hy} 
eranined the patent record S, “burn 9 gti? dd 8s 
3 mou if OU do stire t> gail Age Ihe 8 

my sonther 

por af tats men ghal, an in nrider of) es a an 
a ntain ection t sed 

Pieaea lat - 

irgtrunms of shia king we shal J nave Be 

» tast ‘our er @ dread y formarded 


PAG Ts 91g rutterd FR te. 


1g ready at any time, 
The Vetter rhecatet hae @ higher "ears tanee at the avare 
jut TH te lesa gradual tn its ehanges than the Rdtsun mo el 
I theta te would be 

Hee pould be 

Conecrmigg the Simpson motor, 

advisable %o re ra) gampla’, provided that 
say ne atk ceasone 

aig i tel ” wehisout jose af anne as, 
| pec alee Jattagud ty. 

& RF. 


“Trg a? 




~ UR, 



: Pac i 





arn &. 



5 {SPECT TS as 

YE i 







rhe Pay; 


sins Hubner tio 

haw. ey 

lon of Ror sty in i aie bl (ake bad ss teotiane | ded Cl Fe tyes fry 
Sak 6] , Lydon. 

ge Nepmel Tey SPECI! ‘@2 COL Od ork os pete asearecc* 

of the han.ton dts” “Fa’ mes hs ea, ad Brains ss in 187°, He 

gnayar be BOO Oe. af f 1 Beg arn” ra ae aon emma as tle! 

fa ISP nesping at Pow nerrmop cent Malte: Phased 1 
caatatan® elec cer Leda on beard te 8.5. #Gre it ep 
1 3380, he rantatac® ti *hat tranch aff che | conyeart’ 
Bi oe ties 0? 38 Artest Mleevricgian fw: 
Fevter © eu) sogig “ly dbting in tat eapre!ty 
" Eiltem °s Petrtever® wae Biestra®, 7% Hee 0, 
: 1 
Medicar moon, Rac Sea, Indi om Cocan, and Atlant te. dn 
O87, Ded teckye! Ghee premium Ay tha fusvttuta af file iat a od 
Nin imate fol a paper an a pee tethed of looealiatag for: 
tno aveigeroye eabeg, anl the Rah fe premtyrm fe le 
sane Institute In £sill, yr 186%, batne then senior 
oleysetelam uf the ship shoffy he rasiqned hile poet fan im 
he pastor cekegreph Company, ard beeane alactrte ion rhe 
"HE logara’ ary af Ure Thema Lh. ka iaor ah Orange No Vs 
Ve hes gomtit(bubsd a number pi pagers a sleagsrtond journals 
ora avg thes Bis detarm rn tam afd one? carry We qcpan id 


of atepi tac? dare ators ary yt? arald | sett. fe 8 me of 


the Vee Prasidenta af the ieee eam Tse thurs ig Wout r tos, 

Krainee Cnatinan of tha pyyntite: on Th es cae Saptans, 

Bad ven) tos ei. e ‘rigfin (1 savers rf eo a a 

a y & “ads « C16 BIN MO 

sR Ma ufc tring 7% 


WP ae 
AIT a 

“gror of the Wn. Inetes, Thea * o 

fp cape y be | 
atnly Ap fy oe olay mare In aes 

the Jar rot D7 un pee 
rsa: yiders to oi 

srt pa Nes &5 a” this = sou Ci My Jd aio ex 

eu, ‘niu ponder’ of cost 4 

7 *, 

hrusnes a syste of monergads yeep 
trygep, five cents 

ros ene inet suet cen. 

vet & 



Toth on ‘hat the,.bgg' ‘auurs iacatat yor iis Tle 
gueed de he a baw 4 f ‘inthe mith 3 ; 
a femr apd) ated 4: the foot « a ls ee Wa mate UP sry 

ichtin? and parr: ae 

“1a tine ti a apring 
feet control Tee 

wade idan the travel Of «. o 

ye fet 

ye) 7 oor oesenent at. 

vonenber fe, Tt would be meter peer 

rah airy atpengtue. Re doas ing the * readin 3? 

weve Toe enaraah tnd 

deprersina Thead Le brings {he 
ntrodtic tty ae, 

Fo he Rega atacy 
yours fatch{tddue 

pep Oe Pe 

Fa oe 

crop reper og 

rays Bo my WZ gage 
eRe FEAT. 

that the aan 


ouvepe tr tad 

a eis ape eesy fist 

ag ne a ee 9 

gontrolls ro Lepe 
of” polarisation 
the vrer ell, 
he’ Of erp redress 

ww, Harcaret Ao Clerwer Seeref ry 

anert san FlectMeeThercy 2us Teas Assoc tation 
Tear “adam: - 
T neg to dcknowleda? with many than:s the rece tpt of your 
faver Of the 3lat. ule P informino me that I aave been ao 
far honored hy the Asnoctuticu as to he appo tinted a 
- omdnher of thy *ormitiee on Standard Colds. I can only say that 
T shugl be altel to wender any asatésiance tn my power. and 


Yours peru faithfully, 

Padt gor: Tarbert LORY 
Pringe Nw 
2h Now BF 
“ary d °. Hagktytes Bx Mae 
Mater Reva. tregr = Roxon. 
Near ir 
1 bed t¢ acinowieder with tiaaee the wocipt of yous 
Fove® af the Mth. ane: 0 os ing a. wopy af'a pore upon the 

ve Me darth in you) depa "ment F mn the. Mebeim Wired: nether up 


to tate, I Ont very pleased: » loca Ana? you have suedecthi:: 
th opening conteunteaton ae Mr heksrma_, anil. trust fer 

tA’ wild hed? ., pho eas sepatdarabiy. 

oa dhadat woe 

ney: Fa 
“ey Yor*, 

wo ose Moy Bmerys 


Nave oo chawve yo: ‘for fee horor vou have conferees 
tM seydin? qo ohe &nel: bee! Craft por oxaminat ior. 

1 btaxg tt thetpace & ts uuite ecorveek,. but I have 

fuided +o follow the rvasorntia of page - Jo am ivelined : 
think that a eornpartse:: Aetwen “he hysterette goss im 

“bao arnctyra anc the ovtpel of the aynano caries be feird, 

- @ 
inckituted in tle mannor there outlined. tue ottinetus 

tseuse sar impadd Wade op IM Hebter 7 uPert than perhaps 
a constderahie amount of penned cawtunication, but go far 
as J pan define briefly it seema tea me that the ampera turns 
rained for the producing 1.000 Lines oer ureismatte a. 
cm. 0, anmatue comas from tia field magiet and not from the 
rmats<i'e apne: woes Influence on {24 Imduchtan ia what 
astronomers call] f bel (ave a te ‘t in persurbation of the 
sean ¢ ra@er. 
Praetieaqld; a9 you arg meh ans, iysteratic wash 
ta uften ong thirtieth Of q ute BEM eof of cere armabure 

that lesa ngs fe by. qrnended augn i’ the hpushe ; ore lifted 

ie Wie porn bat ary say iat Xda ot sey the appligaston of 

ete a watene Wpiveatieon asin A eee 

me enerepemgneger=-amemar ia se ae) oN TT TE 
BA gl on SET at e mma he : 


Sor aes 


bain cacannpranalinees race 

es = meses 
a mints wae enc abe aE ~ abt 







SSM: Gat &arn. 
mmr ey 







‘Tags f 



Am TA A AS St Aas SN 

Mount ; deyer 
. BY oty: 
Hew Yor 's, 

wa SER 


ee Tate has intormdad oe that yeu are desfrous ay 

pauyher usa visit rere th onder $0 dtgcyee certain rind ters 
oo : ; 

in conrseftan with a mYérophone, In that esse 1] shal}. be 

to take ‘ihe nathes up oth. ou, and wok 

very pi aaset 


: 4 i‘ 
: hile iy 

Lusgest ax Wednesday afternoon the lath tnet. ) 

date will ie eonvaniant for yrue 

Yours very fat thfallyy 

: : * ‘ 

awe ! am, 

Meare Sp. 

Consul ting Pnainear 

hag ta defor yo thak we ae at Jags 

Ca MIMO Sion the vex ro hey mehey 

BLD, yi 

), & ourve thay 

Is praet ically & atovasekt 2 pric MG OMELA Whe orbs of 

0.9 dnd 0 wmere:, with & straight blades fam and sore 

comes tons praewiedlR, aqutvelett to those of Fto, 

‘n Bie patent We will alev hane the toast you asthee wader 

ihugyad hteuler Inaua, ready fer yor at -any t1M8 yy x 
ay sh, 


Pome however be i” New Yory Porno rng Huesday 

ape eMRon, ind Yare tiaig opportunity of mort ton tha the 

CTreumstc: of, te araid migsine ay, imteyutan, In aase 

WOU shorld have gx- 

racic: bo edd deere at that +16, 

Yours fotthpwlly, 


J hoo New, Cue 

a we 

ae , 77 ae 
foun capryen ts ' fog 26 by 
pour feuor off gov ce rea? > a, Time 

OE cae a aan 2 ET NIE 

ae | madd 96° 
te nillianpare meter atamth he madd % 

ead etsy) yout » Fe he aod. 17 
eeatiere tm ue? Sdoul ettjor,. fF i he ou 


} * , es 
She meniea nay would ot 08d FO 


t necdia and senate suberias Me senbling 

ia : . we soe }. 
e the static nod cetera gordd thin Aeve 

fee “4 


Rader tr pe hee I presuna ts 
rots ae £32 éfiee ert w td, . 


hie 4 iy re ‘ 


; Tittde sensibility far 

Fi ‘ ‘ pt at 
ete Te Pe tay 99 hat? lf iee 

eo ; of , ¢? 
ry 9 the ‘aeg wf the canine” there vial 

Kets fixe rortied: 
vmont plugetshness u f th 

at lt tle more frecvfon, ang eons: 
rea} 4, 

bata | 

yours farrasals:.- 

7 tae the it Vesey ep. aw iressiva 4 fer WO IEE. mt as eed Le ae 
subjach of ol "fe7) wre fs, he Pee TS r 
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deals a8 you guar, wick "ite differen & Mhlecte, - hatthirs 
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Rene shovakhr ab Fakir de 4 these ‘yo porting should oe 

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thane ape no dass tha tiene sek sta xtards re parianes 


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dietreaition of names te thes, povided thas 

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Mei 230 fpe Phe ° Ele of Peay, Fowever ov tate NONE Cate 

sbalas ot incenttue te Jfocushfen. 


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howaultine kno ineer 

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A ey! Vo his 


ye (dav 
vey Fi i° « 


i baa to imsort you ‘at the weetrie tourmtauet that 

as been eonstrsedad (ere vor che faisan ravert suse, 


asecariling to youy wishes, .perates satisfa 

fpresus that the condittors of the prenvous reuab 

wxper Imint “het was imbuecusafal, were sir petntt defect : 

# oy 

Ar @ tone alvaady ingornwad 

the oheg meter 


“8 ajoo teth very fat reaulos 

resting May tata wih) he saniggne’ apy. 

i remetn Yours faithsull., 



“e a r S tT? 
ci Upae. he, Lick mgs 
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teat a 

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: nn the Bleed. | am ER 
Sprepted the Lymm worns - 

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wea yyy F rut : iG , 

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gt is, cmd a. Cor cls ts 


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he ph gi neé arts - bark, 

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meters on betas, an te. 

andar indteautiens of a cath ternalget roma’ the forda r 
el 7 jes ee eet? wile ‘ “ 

ae : * Pay aS ot ae * ad, nae ra] rah 
Cc call of hase TH | 4: ! TAG yiivf G "4 0; x oft Y 

ath thy snegnrth af guorent and 
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thy Aptech tie fiiican eletro- 
ses ime af ap. teatture Prom thi. Mefect tie fricnn Greerro 


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ralatic a underimaiea® 10m ae Pighe Lait 



yr -ises 17 emo im mpth Sie 

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sep FU PO ’ a eet 8 hs J”: Phi ho nel 


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epror in bie Meh view 

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a rTrigt yd d Pyrat, hy 2 gee ee 


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coalesed aed anclomerase, Shes yndiudy Dyereagine wre vedvir. 

Of ejeouni dad 

bermissatje dagclornva’ isn dppears to “ake pla) when the 
apewr of tha call 14 Lifted and a itn gla tube ‘De 4 
Intendineed for stirring the eontenta of the reaurd tube 
bf th19 would form a nary ohferttonahle feature in the 
moter Pf it heeate a recognised racess it; 
™ dtheukatan With Magers. Fish, haaieing, Cox, . and Mok enria 
it ome Cectded to cbhntinie the trjal of the meter at hum fo 
tuo weeks Jomger, on “he |iues vane shed Du tiny MoWenne. 
an that if iatthin that parted, this at pftewley eouls re 

he resucdgd with in stffic tent. ripron dite, the fucten of 

chtatnive an Instrument that vould /vPrish a geod depostt, or 

sona aatistietory modiftcatt n ¢ Instrument on a nei 

eagis should deyolps ti om tir. Jie? 

rusting that 
Trdg tn Yai 

Aang. vid} 2 me a ead red. i. fy Va an} rag of 

ea a ee 

Hadstor: Ney. Mace Bdteows Mamepagturive Cs. 

New ¥°° Xx. 

Jauor or yesterday's date, [ hea so san tinae 

Whe chew tae dental pmtor can he arranges 

2 Aue yaeEing as soon as possiale ond taform yo. 

Yous fa thfully, 

mee RON Hare eal MO 

Y FP a Pe fs 
‘ 3 Pah. - Par tee 7 

Ve rgh Arerican PRamokranh (vu 

Ne > Yor. 

Be doe eee. 

i hgpe du. brovakt the enologer oy Mreapondenes to Gir, Sel 
attemeoin, 9.5 Fa ne sive that ve hae hryed perepnadly 
te rugs q@ ff gr, fe for rainforr op the pounds af the 

aré and i+ 3 jn the stetho ony pTRhOut guecese, shat 

Atle oy doubt such a mterie..- saa Nemgn? 

tour de Induced by & 2 moneminty op t 4 ehaak udiy : 

ve not i, hrs optnton wtth aur x: 


" mada 1) reproduce the real s those onnds in 
miss frase. mwthh of wypremek to Ppt 4 in, 

he hit s tho '¢ dd bes -Gutaaby io akhampt 


ay, furt- esp - - oR AT PgahT I? QE PTPALTS . 

"yy ae 
re Ide TIO 

Neus YOUN 
Dear Sir 
In reply te your favor af Awe alas, hehe. 
shat we have dtcly reoeined thd footeplater from Silneriay 
and one of them ts satisfactory fob phe WUrUCTGs 
We have now completed tne Dthf le medtaa! citernato™, 
shes hada a aohid Tron ami sure nod, mith @ alearaner of 
cine 0, C20 ®  whick is yot of cource 80 aaod a: it would 
arth Laminated plates cnc a eloiravag of es, prints nd 
inde oth 8 anperes in the field ents and YE polis AL morn 
taryoots we get | B80 volts alearmattnan art 430 yiterrat tions 
Ler second We shall he Aaady ¢o she, this be you at any 
tine and n'a you wil? find era brs aeveny 

Ru dowtegts nefor ts not yar com, lata, 

Matson? wore ta vocupy Inc aly cha meernsse, 
7 : . 

ym tle te pty bow 8007 7 am? exert to finise i 

Yo irs fai nee 


| i a 

irilove Comb Trattons “ 
ty F 

wen "Ss 
Merb OM aay 

S OMCOUN te rag 

Or FY 


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fed fo td peers tial cesar tone ae aoa: SO cs cama tye. eer eel Le 

riyte: 6 al Sey, 
Whee Pane ROGens ” LS Ve 


aiag Paronat Toall 7 # 

? EQ) 


yt ts corps ser of di o “VOMPINGS OF the ate 

aneup tt Pies 2. Tie gy me “ “6k Vatad by inte feed 
; SOeG8: OF wlod: : 7c BY Sve Ff naqn, "hat adyacent SOME IM 6 
Ce BPGNORE tehg 

Lar falnye CONTACH OGM Toltsiag OINAS., av) 
RO wuppent SA8808 EM GG ue and * fut ee down thrg; 

ah Gag 
BHOGS, hetwyeny tre (ines PF and g R. 
Four comhinat tong oy nese stampings ee gm ‘ 
ae COMM MONT, 4 

% atong the Seni¢ireular channes. ies ie Fe 


bY 170M contaa: HILLS 

Phe fir iy 7 I PtP pe ne ; wae 
G firay J} COROT rity # havea 25 Pars of double gio Meroe 
The Second elewyn i» p 2o signa be pe" 
Phe 4 hh rd leven n i a ee oe a 

, 3) pzirpg @ ° ae 
"he last ning ae 

, Ocog” 
7 50 single ; “ 
Lhe Sortufings i 
| Par tnent CONTAIN ney PAAheS bet. Sone tea 
a break » 
Hark nagnes, of 0, Of Olin resist. ra, 
é he otal Y68) Staned of 


the = rheoatat bi atete 

ands ¢ arene 
| LOE 20h py COld, is about L106 ohne unsready, 
g ori at] ONS Were "ay Irregular 
(7 ONs»,, 
| 7 setina the rhéo stat deross the electric Maing 
ne conan DY wo} ty RE LQ) 

"AS 12? bolts, tha ourrent by 


1d ate 





NOr: a 

‘ ". -_ nN 
any ~. re Si 
sf ed aa pod 

med met 

: Pa Chee 
pen Py aX 


Ke “%, 
a a 
B as Ae 
on” bes) ae Le 
= = oS Tae 
~ we oe 
- ~ 
“~e, we : 
ees ~~ ” 
? rat Ra v) 
a oe bs ees =< mi 
. Bel a 




= - = 
m ~ “, 
wa 2 ~ 
me ee ~ 
a, 2 ~ rm 
st * ms fa 
~, ~ ee iat 
. a ~ 
4 ne 
~ ~ nN 
Ls) ~. ~ ie) 
pated <n af, 
a ~~ Som ™ 
a = Peay =~ 
= = = 
an mm 
ees on fond Sea, 
a pa - 
2 . - 
oe “ 
2 aaa “ee 
ean « ae 
3 =“ 
. ~. 
e~ ae 
_ Z * i 
cy 4.5 ry 
oes re 
ay os 
oy % 
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~~: a ae 


















ew ee, ek ras 




G id 




‘yl eerparise 





>on &.:c? 



53 A 























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he aeood 


oe baal 
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x - 
ose TY 
= wy 

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os wa 
a “p> 
ce re 
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Ox Ry 

i ~. 
— rors 

at aa. 3 
t- te 
r Es 
ves “ 
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et hy 
a > 
Q = 
et Cod 
a ~ 

3 ahi 




ae a 


vould be * 











erg ¢ 





Sse d 




ty meply 80 yaar Sayers of the 8th 
hee we rane dbky rest iibed the Wing 
partie my a afttans Qed Mote HOUNOR ite dei via 
| pe pofe aryib fort wedabie words, and Mieon 
Lalanga payeery. We Oprd thf gdh doves diving Wee 
nashine » fopti the moben with ¢ daft! wirmet |, 8b S20 n pom 
vith seven whnerig, coi 8 Us {ry wn mosnr’ be? : 
battery $2 by no Indaike WH tnd beat voneit{on, ag the Low 
pressure weld Yoitteddd, Marin at) yinnme for thts, I think 
that yor duh bowels to hte it 500 pee Of the miohina 
sawing obdinhnd woup7) os ew qaitle itt Je dmparia, The 
Pig ne meee tobe Anat flap thta ddatbronad 

L0G, Januar; 1343 

Ps . 
8.2, Greene HS. Asst, Conera | Hamager 
Pear Sip ,~ 


I beg to enclose g brief Wttole 

“EON the Fdreon 
electrolytic mertey, 

Similar % that 

of Mr. hha skins 

on the 
Thomson mete 

’, hereu{th ret 
it 7s SUffietens] v 

¢ ) 
ther Jor 

MIM, ? har@] ¥ 'now whe ther 

“ORVIa» on ong he 
the pape Toul 

ar Lurpose yoy 
*Ust that tt 

WIL) mags yoy JOU" Satis tyné ion, 
All tho Cuts pOXCELE fem Fig. J PGirhans , 

Similar “Ink lats in + 

the Past, and go 
Presume Ill be Tersieomina, 

are alread a 
f Wvearance Jor 

Yours Jat th fy] tan 

: ae) 
dl. E Henney 

Consy] ting A 

lectiye Zan, 





The electrolytic meter in practical applteaticns was 
invented by Mr. Fdtson in i860 , amd 1*8 simplicity is so 
great that no ehanges hava aven ontroduced into tha  instryrient 
since that time except in the minor details of broporticns,. 
It may be described as an clectvoplatin: bath placed in 
cireutt between the supplu mains and the lamps or @evices 
60 be supplied, so that whila the electrte current ig he ing 
delivered through the hath, eleetrcplating centinues with 
eirvespond tin rapidity, and the we ight of metal viated or 

transferred measures in any “im? the total quantity of 

A hod 

@leetricity that has heen deiivered to the COSINE he 
This electrolytic me*nod cf measuring current through 


time, is the mast reliable kaown $2 modern Scanner, Ql! 

~ j , 
instruments for the maasuremenss of electric currents ee heey 

calibrated and adjvssed cithe- directly by the atd@ af such 

Plating baths, or from some other ingt» ruments that have 

hemselves been ultimate: ‘y Shandardised in this way. No frtote ‘+ 

7 S prpe poy 79 ; J 
Silp, or irregularity has ever been detected in the plating 

Process, under reasonable Precautions, aii when the Uroper 

selution and metals are employed, eve 

vassing through the hat 

ry tora of cleeiricity 

h, appears to deliver Ctrl ths 

quota of deposited metal. 

The instrument ae pra 

fhe praciiteally construeted l¢ made in 
Sanches Standard sizes, shewm in Fia, ] 

These are Prepert forad 
: OF 

UY four different Capacities 

» Or loads, and in tucentre 

would be placed in the sunply cireutt of a tor eg 
mpoidense operated af a orate or? 6" a& Tats, or 6f a “aside, 
PPG fs ww b wwe 

supplied froma single gar of). volt mains. A hree-~sire 

meter is intended for servlie 

or. the supply mains of 

eonsumphion circuit creratoa hy “ha threa tre syslem, and rs 
merely a double tuo wtreemote. it are CG 18 ha if 14 the 
positive, the other ip the nora ine wim and the 
registrations of the veo he om NAC Lem ony, . *neiy sua inaite:cred 
vhe total quantity of gloct os. » euprfiad te the COMS ING I, 

. Pig, 2 rezrosents a standard -"] 2. gq-e meter, ere 
as im Query Case, BR: ere ge hy ‘Im Peg the » mt, doves 
not pass Pireesly theoyoh the poy ing tate 6» elactralytte 


bottle sheum beneath, Yt ny eh S55 OP cermartesllver 



im She woper pac’ ING? TPee 

through a spo} Of wire 19 +h 

for this arrarngenens “Aa 

he full curveont 

rien, Te. bottle ry 20NNEG LE 

we is 


CG stds Of “noes lp. -he reascr 

leoo-der * gat yz. fEcEor Ty cart 
> The Me lke the satt: 

freee "he germar 3tlpar strip offers 

Teeriain resistunee ty he ussere cf ‘he main eurrent., Jn 

BES size WS of mater ¢ ty hi weet eneP bottle ano 

SPO0lea ‘wire tine thap Mfer 12233 tres aa mich vasistance 
“8 Che strip, The sos te Of c¢ weet me them an iairal jas 
48 Sueh that yor Cuemy LPd anal] flrs oF electric. way 

omtering the meter, L228 wil | 4 EArGuaN the 8fri2, and ome 

kart throudn the : 

“" bifurcated nary 



res" ssanee, If tien lee) 

1 reeresents 

air roe -)s 

Surrest always dipides 
UNg imversely QB thay 

ed deposit 


. pa £ figs epg tees h J Bages ‘oF 444 
vould mot fHeréass he trans? 

4 ate 

eustomer 1s 

in a mistake of reackortne the orth, Of or see ige hig + 

; Nine wears of proce © i 


hag proved is entire Pint, 

record upon a aks th te ie VA SOG. {Ps , iz ee 

most reliable ever 

re 3os* 2 
eat Foe 

7. ; 
* walk a- 
Pamnera sy % 


zs * 1 oe. 4 > ‘ + : 
@.. 171q oer ‘ uy : ro a> 

ye Msg fa 's- 4 

Hone satels habe 

eB EIS od 
SPP pa ne ail CTS . ; af ee , 
Ss + i} } facie o Chih Tj ay hers sta) thy 


HH lo C7} NC * "4 ” 


wel ee 

SOEs 23 

2 F Lota cee s+ f- 24 Genta & 
haloneas readiud tem berimes 1@ bh Po Fave ciyre 

pte Pome? pis FPA sg fo pyedy a ther fF 
ae eg : 
: 3 Pe re We on ee a : Hien 8 . 
asatye beans that yo cara Fs BG RP eid Od Ne ern o 
A Spee yon; 7¢ a re + ’ “se 
0} ae aa en oes Soy al *) P Veer 
oj yy * . 5] ‘ ‘ 4 ] q 6 a i? 
md LES AOLG LE F8. 92435 get MART Ae a erat 
> et : ta 4 ee 
. F J. Sag cre an ee ; 
ret arg crs> nto the Diath a4 @lee. ode. af ar ine 

wy ee + F thes me . %. *4 oo 2 es 
WER 198 Ftd. welahe ar Da re. EE. ae gS ay PS 
a * 

cramped varalie! and ennastve co ea. vtre- by ar ins 

495 nM 47, ” 5 . bog “ ep ar ead ta 3 j : 
mul with a cyashtar oné cuaiter of an one totekh., aw te 

’ s 

Immersing sacutter is af xtae sulphace im caater txcer! to 


27; a Th * J ey rt a 7 a ; zs , 
mrad, acne P@CULSE I” nL? Chtatnad enemtoal yo cure at 


gmail eopen a, and sarsly beea se chee ot te 

ahd y, Ia. . 

Wp ima sine Tati of shes 

and such baek graces aps. 
Wek Pressey, tes with i most odatking SBERE, Me gi, 

Subdivision and prvaort ian 


7 PE OCKETE ann efrnp, Mg pape: Fe ee 


: raven *re Dot tla. ; ‘ af? Fadl s§ > ca) “" a 

eid) ME tra Yee 

bUrt lean sis | 
a ee ae wig 8] S24 ak 
a of fe tie? 

Hoare: 4, 

7 ' ' 

: J. !. Gla chit Bag Yanacer 
hdisen Man. aeduring 
New YoUWWa 
Dear Sir s- 


in reply Wo pound frvor of the .Cthy meEX, on the subject of 

moise In she lange fan sters, I bet t0gay that we have 


wee omtiradd, ANG hive pointed out the Bate ko Mr. Rollou 

Yours fatthyp ally, 

pe en 

VE Temes 

alle go sabsafogs ig 


oaks 4 » Tato. Beg, Wite-Prepitent poi gE anes 

; Mp aniston oman ti se. at nie a nie 
_ None Yority. “cs 4 . tee torr # *@ : wie 
| Baar Sri- as ie Ae ae as ee ee ee femk pet 

q eg. bo. ingom, ya. ‘that th, purevange, Oh,¥8, ur, Ree 

of tha lth. bidt, fegliod yerousriay, biiis uno 
Lieutenant be htn: at 10 Fifth bod, “P, p, amma, nya... 
phonograp Lieutenant Rettint hdd ddap, @ standard M 
Faison pho onrapn, yn read tnese, wo CUgt, E Lf fra Piga to 
eo “pare tat varfomanges .of Ri a) i wih the. fame er 
1 1 atfferea eyl indery, and pen rie asses, 93 “atte? 
repre oduct tor; Jrom, speegh..t9 oroliaatr Nae hia tb sabe 
- In Pond veproduesng speagh, wher both methane. 
ars Ltstene 2 tO with aay fubery, fhe ca int phonograph 18 
JI hal heve infertor as regarde bel Wracy ant praotaitom, Tt 
: wil) not, ce iver the etbilante In the wore speotd, or dope 
“80° inpertfoct. m aptte of thie de sieteney of finieh,. the 
pattint hes this advantage that it hes a much draater range 
of vone than, the bataon, and rapred: ces a me voita. amuoh 

more fa th plly 1” at: 


of sha thabre, wert the: cue wy. earful: ' ana yBe- 
vith dar abies: of th suprpivenr, ier 3 4 dabsedte 
resin, ty Ret int te Sisnle tidersdut if Hie record 
suvavut dyn: jo: or ful, the Settint was raburr Yb fairly wit 
ding ¢ tana tt yy rifle thf Ripon: wt to ipertiaphe ae 
Dy) scondtae tog 2 fig Hap urate _— 
tthe fe eos: tab nw replies! Py proven, ve Bors 
repretierten Hp inaiirior. 2 haw *oatify obent drblee thi 
polrahe of deed att doy Ble pong; hile the abapiratite 
Kafietdrnty4 of Aad eqhy v0 maniac ty rhe npdeonanbie of the 
Serna}. ) ba meats ely pureegt tie in Wartogunt apape 
Dab ear: seracionat tor. aldee t¢ yoy Tenor ing 
menonpined tt vlagy iy wa tote edi oh the famed ca 
sing lar allah thy thone mort the minted bfnformanaes | hy 
oie tng door cnpitty, Te Heva'ete ta: dn onbhentred oyd tndor 
through gsreti-bee, he Rataon dates ary rf “pupntory ime | 
‘asams t9 sear the 8: uote fait bly matin tm yortty 
an! harmed), bat not in piteh, Jer: ihe baue goutds ane either 
Jost or «nly reprad: ood varcgl bhy tr upper oeteied, 
datenn 9 Po the Babens ude 8tr tar dehabitvhie, one 
acame tc Rede pond thoenty or shirt y reazrscorm, enon 
sel oat in 42a ghd mote, ial ™ apyiny tp i tha? Hate gtuing 
1+ untae ppombhenes debe the wmbeleoted members, #0 tha! 
the vapio. whteh ts Harmplptou but fonmakgt datorted, 
althin gi: owen & tee nando 0,” * oompyas. The pio ta thus 

‘han whe re, rot} oir anes piace ph -oue 

rrsonthor 6; fou? in the Bet en fe ‘seanes. Y notieeable. 
186 : dou te tute Gnd 1 $. comyes henr : sh jw to :qdvantage. 
©. ah , wien gar tubes are emorloyed 4 the ace 
Hebe He at), ek ate! > niprodueston- ple. adantage of. congas, 
) ay, Cad winter tite ta mire than o,’faet dy the qeas 
im alt seany Main the wr-fybes are aba: sdoned, and che. ,; 
_ fuged $4 prog! freely th . Rett in: ‘(nstruwnt 18 Aupentors 
Sha, ongy reget. tial viffore rod be tibeer the two inatrument 
Ie. lay ib tht aiaj bran ond tte ep app.irtengne sR. of 
rae Ths Bett ped tate am 029 mgi3h 810, pUgh- Bays 

gh the funnel, the 

si 7? 


- peanber ef ep jer al taataqntec tad, ve f believes, to tha, -.. 

_repradyysng npherud Phare 48 pos} tos vs balance . are. wenent 
to accemopaty irre pulantties oft 4 12etep surface. pos 
Lierversrt Bettini. whefery to omploy a redomier separate 
from thy rip *oduee" “41 nome? tty somayhait okutlan|fashton 
ty the or tg Inad. ere ephavied rap or ‘eyag laoe’ " tybhot atgOR 

Pace t : ‘ 

phonogn pis. 7 
It woud? bs p wo tbie a tain tha petetnt type Od; 
reprodu: er audited othe. pause pi onogeaph. as fan ..ageg eneoyy 
if auoh 109 dos trap. ¢. oO, a We ache 
reuseing bi at. aay nm port wt ‘ba Pacstanaienn 
-} rw tiny. Ywunk SALTER. 

. 1 oy Ft e rte t 

( Yar TGF! 

ts S 

Biter. Steck 

Tee AE SCS ae bet 29+ ainhase 
SPIN age &: _ 
I iy MOTORS. Fe ah 2) NG 188 tu: COMES Pres PPA 
Wh Aor Paya TP ates UOUss 5 8 eee | oe ee a 
UDh ase mee te We tees UMW ee: ou DES ie VR an 
ERVIN Be POMS: 16 BE 2000 ye bitee Line fet COG ig: 
ee Times eves» “OCO, uw far FEL ce are: Fe “a OM st the 
“ame ‘Te@ssure yt le Bot vig, eT On) eS ay, 
"Ceuse the ETE82 yg of POM Lert poy P20 2310 pos re 
@iphase, In orde» +. Pring th PURSE rand tury ay, Ae? 
"00 systens IED eave re OP bar oarae FONE ty, aps 
°Peteular)y 1m this Cas. Wt the ye ae Tn the 
ines op £1478 formers is Q8s longa hy, CORATS 3 97 OF Brae’ saa] 
Sajety as g limiting : 

UAL ir a ae 

Pie at o 
COTM? the CASE, 


; ao 

? x feds 
OP NO EP ine. 

2°@ diphase Pees: 

2 Sol loving CORL ely 


"19°. 8a 

A ee ae - 4 LY 1 f- yes } 

rossumeg to 


Apar’ frop, ++ 

: 2U fe, aa ei I . "3 eae : : ne q yi } , by ; vs ~ 
4 ¥ oe y - . 
' “og ge bose j é 
Pho- ee tale. 2 an SF, 
‘ , , 4 
¥ ? .oo¢ , 
; Prana ant ar 
he SR IR rpsage Phys 
. “_ry bi a ‘ 
ry r¢ ’ ’ A 
‘ a Ri . 9 Bi ’ 
ra eo 
{ fe 
ae : y “ ae s? 
ES eg SR EO Behe 

Sypine fy 

A 38 
hracveh py 

PO-@ @-ound / 20 


CUE. Be 

In regard te 

» shat the eurrent thro +h oct 

» 2 SG: : we : : ro eer “ay * we 
4 dy. ot ‘ 
7s afreoios equal and OF. 4 oe Fs a ? 2 yee 
¢ y- 
the rand C branch, “COC e* hore ag £m 

2 4 m4 5 
YS MaN he a yaptee 



WOrk ? 
Orked WIth: 8r ound Mat pe ge Q ures: 

OP volts, ¢ COrATETL cohen 

$o 0 BGs 
Coget ra) es 

* Of conver to Zoun + 

. 10 4000 *ranenrigg rrr 
hp Dab, ; 
ta re 

ee ee es ea pe eee 
DOTS Oor co On 


’ , Al + ” , “~ eee x . pyre 
ai jacent tert, 's .s misetatn od at Le efflecsive ae 



| re 
™~, : 
a) a 
a 3 
Ce me 

fie Pepper SEO MP eke ROO eS TSenaNas 29 the ecprer 


TEP gtd Vos 7 net ae Uy wires, 7 is re ae bd 

. “ i be 
NOFGS GEE CGnoRr er dad GOP Tha * 18 pe s ce 
fo ; : 
to t.ak needed op dlricse ag fst be (ae oe we a ek 


’ « 

; ra a 
i? y gabe edtd af ps ad whee 

tS Hiya See pe 2 . . 4 
; uy bin a ie es Toe A 

PP Ree A oodS tae ote operated vtth @ common returtatrc - 

sopttse betuean the adt- and te 

NT 0 ree Bog ve 

SO < of ane of t 
’ ¢ * ~ 
be saved, or lo © of * 
2000 volts with oapar 7 
PPL S iS aguyos leat fe Pia pasts on eomaon return, ccair 
pops ‘, waient oa Z : . 7 , 
date "PIpLaca, . suming undas. in all eases tha ume | + 
yt « Pye ', a Sy, wen iy 1 
a A, ae é@ final suits may be tabulate tht 
: oe a . Aig. ‘ 3 a a, Py ere re 
i ‘ : fap ‘ wa ae 2 
: al, 
i Coke <a iy ‘fte- 

63 ‘ 
i Ee tn ge: ‘ cm ig: 

is . we a sie 

; : eee soatpntaak wtih pe 
Teh : So, sees ee eerie ee 

PAF faa 

Rae ty eae 

of double £0000 2°, wiper Qn 

Shem, the impedance Frelor doris ane ecce Ls Spory 
abort 2.0 instead Of lei the factor I ; ” 4% 
had allowed, or in Other works, +g arop iS a a pn 
in the wires dug to SAlf Induction ang ei. 77 ale — 

capacity at full Loa will be equal £9 

the Grop due to the ordingr-: 

ter pe 
ae ea 

varicé tm obms. The spurious 
skin effect "at 40g, io 

of one rer cant 
a3k drop at 

2 3000 HP. on an assumed lag 
Factor of a, 8 and sing waves of’ 

resistances In the wires fiue ty 

nOt more than One sixth 

Quite negliatble, 
The resy)+ will be 

current, when 10,000 volts 
. ‘S the pressure between wi) 

?3 at Nlageva. This coulda be 

Te che esrdye! “"S Into four instead of 
| maintaining the same 

' } 

C9gregate wetakt, 7 would 
SUlMIt the View howeder, that a 


the extra arop does not 
7 would be hettgp “0 keep tea 
, already Outlined, rather than 

expensive Line cons‘ i655 


M i % ; 7 a5, Ly 2 5 a 7 
eomleat, and fsa iam %, MP IMM a Hed meow Chuan a 
re } “3 a Ty ede OD id : ha to bes . 4 3 P, 
— bY, 

‘ Lt gms + ie.” 

COUM2O°TOMS for uonerabay> +- O25 30 Tver lane in aéelatled 


VOCHONTIG ag Jt mye hs pre cm, 

Sal) advartacry yy 

Cis, cut not sufftetent to 1198 
906k araymernt EON, 

caterers + 

st ee nS 

gore eee nt sao 

RET PRS EN OD I re Anan NSCs ate 

Faison laboratory, Oranga N. , 
nora, Baby. 93 

S. Dh Greene F,sq, Assistant General Manager 

Near Sir 3. 
In reply t0' your favor of the 21st. inst., and in referen 9 + 

the ancloied earrespondencg coneerning the McKenna-—Weed 

meter, I beg to Say tiat I quite concur with if 

° Je 3k 17%, 4g 

Tho MeKenna rater ag outlined in the ste 

Patent contained a “luable prinetple, but Several grave 

Practi¢al defacts, 

The eop-rimental vork with the meter 
during its tri 

ond Ore riy 
al at Lynn ha.: “t$ultod in mit tgat ings some of 

these. The asc ompany try A) 

ort of Mr. Cox, shews that there 
Ore still defects in 

TE loft Outstanding, defects whieh migh: 

render it undesirable 40 issue the McKenna mater, in the 

operated by tha General 

Pr experinental Study with good dasign, 
make the Mexenna meter form: 

Prasence of the metars owned ang 

Company, St td furthe 


cable in compettttve hands, 

ank* its Present velyg denends more on ts fuidanertal 

 arhteiple op aledtyoly tye mea sureme 
she podhihte tevelomens of t 
PROSE an Comnere tally, rathar th 

60 be Pray tealin gq Inad from it, 

ne by velene + mercury ; 
hat principle in 

an Qn any tro: ': henet 

Se sete 

Kdison Laborator, Ovanoe MN, 

| ar) 

25h. Feby, a3 
S. 0. Greene Fsy, tog veneral Manager 
Near Str 


In 2eewanee is [t) your mete 

] ber to report that 

ar ene 



ment Jesterday to Faltinony, and e1liea at Jorn Wen irs 

Iniverstry upon Professor 

Noland, who shawed me hig #35 
OXPerImon st 


al apparaty: fiteoduetra the weton’ ond eset oo: 


large al*arrattyq Ch preys 


fevsfornere, pete pdare 3 

surmised by Hrofessor Thamse and Hm. Flee, are te work 4 

comparatively sma} ] trans fone r ar whar ~woule be marmaily 27 
enormous Overload, and Ce)? 


Off tre heat dy the motion 

Or evaporation Of liguiss, His work in this atreetion 

/TOM Oetoher dast, J inders ‘ard, perbpas sucdested by 
Study of the cq: 

‘Lract Compap ; 
I bel eteyy heen filed in 


's vlurs, and his claims hang 

he patens Offree about faui -vsak 
790-The exact dates werg » 

had no CODY of hig el 

 atvan to me. Professor Puyjans 
ATs: as 

it ‘ a t: ray 
tetualiy draw vp, but reneg tes 

bh 7M principle they ave thre, 

holiww Conduertirn oss ¢ TORMe UW ipd 

-~lyutad, and macarrs 


Or bY autonatie C 

5 Wet tanita 
21 atemetetmc mee 
esieainiamernemenicn et ae ete 


3) The use of q ‘DOlat 

lé fluig such ag gasolane, for 
£001 ina Of tra: 

"8 formerg Or ef. 
the heat ev0 luerd Shoul@ evarcs 


Retmortiaraumentre eas crt 

“ttrlea! anpay, Lus, whereby 

UT? the flute ind che aag 
deve] apad ACOn Cengad Ir peas ate oF 

Lather an o AUTEP =O TM 

These lating Carnot be of Course depended UPON as to their 
mr 4179. TF oan “nly endeay >» to embody Professor Powiand 's 
a Statements, 
Professor Fewlang hewed g hollow copper conductop YBths. inh 
1 dlamete,, with q Concent Ee hole th-oug): It L-&sh, 
: Tametan 

tfa "PANS TO>me py COM he i 

“bores pen 

*O distribyta the flutd. 180 a gmaj] half k lowatt rewound 
Wes tinahouse transformer o 

Pirated. to about 3 Kwre activity 
“when Ommersed tn gastlene. ‘hege representat tongs however coy] 
70t be said to exhibit anything beyond the Principles involy 

Professor Pouland estimated that the cost of 

and not 

transformers in £ar@ Sizes could b¢ very materially reduced 
by the use of one or all of these 

devices, He further 
Statad +p 

Qt the only persons to 

whom he hyg Communicated any - 
In formation Of his plang ap claims were the, tedhnies] revres-. E ! 
entatives Of the Vest inahouse Company, and that he. 

that in Placing the G 

eneral Company upon the same footing, 
!18 elains and vlans would be kept from Publteation in 
Order thar + 

"Ay the val ldtty of foreign patents might not be 
"hus ner fered 

witha, ‘Also that while he was destrous of 
disposing Of these Clains atthe before or after their 
*ecuring netent rights 

» bO any parties that tare 
hem, he wa 

°Clattons Concerning: 
the OQ 

be desi rous 

5 averse to entering into any 
mas them unti] his consulting work for 

Comma ny 

§hould terminate, “Prasumably untt] the —~ 
CONS Tract “TER the nr 

(3aract Company should be Signed. 

' hayig expressed no opinion to Professar 
Fowlang Concerning 

ie ™eErtts of such ela ims, 

1% will be 

Che isoge sh aier 
Dutt Sir ¢ 
im ranly ? 
hewn + 
“PES RLS mere 
per fomanes. 
we wiht forursd 
Found aar 26,fits | 
is bets mater 

ar'eardens tt 

Atel b@ emable? 


ie A, Ka ae 

ey 78 ‘aent 

avd 1ating Co. 

of” the 1S. {ng*, : 


i heoe 

2aBy o1ghe 
ergotne steady improvend® 
CS eonstrivétion a2 well ae ih tie 
fo your kira ; rerise to pil} ¥e 

"O you a sme whieh I tryst weet 
you find as wi belteve yoy whl 

G to say that durire the 

ana has been ung 

sOuUr requimenents, we nas thigh © 

er arrived at urelerw ten tim, went 

supply them to yous 

Yours fect atul ss 


BTR Te oe 18s Seperinivrgen: 

Fal " 
Peo 31 - 

weir Paver of te Me. BARES Gag 
tlhe whekh J lean 
Moines  sndes* tom 
'slakstay Chom robe raplaced if 1 els 1 @ (8 deetranl? 

os tern? CMP Comgrees" a 

”, ‘ 0 are "NY 
SH MHA ane Chamber of Delegate 


Lite ae See ee ae ; ee rar 
wii oy Pf Ay opts! eee ar tre td! f Bay fe h9 lie 4 

OY es fl arcons are Wenings he rs ilead UE AMONG Vee pear 


Ser some af the Compress aecopdins fe thy imortarce the 


aE ee, Tae ee = 
sho dd 3 ep TAREE ary a FO Etch 

Men final "y decided ~ireee + 


“2 generat Iincdléation be corto fing ovdtate ly 

ihe press fr papers $o be ¢olivores 7” Le As 
fade the ith. duly Sayfa hs 

SUbpy tered to censorsi.2n, 

aiimee Soum pressure of - 

Let he papers that come in subnitted to. approved be 
operéend bythe Thatrman and adiviied amo iq the members 

aevoralig $0 his yudgenen’, Suppise tha: he sends them bey 
re tethered mat! The menbe> addre.sed can admit the Paper. 

1e% D> returnn 24, or veto it, Uf ke adnits let the paper 

"be entersc ypor the progrovuie. ‘f he veces, let the Chatnsan 

Mw $6 without remork to x secon! mer r2r, af th Ls 

em: ar etes also, set the paper .e returned to its autho, 

“itl -ewurteous fleciansicn but 3 If the secord member atm te 

' Jat lie paper be sen* 0 a thivd vember for a cas ting vote 

hn thes WAM SwyO vetos are requires t eondemn, and no member 

will have the r? sole respoistbil ty of the : ondemnat ton. 

I? trie ig understood mutually $3411 relieve them of 

ali perso-ality in thetr duttes, 

AS £902 a8 the man er Of pap-rs for treatuent ang 
-Giseusszion tn Congress 

+3 known , arr ingemenits ean be made w 1% 
te Fi anee Committe? as to the marier if their publication ° 

Lf wodé b desirable to 1.0@ Ql" printed in paged proof 

form “eady for distrioution in aware, bit tt 1s also 
Vary destrale that al. Papers Go'be « iseussad should be a oe 

even if Onl: Ina eursor, MAanNneY 38 t: iS of course SE imudar 1s 

and Gtroets Aleeuss ior, Let no leader be chosen for dise 

unless the iSterast ta che subject floss, ana ther 

an be engaged a few hours 17 adi 

a feaeey 
ance. het 212 persong an 
Git 40 speak, but let 

: Jona exevut tug 
oa ‘tton chs irman be apie 

hi cinted tf 90881bla, ang et ong ec itine 

C.ngress bave the rn; 

te. de returned. Also thet Sélcered subjects be deaij ste 
hy odvessing invitations t¢ selecied individuals Lor tages 
nm aiiuston being made bo ¢ynsorship in these cases. 47 | 
UN? SbJacks ment toned In tne lists appended bo the hie) a 
CC." the Su.-committee on Prov igioned programme of She ie. 

Bet. Engrs. be dealt with 12 this way Immediately. 


sau ula be tf time permitted to address foreiga 


“oiettes aking for mminees on tnese subjetes, and tix: 

ha irmin of this comniztee than to invite those NOMEN? '&, Ay 

hawaver the time 18 tov shom: te permtt of this, let the 

Chatrman address these Invitations diredtly. We all itne: 

2ivke- personally or by reput abt or writings the wordt i 

aleecrieians who can +4) reat Eee ? subject Se With the vied 

hie? svacestiond names i” Professor So Po Thompson's prowis 7 

Programae as first addressed 20 “he ex officio Cha trrsar on 


this comnittee Professor Gray. each of our members con 

mete fut a list of’ authors for invitation 

Covering hea 

Ittt of subjects. From these nomtneas » @ final list er: 

be draut up by the Chairman ond 238uéd. with Only a few jx 

deloy. 'f we address the Foycl Gokmission for the Bes? 

ravers. there ma be much: Itss 0” time. 

et no limitation be set upon the length of any va mr. 

I; a paver is valuable, sure.y Jongress will. desire & 

if on the records, aven if tere be no time to read it, tf 

tite 5 paper 1s 

of pss: vt 

not valuable, then sure ly it wil? not ie 

‘<Metrale to accept 1h @& any lenth whatscever, 


he HUT Ta! ore 

eoreny Ste Ipc 


am dmpov het paper lek ro riairresicn he imposed wpa the 
digeugs iG ocber than the rucime ef of Chademan, ie 
te dene yr ll probably be | A ee ee fee 

Jtaeursive Fchatas 

with, Rob oumite, stancarc:, ona ruge af feating Interval ; 

electri. sons be dealt Gath te the Joetialatiue Body, ard 
Let wo © her work be ® ote Jaf me versens’ be prasent 
at its cor sereees exeert those offietull: engaged, but 16% 

full reports of ths wore be issued. Let the General 
Conyress ree2ive the reseiusier: oF be Leqtelat ive body, yor 
rabifiestion omly and met for cseniment. Sut if any disse 
should make itealf felt in Gen. mu} Conarves at the resolut: 

NYAS ERBECG, trey Congress car wi PRoid vat ifleatlon. 

ho I eresung that she or y porcion of the prograitd 

edunors for immediate attention ti the ievitation of pape” 
and that afier cris bes Leen setiled the  sork wild te. 
breome press ing units scout he Im of dunes 

frusting thet these mgs rshtons my be wor tls; 

vour abbent ten and evnsidarction, J remain 

your.) very faithfully, 

J 4 ¥. Gladstone Fsq. Maned ey 
KTS 07: Manufacturing ‘9. 
Hew Yori. 

hear Orr : cas 
Tn raply-3e your favor of the 64. inst, » £ BOG BO sign? 
ghee fellowing advantages tf our statderd WNC CEs fOr -er 4 


SONS eration tn arawing up the etrayler MII THEN, 

Is';, Ths; have no i POM, 3°2AL, OP Minin 8 meta? on gher 
MT bares, and are COmMsewue mis Reo Ftosie a alter 

demagner ize under any recsonakle brags | yt 
2). “hay ore not afjvected by the eaurcher mianetie fiela, ni 
ene by the stray ftald If dynen:3 leyaada fou feet rad sb: 

wo he seales are near d } unt £0? ine and M2 GIShInet, (7 
mua OFF with mivror +o avoia parallax, 

4'. Pas “inst-uments are oq} thrated ang 
Faison hahoratory. 

‘5}, Phey Ihave var low res! srande “ang INGLstonee, se thas 
0Ossess aonsiderable electromagnetic. DOWF~ Comb ined with 
very £1051? influence upon bie ctreutt strong of the veirat 

they measure. fhe Yeststanee of the SmI letamere ings. 

M3 ofm, and its induotance 5 nicrohearys, 

ane tf thy rnvttunatt. bon BAKE wash ys ne 
ost 1 sdupns tn wna, cone 14 fe pani — 
ma, tate “tf ne on re chumiy fe" 

SF ROVE que laapa a srt Thay wilt tae 
wing fy peraeres (ont, yr 4 pial] wire hy ¢ longing. 
Tippting thal phase papnta will gover the groyths 

T remain Youws fai shfully, 

iF i te fh 

Yo  ohheton Co. 
pnd Fieehrical World 

pho York, 

ear St fq 
oT ted +h adimow! edge with: pha ks yours favor of the 22¢R. 

. dhety, repompany ing 4 copy of Fetell & Cr 

ryt Ont with unten. I have been familiar ginee The 

fragt Appdaranc:. 


ehore's ‘Alternat tha 



‘ani as a treatiie on the 
larnonte al tomating currents 
ate publieation *hat hae ye’ 

im ptos a tirae mumber of 

ps apolleve ‘taxt-book; - 
ngbhenct tad theory of simple 
thie te, gertainly vhe most comps 

beth gaweneed, If corre: sabes aid i 

ve ii seattered ot random 

padith dent te on thaw ha 

throtigh niany and, different ohannels. 
vary fair proportion of ortginal and. my lope! nasertad, 

in so doing to ada 

cael in Chapters XI] ane Silt, Tee dmonsirattaey 
wre axthonted and detatled, for ihe benef tt af students, 

ff pvolixe: , while the’ grayhtead ¢ and 


apie oy ChB verge © 

aninhwat tial treatment and arttnse ical IX mple introchanad 

fond {derably enhance 

For: 41086 who are 
0 are posaansct of Me) requie tte nathan? te és 

eannor fiti 0 ba pao ful 
Youre very truly, 

168 interes? 
inferesrad tm the theory of alten ate. 

purrents and wih 
ynowledg, the bool 

Bitsett lab oratory 
Oraee Nid. Blsbo Mare): 

J, GrsBne Bsq. 
aceh General Manager - 
Ms *¢ Yor. , 

yen to weknowledge with thanks your far of the 
$b, anelosing copies 0; letters betwen Mr. Orosi:: 
Inevoan in relation to jirofessor Howlmd’s inventic~ 
sins transformers, Fron the statemant made to ne 
or iseor Rowland, I feel sure that we Professor Rows. 
-artain no proposals jor che aequisitim of his 
‘42 rhe signature and elosing of the (starast 


uth indebted to you ,or the perusal Thave 

af the propositions «md exhibits addressid te the 
gtavge! Company. 1 beg to r: turn ali these paper herau i *:. 
sryek shat they will meeu wv th the approval and ie gdpyperice 
af “hose cCare@es, 
Ycurs very jaithfully, 

Oonsusting Blectrie tan 

Fa\son Laturagery | 
Oran'7e@ KN» 

Pleat. Maer a 


Mo Greene Msgs 
Laat General Manager 

jie Z 19 Yori. 

rege yavor of yesterdey's date, and inpe, : 

no vr, daymor . .ommunication ernuth recurned, Tbe. 

jug TRAE bie question cente s ugan the purely chen:: 

eve Gerethten us to what 7s th. true atomtc ape 1 Ole Of Pi: 

fa (382 when the Ediazn met. rs were first started, a 

woestint of 1224. millivramaes wO per ampere—hour was 

@-tarlioh:d from such dats aa wre fortheoming at that d:t: 

Phe be. he ve been much iinproved In aecuraey since that tt, 

ane it be OW heen unanigously admitted sines 1884 that 

angre-hour deposits 4,025 1ranngs of silver, pi tise 

aie tit eg ght of silver lies be ween L107%,7 and 10749 
. . . % 
rooniug co the varddus authort tied. We may take the meas 2° 

f pest as to zine, ite cireat electrolytic transfir 

Boe 17er heen established by. aleecrteal heasurement autporits 

rete ey Ie its atomic ma ight 13 gtusn 48 lrom 64,88 te #3. 

pits} chemists, andas an pean mlue of 65.5 by wre 


1) chamists. If 1? tajre the louest of the fermer 

: va weet 64088 J, the-am, were=hoe in x ano: 
and \f te tite the lapsear ¢ OS) nwa, asdbt 
hs 3s yravhically the ortgtipi fiiygin ¢ stain 
Sher, x00 meters weee Agat gratin ) of, and cats 
boutld, 4 appa aril} solutrypm. aie ll ug Anne quest + 
cate tim tt 09 Age tded ta Jenug: rhe  quig ipod eenpsant 
(oe wba Yeerd the quest ton ne its atomig might pre 
hey ae atpptitne, . | 
on." SOR passurenents made her in Daoenber L898: wt 

gna SPD er 2» {aamat eng 1%: senjes gave a mean a ine 
ce AM oie ek 1. P23 grammes, 

Yru cgay that this statement will be satisfactory 
T remeth Youns fatthfully, 


Consultin: Plectrie ian, 

brought out ini ¢ 
g Sep iretad by ake ; 


> Le Oth, 
Te and ar. ‘Ow Lal eee F gE apes 
780 ly ood, re 
“Ff ates] oy Sfore'y mame t 

4é.+. weey Sime ce and 10. 

D348 ¢ 


Eee Thi ae oT i 
ee! a 48 the 
ae ‘Re sk M ny ne 

Oe Sire whole ctren 

MPP oule bo 


or are e Oy 

il tell band’ ‘ths 
: hig che 76 Pr: eR 

Cab] € fi 

BML tT et 


i oo WIE: 
mh ‘I d ve Pe age f 
J At € Bees 

WE Ges 

2 x Od iy eine 

; . te? q 26 crt 
“t" Play. CF che ay. . 

3} q mite. ves 

: ine 

RB ARY T «. 

Set «toe 
af Be Sy 


9 being mechantoal), | 

70, 2. eee , 
"PLE}LY eovergg by 

ence erent 

Joces, aad the other ha, / projects beyond bc 

' & & 

oe ies ne} eprings bring the , maasured ourrens inka... ang res 

tS ate 

S gtgr a ting ot the sane tine as a rasta avupey ig: 
th, the in: trum mts of Cauderay wid Gimingham of. 1886 ¢; Mh n 

& Oh Spent passes throughthe a-muture,’an ~~ 


A ip tn ‘the’ plate: Of ha ateky urging “it to ¢ a 

mn jed or left" hank? rotut on acavoding to the: air ao 


reont. ds the Ble wove sin obedience ‘to th ta faxee 


as many radial: atres énter'the ales on one stde’. ‘ag er 't 


the ashes; igo tht: thie wleetroinagnevte feree. correspondy: > 
7 the ocrrent. stringth enatns misona while the retract igs fat 
yom The sviral springs: ‘Inyrease +. “irectly with the. ang? 4; 
dtspiawwente In: thierway the ANG. bh rougi: which the: 
ay ooons 483 uttaehed pointer HC, is > .proport tonal to the 
a eee or @ wth, andthe gradu tens-af the scale GPO weer i 
init the "he veeale: ‘Wtged sf bs wt is tid ssoyers an..ave,.o7 
about $25 degrees, :, oe Bie as | | 

Lae eae Z 
i) iY 

i i) 

The nat, bearing. CR@, F183, ts Pluvted on agates 
vps, 7) a * 
eemeg Pts tion, ond. £48... Wh 7 2%: ature, complete. ONLI 

tan @ feo j | MH 98 
? gramme ss, 18, RAE fo Ty 7 98 5 dtab 128 Lobe: danagas 

79 S396), Phe instrument ew Lier rigtotper: An any: POSIT I a8 
Ou ts a 8b sensitive When PE. tet % UE fzdnte Pd ie fhe teta F 
theeneg 2 | | 
WG 2 "On from’ the arycs MY 3: ancures frecidon: Pram 
. : ee” " 

aysvere sis oP magnet te tig. oT Se aes 

th, ‘ 8 } woe aie 
oe weode's' natrument iz 38 y al + ighi, ie] igh img ste Doupn! 
9 Jt can be PAGE tes ane Stas 
eat oe ty) 10€ 

St Sa gin ne oir ae ad Me 
, . 

hte maghetve Saree 
Ry. Py, te ie wpe ier by the earths magn 
me # ven by 0 tee si ad pro dynos peswr d i pe 

pairs. | 

is ty eee soap ah huorthiee priehi kee, 
0h Dy: Wt. We gg athunek te, the. bang uta .the terse 

by ‘pomsartieg the " shandarie 220 natetapend. 
Ae, Ped ARE URE irs to Figs 
sof the mtnte ate, pr aot: toally Wihiogat, 

.) fests “NORE of ite. Ld has. yes made {9 sepeeem te 

wth fei9 the. magnabhe ORMCOTE Bik ac war ly e10say, rh Waite ts 
tie special, aduaypaitd. OF the disk amature form, 

oe, inatyy pasia: are. Jorge. ond streng. the Chee te. 
_ hanxtoomeg ind lh: ‘wo rtemansh ip: of the highest 9 


thie fom, af 

Om of th monet vé 
DP tht + consteted of a poor or 

1S part of che filets to another, 

ti flilenes of the CUrrén: , the elevtromagne: te forse 

cmequen tly the aevterton of 1e LoWrep: ‘Would: dapena. 

« the toed" intensity or fie a tthe Faint. than ‘Wegrted 
a 791, 6 that aoe tdentay va) tatt 18 sid the tar ttt on 
of Fb ee betwee » the pol, es. 

a cons serabl ¢ Advantage Be 98880: by 

iRE D Mdepengince: 0 of, the Ble thtouts 
Stu bong the data 

SEC OS oa eo. td owing Srog 0 
‘AAGY ong 

vad e 

BA MG be 

add over fhe sealeg: 


0. ‘Pate Rsdq. Genertl Manage 
Keieon Hanuj@eturing Coy 

Seige Yor ite. 

iM the ecétigion of Mre Samuel Ingull!s: ‘visit to Mr. Edison 
ae ‘cay Jasby Mry -Bataon: shewed ther: gentleman his 
7 Leong? ‘tora of meyeury meter"for, cant tmous purrent, CIP ete 2 
Ob foovisad to Send a sample ba friccac for 7 1aleHe - 
useuerd my” svll that an ar? ‘angexink had been plavined , 

ta any eee sda mae and adispos:: af weseametars in 

ceeurancse with “ha agreement .tih «he General Blectric 
Tony : bs a. 

tous that Mir. Smiles will chorsly i passing throysi: 
, and tt would be very actrable if we ebulb 
eres Of his visit for t: 3 proper setting up Of 
Inctrument in the station of the Ti2umineteg 60 
near a therefore to draw your attention to ote matter 
rere? that bo 800n as the tést is monte the resui 

npase ful, as wy hong, will’ be 1 {party to: benome known 
223.3 may be ‘3p Susie ss mattere 1m relation fo 


oT ea teen et lt ST 

eral Blectrie Goman: 






the "Aga Mey 
O. M5 Dhetpa faq. Prop ident 
The Klactr tpi BEng inesr 

New York 

] asiomiedye bhceh ahanies ugar favor of } yesterday 

you : 

“has aeet aes és fie 
date upor the Suajond of Bild jot Yaoi 0 for the 

Fresituty this’ Seah _ 

1 shouta Ie ojat 10. ate Prafestior Houston a present 
tay, iy, , Vey ae a ee r' 
This year, ang wold "ber. Undone dave: wtb ‘any dtraceey 
gomnprktad: vpininibins 4a on tha oueabton of the Rertats 

fain, woul he ahautd ated an speellont Teaden a the .. 
same tina, -¥ woudg ite gaa ae gee hin, invitovod alebted a 
What Offiee, but for te Weregra Iau. tha ts to day, ove 
any Vihar bad. Ydea, posnapes tan yean, x" thy : aulgest ion 
WA 4 Param apt toncame-ak shh fmataroe OF WK, oan | 
Ataeblf I pte that woule te! arwansageous % ad ph it 
My @ily Pe Mm the fresent aavation 18 that in isenine — 
the naw elteujan, ann eagnting. fron the Maconnendat ton af 
the Council , wae whauld appear 40 be asaatting Yr, Loatwacss 

ae though. antushed by peraong] ‘Motives, I ynow night weit 

th ¢ thts ta.mpt the intent tom, fran ‘the: 
duggeatton conas ina letter Aigngd by 

qt ie 

apn tht the — 
Mr Pralpa, Dui 


te B 


fe wikd navar 


the Vein at pres) 


nt of 

8 bedrry. thud 







to be a 



, you 




« J happen 




pesca obera bon. 
Onn ange Ne .? 
GH, Agr. OS 


Aen Kede Chatrman ot Sub-Committee: -~  Propiatone! 
Pres 1 OMIM 20 

wer Lr. Heving: 

tiene vou fom your kind . 9 ther uff the th, wvhiek 

ritne be you cf that date. As re gand:: replying 

fof) ometiyedes upon our repor:, I aM ready | T0..8G, 


Mer Rie 18 gesiroble, but I would sugges that it might be 
Me ’ . ’ 


Hurvde she I hove ceen really Surprised to 

le adverse eriticisa has deen mised, and also thi: 

i tenes rather from the French “han che Pri.ish or Germans, 

Fervihepe these Mutter have not yet eol'esied thet» forces. 

Y fest conpigeat rhat. there were Ve sew errors in the 

MH MB, UL HU are weld aocre bow Lisble such gq Goeument is, 

% adeerse apinion and erisiacsm 
£uid aauacate waiting until she priasea cory of the 

OPFioex! afseucston arrives, lest we shoud warste 


Upon ebtra shes, we can then dics: 

upon 2%, netthe extenuating, nor se tine 

down ought in 
waltea; Fiwally deciding upon umswepys as should 

 wtil magica ames for the reluctivity gi In, whieh is 

only error T inoe Of to date. For this Purpose / hene 

- ght. 

ear neat etthas at Washington on the 21st, inst. , 
diat:sute on the 18th. in New Yor, 
‘Yours very sineeraty 


JO. J. Hamper Boe. 
S29 Yemple Coury 
Now York. 
My Page Urs Hosnsie?* 

Mien. pou were 80 king the other dey aq te gok for om of 
my Proboynipls to be axhidithd with those ef sich men gn 
Mr, Bdisin, Lord Kelvin agg others, J felt fer too CL Hieh 
#0. tints of posing in sephlaneg qqong such amingnt 

and rdioued persons, I reply ta your wrttten rargat 
of yesterdiy, I beg t0 say that while stil) feeling 

that difPicinies, I should be doing injustice to the hemar . 
you have done me , by catying way tO my oun Sent inate, 
and ¥ shail therefore have plessure in forwarding te you 
+ signed ad treat photograph, a& s0oRn as I receive these I 
fan. ap rst Mg, | 

Tiankiny pou once again for your vourteous eons téarat ton, 

I remain, Youre. very. truly, 

20th. Apr 
Insudd Bsq. President | 

Attawn Flluminat ing Co. 
CNeago Il. 
heah Mp 3 

f beg to txform you that we are toda sorwarding by Wells 


Farge éxprese Mr. Ndison’s marcury ~woording mater in tee ' 
Paeex atopessed to Mr. BoM. Smiles of the Bdison Manufacture tay 
1 ett» ta yorr care » at the sda: S*. Station. Mrv Satles 

te baing Aiéi fied of this. amd: tli ca, ‘ab your offiee 

GO Onan be "ase@s and sek che meter ap aceord Ling £0 the. 
wtshes Of your represen: abives 


T heve very Little @oul! but that you w:li be entriaky 

“satisfied teh the instriment’?s performances, It is intendad 

2 wht fo 

toi bax ameras, It has vravtieully vo rest SSanee 


is very 

Bae. urs very slowly, oh rovols ton per lump per minute 

ye wOiately, and consukes 10 approe iadble pocer in ite 
apr “ier, Whe same size of neater can be eivetayed for LOO 

ith a@ shunt. Hoping te hear that it meets 

Sour vegutrements rand approbation, 

"Yours taitefully, 

Fertrine letter is enela sae, 

mets some 

“a op Rae este ar 
x AE iS Be 
et AR erg, aR A an AR - 

a germane oY Raed 

Eat sg ON Tg 

wards sem IF sre Mdtsox recovdine TOPere} meter, 

Pb: tustrwaent consists of us motor Cf milf a@ turn , The 
O1A.d magnets are two permanent mamets one on each side. 

“Pee sasene? to atreity is 3¢ neal; sivsed by reason of the 

“Wahi gap < 178 th, inen ) and Laie polar area, 12 8Qo WMH, 


ahead there fa no reason to fear /oss cf magnetisn, and me hows 

SPRL ILe KEM HO appreciakie loge uth them in an experience of 

a Standing. Phe arnature 3s a copper hell supported on 

& wernical acis between agate centers, and submeraed in 

mereuris Phe currant i suijei ted to the axnature through 

UnTS mereury, and tue ring ¢:eet~-odes , one above .and one 
beneath the ball, Te meter °s piaced directly in eireutt wih: 
the lamps supvlied, and not across the mains, There ts' no . 
danger rom any shortetreuit bak ing plave through it, yor ih 
18 @ compac mass of co.ver and mereury and will not be 
domaged by a brief current of several hundred amperes. The 

frietton of rotation is reduced to an exceedingly small amo\sn 
bak i 

by @ laaden weight which sinics-the bell] against the flotatia; 

of the mercury, thus leaving it almost gravitat ton free. 

The. instrument will start ov: 100 milliamperes, oF, the current 


of one lamp, and ‘in: Some ing sbrument § the start ing urn bgt 

18, Lo as: 30 mildéanperas.. Take should’ be: appréé Tah 

Bitg batosen. the. centers 80 2. 30 leave the shart as” prey 
#8:ne sed bias. There 13s Only! abby: two- ten~thousandtiva of. om 
ORie. tthe armature: Or b61l ang ‘electrodes, : 80° that’ tie 

GPOD., Upytha Meher 13: ‘quitteneg] tg1big; : The" nates wi mevire @ 

eee eas new eee a. ig din Sos aoe ie i : Z ft 
€ aaet- One -ravolut 1oniiperiminiite® for: every. lamp’ in erage’ dé 

120 -volés. Una two such: instrumenks- form” q ‘three’ wire® “olpihiy 

Lent Yor ome house... one on: the: POstt ive: main: sand" ‘oni the 

the megatipas, The. Speed of ‘the: armature, or: ‘betl ‘sha: Y ais 

Qi0ut- 04 Te:-meter will of ‘course stand’ a very. heady- ible 

Without damage, but at ‘Speeds above’ thtrty - révdtile ine pee 

AUuEe,. Ghat: ts loads above Sifteen ‘antieres, the phidb ta” 

| heaing. +0 inerease: dispropert tonite, and thd “inde rae wil: 
béenin 40 under indicate, Its Speed te drioport 1oya'l “to ‘ne a 

CurPenh up. £o ben. amperes} * and +¢: ‘Pifteen with’ ond j + nt 

error: The repolut tongs Of¢ the armas 

ure’ ‘are ‘reddrdea aire 

hearaughs: Pinton wheels. won the aiars, ThE Sf thsi 'g atat' en 
hase been. Memoved. Thé’ second dial marioa’ U te’ “nko Gs 
nov completat ravolut ton-to the 


°° 2 

ampe ref bur, ante" therey } ve Se" 
7 dt ; F sa ns Sai fas am 
rerserers decimals: of an: bins ré-k Gaal nak a aah is! @ as : 

the neat GORAE ‘anG?!s9: One eh 

a ne many sa at ured. ee ee 
hior: tween the heals | vS nol 
"e0%, and Pi ree: . » OFF toe high in’ ee = 
hur evar LO0 ampe rechouins recorded, | the acinal sup)? sly + Ah 
aif@ 4, matte : that can CA ANIC qed wi TG. cub any aifft: 
Im nen a co ve 
Bis, * f° trouble that has ever been Sosgundh ncaa bad ee 
inh + oy -gtnee «their fire. ers struc Eton sae 1% the . 
BALE 2 the mercury at wee rank, whe the shag emerges, 
TEAS Birf zee Wwadth epnptant emuirming dete ‘me atrt y an waded 
Lo She, friet don of the inshrumas: (Gals aisfieusty rae, boon 
ane oy pauering the mercury surface with a i ith Jayet 
‘ ; hou Shee ows 
etal digquid whieh wild net raporate; am whieh 
1 GP Med Q 
Ae, IS Fe marcury entirely Oe tots contag h week fe a> | oe Py ao 
1 id Me v7 Sprege in. several -sonthe t time ,. ann. peguire ee | | OR x 
as figs, NG ee ae eq Te eee py: , 

an ad Tabby? apn shat GF 177@ we 

e tg 

P 3s nagdena 4, Pte: ins ne nb ard found, to, be nore : = — 
BES RGR Ee M, a BO Gye a 
welagiv'e than gyor args f@ of tho, Reisen alee ctrolyite. ne ters 

aaa 0 < i pear of vag te - ; £ 

i. i re 


t aoe ace acer mane ; asuietietadaminaminmiaemmcmerete eee 

) Ser Pease as 7 Bie es RR cen Bo aa Si ae he, Ae rsd a : mein ee ae . oe a gee. gente ga eS . - get ee oy 


hedge Liberatory Orange Ny. bh. 
Sth. May, wi - 
; ey , Paging Hsg. Sarr Managur seis hth vg 

dehere Department 
SUSE ‘Tha a) he 

H0Gr (sot ou 
lhg to aznowledge with thanks your letter of the eng, 

imet, re-aling'to meter plates, 

The ciunae from roliec s¢ cast plates was made ar 
five \yAaasRhne7t Of hr. Charles Wirt, hin. Whlie, une myself 

he gerd meade P of complaints were made about the stamped 

wittwes gi FIGS times They had to be amalgamated three tims 
in srintees fo, bajore firse use in order tu vet ria of the 

is eat SROYLaDE's they also frequently cave way at the screw 


‘ 77 SBE RN, Of. che ry "OLOGY reg. under the mL UE? of an Ml haa 

4 oT DNA, Gnd yp, move the cause of bhess uereradl cotplav 

s we.e £,7tea. A canber of axperiments shewed 

Co ang wl ie: : 

if es au alloy ge Zi merourd PKA lent the i Tri gure 1@88 OX URE UO 

carta smantte ally amalgamated piste af under. $e same 
vod ont. Aga the meter wen wo vere internggadvd upor 

casi neta trials voted-in ita advantage over dhe 

stamyed Baty. fereally believe shut they are better in 

acl rvapahers Mave cost. There cin be no doubt that the stamye 

Llute t@ @isayer to manufacture. 

from jury Herta 


New invepard to the eormunicaé ion 

yy) joay “, Sie Eee i 
an itt Gg ‘ a 1b LAT RE 

ated EE FM Mb hosp Mb bbe bs 

ai bleroe 0 wee are 

7) ‘ ! 7} )} an , j ‘ ws A Aad ¢, 

ny ta 2 fy ty ae hyp. i ' Pegi. oo oak . 
ee thet Chey hated MOD SCAN PE tow 

ny ole sipped {eds sg 2 6molr af? 
LOM EO CCAM Cae Side 8 WIP we 

Pi eer a Oe hes Se 8 A ‘ 

Pode Ose i - sevebrie Ga imy aoe fie 

Ne Slo tes Fe. le Ing BIN: . 

Iho fie vires worlds tvst fenger am 

Whe the aoa a ame WT, 

ute RK Diecifientlors, 7 setleus 


weg f 

bh CEE pLobe , 

nS ShOULa ¢ 



ct Be eQGILA, 



hy Dear Mh, Payne:- 
Mseatyed yesterday vith grat plavsure i your mn 
vs teary foie not prapuse . with jour parmrssion, maxing tH 
eek OM UY bueiness ansuer merely soytng lewever, that, 
7 aes 2 ¢tie doubt that at ingements will be made with os 
ke. Wilvom that will be enttraly satisjuctory to all pap ais, 
He aye 7a.e meteor for the Lacdive weil ae girded ished at 
anes ond gh pped as 007 az ossiale to t/ iM, Lrossterte 
Ca°"s. Wet must see about « fan for yau oat som saber Gare: | 
Tan -veiry sour) ‘ndec! to hear af caloratth’s death, 
Like ot good fellow, tels me all about it thai your «indness 
ani hitlemer wil! parathe ia ond J weve qutye ahuns, and Zz 
WM ONT IUS LO know how and where und with whom Ke lied, 
Mrease give ay lowest sa/aums 69 Brewsver Rey, whom F 
“ang the Piensure to well Pevamher a Soustim, I brust bys 
as well “ow as he wpeared then, Ane poor Bewley marers 
18 Mrs. Fates née Swirgishurat in kgypt she ay 
MBBS OG he You mow? iS MM Puck and ALS. yISe Puck 

Syed é¢ 
ye . 

ai.” Siaae oF fac you wild taint hy prurtert Curiesthy guite a 
Bev her, | 

Van flovrishing kere like tha Date sree in the desert 


ee, Pe 3-2 b 
nt tet tne oF 

Puna pemenber ma very kindly va dds, Portada itt, 

aid 2150 to sdur son. I dm gla to hegr that he has been 
Mlng go well, 

Yours very Ri eh Sbel yy, ) 

Ry Porbeisy Req. 

| Mad bat 

rhe ad fagie 18 superb, the People work jike niggers 
f beliove F go my full Share, and { amas betahelprish us 
(var with q ken enjoyment of Life, } 

X4 0tl2 please gonvey J pray you to mrs, Payne my pery besr 

Pong, leetions and xind ydgargs, J an sorry that Egypt doas 
“9b do her iustive. | | 

9G8 + 3c 


With all brat wishes for your happiness ana 
i eapority, Sallone me 

| Yours wry sineeraly 

a ia at dae cy, 

Ast dune MA, 

G. Qliver Fsg, 
Bai aon (damnifacturing Cs 
Ch igaye. 
Dear Sir 


Mr, Glapistone has handed to me your favor of the llth. ‘iat, 

in reference to tie condition af the Bdteon meter now don 
trial with the Héison Hluninating Co. of Chicago. &£ Bee 
to @nolvse Yr. Gladstone's oomaun iva? ton unigh weed . 
ekpiath why J pendure to address yor diweatdy. : 
fe ws fru that the moter vill mmdertap ister on a sig 
danp, wut We comes up to the mark a little abuud hie 
niepely on one ampere, J do not think that this wild ba a 
Serinua abjectton to the meter. I m wore bongarried wayne 
the appegrupce you nantion of the mercury. Clean TOUT 
under &@ stratun of thd protect ing Wigaid which we Seat 
Gnd which I believe Me, Siiles aikied on bap. shouby ORE 
tha buerfged of the nernaty ol werk tidefinttely, It mith ie 
well for yim to call and mantton this fact %d Phe gatrthenn, 
in charge of tte tdst, painting oub that the mires aaa 
to the mter uge-cbtined focally , and if tt House, be Po 
requtsty, we pan sand ups by pepreap ae goed me Peery aq 




Crust a 


& LOR 

0 ee 

2 Oné, ana 7, 

} wa 


of, what 

u71G COG 


aie be Qi gat 

“6 0 undue 



MPI me 






er, as I kno 


“BoB you wild 

LAGE 70 Shoulda dd M. 


2 Oe 


I 8 ro ° eiaiis 2 fg. peorebury 

eel On ot Rdipon Bduginat i poryanips. 
Mew Kevit, 7 
Md Wat Mie Jenrsin 
ra beg oe wenguel edge aitl Wass Baws | your pomlunicut tee 
of Ae thee ish. YER Bra! sue: jot of the fortioumieg 
On ies O bein Yor» | 
i hag ho ty Sony that ony BGM TEL VES pun Bightnany protect iw. 
ad rut iting the Keukrad tld subs ee Aparts Pe forte 
ay ea) a. full reort “with w eopilens: ive 10M por ieuas teste 
Wed isay, 
£ promise that tf 4b ts desired that j abot be parsunss. 
present a Sia! rage tue dato note Jun, ar. bagi bo: | 
tha wiseets 
sew 082d. srometibo bivbt at cree iia Corwenbian F ag woe 
poner ve thimee a Paport UB On tie Racing af comiuet ere 
( vires? eyrhy M7 aurrenta, 
- Srnee. that tine z huve bald ebdastin to Myke waserve tions 
ougon thi Apatang Of uadergr iad streniay pies, I air, 
HW ug Car, pad mn BUT £ should eabeaiy it a ganor af you 
spulg fee ute ag tiethor 0: oma ike? that unis ay dyfe aie 

d . 
wight form tite Basis of a paper shat would be aeceptiubsu bo 

Th Conucnation, or wather you thins tts nuture wousd be 

tng teokn toad, and the bine Of US6 axeretses tou J imitey 
So permit Ww, i ty true that the jeading. Feats wees ag 

the subject OG its results can 56 @ayressed in S uhace 

tems and We. readily ‘vonprehene idie phreses, bub any 

atopy at o 1 pow Yet tous treatment of the matter nust as 
yu ‘ney trp lee ae thet te generat ised, 
Hoping to hear from you, I rewain 

Yurs pery Ja rwthpuily- 

Raison Laboratory 
Oran? Ned « : 
Bthe July 1893 view 

u J r JORHB sq. 
ier Depabbmcstt 

New Yor. 
Pe SE >. 
tig to report tho fojlowiny reeulty gd the computabtona, 
on ine Weer tnghouse Stheneotady plane of A886 gnc ardingk to 
i fteut tons yrom ir. B i Hy Ragen, 


i's tobal wight of vepber shipped ty Sehenegtady accansing 

a hia ecpy ag! the Aeoard was 13,288 Lbs oral us ive Of pres 
wy WIPeby, OY ukith 4456 ihe. was in Peed’rs and GEOR Ris. 
mis foy mtg | i 
the weight snat bard hatie Boat yelled 0 -thesdl2 tlie 
plant reprasahtel of the Uisde-spr'bre ab zowthig dpa A féar to 
the inch wuld be ab shen ast abi th Seddera, ant és3 
1h» In metre. : 
The weight Yor a thee closed be ake the Lams thdieat 
vudd hays tom 15906 bs, a 
Tha data for th tb bade wabert brag. 

10%) 16 on, Jos velh 0665. ampere Janne, tuted aquadty 
among the ddd Gob ices ms eq, or atying hina lanps OF 2,985 - 

anpers to eagh : apureg on three wie sta wy th gil three 
Bis aa of fer yeahs | . 


Your. thee conduetérs or trunks have 2.4n allowed, follow ir 
the | 

uly of the feeders on the biue-print kerewith 

ret uUre 1: 
» Grd ramify beyorg, — Fi 

an the seetions betwean 
#fein@'k,-.e wall ag between L and M heve be en 


“8 and otons run to A, RB, 0, 7 


MUINS are-cut ak F and atc, 

SUPPO8ed remere 

& velté from the Central 
'TLating that thse was 

The drep on each reais 3B 

Stanton to she nose distant éside conductor -or 3X. 
oa Cah isfartom, and . 
“ena you tine COMM? SpOnling 

results for Plq EMP Lassi 
Bie QI - rma tn 

ar 2) oug Ro 

Yours saitnf 2 YU; 

refercnee te 
os hague mueh 
regular .peri 


+ lak tag 

C Oe, macht} 

WOES QAPprowe ¢ 

Wali aed ss 


Tt bee OL F 


a Bae aad Be udeas ce 2 Lit 
abing fen £0% 


oe TPO Pa 

habeas anys 

A] fhe July 95 

WY. Gladstone Esc, Manager 
Edisen Manifactyu: tng Gio 
New Yer. 

Dear Sir on : . 

cetera etmvanincntnaeaeyeniemtaenc mann 

<n eeenreneas gan Fa aaa aca MERE et ene ene 

Ihe: te acknowledge tae rec? tpt cf yor favors of the 


Ste, Ltt, and Litt, insh&o 

ia regard to the trouedad mbbors fer tre Aubouaton Pisne 

wo are making G aa gomature to fit into the fddld frais 
ut tant this will sourbs bb com: leted, and that tt ut. 
peae si ally nitselésss 
serence to Rhumker fe 1ig 1 yrésune thet such 
td 3¢€ made to give sparks of ihe .ane powes as a Holz 
ne Ft £ fear that they wou d oeost rach more than 
mohings wing to the le nije azount of fine wire tiat 
i> veguired, and also,to the great care that would 
he tanen with the insulation 0 x ehe sane, | 
, ootue agen Mr. Rildou with referanc? t0 the oxtdtsed 
apc sever you mention, and another s@nple will be prepares 
aecord ng G0 your instruct 168s ) 
, Bay resetved Fron the.Works 2 eength of 152 feet vo, 
aes coun battery cord. nts 18 @ great Improvement 1 
7 itv cver that previously used, We find that tt 


me fv Tt. 7 


Se © 


ae ee 






the Jos.iwing parts. dees 

ent 1071 cones 

volsmeter wiase 
nummose of sae 

Instrument vo ss. ae @ permacven’ nage? 

2 fi pe °S 
o dimct 

Hise apposed paral jsf aI EU 

: oh 

caparle of moutng Srrcwi @a nd abewh as ants 

Sod om ay 

erpentiio ular to the ty nine, Phe axts of: ere a 

at each e@ccermity in enge ” 

CRIGE 10 s) in proper, ys faped apres. t 

OnnGr AGALe in hie ferng: ease 

Jated shrovgh tu fine wt -es in vie 


the kr ty@a @age contact. 

theough the armature esic.: 

Gha. axis Wh LOBE INC 

aes Y 

mothe An oppcsing x 

ine mire over a gue ved pulley o. 



che gurrent strengti ats aivat 

? ? th é iw) 
Cust eiceegeas ENA oot 


‘ty, the sagnetic force 
lifted, Tie 


eC OnE wits 

J sh agerettonit in tie current afreng ph wide Lift Ve mela 

hy rotaking tua diax, will depend upon the curmatine 0, f the 

B udley groope . If the Jatter is truly effoulan clout the 
Ge oh arts, then the slightest Ipneredae in the eperént 
strengts will meet with no ineriaeé in oppott tonand the 
disk wil] moue to its oot ramen? alongmt top pina wel 
ctrcuns haneas with the instrument employed. qs a witmeten, 
aaall fraction of a volt inerease in pressure wt the 
terminals afety the disk vas started from t%s po sition .of rar 
| would be suffictont to mave tt ent rely over the seala, 2 
Yhe sansttlveness and distrtbution of the geala pm 7 therefor 
be ragulated oy gtving the prope” shape to the pulley» 
Ry this memee, the full range of indteabion jor the 
| instriment can be kept within a nares range of vurnant 
| abrang he As 4 vol ee for emunple inated of somone tng 
bo indicate ek ser at voltages jus! aboys aero, the ratght 
ond pulley my PO arranged so that thy pointer wild nob 
wove witii a woltade of 110 has neon abbatnen. and the 
pointer san 2? completd the entire? reage on the beale 
utes 182 volts Rag been reached, This provides a wry wide 
tae cisplavament of ne pe inter for aq sme. pnaige In the 

. f 


el VG 

What ts > aimed 1s 

it an electrical measuring .nctrument, a eontroll ing 
Ai de BRB fae he 


fovee by a wetght susvended (from a mopir: 

Je system in 

auch 1 naenker that its sffort definttely depenta upo? 
tha miyande sijstem's adtsplacament, 

Afi isa For obtaining the fu. l range of a measuyping inst raaant 

wer & Limited range of the wlactrical forees agting upor 

we rimin? by such a weight etc. 

ir. iS necessary to linth ti spiel pin Cased, 


fhe conbineston of a weluhnt susgended over a definitely 

a 4 

nuh Se oor ebey Obey 


Aa aopl teat ion for the broad poten on the use of a 

aT BIMLUUPE you have I balivie itil! pending in the 
Patent CI ey | | 

Youre very faltnfully, 

fio Kies? Bsqy  Mapager 

General Blectric C0. 

SOuéenectadye N4 Ys 

Dear Sir Ao 

Kaving been requested to przgwe a paver for the approachy:: 
Jonvent ion of the Rdisin Lliumizating Companies upon the 
subyaot of ourted Stamene Sables oud thelr cacrytng capac’ * 
oF buried Stemens Cables, & susrret uptn wt ek I submitted 
Lt report 40 you last year. IT beg £6 say chat I trust you 
fio not consider that, shere 1s an Hiforation in that reper 

thet 16 .¢ desirable to within 'é prom mara fae turing pe int 
of view I thine you vili conailer in fet that the PES B5 

Obtained by meusurement her: swe: very fovorariy far ihe 
cables, aud that all injorma*ios bhet ecn ba gissoninate 

on this subsect can cnly -0 «ne tetai &6 all porties, 

Jwtsted vo ascertain howeve> ae ur gtewe or: CAIs mattor, 


and “o obtain wyeur eosent. 26, 72 2 blishing  baformatten 

“at 1s been the basis ¢7 @ *eoor® to yourself, 

Yours vey fatthfully. 

Crisustl~6 Bis - trte tan, 

PP oduly Be 

J.W, Glatstond Esq — ighagar 
Bad (son Narn fo turing Ob, | 
Naw Yoric 
Bear Sir s- 

in red y b youre Laon vf Ghd 2th ynste. J beg 
Inform you that the flexthid cond( doubys bigot, ahs deer 
duly delivered to the Phony graph Horie. 
We yind the BpHad of the tronclad motord on ¥ paiis of 
battery not rdcomily set up to be 200 rh pem 
(The speed of the six-pols armature totus Whdbe droir 
| fon foads ts Sinilaniy S508 r, Bem with bhygr cella, 
With epectally selected motors and freshiy set up salle, 
oth of these speads wil) no doubt be muah awe badert fifty 
* e@nb perhaps, 
2 have today returned the Automton Rland Trial motor 
‘er cired, With a little more room wtthin the sield Jrane 
thud lave no diffiolty with the ap mebars, buh they 

2: seed the reaular type in vost, 

Vours ferthyully, 

Mie Salut, Si: 

_# uo M Sy; es Fs. 

Be sin Mamfacimng Ou, 

Niw Yor sy, 
Mar Sieg. 
fn repig bo your favor of she 20th. imats, I beg to Say 


1 8 Rave noi trted the speed that ean da obtained 
wIti the JPdison Stx-pole armature fan motor when di “lying 
ane aiterna*or, In fact this motor may not give mors than 
~ AN) 2.9. per minute af tae alternator, while I pre -277@ 
eles thek sveeh would be destved, Hovever as the form of 
tit orpuater thab we eompie*ed Just 7 t ine to shir to you at 

4 , 

cPigsi? Bed improvenents over rae first one gtuen fe Dr, 

WML. We May perhaps be abies ro de more with the fan woher 

tavbios exherteects’ leat us to antteipate, 
a4) ule a Pee, qe ' yee Gry ing WG SEEGG ned pulleys 
(he mest advantageous with this motor when we gt 


“per alternator Fo Er neon, We would nok recommend 


, calls ay DAtn ery, 

i irs fattifully, 


OPE AI 8 Seis jot 

Nat boa) , foneras., 1S 
Con eats Eh foi leoing 
dey ed a i 

48% Wins MUSH? 

mae GOKE ary vias, LE LOD um ne and fits “fy %2 224 vay 

EG “ead 

She WM eorrndet 






ee SEP OOrRT Eh 8 me ad tna las 
LP CHONOA o comp 
(OF Ghee raern? Cy; on; 
Ned in pour Presidant:. “wl andres: 

imyormal conelustens wore 



iG: Khe Inetityee pes 
ar . 
ieable  gumerete standart of Lights 

uw Uae and Staniard i. 

"on cmd suppors of Ce rteis peas t 


She establishnent ificcrtatn praeedene 

CO niomene 
(2) Coneemning the eonere: 

ond! he married? out in 


Jt pr dighst be destroaia. ka 


following Urivarcities 

dust teute ag Teesnetoug Bust OMe 

PUrCuE, Grivernits af Of; 


ow) @ oN. 

“ge 34 2 "1 3 
wily peaetteal 

YA il tlic ing 

bel e PP aD) eR S in . oO Z PBIMNG, a 

LAE, ty 

wha atenagel af light, His 

the hacwvat aries OQ" the eountr:, 

QdEPC Ss «compa Stout £633 


Colimair Collage Bhawnis 

Comedl, Sans Honig tie: 





AnH AS: 

cF08 GOR he edraesed in 0.6.8, 4+ 

My Eee 

AC Ore 







wil be rea 



Mabe Moat on? 



det 22m In hg 
BE CMAs a fae + 


27 fOr coivevat ion vith ty: rst ttt Mg 
Sf MEPIOETS Of the  Baetitnty op dS be 
0 Parr teipate ix, “hs work ang nea a tat isfaetor 
aP-Tved at. the Ins ttete soule iM a positfon +9 

“NE Nap Giverg full rrente 4 

wot Leake the 



OF ee eee 
at Fo ste oe 


‘Sl ilaved ba 

ae the 

‘" menthe or 
-! and. 

2: reutstonail 

Tee ttute, 


yew vi 
ee HOG 

CRE gage 

Vern VE mal 7 


(Be moss selentsfte meture « 

FOULEY tn ETVMG beak uy 


ob. waat relation Té oceupl 

GI Grant thar ie 
‘Lf we wen? to athemt to 

isa the 

bag part teular i 


Shad not only fail 40 obtain tts recognition abroad 
but also in thie country, 

44( In regara to magnetic units, the cormittee emsiders 

"at versain practical magnetite wits shevld might he 

GES AQ? adyocated by the Inst ttute for, general use, with... 

‘ime g® aay on 
Teil? bf 

"O theity The form of this proposthion kas not yet heen, 

eon d u10my Lhe matter ts very important + for if the 

Slee lon is good, we may fatrli ape that tha wngz 48 will be 

weadualiy introdueed ubroag. and receive the recognit tor 

waile if the ckhotee be 
rede dstone G hingranee vill i 2 siaccg 


If a fifure International Cong? 286, 

iv te way of the 
ash bebe ome. in the progvess af Riaetriteal Angineertng, Kor 
22s éersoym the vomaltted Roos wot dese. ty adopt a fina} 

reset tom and place it in yous honds inks: furher @ieeussion - 

Me ea sideration may have taj en Wacs, 

(0) in reiacion to nomenesatiur: 9 WA wom trec on Mathes and - 
EO mGares Lo-poses to addres i, the 

eal ‘ 


MeECTS WIER your , 

vor oval, « gether nas yet arated, to Pest Fesyadion lyk, Be , 

The Sceet te Jot, des fy. the Gornan Re seis: HMegaLE, the 
Bly Yervine anit the Soe, B]O062,. upon Tha question of 

tae j ’ te ; ors Bapig, 7 bad * , 7, 2 oy ed ee 
DENLOD! Lahing ae finitely the #y sp Cf self 

‘ Es ik: 
rt ChE Mead Indunton 
ee ees eae 


corres furthor aonfr ston 

Plnelsy, 9 6  ¢eommend to Yoer ecnsllerst ten tae Proposition 
“het our precept  vommittes on tn. ts ane Standaris now 


masta ef Pour members, be ncot 


bs aisuall: inverse} as its mnertoal. strength, secondly 

ineraasag bavoad fi ve. 

Ys eeaus? the working egflelarncyof such a comnitker 
t » h 


MG Hd about a moet Ing” 
ee os . . 

Of the diffterlty Of Ary 

‘ he nembers , COM thie y-, 
CRUSE If thee OB any Great Qeer asian of MOMS, Yt syy2y . 
Urohably he CES aay QS USUG MAVENS ‘ 

a S14 suek ns lange s 

Ee End Lorn Qn AxGeut 
Be ye hests fe * | 

Lb mi Gre Be 

aft ne ee 

ee RONBYR te 7 2. eyk 

%, e 
| er Syeetal | 
* Inst ues On 

ination standanig, or 

yf that navi s 



“it EOOR The fi CF, 

Ghee oh mer Nii Lad wb ar ery i 1” Fe ‘ 

“te aie 4. et a y * t as 7 D . 
eG 7 ? ai oa ? vs . v a 
tg te £ te ts y ¢ } id?d 
1,2 if 0. v4) 7 C 7 ty MY yi i ‘fe ‘ 
14} 239 spe ofS 8 BAUS, 
C BO; o fhe e C20¢ Zi “ tae rye Lai 
a ’ i? 2 ae AF iy WAH &. a 
Bhy INE Yes If bir 

LoS Oorm inet a 


- a fossa RB. , fg 
é ee Ingt; ikea fea 


Fo tlace sol tae. 
wear Str: 

Mr. Sadtsov hes tocay rm jervea oars uar jayor of 


yesterdays date on the subjoat of ceomittee work for 

kt 4 


on 585 ‘«< °, “ may ay - . Oe se te - gta ge id + ~ 
fo .cmninatio; eneards,. Mo #otecn desroes pe th sau thet 

1 regra’s that his time well vrovrroly 5@ S02 fully oeeup ted 

Ss versomacdy urderteare any dertes te sonmegtion with the 

wot. beet chat 42 fas desvutedt ami poomitter m2 *0 take 


anu “hare Foean in ceis tage ao such biigs s8 an opportunity 


may Offer oMr. Bdtein haw also glu'n im see promising 

suggestions as to methoja that mate ith bo tried gor aceomplis 



ing tre pyipuses in view. am. I shall be verz geo vier ta do 


eansk mg im my oveer to odd fue vibe ar, 

yours vert ferhisfus Ms; 


PS. If yom sivnld apeaint a meting of the 

on thiy or other mavters at Philacesphie, I 


Saturday afternoon or eviming wourd be. most corvenién’ to me 
If suitable te the other gentlemen also, 

oti Ooty at 

harold kb. Frou Bsc. 

New Yer : . 

Svar Sts fe . 


Toheg 70 aexnouletigg your Japon of Bia datlig hare, OMe 

oot > on me trnaktar for “enbertaly 
to gai thus F haw .endorsed your aspliaatty. for senoersn’) 




a Amertean Institvte of Biestricd Angineers, ama 

came to the Seeretary Your applieat ton atts 


ailineted ty 

me Mw 

Pout last wight ’?s meetings 3 

With quod oterce, € rernin 



entre oe een ee gn 








mtoal fire 






soup Instt 







ed 26%, 


, TAR S80 

Hy ingt ow tf 



f 4 

Yn Raison desines 

BOUP famr 9, 







tre you Ohi 





“ad § 






al ohat 



a Hi: 






af ger Inet 



sad . 
of a BP -—opm 


1 G4 



eee nce a jenoaten Som he amine 98 Sane 

he Ae Beet 
. (he oF +27 f Hes L 7 

Le Te 


(ier ape? 



POR Yew iq 

Ri By Je a Lee ae Ce Ae : de ges ts The eis 


CIT a ORR be rkte carb maul e a8 oe waberisily al 

the oevpeture oace sed oc} 


Miele hae te e700. ter in 


ree ganege sha te 

u 7, Ms . a Species 

* gies re: 


Reel duplication of the whole or Of. vs... 
any part of this film is prohibited... 
In lieu of transcripts, however, eee 
enlarged photocopies of selected ~~ 
items contained on these reels te 
may be made in order to facilitate "e 

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a MG CLEATS eine Rem aie om ope heen Rane fastagtm tent See oe eas LER nec gtuee coneegunmes one poigte ¢ ten eae pine te pve com 

QO Edison. Rpers 



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